Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman getting excited by some news. He calls out everyone and says there is a surprise, guess who is coming, Ruhi’s fav. They all ask who. He says see there…. They all see the Ruhi’s friend, the dog Muttu Swami. They all get glad seeing Muttu. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to inform Ruhi. Raman says the people who took care of Muttu in farmhouse, are going abroad, so they called me and sent Muttu. Muttu tries to find Ruhi and goes near her pic. Ishita says we will get her back soon.

Mihir comes back and says he got tired by work and traffic, and Rinki asks him to sleep. He asks what work she had. She says about studies. He asks her to manage, and talks about Mihika, is she coming tomorrow. Rinki says yes, she agreed, are you sure we three will go, I have class and

can’t come. He says fine, we will go sometime later, studies is important, we will have chaat after your exams. He goes to sleep.

Ishita asks Amma about Mihika. Amma says she is fine, she went for morning walk with Appa. Mihika gives her coffee and asks them not to take stress. Ishita says we won’t, we will give stress to Ashok, no woman in this country is weak, we are strong and will support you, we are secured that you are infront of our eyes. Mrs. Bhalla asks Muttu to have food. Amma gets some food and says he is veg, I got sambar rice for him. Mrs. Bhalla says he is not Madrasi dog. Amma says its Muttu Swami, used to stay with us. Mrs. Bhalla names him Bobby. Amma says he won’t change into non veg. They argue.

Raman brings Ishita and asks them not to confuse Muttu, even Ruhi will be confused. She says they have to buy dress for Ruhi, Raman promised me he will get Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to get chunni too. Raman says he will take Ishita. Ishita asks you, you don’t have patience. She says its more weird than sambar eating dog, Ravan Kumar changed. Mrs. Bhalla is glad to see them happy after long time.

Rinki gets ready and tries to look like Mihika, and wears a saree. Mihir asks is there cultural fest in college, ethnic wear. She says no, Mihika also wears such clothes, so I thought to try. He says such a big transformation, you can get ragged in college, I m just trying to protect you. She gets thinking. Ishita and Raman are on the way discussing what to buy for Ruhi. She says its mega sale and all Delhi ladies will be there, drop me at one shop and check at other, if you get it, call me. He says its treasure hunt. She says its limited edition, we should get it.

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They come to the mall and he asks why so much crowd, its not huge in Mata Ki darbar also. She laughs. He says he is in tension for her and talks to guard. She laughs on him. Raman says my wife is on wheelchair, she should not be hurt. The guard asks is he VIP. Raman says no. The guard says how can I give entry, people don’t understand, Delhi ladies will not leave me. Raman says lets go somewhere else. She says no, are you scared. He says who is scared. She says I know you are brave. He says aunty. She says they won’t move if you call aunty. He takes Ishita saying she is patient.

Ishita gives the dress pic and asks him to find. He says you also come. She says she will see here. He says I wish my leg was broken. Mihir meets Mihika at the chaat stall and she asks about Rinki. He says she went for extra class. He asks what did Pathak say. She says it will be tiring, he asked me to see how we focus the case. He says we all are there to support you, focus on Golgappa. Rinki comes there and gets call, and says she bunked class for some work. She sees Mihir and Mihika having golgappas competition.

Rinki greets them and says he class got cancelled. Mihir asks Rinki to have limited and Rinki says no, I will have. They all eat and Rinki is not used to it. She sees Mihika and tries to be like her. Rinki starts coughing and asks for more. Mihir says I said she is not used to it, and asks her to have water. He continues competition with Mihika and Rinki cries.

Raman tries to find the dress and they ask can’t he see its ladies section. He says that dress won’t fit you and bumps into a lady. She asks can’t she see. He gets the dress and shows Ishita. She says its not this, and argues that why did he come, she would have got Simmi, Ruhi wants this color. Raman gives the dress to someone else and looks for the right color again. He gets another and shows Ishita. She says no, and they argue again. She takes the guard’s whistle and says she will return in 10 mins, and asks Raman to use it. He says she made her husband a guard, she smiles. He gets the dress and snatches it from a man, giving the pic. The man says he is mad. Raman says finally I got it, and looks for the whistle and whistles on own. The ladies turn.

A lady asks did he whistle. He asks whast wrong, aunty I m finding my wife. She asks aunty and scolds him, saying she will call everyone and police. They all go to beat him. Ishita sees some crowd and goes to see. She says move back, what happened. The lady says he is whistling and teasing. Raman says tell them you told me to whistle. Ishita says actually he is such, he is frustrated taking care of me, see his face, beat him next time, and apologizes. They ask how can he tease others having a good wife. They move as he can tease them too. Ishita laughs. He asks can he exchange wife here. She says sorry to everyone, and he will get beaten now. He says stop it now.

They are on the way and sweetly talk and smile. Its morning, Ishita calls Neelu to help and Raman comes to help. Dil kahin rukta nahi…………………. They smile. He gives her flowers and fixes in her hair. She smiles.

Raman gives tiffin for Ruhi. Ashok looks on and says Raman has come to take Ruhi, I m sorry Raman, Bhalla family has to celebrate without her.

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  1. Ishita ne bura phasaya raman ko. …..kitni mehnat se woh dress dhonda.
    ……..raman ne sahi kaha. .bhole bhala pati ko. .ladki chedne wala mawali bana diya. …….

  2. Bechare CEO of the year ko ladki chhedne wala bana diya……..par Rqman ne puri shopping me Ishu ki help ki….such a nice & cute husband…..

  3. Raman aaj bahut cute lagraha tha. …..uss k dialogues mast the. …
    …..unn ladies k beech raman k pasine chotgaye …..

  4. Hey Rinki ke liye tension mat lo ..
    ..Read this..

    To all mihir n rinki pair supporters… Gud news fr u guys…mihika s new equation is gng to strt wid karan wahi… Upcoming character in yhm

  5. Pata nahin raman ab ruhi ko kaise laye ga. ……….ye ashok easily ruhi ko Jane nahin dega. ……..
    ……..ruhi raman ko kuch plan karna chahiye….k kaise ashok shagun ko jhot bol kar jana chahiye. ……aaj hum ne IshRa scenes dekhe. .ab. .kal. .hume..RaRu scene dekhna hai. ….

  6. Aaj sach me mai bahot khush hoo…..Starplus par YHM & StarUtsav Par mere Chandrshekhar Mahadev & Mata Parvatii ka Shubh Vivah ek saath aa raha tha……..ab hume IshRa ka SHUBH VIVAAH bhi dekhna hai……hai na Mizun………pls jaldi YHM star utsqv par start karo……..

  7. wow the great great ceo mr.raman kumar bhalla aaj mall may woh bhi helping for mrs.ishita great great.pura ka pura epidose may siff ishra.woh cute cute scene.finally we get what we want form them.

  8. aaj starting bhi awesome tha and ending bhi.muthu sami ka entry and search for ruhi is really amazing tha.phir mrs.bhalla and mrs.lyer ka scene bhi bohot funny thi veg non-veg.this jodi always make us laugh.hai naa.

  9. and phir ishra ka scene ka tho no words.whenever they r together they just stole our heart.bus ab woh love confession bhi hona hoga.bus it long time now.

  10. Thanks prayu. .palak. ….n best of luck. .prayu. .palak. ..aur jo bhi exams derahe hai. ..
    ..hey prayu tension mat inshaAllah exam bahut achcha jaye ga. ..
    ….bye guys kal milte hai. …..

  11. pp

    Writer/director, if you show that Ruhi will not come for puja then mark it your TRP will fall down may be not in top 10 too…

  12. Today episode was unbelievable….superb *****
    Ishra acting rating – 10/10….
    Ruhi action rating – I can’t explain Ruhi acting….superb superb superb…..
    Sooo maker’s n director thanks 4 giving dis moment in yhm …..n best of luck….

  13. oh ho rinky baby u dont want to get sad and change ur style.tum waise hoo waise hi superb tha.waise bein we love u by the way ur dear.and dont take tension.even i got the news ki karan wahi going to yhm for mikha.that amazing ki mihir aur rinky relation will be good.and mikha will get a good one.woh bhi my fav karan wahi.agar he is coming then iam sure ki there will be more funny scenes.i hope it happens.

  14. aaila kya episode tha sachchi m toucheeddd…!!! ishra luk supercute…!! lets welcum another karan m sure yhm taking milestone wid his entry good job makers..finally u did smthing really meaningful

  15. romi

    Today’s episode was sooper excellent but I felt sad for poor rinki .she is such a nice girl.director Bura phuns gaya in teeno k beech mein

  16. romi

    Today’s episode was sooper excellent but I felt sad for poor rinki .she is such a nice girl.director Bura phuns gaya in teeno k beech mein k kisi aur ko lana parda

  17. hiiiiiiiiiiii every one and gud morning have a super cool weekend……….super episode but feeling bad fod rinkhi……actually she is correct she deserves some attention from her hubby…….i hope ki rinkhi ko negative na bana de…….par i just hope ki raman kuch bhi kar ke ruhi ko pooja ke liye leke aye baas plz makers aab koi bekaar ka twist math dena

  18. hi guys.good mrg.have a superb saturday.and all the best for ur exams mizun and all.and guys fb mai ek picture tha usi mai ruhi came for pooja ka picture tha.tho it means ruhi will sure come to her ishimaa.teek guys c u all after words.ab office may work hai.bye.

  19. Awww…….Mihir…..kitna cute hai yaar……..Khud Couch par so gaya & Rinki ko bed de diya…….& Ishita ka Ravan Kumar Ishita ko couch par sulata tha……..

  20. Hiiiiii friends. .sab kaise ho. .
    hey ruhi kanya pooja k liye aaye gi. ..ashok ruhi ko Jane nahin dega par. …raman ruhi ko ghar leke aaye ga. …..aaj ka episode bhi mast hone wala hai. …pata nahin raman kya kare ga jisse ashok ruhi ko leke jane dega. ..

  21. Awww ruhi uss dress mein bahut pretty lagrahi hai. …
    ……are yaar offscreen sab log kitne happy hai masti karrahe hai. .ab jald onscreen bhi ye masti dekhne ko mile. ..

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