Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ruhi chooses Nikhil over family

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman asking Romi to call doctor. Aaliya asks Ishita is she fine. Ruhi cries and says I didn’t wish to do this, Papa doesn’t understand, I love Nikhil, I can’t leave him. Simmi says don’t cry, its your battle, it happens in love, I have let Parmeet go, I m alone today, Ananya wants her dad, I did this for my family, you don’t do this, you won’t get anything here, Riya needs you, Nikhil is a good guy, once you get married, everyone’s anger will get down. She hugs Ruhi. Aaliya comes and says Ishita is unwell, she fainted. Ruhi says what.

Simmi says you will not go Ruhi, nothing happened to Ishita, Ruhi will prepare for sangeet. Aaliya says fine, do anything you like. Ruhi says Ishimaa fainted. Simmi says no, listen, calm down, you get freshen up

and then go. She gets beautician’s call and says yes, you can come. Doctor treats Ishita. Raman sends Romi with him. He asks Aaliya to go. Ishita stops Aaliya and asks her not to tell anything to elders. Aaliya goes. Dil kahin rukta nahi….plays… Ishita and Raman think of Ruhi and cry.

Ishita gets up and says I m feeling fine now, did Ruhi change her decision. He says no, she cares for you, I will go and call her. He hears music and goes to see. Nikhil dances on dhol and comes in. Raman asks what’s this. Romi says Nikhil is inviting his death, he got dhol people for sangeet. Raman says call Adi and Bala, we have to teach him a lesson. He asks Ishita to stay in room. Raman comes to Ruhi and gets emotional. He says I beg you, please don’t ruin your life, Nikhil is not right for you. They cry. She says don’t do this, sorry, I don’t want to trouble you, understand me, I love Nikhil a lot, I have to marry him, I can’t leave him, you both have to support me, if you don’t support me, even then I will marry him. Simmi comes and hears them. She asks why are you emotionally blackmailing her, you should support her. Raman says shut up, I don’t want to talk to you. He asks Ruhi is this her final decision, then sorry, I have no other option. He pushes Ruhi and locks her in room. Pihu and Ananya look on. Raman tells Aaliya that this door shouldn’t open now. He says Simmi, if you open the door, I will kill you.

Ishita asks what, Raman locked Ruhi. Aaliya says Simmi is provoking Ruhi, don’t know why. Ishita goes to talk. Nikhil dances. Parmeet smiles seeing him. Simmi talks to Parmeet and asks them to leave, Raman is very angry. Nikhil says I love Ruhi, I can’t live without her, do something. Parmeet says he is getting mad. She says fine, I will do something. Nikhil and Parmeet smile and dance.

Ishita and Aaliya find the door open. They call out Ruhi. Aaliya says maybe Ruhi went with Simmi. Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla did she see Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla says no, Raman locked her. Simmi says no, I have broke the lock. They get shocked. Ishita asks why. Simmi says I have sent her to Nikhil, you all became her enemies. Amma comes and looks on. Simmi says I have done all preparations from marriage to suhaagraat. Ishita slaps her and asks did you become elder than Raman, we will take decision for Ruhi, we know he is cheap, who are you to decide, your husband Parmeet…. Simmi asks what problem do you have with Parmeet. Ishita says Parmeet gave this courage to Nikhil. Simmi slaps her. She pushes Ishita. They get shocked. Amma says you slapped Ishita, she does a lot for this house.

Simmi says she didn’t do any favor, we also made her sit on our head, she did magic on my mum. Ishita says if this happens with Ananya… Simmi says don’t drag my daughter in this, I m warning you, Parmeet and I stood with Ruhi, else she would have run away. Ishita asks what’s the need. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla argue. Mrs. Bhalla takes Simmi’s side. She says I will never forgive Ishita for this, I never differentiated between Ishita and Simmi till now. Raman stops Nikhil. Bala, Romi, Adi and Appa come. Nikhil says its my sangeet and marriage today, do anything, I won’t stop. He dances. Raman stops the dhol.

Ruhi comes there and asks Raman to not touch Nikhil. She gets a knife and says I will kill myself. Simmi and Ishita cry for Ananya. Simmi asks Ishita what did you get with my daughter, tell me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Simmi and Ruhi both are so dumb and irritating…. What right does Simmi has to take decision for Ruhi…. I felt Ishita should have slapped her more… Even Mrs Bhallais is out of her sense that she is supporting her dumb daughter…

    1. I completely agree with you.

  2. plz cvs…requstng u band karo ye ruhi-nikhil natak. ab ananya ko kya hogya

  3. Simmi is such a ill manner lady, she tries to spoil ruhi life, when it come to ananya she is blaming ishita.

  4. What the hell are they showing? This use to be my favourite show because of the bond between ruhi and is ishita. Ishita being her stepmother gave her the true love of a mother and ruhi too reciprocated but now the show has turn horrible. It is awful.

  5. Now my favourite show is ‘kuch rang pyar ke aide bhi’

  6. Actually ruhi should kill herself.Raman and ishu should let her go with that wicked nikil .when he will cheat her she will understand how she was rude to her parents.But what new mystery is this ananya .I think she have suicide or something and all the blame will go towards ishu.Can anyone give yhm upcoming story in this site? Please give it fast .

    1. I think … this is the plan of ishIta . and ananya is helping ishu ..may be ananya se milne param aaye. Aur frustation me apna aur nikhil ka sach bol de….

      1. No,the spoilers says that seeing the adults fight ananya and ruhi also started fighting and by mistake ruhi hurts annaya.everyone r shocked seeing annaya with blood.she dies and ishika takes the blame on her to save pihu.she gets life imprisonment and the show will take a leap.

  7. Candiva007

    Really??? Raman and Ishita should let Ruhi marry Nikhil and when he dumps her then not let her back into the house. They should tell Simmi to move away with Parmeet and take Ruhi with them. Where is Shagun????? Now is the time for Shagun to slap Simmi. I would love to see that! 🙂

    1. Exactly

    2. Lids

      Exactly, The family shouldn’t forgive Simmi at all. I hope her “husband” runs away with their daughter Ruhi should marry Nikhil and take full custody of Riya and then have Nikhil dump her and she needs to raise Riya on her own. I just hope that Ishu and Raman teach her a real lesson. My issue is with Simmi, she should pay for her ugly deeds.

  8. I stopped watching the show some time ago and I am glad I did. The current track is boring, stupid and utterly frustrated. Unfortunately my housemates watch the show and I’m forced to watch it while I’m eating downstairs. So I get irritated with the characters, the good get dumber and the bad get smarter. The show was once great but now it’s going downhill.

    1. ruhi – nikhil natak ,not willing to watch the show at all. evil is winning against good. bakwas serial

  9. OMG, this show is so much anger/hate. It’s very toxic with the constant fights. I know it’s just a show but looking at it makes one feel stress at the the energy and anger they have against each other. Looks like people on the roadside or fish market always fighting. Isn’t there anything loving of fun that they can do for each other to make this show a little more like everyday life.

    Don’t know about anyone but I don’t watch it after reading up on it because it feels like your energy is drained if you do.

  10. Fed up with this idiotic simmi??? she is the one who supported ruhi in her every wrong step towards ruining her life and at last she is blaming ishitha for that
    It’s better to throw her out?
    Simmi deserves more slaps by ishitha

  11. Yes u guys are all right. Evil is taking over. And what acting was that form Kp , ur wife fainted and u are standing miles away. No mohabbatein there, very forced acting. As for Ruhi , she and Simmi should die their hair blonde ..cos that’s how they acting dumb. So much love for Param and Nikil.
    And I see all our regular com mentors are not even bothering to comment anymore. Today’s episode was so stressful .

    1. Yes Jay. The reason for this “distance” of Raman and Ishita is one of the reasons I stopped watching YHM. It seems they are shooting their scene separately and then they just copy-cut-paste it together. This seems to be the rule rather than the exception for the last 500 episodes. And then the use of body doubles just makes me livid especially when it comes to the lead characters.

      1. Hi Susan … sooo happy to read your comments after a long time .Trust all fine with you .
        Ishra as helpless parents very sad to see
        It seems cvs are injecting negativity like nonstop to all of us where the ishraru is suffering . I really want to see when these Ishra will be out of this chaoess . We cant call Bhallas as a family . Ekta doesnt know the meaning of a good family . But I am sure as Akiatta mentioned .., may be the jobless home makers whose entertainment is serials must be enjoying all these .

      2. Hi VP. Glad to see you here also. These days just reading the groups disappointment about our beloved YHM. What to do? YHM destroyed beyond repair.
        Over here we are still watching old episodes of YHM. Episode 606. The ghost track. I was wondering where will be a good point to stop watching. You know so as to have a happily ever after ending.

  12. Have to stop watching Ruhi drama dragging on for ever

  13. I seriously want Shagun’s Entry.

  14. Akiatta

    The show is honestly getting very interesting. I know the negativity is really high, but being honest, it is drawing many more audience.

  15. Ravi

    Nonsense! Ishu has slapped simmi before! This is nt da first tym! Then where was Mrs.bhalla back those tymes? I knw dt no mother wants to see her daughter getting slapped ryt infront of her, bt da point is this had happened before as well bt at those tym Mrs.bhalla was quiet n nw she has grown sudden interest on her dumb daughters self respect! N she herself has slapped simmi before ryt? I cnt remember dt much! Bt its completey clear dt everyone in this show has lost their senses!
    Nt to be rude or smthng bt actually after watching this show I seriously hv doubt on that popular quote “The truth will cm out one day.” According to this show almost everytym lie n evil has won n the truth had a chance to cm out lyk once in a blue moon!! Completely tired of this show nw!! ?

  16. Riana

    Cvs had became insane ???….Now they will include Ananya’s murder too…Shiiiii..Shitty simmi & stupid ruhi…Nikhil is sooo worst…IshRa are helpless its sooo boring…Dont know what they are shooting in budapest…hatttttt ! ???

  17. Riana

    Ishita: 2 | Simmi: 1 looooooool ????

  18. Dis nikil looks like cartoon
    Useless spoiling Yhm

  19. Good on you Ishita, hope Simmi learns her lessons and gets kicked out. And old drunks Mrs Bhalla gets lesson

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