Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pihu asking Ishita to say story to her and feed food by her hands. Ishita smiles. Shagun thinks what happened to Pihu suddenly. Ishita tells the story and feeds Pihu. Pihu bites her finger. Ishita screams. Pihu asks did you get hurt. Ishita says no. Shagun says great, Pihu is my daughter. She goes. Mihika asks Romi whats his plan today. He asks why. She says I was thinking to go for movie, then we will go for lunch. He asks are you mad, can’t you see I m going for meeting, I m getting late. She asks him to postpone meeting. He asks have you lost it, I thought you have business sense, you were speaking as if you are business tycoon, its boards of directors meeting, it does not get cancel or postpone, whats wrong with you. He goes. She says I m husband’s sense too,

I will catch you red handed today.

Aaliya suggests Mani to take Shagun out, you promised Adi that you will take care of Shagun. He says I will take care of her, but I have much work. She does not return his phone. He agrees to call Shagun and make some plan. She says you will call her right away. She calls Shagun. Mani talks to Shagun and asks can we go for lunch today. She says sure. He asks her choice of food. She says Spanish. He says I also like Spanish food, we will meet. He ends call. Aaliya gets excited. He asks her to have breakfast now.

Simmi asks Mihika what is she finding, is there any problem. Mihika cries and tells everything. Simmi says Romi will never change, I will talk to him. Mihika says no, I can’t bear this, I will catch him, don’t tell this to Ishita, she is already worried.

Ruhi sees Ishita’s finger wounded and asks her what happened. Ishita says Pihu has bitten me by mistake. Ruhi asks how can she, and gets angry. Ishita stops her and Ruhi rushes to Pihu. She gets Pihu and asks her did she bite Ishita’s finger. Pihu says yes. Ruhi asks did you say sorry. Pihu says no, I have no time now. Ruhi gets Pihu to Ishita and makes her apologize. Pihu says sorry and runs. Ishita says leave it, she is getting late for school. Ruhi says I will do dressing. Ishita smiles seeing her. She says the happiness she got when she said stories to her daughter, and now Ruhi is doing dressing to her wound, I m touched. Ruhi does the aid.

Mihika tries to know about Romi and reaches the hotel. She says Romi can lie a lot, but I will not leave him. Mihika fumes. Ishita gets served by parlor girls. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma ask her to sit quiet, be silent, we want you to look good, get hair color too. Ishita asks why. They ask her to change her look. Ishita jokes on Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says I used to drink bitter gourd juice for healthy baby, and Raman was born bitter. They all laugh. Shagun and Pihu look on. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to have burgundy color and Raman will like her. Shagun thinks Ishita loves her hai, now see what I do. The parlor girl says I made color ready. Mrs. Bhalla says fine, make my nails beautiful. Shagun sees the hair color and adds more crème in it. She says Raman likes your long hair, we will see his reaction now.

Mihir tells the man that he is launching this product on Adi’s name, I want someone dynamic to manage this launch, you can’t do this, just send files from HR, it has to be someone young. The man goes. He says someone young and fresh, who has great vision to support this launch. He thinks of Aaliya. He calls Aaliya. She says what, but I work for Appa. He says yes, but you have experience, its for Adi, you know him, its just for three months, think its temporary job. She agrees and says I will come there.

Pihu takes the oil bottle and says sorry Ruhi, I m troubling Ishita as you made me say sorry to her, she made my mumma cry, I don’t like her, she wants to make me away from my mumma, I won’t let this happen. Mihika comes home and is upset. Ishita asks her why does she look upset. Mihika makes excuse and says I m just tired. Shagun comes and Ishita compliments her. Ishita asks where are you going. Shagun says on lunch. Ishita asks with Mani. Shagun nods. Ishita laughs and says I like seeing you like this. Pihu looks on and thinks I will trouble Ishita and make her leave.

Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla does she want to proof people get mad in old age. Mrs. Bhalla says we called parlor lady and got makeovers, how does Ishita look. Raman says thank God, she looks normal.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh my God, PIHU…The little vamp.. Just watch her expressions while thinking that she will hurt ishta..God, PIHU is truly a vamp.

    1. Ruksy

      she reminds of ruhi in the past when she told shagun to take her shopping and then she annoyed her so much as revenge for trying to seperate ruhi and ishita

      1. True ruksi she lyk old ruhi in nature nd by luks too
        Nd thats y i doubt if she is ishitha nd ramans daughter hw come she resembles ruhi this much… Ditto of ruhi
        As far as i knw surrogate child will nt bear any traits of surrogate mother

  2. Hi everyone this pihu my God she is just like shagun saajan k sasural dekh dekh krr is ka dimag kharab ho gaya hai miss the old small innocent ruhi in childhood ruhi was so innocent n cute n pihu ruhi never did such things ruhi n ishu seen was too good ruhi concern for ishimaa n ishitas kiss finally ishru r back but I know ruhis image which ruhaanika created never recreated but aditi is also a good actress hope such ishru scenes continues mihika is mad to marry romi us nay romi say shaadi krr k khud apnay peroon prr kolhari mar li us ko mihir k sath cheating karnay k punishment mil rahi hai n precap finally our raavan Kumar is back

  3. Hi EVERYONE..
    Rithu VP sindhu Mino Siddhi Aditya Jaz monique Saritha Khushi Az Aastha diya and all….
    Episode wasn’t so bad as i thought…glad that ruhi is there with ishita… and i loved their scenes…..that vamp shagun completely poisoned pihus mind…pihu is in the same mode once adi was….hope all this will help pihu to easily accept ishita when she came to know that ishita is her real mom….

  4. Hellooo guyz. Thank u amena for fast update. Episode is gd.finally ravan kumar is back tommrrw. Wainting for ishra scence.

  5. Pls shagun ko negative role mei mat lao……..

  6. The same story is repeating earlier it was adi who was against ishita nd now it’s pihu….shagun plz stop poisoning the mind of that little pihu….nd enough of this drama plz stop it nd bring a new track….

  7. aaj ke episode me atleast kuch to accha hua raman back and now shagun ko junior partner mil gayi

  8. Haa yaar vo hi purani ghisi piti story mat lekar,aao but haa shagun looks very nice in this attitude and cunning nature…. She looks nice like this only

  9. Hi all yhm fans. Can anyone tell me what shugun is hiding in that file.where she said ishita will be ruined!!!

    1. Hi supergirl i hav a strong feelng that shagun had outsmarted raman nd ishitha. She had done somethng with surrogacy. Pihu may be shagun nd ramans daughter. Remember once ishitha felt sad when the baby in shaguns womb responded by kicking while raman placed hus hand nd while at ishus turn baby didnt respond. At that tym she felt vry much affectd by this. That file might contain the truth of surrogacy or might be the one that states shagun as thr custodian of pihu

  10. episode was boring .Pihu small vamp and shagun nidhi Ashok big demons . horrible people.precap was ok.

  11. hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha parvathi anakha nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam az jaz Shona aditya jeni super girl unique angel priyaroli aparna Natasha priya bhagi mansi Sarita sara prisha simran tansuri shivani lavanya sachie shreya Khushi Aliya mino and all yhm friends.
    Pihu becoming vamp of the show is too horrible to watch .that too a kid becoming a vamp .

  12. Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman ( Karan Patel) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi ) life.
    Shagun will try to brainwash little Pihu against Ishita.
    Innocent Pihu will come into Shagun’s words and will start disliking Ishita.
    Pihu will plan to take revenge from Ishita for getting Shagun out from Bhalla house.
    However, Ruhi will find something strange about Pihu and her changing behaviour towards Ishita.
    Ruhi will confront Pihu in a nice manner where Pihu will reveal the entire truth of Shagun.
    Ruhi will get shocked to hear the same and will spy on Shagun.
    Will Ruhi come to know that Shagun has turned negative and playing games in Bhalla house?
    Let’s wait and watch.

  13. Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman ( Karan Patel) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi ) life.
    As per the ongoing storyline, Romi and Mihika’s married life is going through a rough phase.
    Romi spends time with a mystery girl in a hotel room.
    Ashok comes to know about the same and instigates Mihika.
    Mihika meets Ashok in the same hotel and walk towards Romi’s booked room where Mihika finds the girls earring.
    Mihika confronts Romi but Romi lie to her.
    Romi gets call from that girl to meet him but Mihika answers the call and get to know about Romi’s extra martial affair.
    Mihika gets distressed and slaps Romi for lying to her.
    Ishita will get shocked and will feel helpless witnessing this incident.

    1. finally romi wont change mihir marries mihika

  14. In the upcoming episode, Ishita informs everyone that Raman is returning home from his business trip and everyone gets happy.
    Ishita was about to color her hairs just then she gets call from Raman and she goes airport to receive him.
    Ishita gets her medicure and pedicure done, Mrs.Iyyer and Mrs.Bhalla also do the pedicure and medicure.
    Shagun plan fails as she mixes something her hair but fortunately Ishita gets saved.
    Shagun does not like that Ishita has gone airport to receive Raman, she gets jealous.
    Ishita talks to Shagun about her marriage with Mani
    Ishita makes tea for Shagun and takes it in her room then she apologizes to Shagun for her behaviour.
    Ishita talks with Shagun about her marriage with Mani.
    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  15. oh god! what’s happening with yhm??? i want sweat yhm back!!!

  16. Girls stop blaming .just enjoy this girl acting cutely.child acts according to director instructions.she differentiate by her acting who is ruhi and who is pihu.a appreciate her

  17. I really can’t wait to see precap in the story where at last from years Raman making jokes???

  18. hope pihu comes back to normal
    common she’s ishitha’s blood
    first adi now pihu shagun always corrupts kid’s brain

  19. Thank God Raman is back. Now the episodes will become more interesting.
    Let’s see today. Have a great day YHM family.

  20. Hi all …. Shivani Sindhu .. Mino .. Rithu Siddhi .. Jaz .. Ninsh .. Susan .. Monique ..Adu .. Az … Khushi and all … I did read all your comments and watched the episodes .. Was not in a mood to comment seeing the way ihe story line is moved … I cant imagine the beautiful yhm is like this now … Yesterday onwards Dt is back with her excellent acting and she looks stunning …Romi also back again portraiting badly … not at all need … it would have been much better if they showed he is improved with Mihika … Ramans rival Ashok … still Romi is partnered with him … what is Romis love to his family ? cvs are making us fools no meaning and value in marriage .. relationship .. This is not what is happening in Indian families … Millions internationally watching this … Ex wife , her son 21 years both her biological children doesnt like her , left Raman for her own self interest and back again trying to posses him ? Rubbish … I am so angry for forcing Mani to marry Shaghun ? This is the cruelest thing Ishitha has done as a friend .. so too unnecessary pairing up Mihir Aalia … if spoilers to believe .. Adi is turning negative … I come to a conclusion Ekta mam enjoys these negativities … Ashok … says MP … no other job … Ruhanika … at this age .. Her role as Ruhi as a child and Pihu now is acted soooo well … but brainwashing kids is really v bad … she did with Adi … now with Pihu …Same … no other new topics cvs cant bring or what ? Totally disgusting … very cheap way of delivering … the story based on Ishru … and Ishra … now concentrating on Shaghun … its easy to become bad but to be good … not very easy … maintain goodness all thru your life … something great … Just watching for the sake of watching … Adi is madly in love with Alia and his focus is defferent .. Ruhi is the only hope … and Aditi … well acted … Mihir acting …. quite dramatic … Anyways just to Remind you young girls I am very much reading your all comments ..but the negative vibes the cvs are delivering to the audience … I cant tolerate … you all take care .. we cant blame the actors … Pihu really acted well .. at this age …

    1. Vp you are right .. I agree with evry single words in ur comment. The cvs are tryng to bring new twists nd end up spoiling the characters which makes the show ruined to the core. This is no more a family show nw. Same old track us shown as a repeat. Extra maritial affairs, manipulating children, blame games nd insults on women, arrogant husband. Ran nd ishitha dnt want to get married again. Then how society shld name their relation ship. Ishitha luvs raman bt dnt want to marry him bt sharing the same room with him. What she shld be called. Wife of raman/ ex-wife/ gf/ or somethng else which i dnt want to mention. What sort of message thus show is delivering to the masses. Once started as such a nice family show with two diff persons united only for the sake of giving a gud future to a kid, hw they fell in luv eventually, hw both cared fir their family. Their relation was as pure that they evn die fir each others sake. Bt with a leap evrythng spoiled na show is nt worth watchng nw. Instead if bringing that leap nd surrogacy drama they shld hav shiwn hw ishitha being a complete women guv birth to jer own child nd hiw she balanced her luv for all her kids. Hw she is enjoyng the child hood pranks of her kids. Unfirtunately such a thng will nvr happen nw. I really dnt understood what was the need of that bomb blast seq nd ishitha losing her child nd surrogacy track as if the cvs will nvr let her liv a normal lyf. Ekta shld change her writer with immediate efect or else pls pull off the show on a happy notr


  22. True VP. well said, Ruhanika’s acting is super, but her part in the story is not good for a seven year old child, too confusing relationship,

  23. Monique_D

    Jaz Rithu VP Sindhu Mino Shivani Sona Aditya Nish Saritha Khushi Az Sana Disha and all….

    How you all are doing fine….
    I don’t know what Ekta’s idea is for Family Drama but its not to my liking .I do however am looking forward to Raman’s return.This new age children and their blatant disrespectful and rude behaviour is unacceptable in my culture as well but what can one do.

    Yeh hai Mohabbatein with no Mohabbatein…….Before it was Sirf Ruhi Ki liye but now is sirf Shagun ki liye.

  24. pls…..focus the story on ishra…

  25. Happy News for YHM fans….
    ishita finds out that mysterious letter send by anil.she is shocked to know that shagun hates her.ishita is trying her best to save mani from shaguns hands…

    1. But Shivani it seems Raman doesnt believe her and Shaghun black mails Ishitha about Pihu … what a track .. cant digest .. If Ruhi is known the truth she will act on it … Going to have a major twist .How come Raman be blind ? we have watch these nonsense what cvs are tailoring … to the story

      1. I expect this raman….if he believes shagun more than ishita ,its his fate.. he doesn’t deserve ishita….let him trap in shaguns plans and let him suffer….

  26. SBB mein dikhaya ki shagun ki shaadi hogi air ishitha ko Anil nagpal ka letter miltha hai- air ishitha shocked hothi hai- ki shagun me isse kidnap kiya hai aur jab woh Raman ko kehthi hai toh woh ishitha ki bath nahi maan that hai.

    1. Rithu,one of your updates says ruhi doubts shagun and will spy on her…only ruhi can prove that ishita is true….because raman is blind….hope mani believe ishita…

  27. True A , as I assumed only . I only hope Ishitha takes bold decision and stop the wedding . Ruhi will understand better than Raman … how dare Raman to question Ishitha .. this is not love … Cvs please make Ishitha strong as before … letter her give the letter to Mani .. meet Anils sister and know the truth and leave Raman and get out of his life …

  28. Adi will fall in love with aaliya and she will be behind mihir and one day mihir asks what she want and why she is affter him aaliya eill tell that she loves him but the real reason is to not allow mihir lonely adi heaaars it. And he will make mihir accept her proposal. After hesitation mihir will also accept it. But aaliya on knowing the fact that adi is behind mihirs acceptance she will get angry and accepts for marriage. But as we know guys loverss will not separate adi aaliya will jointogether on aaliyad marriage

  29. shreya shetty

    aaaaaaaaargh.that nuisance wretched little WITCH PIHU!!!!!!!how dares she ever tries to plot against ishita!!!!!!!that blo*dy old vampires shagun has returned once more as we all I wish ruhi would give a nice thrashing to that pihu,next time she ll learn how to respect ishita lovingly.i would ve given a tightest tightest slap right on to her pihus face and shaguns for mistreating with ishita,but I am happy that raman is there to kick out his evil ex wife a seducer and his little precious angel whos now a moron little vamp pihu

  30. shreya shetty

    sorry for all those words guys.i was totally enranged on looking at pihus hatred towards ishmaa so I said such things but shes truly a 100 percent daughter of a vampires shagun

  31. Hiiii everyone today’s episode was good. And romi nhi sudharega pihu. Pihu ne ye kya kar diya shagun ke chakkar me. Ekta mam mahobtain dikhao yar nafratain nhi

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