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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi and Ishita’s touchy moment when Ruhi measures her stomach to make a special rakhi for the baby. Ishita hugs her and sends her to school. Vandu asks Ishita about the tests doctor Mukherjee suggested. Ishita says test will be needed when… I will go there. Vandu asks her to take Raman. Ishita says I don’t want Raman to be more upset, reports can have anything. Vandu pacifies her with filmi dialogue and says this time there will be some miracle. Ishita says fine, I will meet Mukherjee.

She goes and meets Mukherjee’s wife, as he is out of town. The lady says her reports are fine, miracles happen, she can have moderate hope, she has to take first step for Ruhi. Shagun asks the nurse to show all the files, as she works for NGO. She says she wants all entries

and has to check. She says she will talk to doctor herself. The lady asks Ishita to take first step, then they can start the treatment. Ishita says I understand. The lady asks her and Raman to make the normal husband and wife relation. Shagun comes and hears them.

Ishita says we are very good friends now, we did not know about each other before, we have good understanding, we don’t feel need to have a child. The lady says its good symptoms to have changes in body. Ishita says I will come. Shagun thinks she can’t believe Raman and Ishita did not….

Ashok gets Jhakad’s call and says Raman and his wife are coming, you know to make party interesting. Mr. Bhalla comes there and says no need of the flat you got for Rinki. Ashok acts sweet and Mr. Bhalla scolds him. He warns Ashok to be away from his family, the family is still together with Raman, and praises Raman. He says Rinki has a home to live in. He leaves after returning the papers to him.

Ishita comes out and recalls doctor’s words. Shagun meets her and taunts her, asking about her kids and hearing doctor’s words. She calls her infertile and taunts her on her and Raman’s relation, where a husband did not touch his wife, or does he Raman not love her, or Ishita runs away from him, this is so sad. She says that doctor was also shocked and laughs. Ishita cries.

Ishita asks her to stay away from her personal matter. Shagun says its not personal matter, the hospital knows it. She says she can advice her, you married Raman and did not get him, end all the dramas of Sati Savitri, don’t just say I love you, express it too, get real, a husband is close to his kids’ mum the most, you want to be a governess for kids, instead mum. She says Raman did not see you from that sight, else he would have not been away. She says when Raman was with me, he did not use to leave me, we used to be in bedroom all the time, but it was me, and now its you Bahenji Aayaa/governess, too bad, you are not Raman’s type, else he would have not been away from you, all the best for baby. Ishita cries. Shagun feels bad to hurt her and looks at her. She thinks she is sorry, she likes Ishita and hopes her reverse psychology works, Ishita takes any step and Raman and Ishita unite for once and all.

Ishita is on the way and recalls Shagun’s words. She hits a car in the compound. Mihika worries and asks is she fine. The taxi driver argues with her. Ishita asks him why did he park car here, and scolds him. Mihika calms her and asks why is she so angry.

Rinki finds the papers and asks Mr. Bhalla about the flat papers. Mr. Bhalla says he got the papers and he has returned it to Ashok. She gets shocked. Ishita says Shagun feels Raman is not interested in me, am I so bad, I can’t bear this, I will not leave her. Mihika and Vandu talk to her. Ishita says Shagun is here again. Vandu asks whats the big deal, don’t give her importance. Ishita says she said right, Raman likes glamorous women. Mihika says people praise you and Raman.

Ishita says I m just caretaker of home and kids, Shagun said I m governess. Raman calls her and she refuses to talk. They put it on speaker. Raman tells Ishita about the party, and Jhakad invited them, its fine if she does not want to come, but he has to go to show face. They ask her to say yes. He says I will come home in evening, if you are coming be ready, else fine. Ishita gets annoyed and says he is embarrassed to take me.

Vandu says he would have not called if he did not wish to take you. Ishita says I m fine if he is not interested. Vandu asks her to listen. Ishita leaves. Mihika and Vandu think what to do.

Ashok talks about Ishita and Raman gets angry. Raman sees Ishita in a western dress.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. aage se ishitha ko raman ke saath koi bhi party mein nahi jaana chahiye.

  2. yeh ashok saala sabki jindagi barbaad kartha hai.

  3. ab yeh shagun achi ho gayi hai aur ishra ke beech nahi aa rahi hai toh acchi aur bechari lagthi hai ki kabhi woh bhi uss ashok ke jaal mein phas gayi thi.

  4. pehle shagun mihika aur ab ishitha bechari phas gayi.theeno bechariyan.

  5. wht the hell yr…! ab kal ke episosde me phir se raman ka brain wash dikhaenge nd nt even that wo ashok itni ghatia harkat karega i can’t believe this…cvs nw ek ke baad ek bakwas twists nd turns dikha rahe hi…tabhi to yhm no.3 par chala gya hi..this is nt good. ishra ka intimated scence thurs. ko telecast hoga….i dnt think so ki ab bhi kuch interesting hoga ….cvs pls don’t spoil the show

  6. shagun ko positive mein changed dekhkar accha lag raha hai.

  7. yhm ka trp toh gaya.

  8. yhm has become worst and irritating now with no entertainment and nothing good to watch.

  9. ab mrs.tandon bhi mil gayi ashok se ishitha se badla lene .kitnee antagonists ko laayenge show mein.

  10. yes i agreed wth u ritushree.. yhm ki bhut low trp aye.. aesa bakwas drama me to pakka….even ishra ke intimated scences me bhi…

  11. i think so the makers have lost their mind and lack brains and ideas so har ekta seriala presently ghatia chal raha hai.bilkul backwaaz nonsense aur irritating .phir chaahe woh yhm matsh kkb kalash ya koi aur.

  12. lagtha hai ekta serials mein ghatia aur low trp ke liye bhukar chad gaya hai .iss liye itnaa ghatia longlasting irritating tracks dikha rahe hai.

  13. Raman disgusting u don’t allow any 1to handle your life then u have no right to scold ishita bcz of wearing western dress

  14. Makers and Raman always wanted and wants to humiliate Ishita as much as possible and give importance to Shagun. Its better to get rid of Ishita’s character and end YHM now itself so we will be happy remembering the sweet old story of YHM….

    1. Very true . No fun in watching YHM when Ishitha is continuously insulted . This story goes angry then sorry angry then sorry . Raman should tell her if he doesn’t like her in that dress before taking to the party . Can’t see Ishitha is insulted by everyone in YHM lost in interest in watching this serial . Shagun s taunting was too much to bear for the viewers . Appreciate Shagun is changed to positive . Acts too well .

  15. what a rubbish story romance should come naturally it wont come by some one speake
    against husband and wife relations now shagun taunts ishita is not having phisical relation
    with raman now what ishita is going to begging with raman for phisical relation why the
    writters are irritating like this and why they always illtreated to ishita character according to the story ishita and raman are matured they love each other same they love their family more then their love especially raman loves ishita,s family and ishita loves raman,s family
    this is the main reason for they are not having phiscal relation still now because of family
    problem ishita is a doctor she knows very well without phiscal relation cannot have a baby
    then why she went to doctor before do not have a relation ship with her husband the writter should create the romantic movements naturally only not like this way by ishita wants to beg for relation with raman idiot why they gave so much injustice to ishita character

  16. Actress Ankita Bhargava will reportedly
    be present on the sets of TV show Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein to witness the shooting
    of the consummation scene between the
    show’s lead pair – her husband and actor
    Karan Patel and actress Divyanka
    Tripathi .
    The production house will shoot the
    romantic sequence on Tuesday, and it
    will be aired on Thursday on Star Plus
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s Divyanka Tripathi
    Turned Bunny Rabbit At Shireen’s Birthday
    Party! [PHOTOS]
    While Divyanka had already laid special
    rules to be followed during filming of the
    scenes, Karan’s wife will hover around
    the sets and keep an eye on the intimate
    “After hearing about the consummation
    scene from Karan, Ankita made it a
    point to be present for the same. We
    have ensured that there are very limited
    number of people on the sets, including
    the crew. The scene is a high point in the
    show, and only selected people are going
    to work on it,” said a source close to the
    production house.
    Divyanka, who has always maintained
    her traditional look in the show, will don
    an off-shoulder gown for the scene. The
    latest spoiler of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein say
    Raman and Ishita will be having a fight
    over the same gown at a party after
    which the consummation scene is
    reported to take place.

  17. Ya….. I totaly agree. Romance should come naturaly. And Ekta madam, you can make new TV serial for Anita,if you have special friendship with har. This is too much for her. Isn’t ishita the heroine of the story…….? please,don’t spoil yhm. I also can’t see ishita’s pain anymore. Raman scolds,ishita cries…..then raman scolds,ishita cries AGAIN….. Next raman scolds,ishita cries AGAIN and AGAIN……. I’m fed up with this…… Oh,god….. Please stop it. From Sri Lanka.

  18. Wow not bad good to Shagun in positive role ☺☺☺

    1. Typing error
      Good to see Shagun in positive role ☺

  19. dears… u all stopped the makers of YHM from the leap thiking it would be horrible… so the makers are taking revenge by inserting such horrible intolerable insensible irritating tracks… until u all viewers take back your words and request the makers to resort to thier leap idea……. after all……… ekta kapoor is not born to bend in front of viewers. its her say finally…

  20. Yaaa agree guys…. Ekta should start up d new serial for shagun if she loves her d most…Nd makers plsss end this show… If u nt interesting to make ishita happy…. Nd don’t spoil Raman’s character more ….Nd don’t spoil our fvrit show YHM….

  21. Looks like Shagun is most favorite person of Maker’s of YHM and specially of Ekta madam. We have also heard Shagun is the best friend of Raman. So no wonder why Shagun has so much of support and attention, then why didn’t you give her the main role in YHM.. you shouldn’t have asked Ishita to act at all. We know its a drama, but the way you humiliating Ishita about her barrenness is unbearable,

    The YHM is because of Ishita & Ruhi . Ruhi is the only moral support of Ishita, but Ruhi’s attitude towards her beloved Ishimaa also might change as soon as you bring in the surrogacy track? I am sure, Raman or even entire Bhalla’s will not even give a damn look at Ishita thereafter? Because that is the nature of Bhalla’s

    Please end Ishita’s character and end YHM. It would be much better than surrogacy track.

  22. Ya absolutely right sn

  23. itni saari bakwaas me shayadh ek achi news sun ne ko mili hai ki ishra’s consumation will shot on 4rth august nd it will be aired on 6th agust

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