Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihir and Adi coming in the party. Mihir looks for Raman. Raman comes and asks what is Adi doing here. Mihir says he is your son, he has to see business, he is Bhalla family heir, he has to learn. Raman tells Adi that Ishita is marrying Mani, will she be your Ishi Maa now. Adi says so what, you are also marrying, will you not be my Papa then, who told you. Raman says Aaliya was telling Ruhaan, I got to know. Adi asks why do you look worried. Raman gets angry and goes. Mihir tells Adi that you would have got slaps from Raman, come, we will have drinks and chill. Adi worries that Ishita is marrying Mani uncle.

The men praise Raman for making an ad with Ruhaan. Ashok and Romi get angry seeing everyone praising Raman and his business climbing up. Romi tells Ashok that

I can’t be here where people are praising Raman. Ashok says its plain business, we will talk to Ruhaan about ad campaign, we will do marketing well. Romi asks why will Ruhaan do ad for us. Ashok says his manager, Ni…. I mean Nimrit is my old friends, she can do this for me. Romi says fine, I m leaving now. Ashok says I will call Nimrit and fix an appointment. He calls Niddhi and asks her to meet him at his home in half an hour.

Ishita drinks. Raman looks on and asks manager for a room right away. Ishita is drunk and dances with some guy on Tu kheench meri photo piya……. She hugs Raman and dances with him. Raman holds her and tries to limit her. Ishita takes selfie with some guy. Raman takes her away. He tries to stop her. Raman keeps that guy away. He drags Ishita from there. She asks where are you taking me, I want to party. He says we will go home. She says I want to click a nice picture.

She asks for more drinks. He asks are you mad, leave it, come with me. She laughs and says you lost the challenge, I have drunk a lot, I m standing straight, my voice is low, I m not like you, I m in control, you shout a lot. She shouts. He asks her to come to room, there is a surprise for her. She asks for a drink to have on the way, and says even Raman can share the drink. The manager gives her purse. Raman takes her.

Ruhi looks at Bhalla’s flat and thinks to see Pihu once. Ruhi goes and asks Neelu why is she tensed. She sees the kitchen messed up and asks whats all this. Neelu says Pihu wants to make thank you cake, see the kitchen now, I have to clean everything. Pihu greets Ruhi and asks how do I look as chef, I m making thank you cake, will you help me. Ruhi helps her. Ruhi says cake will be baked in 20mins. Pihu says we will pray to Mata Rani, you don’t watch tv serials, and tells about Parvati. Ruhi laughs and prays along Pihu. She looks at Pihu and smiles. Pihu asks her to close eyes and pray. Ruhi prays for a good cake.

Ashok meets Niddhi at his home and says you missed a good party, we will party here. She argues with him saying you think you can insult me anytime and can decide to send me to Australia. He says I know you are angry, you can punish me too. He tells her that I want Ruhaan to work for me and Romi. She asks are you mad, if Romi knows I m alive, he will kill me or tell everyone. He says no, Romi hates Raman now. She says blood is blood, if Romi knows I m alive, he will hold me responsible for his enmity with Raman, don’t forget I kidnapped that baby because of Romi. Romi comes and asks servant about Ashok. Niddhi hears him and asks Ashok how dare you call me here to get me trapped. Ashok says nothing like that, go and hide, we will talk later. Niddhi leaves. Romi comes and sees her leaving. He does not see her face.

Ruhi says we will do icing now, we will write thank you mum and dad. Pihu says I will do it and writes thank you Ruhi Di. Ruhi gets touched and asks whats this. Pihu says we can thank anyone whom we love, I love you a lot, you are like my elder sister, Adi is best brother, I used to wish to have an elder sister, see I got you today. Tere dil ka mere dil se……plays………….. Ruhi hugs her and smiles. Neelu looks on and thinks Mrs. Bhalla would have been glad seeing them, even Ruhi would be of her age, I wish Ruhi was with Pihu.

Romi asks Ashok to talk to Nimrit and get Ruhaan for ad. Ashok says yes, party just got over, we will do work later, you spend some time with your bride. Ashok says like you are here with your Gf, who is she, won’t you introduce her. Ashok says nothing like that, and denies. Romi goes. Niddhi hears them and gets angry.

Raman gets Ishita to the hotel room. Ishita likes the decorated room and asks are we on honeymoon, I like it. He asks her to sleep. She asks him to have a drink. He asks her to stop this drama. She says you got boring type, you challenged me I can’t drink, I did it and showed it, watch how I m walking straight. She stumbles. He laughs. She asks him to walk and show. He says you have all courage, I m leaving. She says I won’t drink alone, you can’t accept challenge, if you have another drink, you can’t walk straight and you will shout. She asks him to accept challenge.

Shagun walks in the hotel room and sees Raman and Ishita sleeping on the bed. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Khyati

    Very fast update. Today for the first time I had seen Raman laughing after 7 yrs.
    Maybe Ishra will unite after this drama.
    Hoping that to happen soon. Ruhi and Pihu scenes were so good.
    Loved today’s epi

    • malvika

      lol dey dint show 7yrs story so how can u say … that u saw raman laughin after 7 yrs ..

    • soniya

      yeah malvika is right serial ko to 7 saal huya hi nahi to tumne Raman 7 saal ke baad haste huye Kaise dekh liya tum yeh bol sakti ho ki Raman leap ke baad pehli bar Ishita ko dekhkar hasa otherwise voh pihu ko dekhkar khush ho jata hai

  2. shivani

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Shagun gets insecure seeing Raman and Ishita together so she calls Panditji at Bhalla house.

    Everyone is surprised to see Pandiji and Shagun tells them that she asks him to fix her and Raman’s marriage date.

    Panditji tells them that they will have to get married within 24 hours as it is good time for their life.

    Family objects on getting married soon but Raman tells them that if they will get married then what need to find other time.

    Raman announces that he will get married Shagun today which makes Shagun happy.

    Romi (Aly Goni) and Mihika help Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) catch Nidhi (Pavitra Punia)

    Apart from this, Ishita is shocked seeing Nidhi and runs behind her but Nidhi runs away.

    Ishita bumps with Romi and Mihika’s care who also tells her about Nidhi alive.

    Romi and Mihika tell Ishita that they will help her to catch Nidhi.

      • Hiru

        I don’t think that shagun will be evil again
        Because she went to Australia to find ishitha
        and shagun met mani in Australia when that plane was hijacked
        I think this is all a plan of shagun

  3. disha

    Ruhi and pihu seans are very emotional she look like good sisters ….ishita’s dance seans is very funny raman care’s her

  4. lavanya bai

    very nice episode…enjoyed the show…want ishra to reunite…Raman and ishu superb..guys…

    • jaz

      Nakshatra.ishita ek murder case phasjathi hain.tu raman ek lawyer higher karta hai lshitha keliye. O lawyer nidhi hain. Nidhi karti hai murder .ishitha phasjati hai.raman se shadi karneke liye.

  5. shivani

    Hi VP Rithu Mino Sindhu and all YHM fans..i didn’t wanted to comment here again…but i have something to say…. i hate this YHM….i hate Raman..
    after watching todays episode i thought raman will change his decision to marry shagun…..but no..that stupid is ready to fall in shaguns trap….i really wish this should happen…..he should suffer in shaguns hands….but at the same time i wish someone should come and stops their marriage…though i hate Raman to the core, i like my ishra….recent spoiler made me mad…ekta is playing with audiences’ emotions….now I started hating ruhis character also…i really gets annoyed when she calls ishita by her name…..she forgive everyone except ishita…whole bhalla family is ungrateful specially raman…i wonder how did he became favorite pati….he is the worst and characterles pati in the starplus….i really hate raman….

    • Hi Shivani May Be Raman IS trying to Protect Ishitha From Shagun. As he Loves Pihu Cos she is Ishu’s Daughter. They made Rhui a Hateful girl to all the viewers. Wonder what the thrill they have in doing it…

    • vp

      Shivani … I understand you very well … I have noticed mine , yours ,Rithus, Sindhus , Minos … are of same opinions … I too feel very angry seeing Ruhi calling Ishitha ..atleast respect the age .. I hate Raman to the core … but his wife Ishitha loves him …They are madly in love … how well Ishitha danced today … I only pray for the best to DT … be very very very happy with Vivek Dahia … Vivek is also very simple … no worries … serials will be like this …Raman is not that rude once Ishitha told Pihu is theirs … he understood his JKR … coming to realization … became so lost when he heard she is marrying Mani … look at the way he to Adi today … his sadness he expressed to him … he did not slap him for the first time … he is scared of losing her …… be cool shivani

  6. anjali

    Which film is the song there dil se ? Ishra scene is awesome. Looking like old ishita and Raman. Hope they unite soon

  7. Hi rithu and all yhm friends. I really loved today’s episode to watch. After leap raman called ishitha as his madrasan and sisters bonding is very nice between aditi and ruhanika. I hope sharam marriage won’t happen because raman has love for ishitha. All will become fine for ishitha as she is being loved by every one as hartness is shown by every one because of their ego. I hope we wil see some more lovely Moments among each and every family member of bhalla and iyers parivar. I really loved karan and divyanka today as they are rocked.

  8. nisha

    Hi, iam new here .what happened in this serial ?. I really missed some episodes that is why i don’t have an idea about it ..

  9. jaz

    Gd evening Guys &Adu today episode was good.bus muje ye shagun ki bala se allergy hai.pls ekta kapoor kuch dino tak is bala ku dorr rakhiye NA.aur kitne BOys hai iski life mein (raman.ashok.manoj)phirse cheap lady u are shagun.

  10. Sindhu

    HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, Resh, Siddhi, Mino and many YHm fans, nice to see some of your comments. I am also asking the same question on whether Raman and Shagun will get married or Adi will stop or Romi will stop? I hope someone stops at the nick of time. What happened to Ruhi? Why is she so mean to her Ishimaa? I don’t blame Pihu because she does not know how is this harwali aunty related to her. Oh I really hope Adi comes to know also that Niddhi is alive and he stops the wedding. Ekta is so mean. Just because YHM wons 10 awards including the favourite jodi, she decides to do all these to the most loved couple in teleseries. I can’t digest this. Shagun is downright horrible. How can she keep using Pihu? Why is she playing with little child’s emotions? How can she be a respectable mother? She is not fit to be in the motherhood. I need some hope of Ishra. Some twist will happen at the nick of time. Where is Toshi? She is a coward or ran away instead of standing by Ishita her bahu.

  11. Sindhu

    Hi Nakshatra, jsut to let you know NIddhi was before the leap. She took revenge on Raman before the leap by sending Ishita to jail. She was suppose to have married Raman but at that time Raman loved Shagun and married her. She was insulted and took revenge. Raman pretended to like her to prove Ishita’s innocent and finally it was resolved but Niddhi kidnapped baby Pihu and then wanted Ruhi in exchange. During the exchange, Ishita could not save Ruhi and so it was believed Niddhi and Ruhi died but of course they did not. In view of that, Raman blamed Ishita for all this misfortune and separated from Ishita. Now Niddhi is here in Delhi, she has to conceal herself from Iyers and Bhallas if not they will know Ruhi is alive and punish Niddhi for what she had done to the family. So Niddhi is trying to hide from them and that is why she always disappears if she sees the any of the Iyers and Bhallas. She is the key to save Raman and Ishita’s reunion as finding her means Ruhi is alive and hence Ishra’s reunion.

  12. Naaz

    Hi all my dear yhm friends, hope all r fine . Today ishita was little bit resembling young juhi chawla with curly hair, nose pin and saree

    • vp

      yes Rithu Naaz you said it … appreciate Rithu …. without fail greeting each and every one …. good … not everybody can do this …

  13. Hi VP, Shivani, Sindhu & All The YHM Lovers.

    I am very Sure Ashok is behind Nidhi’s Plan .. He is the one who helped Nidhi To Take Rhui out of India. How come they became soooo Close all of a sudden. & he is calling her darling etc. pretty sure he is still in to his evil acts. of course he has never given up or pretended to be a goodie goodie anyway. Serves Shagun right for coming in to IsRa’s Life. & That Pig headed Raman wants to marry her they both suit each other. I don’t like Pihu Not Rhui. How Rhui Loves everyone other than Ishu. First & Foremost she got a Papa Because of Ishitha she has forgotten all that she even saved her life from the start itself with the expired medicine, Earthquake, Fire Bus Bomb She can very well remember all that. She was smart for her age surely. now acts dumb as Ishitha is the evil one. have not even forgotten her own Shagun Mama How she used her for her benefit. She is Doing the same & Manipulating Pihu the same as Ardi. Why can’t Ardi tell Pihu that Ishu is her Mum. Why are they keeping quiet.
    Sometimes i feel whether Sahgun is trying to get Raman to admit his love for Ishitha she is getting the marriage ready asap. Or May Be she told the Pandith to tell they have only this good time & trying to get married to Raman. That evil woman’s mind is always working over time. Can’t fathom whether she is Good or Bad. How many time Ishu saved Shagun & from even death. But Yesterday’s was good Now hope they will focus on Ishu & Raman without disappointing all of us. as this twist are getting our brains twisted too… ha ha ha Sorry friends i don’t know about u guys but mine is… Anyway What ever we say doesn’t matter to the Producers & writers.. we are silent protesters ,, So Friends be very alert to what’s happening. but keep ur stress level down. these shows are supposed to be for our pleasure not get our pressure up… So Good Luck Have Fun.. Luv

  14. Sindhu

    Mino just to mention I don’t think Raman is trying protect Ishita from Shagun. Raman knows Ishita is not afraid of Shagun. After all Ishita helped Shagun several times. Shagun does not even want to communicate with Ishita because she just wants to be a goody goody person infront of ishita while she uses Ishita’s daughter Pihu to be away from her. It is like tit for tat where she always thought ishita made use of Ruhi to be away from Shagun. Raman need not be afraid of Shagun. All he needs to say is I am not marrying Shagun and everything ends but he knows Pihu is very fond of Shagun and he adores Pihu so he listens to her. I think Adi will tell Pihu everything so he can stop both Raman’s wedding and the make belief of Mani’s wedding. If not Ruhi suddenly will feel emotional and try to do something to stop the wedding. She may not reveal herself but she will do something else. Since the serial is going so well the writers will not try to reunite them quickly. They may drag this for awhile more.

    • Thanks Sindhu. I Read it somewhere that Raman is behaving like this is to Protect Ishu.. But there are various versions may be ur right. How did Raman become so spineless. Did he want Ardi To Prevent the marriage between Mani & Ishu Do u think so? Shagun?? Well They Say Leopard never changes it’s spots so may be Shagun is also like that. If Shagun & Raman Marries i will not watch or comment . What is the point of the heading of the the series. If Something happens to Ishu They will all love her Ruhi Raman etc. they have taken Ishu for granted. let them suffer.

  15. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans.i am so twisted like u all, this suspense is killing me, I just hope ishra unite en shugun, nidhi and ashok just go to jail for life.

  16. episode was ok . who does marriage in one day? if Raman and shagun’s marriage happens then ishitha will never to come to bhalla house and even in future if reunion happens then how many marriage and divorce will that raman do and play with eveybody’s emotions .

    • very true. Disgusting how many times getting married to each other & it is like a merry go round. they are ruining the sacredness of marriage for sure.

  17. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    sachie and all yhm friends.

  18. Ishita will get upset
    and walk
    away, there on the way Ishita will
    directly confront Nidhi and will get
    shocked to see her alive.
    Ishita will follow Nidhi but Nidhi
    will manage to escape
    What will Ishita and Nidhi’s direct
    confrontation lead to? Let’s wait
    and watch for the upcoming twist.

  19. Shagun gets frustrated
    and calls
    pandit home and requests him to
    confirm their wedding date.
    Pandit ji inform that time within 24
    hours is the best time to get
    Bhalla family is against Shagun’s
    drastic decision but Raman
    supports Shagun and decides to
    marry within 24 hours.
    Will Shagun and Raman get
    married within 24 hours breaking
    all his ties with love of his life
    Let’s wait and watch.

  20. Nidhi is wearing burqa and comes
    somewhere…Ishita reaches near Nidhi
    searching her, but Nidhi takes help of
    Burqa and tries to escape.
    At the other end, Pihu is making
    arrangements for Shagun and
    Raman’s marriage, and selects
    Necklace for Shagun and sherwani for
    Raman. Ruhi is also there and gets
    emotional seeing them.
    No one is really happy with Raman
    and Shagun’s wedding except Pihu.
    According to rumours, soon Raman
    will come to know Ruhi is alive which
    will bring Raman and Ishita back
    together. Also it will bring an end to
    Raman and Shagun’s wedding plans
    which will hurt Shagun deeply and she
    will want to get back to Raman’s life

  21. Nidhi is wearing burqa and comes
    somewhere…Ishita reaches near Nidhi
    searching her, but Nidhi takes help of
    Burqa and tries to escape. At the other
    end, Pihu is making arrangements for
    Shagun and Raman’s marriage, and
    selects Necklace for Shagun and
    sherwani for Raman. Ruhi is also
    there and gets emotional seeing the
    trio hugging each other. Shagun might
    become negative and gets insecure
    because of Ishita’s comeback in
    Raman’s life. Very soon Nidhi will be
    exposed and Raman will come to
    know that Ruhi is alive.

  22. wellwisher aka krishnai

    Hi guys…. i m new here to comment in this page….

    i actually rarely watch yhm…. mostly its tamil version…… actually i dont know s it a coincidence r a planned one…… FEW DAYS BACK IN TAMIL. WE HAD ADI SENDING PRIYA(ishita) TO JAIL IN VANDHANA(shagun) AND ASHOK MARRIAGE FUNCTIONS….. AT THE SAME TIME IN HINDI I READ N SAW ADI SENDING ARJUN (raman) TO JAIL FOR HIS PRIYA AMMA(ishi ma’s) ‘s sake…….

    I M REALLY OVERWHELMED TO SEE THEIR BONDING…… apart all flaws YHM STANDS UNIQUE…… i really enjoy it….. especially RUHI AND PUHI BONDING….. Though many criticized hw puhi n ruhi can be alike I REALLY FEEL IT RIGHT AS MOST FANS WOULD HAVE FELT UPSET N MISSED RUHAANIKA…… Her acting s really gud…… so i think directors had done right…..

    ANOTHER COINCIDENCE TODAY HAPPENED…… in ashok’s banchelors party priya aka ishi comes there n she was forced to have drinks n dance but didnt……. BUT HERE IN HINDI she herself drank so much n danced!!!!!!


    • Resh

      Areyy yaar…..what you are telling to be happening in tamil version of yhm had been the November 2014 episode of org yhm.In hindi version adi made ishita get arrested at the time of ashok-shagun marriage and ishita was forced to dance at ashok’s bachelor party but she didn’t.All this happened almost 1&1/2yrs back.The story had gone so much forward……
      Whatever you have seen in hindi show yesterday will be shown in tamil only after 1&1/2yrs???

      • krishnai aka ww

        ya i know that very well resh…… i had been watching yhm from its 1st episode………. i saw it for a month then stopped due to my studies………. so dont need of any explanation……… i regularly follow whats going in yhm so i know this happened 1 r 2 yrs before n i meant the same that it got changed so much……….

  23. Susan

    I am very happy. Don’t know for how long. IshRa awesome! But if Raman marries Shagun I will die. Just joking but it will be something close to that.

  24. zaara ali khan

    hai rethu your updatings are mind blowing.. thanks for that..
    yeh hain mohabbatein is my most favoutite serial… ?? i wish its always be continue..

  25. Super girl

    Susan u right if raman marries shagun then I will also die. Just joking also but it will be sumthing close to that!but was reading up i think that they won’t let them get married as the truth about ruhi en nidhi will cum out.

  26. Fan

    Can a leopard change its spots!!! Can Shagun really change for the better and stay that way even when her comfortable world is threatened!!! She didn’t press the marriage issue before Ishitha’s return because there was not threat of her losing her place in Raman’s life. Now that Ishitha is back and Raman is getting drawn to her Shagun’s future is uncertain.

    Ruhi hated Pjhu as she blamed Pihu for her predicament.. However, blood is thicker than water and that love and bond will win over even the most hard hearted individual.

    Romi always respected Ishita, even when he was annoyed with her. He death and Raman’s accusations turned him to his current state. He will reform soon.

    Ishitha was the ideal wife/mother/daughter-in-law etc. She will get her family and home soon enough.

    As the the sanctity of marriage, Ekta loves to trivialise it. Perhaps she finds it “entertaining;”

    • vp

      yes Fan … Romi always respected Ishitha … her words and values taught him a lot … he will be helping his bhabi to find out Nidhi and then to Ruhi ….

  27. Ambi

    Y romi and raman are against each other? What happened to romis ex wife n kid? How ishithas innonence in the murder case proved?..cos i jus knew that they couldn’t find the pendrive proof from nidhi…pls explain someone.

  28. Gud mrg guys…..liked ishra scene the most they are the best couple…..also pihu nd ruhi scene was superb….plz don’t let raman nd shagun get married….nd hope ishita successfully catches nidhi…nd thnq for the upcoming updates guys….

  29. lovely

    Ekta this pathetic i seriously don’t understand are u trying to foll audience.ISHIRA has to be together and please fasten up the track a little has become so boring now.Raman has to cool down his anger and also should not marry Shagun.Is he mad,being a buisness man he cant still understand what is right and wrong fr him.
    Ekta being a YHM fan u need to go through all the reviews above and should also understand what the audience is looking for.Its been a month now all crap is going on and we are watching it just because of Ishita.
    She has get the happiness what she deserves.SHagun should be kicked out of the Bhalla house.
    Please fasten up ur track and make ishu and raman unite.

  30. shivani

    But VP , if raman is scared of losing ishita, why he isn’t forgiving her….why he isn’t claiming her….i m sure, if raman calls ishita back to his life she will definitely come…because she loves him….she wants to be with him and kids…and i dont think raman is pretending to be angry with ishita to save her from shagun….he is purposely hurting her….he is taking revenge on her by marrying that vamp shagun….as sindhu said something will happen at the nick time of marriage…..but if someone comes and stops this marriage then ramans love for his madrasan will be questioned….so it would be much better if raman himself backs off from this marriage…there should be any move from ramans side in favor of ishita, so that we can surely say that raman loves ishita..else it would be difficult to prove…and DT said in an interview that soon there will be twist……whatever happens i dont want raman shagun marriage…

    • vp

      be assured Shivani … he cannot digest the fact she was living without him .for good seven years he lost … I am always with Ishitha … Men are not like women …why did he say baanchi … stepmother and all I have no answer … cvs problem … he can go to any extent with his anger … cvs spoiled it …you know villages those people who are very illiterate they enjoy all this … ..he is not doubting her at all … he is acting as a child here … he must be wondering how madrasan could live without him ….that too it gives an impression Ishitha is happy … yet to reveal so many things behind his anger ….Ishitha to go back to him also I wont appreciate … he has to suffer … but they are amazing .. love them … marriage is a beautiful journey … each moment in life is precious .. here serials show masalas to attract attention but the same storyline they could make beautifully how we want …she understood him very well … she knows she is the answer for his anger … she will tailor it … dont get angry with Raman … always in a succesful family the key of rheir success is wife ….


    Good Morning to ALL The Members of The YHM GROUP.
    Hi JAZ Fan Lovely.Am Very HAPPY Lovely Fan to See You HERE.
    Nakshatra Super GIRL And Others who Are Confused About Characters.
    Always Remember ONE Thing.
    Khaali Dikhava Karte.

    SERIAL k perspective SE toh

    PLEASE Don’t Take it to HEART.
    This is FICTIONAL
    Haan Hum Thode BarJAZBAATI HOTE HAI.


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    Or Getting Bored of Anything in Your LIFE
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    • jaz

      Good suggestion Adi. But I TELL you one thing yhm fans bi tumare comments ke fans hojayege.Adu when I AM free MAM Ke SHOW ke tumare comments padti NO ONE THINK mein jabbi sad hotiho na I WILL READ your comments . Tab jake MERE dil ku sukoon miltha hai Adu.ALLAH ne kaise tume khic laya MERE paas os SHOW se yhm show tak…meine socha I miss my friend’s but God is great NA.


    THANK You Very Much JAZ for Showering Your LOVE On Me.
    Mere Comments Aap LOGON KO ACHCHE Lagte HAI.

    • jaz

      Adi where is noori.roz I miss them very much yaar.kash o dono bi yhm show dekhthe.I really miss them yaar.


    Aap SAB Se EK BAAT Kehna HAI.

    • jaz

      YEAH ..Adi..your absolutely right ekta kapoor shows mein hamesha affairs., 2,3, shadiyeh hothe hain.(kksbkbt,kszk,kggk,Base ache lagte hai, aur bi bahoot serial hain sabke sab gande hai. Lo ab ye SHOW ku bi karab karahi hain. Badi raandi hai Adi ye ekta.


    Hi Super GIRL!
    Very GOOD NEWS.
    Now The Story WILL Turn Towards NIDHI And RUHI.
    It Would Be NICE.
    GOOD Afternoon GUYS.

    • jaz

      HAHA haha Adu. Nidhi ku padege police ke thande.ishu ku milege murghi ke ande. Hehehe. Hehe…lekin adu ishu tu vegetarian haina.o ande ka kya kareghi.I think sare ande raman ke mu pe pehke maregi haina adu.

    • jaz

      Adi meine abhi yhm spoiler mei pada ishita STOP raman shagun marriage.ruhi& pihu become very angry to ishu because she broke her parents MARRIAGE.& ruhi pihu shagun they three JOINT hand.ishita aur raman.ku durr rakneke liye.Adi ye ruhi bi NA jaisa baap waisi beti.Adu shagun ke wajese hi meine ye show chodha tha phele.


    You Are Right JAZ.
    ISHITHA is A Vegetarian.
    But She Can Eat Mysore Bhajji.



    • jaz

      HAHA….hehehe..HAHA..hehehe..HAHA..I can’t stop laughing just rocks Adu.raman aur buddhi. Wow super selection.


    JAZ you are Forgetting ‘KAHIIN TO HOGA

    • jaz

      Hai Adi kaise bhol sakthe hain ekta ka show hain Adi.uske show mein tu ajab gajab hota hain. Sara STAR PLUS tu usiki show athe they. Adi you no (kasauti zindagi ki) os show ki HEROIN prenna. Khabi anurag ke saat sothi hain khabi Mr bajaj ke saat sothi cheapest show tha wo.sare ektha ke serial ek hi tarha hothe hain. Adu. Sare ghande


    JAZ again Watch ONCE Swapna Gave Comment 31/05/2016(MAM).
    Good Evening to ALL The Members of The GROUP.

  40. Lots of drama is going to
    unfold in Raman and
    Shagun’s wedding in Yeh
    Hai Mohabbtein.
    Pihu is very much
    excited with Raman and
    Shagun’s wedding so she
    herself does all the
    preparation of their
    Raman is restless seeing
    Pihu’s happiness for his
    and Shagun’s marriage
    but he cannot do because
    he wants to go away from
    Pihu calls Ruhi to attend
    her parents wedding so
    Ruhi comes there and
    gets emotional meeting to
    Apart from this, Romi and
    Ishita are behind Nidhi
    while Nidhi tries to
    escape from them but
    Ishita gets successful to
    catch Nidhi.
    Ishita brings Nidhi
    stopping Raman and
    Shagun’s marriage
    Ishita brings Nidhi to
    Raman and Shagun’s
    wedding which stops
    their marriage.
    Pihu and Ruhi get angry
    seeing Ishita spoils their
    parents wedding.
    Not only this, Shagun
    once again turns negative
    seeing her marriage
    break with Raman.
    It is yet to clear if Raman
    accepts Ishita again or
    they stay separate due to
    past issues.
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  41. Raman is crying a lot. He recalls
    Ishita and their marriage. His tears
    prove that he really loves Ishita, and is
    marrying Shagun in his anger.
    Raman’s haldi rasam is going to
    happen. He recalls the wedding
    rounds taken with Ishita. Raman is
    angry that Ishita is marrying Mani.
    Shagun is happy and ready to get haldi
    applied to her. Shagun does not
    expect anything from Raman, but
    wants to become his wife. Shagun
    fears of losing Raman, Pihu, Adi and
    all her rights on Bhalla family.
    Raman’s heart is not willing to marry
    Shagun. Shagun does all her
    preparations for marriage. Raman will
    not marry Shagun. There will be twist
    in marriage. Ishita and Shagun would
    both dress up as the brides and get
    willing to marry Raman. Ishita would
    be marrying Raman.
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    Mohabbatein • Tagged haldi , ishita,
    Mani , Marriage , Raman, shagun , Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein , YHM

  42. nishSBS
    Raman crying badly holding ishraru photo and talking to himself. Pulling his hair tightly and crying. BG songs for Raman : Sun raha hain na tu ro Ra ha Hu Mein ??
    Raman reminiscing Ishita Raman scene in temple where Raman lifted Ishita and did rounds with her. Raman watching ishra marriage video in laptap. Ishita ki yaad Mein ro raha hai Raman. Tashan Mein aake bol Diya shagun se shaadi karne ko par aaaj bhi Ishita se utna he pyaar Karta hain.
    Shagun getting ready for haldi. Wore yellow saree. She showed marriage outfit. Red saree with light golden blouse. Shagun byte was there.
    Raman crying for Ishita. Holding their pic and watching marriage video in laptop and crying badly and in anger throwed the laptop side. But he unable to control his tears. Adi came to Raman and shouted why you doing this. Raman kisiki sunta kab. Pihu in yellow dress. Shagun ready. Raman took yellow shirt out to get ready for haldi but crying.
    Shagun byte : Shagun is happy. Ishita was not there for 7 years and shagun took care of family. Now shagun becomes selfish. WO deet ki deeti he rahegi?
    Adi byte: No time to plan something. Papa getting married.
    Reporter said Ishita kaha bhi ho jaldi Raman ki shaadi and aansu rohkiye ??

  43. On the other side, Pihu is
    overexcited on seeing her parents
    Shagun and Raman getting
    Raman gets impatient seeing
    Pihu’s enthusiasm.
    In the interim, Ishita along with
    Romi and Mihika’s help will finally
    reach up to Nidhi.
    Ishita will drag Nidhi into Bhalla
    Due to Nidhi’s entry in Bhalla
    house Raman and Shagun’s
    wedlock will come to a halt.
    Shagun turns furious seeing Ishita
    and Nidhi together.
    Let’s wait and watch what new
    twist will Nidhi’s entry in Bhalla
    house lead to.

  44. Raman-Shagun’s haldi to revive Ishita’s memories….
    Raman is crying a lot. He recalls Ishita and their marriage. His tears prove that he really loves Ishita, and is marrying Shagun in his anger. Raman’s haldi rasam is going to happen. He recalls the wedding rounds taken with Ishita. Raman is angry that Ishita is marrying Mani. Shagun is happy and ready to get haldi applied to her. Shagun does not expect anything from Raman, but wants to become his wife. Shagun fears of losing Raman, Pihu, Adi and all her rights on Bhalla family. Raman’s heart is not willing to marry Shagun. Shagun does all her preparations for marriage. Raman will not marry Shagun. There will be twist in marriage. Ishita and Shagun would both dress up as the brides and get willing to marry Raman. Ishita would be marrying Raman.

  45. The upcoming episode of Star Plus
    daily popular show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein will witness some
    high drama.
    It seems that Ishita (Divyanka
    Tripathi) will come to know that
    Nidhi (Pavitra Punia) is still alive
    and follows her.
    However Nidhi will be successful
    in bluffing Ishita and wears a
    burkha and leaves the place.
    On the other hand Ishita will tell
    Raman (Karan Patel ) that she saw
    Nidhi alive and there is a
    possibility that her little daughter
    Ruhi (Aditi Bhati) is still alive.
    The two will share an emotional
    moment together and will join
    hands together to search Ruhi.
    Will Raman and Ishita ever be able
    to know the true identity of Ruhi or
    Let’s wait and watch what happens
    next in the show.

  46. On the other hand Ishita will see
    Nidhi (Pavitra Punia) alive and will
    get shocked.
    Ishita will be running behind the
    Nidhi and will bump into Romi (Aly
    Goni) and Mihika’s car.
    Ishita tell them that she saw Nidhi
    and Romi and Mihika will join
    hands together to catch Nidhi.
    It would be very interesting to see
    what is going to happen next in the
    Stay tuned for more updates on
    your favourite show.

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