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The Episode starts with Aaliya telling Ishita that love is in friendship too. Ishita says I m very lucky to get Mani, you and Vivaan, but I have left many relations behind, I m happy that I m here, I don’t know how will be my daughter, I tried to forget everything, but I can’t. Pihu, Neelu and Mrs. Bhalla reach the temple. Pihu steps on the ground bare feet and does drama that she got hurt. She asks Mrs. Bhalla to pray. Mrs. Bhalla smiles.

Ishita says I don’t know how will be my daughter, its tough for a daughter to be away from mother, I m very happy to have you with me, but I left my daughter there, that feeling of incompleteness kills me. Pihu takes the aarti plate saying she has to do repentance. She screams and says I got hurt, I will do Mata Darshan by walking on these stones.

Mrs. Bhalla says fine, give me the plate. Shagun comes and holds Pihu’s foot. She smiles. Pihu says mumma, you here… Shagun says yes, how can this happen that my daughter’s foot gets hurt, and I don’t reach here, I will take you to temple. Pihu says no, I will walk on the stones. Shagun says I will do your repentance. Pihu checks her bangles and asks her to wear bangles in both hands. She checks her accessories, sindoor and then applies bindi to her, saying filmi lines. Shagun thanks her for teaching her, and lifts her. Pihu says see Dadi is getting senti seeing our love. Mrs. Bhalla says even I know acting like you. They say Jai mata Di and go to temple.

Its morning, Amma asks Appa to get few items, pandit will come to do puja. Appa gives Ishita and Ruhi’s pics. They get sad that even after 7 years, the sorrow is same. She says Raman and Ishita’s fight made the families apart. Appa says Romi and Mihika also made matter worse, I feel we should atleast meet Pihu. Amma says yes, she is last sign of Ishu, but she is Raman’s support, Shagun loves Pihu a lot, like Ishita loved Ruhi. Amma says Ishita will be happy seeing Pihu happy.

Ishita sees Ruhi’s pic and cries. She recalls Ruhi. Tere dil se mere dil ka…… plays……………. She recalls her marriage with Raman. She recalls her newborn baby and Ruhi’s death. She says I miss you every moment, no one will forgive me in that house.

Mrs. Bhalla talks to Raman on phone about Ruhi’s barsi. She says as you wish, I will make Mr. Bhalla sit in puja, I wanted you to sit in puja, when are you coming home. He ends call. Simmi says why did you try, he made excuse and left today, he does not want to remember this day, he lost two persons whom he loved the most. Mrs. Bhalla says I miss Ruhi, when I see Pihu, I forget its Pihu, not Ruhi, but I miss Ruhi and Ishita a lot, we should do Ishita’s barsi too. Simmi says Raman said we will not talk about Ishita, Pihu should not know about Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says but doing this will not make her out of our memories.

Simmi says Pihu looks like our Ruhi, she is Ruhi and Ishita’s shadow, we got both in Pihu, stop crying, we have to do puja for Ruhi’s soul peace. They cry. Mrs. Bhalla asks about Ananya. Simmi says Ananya will come, Parmeet’s parents like to spend time with Ananya. She goes. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Ruhi’s pic.

Aaliya calls Ishita and says Appa is fine, I know your tears won’t stop today. Ishita says no, I m fine. Aaliya says I know you well. Ishita says I know, I was crying, but not now, promise. Aaliya says I called to say Appa is fine, doctor gave slow pain killers, he is sleeping. Ishita says call me if you need me there.

Appa stops Pihu from seeing Ruhi’s pic. She sees Ishita’s pic.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pllzz don’t make it like bade achay lagtay hain n ppppppplllzzz don’t make ruhi like pihu of bade achay lagtay hain pppplllzzz

  2. siddhi do you also speak Hindi? please reply… I mean I love reading your comments…actually I am not from India I’m from South Africa, situated in in African continent…but obsessed with YHM…here it is dupped in English but can also watch it in its original language changing from language settings…. but truly speaking this leap ruined everything don’t know what the story line will now be

    1. Hi Caroline n thanku I can also speak in Hindi

  3. ruhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I misssssssssssss u yar. I really want to see ishita and ruhi chemistry again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope ruhi forgive ishita understanding her situation and pihu accepts ishita and shagun(both) as her mother.

    I cried when ishita was remembering her time with ruhi. Very emotional!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pleasssssssssssse end this track soon.

    I also hope that Raman forgives Ishita and their love chemistry starts again. I want to see Bhalla family love again.

  4. Ishuuu is soo beautiful.raman you still love ishuu right.??

  5. Everything started wid that stupid pallavi….and where is she now??ruined the happiness of all family n living happily?i think ishita hav to b understnd from the beginning itself dat pallavi is a big liar…and she lie everytime for her sake only…very selfish and mean…ishita sacrificied her life to save her…as a good hearted person and intelligent chrctr,ishu hav to avoid pallavi’s companionship as she is a vry selfish prson and will do anythng for her sake…everythng then followed after dis..the murder,ishita’s arrest,nidhi’s entry,dat chip,raman n ishus plan,at last our ruhis death n ishra’s separation….a big drama happened all bcos of dat pallavi…and what abt her husband’s murder?wht abt rinky’s murder?the show has lost its perfection…no continueity….new incidents happening but no answer for wht happnd in past…hmm…any way,we love dis show…

  6. This is bad!Who is Mani to take Ishita away from India?As she has got a family,he must have telled them about the situation.And Ekta is so obsessed with this.She thinks that this is a love story,but not for us.We have waited so much time to see Ishita and her baby in her hands cuddling,with Raman smiling on them.But the things have changed now.7 years is a very long leap for a serial,but they could have made for only maximum of 2-3 years.So then we could have enjoyed the serial much better than this.And rumours are telling that Pihu won’t accept Ishita as her mother after reuniting of the Bhalla family.And after all according to the news,YHM’s popularity has been shrunk because of this leap.It won’t be a good thing if things were recorrected as fast as you can.People loved only Ish-ra,but not Ish-ma or Sha-ra.We fans are anxiously waiting to see the Ishra scenes.Everything were enjoyable untill the last part they were together,the Shanaya part.Please writters make this serial go into the right path soon.

  7. Match the following

    ashok. shagun
    raman. mihika
    manoj. ishita
    acp abhishek. simmi

    Thank god…vandu n bala r goin gud!

  8. There is no need for any hint. Raman hates ishu now that even her name is not allowed to taken by bhallas. And he is acting or really married shagun. so for pihu shagun is her mother. Its better ishu to stay with mani . Coming back to bhalla house is foolishness. Pihu is never gonna accept ishu. She might have accepted if shagun was not there. Not now its too late.

    1. why are u saying that

  9. Same pavithra rishta and bade ache lagta hai combo.

    Pavithra rishta.

    Manav – archana separated
    Manav and family at canada, children hate mom archana.
    Archana with purvi.

    Blah blah

    Bade ache lagta hai :

    Ram, priya seperated
    Priya at dubai, with daughter (not to say pihu hate priya after leap)
    Rajat at dubai with his daughter.

    Again, getting together, misunderstandings

    ishu at Australia now ,uffff

  10. Patha nahi ekta ki dhimak mein kya chal raha hei….

  11. hey guys good morning to all.

  12. ruhi (puhi) ka role ab bilkul bekar kr dia hai :/ pehle wali ruhi achi lgti thi ab pakau lagti hai :/ boring kar dia serail ko :/

  13. i juss dont understand mere comments post ku nhi hote h >:O

  14. Luv pihu dramatic

  15. I hate yhm

  16. I hate yhm……. I love old yhm

  17. As per latest spoiler grown up ruhi wil hate ishita and wil bring so much troubles in ishu’s life…but i think , before ruhi enter into ishu’s life, writers should unite ishu-raman…because if both raman and ruhi hates ishita she wont handle it..she wil break down completely previous episodes when raman gets angry on ishita , ruhi was there to support her ishima..and during adi-ruhi exchange,when ruhi get disappointed with her ishima, Raman was there to support her…so pls one should be there with ishita…if raman nd ishita together solves ruhi’s problem , then it would be nice….atleast fans wil be happy that ishra are together…and also ishita get some time to spend with her own blood pihu…

  18. O no I can’t imagine ruhi like that ruhi in negative character n hate her ishimaa it seems so weird

  19. hey guys good afternoon to all.

  20. in yesterday’s episode ishitha told she left her one child .but she forgot that she left two children .that is pihu and adi .why does she always forget adi?

    1. Ya I was also thinking that agar ishita adi ki Bhi baat karti to zyada acha hota

  21. YHM Shocking: Raman to hate Pihu,
    Ishita to shower love on Pihu
    The post leap story of Star Plus
    show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is going
    to have high voltage drama with
    Raman’s (Karan Patel) hatred
    towards Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi)
    and their baby Pihu (Ruhanika
    As revealed by the sources, Raman
    and Ishita post leap will be seen
    living separate life as Raman
    blames Ishita for Ruhi’s assumed
    Raman and Ishita’s baby will be
    named as Pihu and Pihu will be
    raised by Shagun.
    Ishita will…

  22. The viewers of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein are waiting for
    Raman’s entry in the show after
    the leap. The absence of the
    male lead is surely being felt by
    the audience. You might be
    wondering if the lead actor
    Karan Patel has called it quit?
    OMG!! Alia to reunite Raman
    and Ishita? READ HERE
    Well we reveal the reason
    behind Raman still behind not
    shown in the show. Its not
    because Karan left the show.
    It’s actually that Karan is in
    America for some event and is
    yet to shoot for his scenes after
    the leap. His character, Raman
    would only be introduced in the
    show after he returns back and
    resumes shooting.
    So dont worry about Karan’s
    departure from the show since
    he is going to make a grand
    entry soon

  23. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is
    bringing a High voltage Drama in
    Raman and Ishita’s life.With a Leap
    of 7 years the show changed a
    lot,there are so many new entries in
    the show which is going to spice up
    the drama adding some new twists
    and turns.Mani aka Sumeet Sachdev
    is also joined the show after a long.
    While its already in the news about
    actress, Aditi Bhatia set to play the
    grown up Ruhi, actor Abhishek
    Verma who is best known for his
    roles on ‘Total Nadaniyaan’, and
    ‘Badi Door Se Aaye Hain’ will be
    playing the grown-up Aditya.
    As we have seen,Ishita’s best friend
    Mani is Back and it is also revealed
    that he is the one who saved ishita
    from death.Mani is uncle to aliya but
    she refers him as Appa and Ishita as
    In the coming episodes, We will see
    Adi’s entry in a the show in a heroic
    Way. The bond of Pihu and Adi will
    be awesome.
    On the other hand, Mani’s operation
    will be successful and Ishita will be
    happy with this news.
    In hospital, Ishita will see a little girl
    who will be dressed like Ruhi and
    imagines her to be her daughter.
    Ishita hugs the girl and cries. After
    sometime, she comes out of the
    imagination and leaves the girl.
    When Mani notices Ishita is sad,he
    asks her to go India and meet her
    baby.As usual Ishita will be feared to
    face Bhalla family thinking they will
    not forgive her.
    We will soon witness some Drama
    where mani tries to send ishita to
    India. As a Best Friend he will try to
    find a way to unite Ishita with Bhalla
    But How will they unite? Will Ishita
    able to meet Ruhi and Pihu ? Stay
    tuend for this space for more
    updates on Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

  24. The post leap story of Star Plus
    show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is
    going to have high voltage drama
    with Raman’s (Karan Patel) hatred
    towards Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi)
    and their baby Pihu (Ruhanika
    As revealed by the sources, Raman
    and Ishita post leap will be seen
    living separate life as Raman
    blames Ishita for Ruhi’s assumed
    Raman and Ishita’s baby will be
    named as Pihu and Pihu will be
    raised by Shagun.
    Ishita will live in Australia at
    Mani’s place and will look after
    his niece Aaliya.
    Raman will be seen as angry and
    furious man who will have hatred
    towards Ishita.
    Raman will also disown his young
    daughter Pihu and will hate her.
    Ishita will soon return to India,
    after knowing about Pihu’s sad
    and colorless life.
    Ishita will develop new bond with
    Pihu and will shower love on her.

  25. We give out our prediction on what
    might happen to Yeh Hai our small snippet
    The leap in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is
    proving to be a disastrous decision by
    the makers. The
    separation,death,suicide and the leap
    took no longer than few minutes while
    the nonsense melodrama after the leap
    is going to take episodes. Raman and
    Ishita are not likely to get meet soon,
    since yet they are to introduce the
    viewers to Raman. Ruhi’s death
    mystery is yet to be solved. Pihu is
    still unaware of her real mother,
    Ishita. This all is going to drag for few
    episodes as the makers love to torture
    the viewers. They would show
    separation and leap within a few
    seconds but reunion of the leads will
    take ages. Also making a little girl,
    Ruhanika do such melodramatic role
    is not impressive at all. The makers
    need to tone down the OTT in Pihu’s
    If the lead don’t meet the next week,
    the show is going to go fall
    drastically. Since the IPL season is
    about to begin, they will need to focus
    the drama on Raman and Ishita to
    attract the viewers. If the trps hit a
    new low during this season then it will
    be difficult to get back the lost
    audience. We hope the makers stop
    dragging the show with unnecessary
    drama and let the leads meet in the
    next few episodes.

    1. how do u get this information ritushree.
      and thanks 4 giving this information

      1. Ya …. I am too shocked that how rithushree know these information

  26. Gud afternoon guys…eventhough i’m happy as ruhanika is still there as pihu..i can’t imagine anyone else as ruhi…i think many of us fans are still watching yhm as ruhanika is there..ruhanika rocks..

  27. Guys…7 best actors of the week..Karan Patel(Raman,YHM),Divyanka Tripati(Ishita,YHM),Ruhanika Dhavan(Ruhi,YHM),Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar(Ragini,SWARAGINI),Namish Taneja(Lakshya,SWARAGINI),Zain Imam(Yuvraj,TASHAN E ISHQ)….

  28. OMG this is becoming sooooo weird!
    I’m watching this only because of pihu……..
    Love u ruhanika ?
    I don’t want to see ruhi as a tomboy…….?

  29. wht the hell is going on wth this serial???????
    if ruhi is alive then niddhi maybe also alive.
    its good that adi is back in a rockstar way.
    and is shagun married to raman???????

  30. Josh srivastava

    This serial is driving me mad now

  31. I feel all this is an assumed story….as they are showing ishita dead….I feel ruhi is also alive and turn bad under nidhi’s guidance I feel and again same old revenge drama will come round and round…..let’s hope something different comes out from writers

  32. is shagun married to raman?wht did romi and mihika do

  33. did romi and mihika get married?? what about his son?? is sarika dead?? what about mihir??

  34. Hey amena plz update 5-04-16 episode

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