Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita telling family about Niddhi kidnapping the baby. They all get shocked. Raman scolds Romi for not guarding the baby. He tells them that Niddhi wants Ruhi instead the baby. Ishita cries and says I can’t go there alone, its very risky, I can’t put both girls at risk. He says you think I don’t love Ruhi, I promise I will get both of the girls back, we will catch Niddhi. Ishita asks whats the guarantee that you will rescue Ruhi, I feel Niddhi won’t be alone there, we need help, I m not ready to take risk, call Abhishek. Sarika looks on. Raman says Niddhi asked us not to inform Abhishek, I promise our girls will be back, please Ishita. He asks the family not to tell anyone. Romi says I will come with you, I want to repent for my mistake. Raman says

no, you won’t come with me. He goes. Ishita thinks Niddhi is dangerous, Raman and I can’t manage alone, I won’t take risk, we need help.

Sarika goes to Ruhi and asks her about packing stuff. She says Ishita is giving you to get her baby, she said she wants her own baby, your Papa did not stop her, she is not wrong, she can’t love you more than her own baby, relations change so soon. Ruhi says I know Ishi Maa loves me and our relation won’t change. Sarika says fine, when you go through, you will understand. She goes.

Romi apologizes to Ishita and says I did big mistake, I did not know that’s fake nurse, trust me, I swear I did not do anything, you beat me, but forgive me. She says nothing will happen to Ruhi, just get Abhishek there, I can’t take risk, Niddhi is dangerous, she can do anything, if she does anything to Ruhi and baby, she will take revenge, if she had gun then… we should have backup team, we need police, come there with Abhishek, don’t tell Raman, you know he won’t agree. Romi agrees and consoles her. He leaves. She cries.

Shagun calls her. She thinks what to tell Shagun. She answers call. Shagun asks how can this happen, Niddhi took the baby and asked for Ruhi, please explain, whats going on. Ishita asks her not to worry, I will get both girls safely. Shagun says I know you are also in pressure, but I m scared, if anything happens to baby, I wanted to give you happiness of becoming mother. Ishita says you already gave me happiness by making me Ruhi’s mother, don’t worry, take rest, Raman and I will get the girls back. Shagun says I know everything will be fine. Ishita ends call and cries.

Simmi makes Ruhi ready. Ruhi asks where am I going. Simmi says you are going with Ishita, don’t worry, nothing will happen. Ruhi says yes, I know. Simmi wishes Ruhi’s trust does not break and hugs her. She takes her. Mrs. Bhalla consoles Ishita and says its your big test, you have to get your child back, talk to Ruhi once. Ishita cries and says I can’t face her. Mrs. Bhalla pacifies her. She goes to see Ruhi. Ishita prays and says I can’t let anything happen to Ruhi.

Raman follows Ishita’s car. Ishita takes Ruhi. Ruhi looks at Ishita. Niddhi calls Raman and asks him to hold. She calls Ishita and says I have taken you both on conference, to say I m not foolish, why is Raman following Ishita. Raman stops his car. Ishita thinks I knew Niddhi is clever, its good I called Abhishek there.

Niddhi says you don’t forget about the baby, don’t blame me if anything happens to your baby, don’t follow Ishita, she will come alone with Ruhi. Ishita and Raman ask Niddhi not to do anything to baby. Ishita asks Raman to leave. Raman says I will leave. Ruhi looks on. Raman says she is very clever, she can do anything, I have to find some way. Ishita cries and prays for her baby. Ruhi gets sad and thinks did Sarika say true, does Ishi Maa love her baby more. Abhishek sees Raman stopped his car and wonders why Raman stopped car, maybe Niddhi has doubt. He calls Romi and says Niddhi doubts on Raman, Raman is not going, don’t worry, I will go. He ends call and says Niddhi is very clever, she should not doubt that I m following Ishita.

Ishita reaches the place with Ruhi. She calls Raman and says I reached here, but Niddhi is not here, I m scared. Raman assures nothing will happen. Ruhi thinks if Ishi Maa gives me to that aunty then, no Ishi Maa loves me a lot, she will not leave me.

Raman asks Ishita not to worry, I m coming there. Romi messages Ishita that Abhishek has come. She gets relieved reading message. She tells Ruhi that she loves her a lot, she won’t let anything happen to her, are you scared. Ruhi says I know. Ishita hugs her and they cry. Niddhi comes there with the baby.

Raman scolds Ishita for informing Abhishek. He gets angry and says you are a stain on mother’s name. Ishita cries.

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    • V P

      Shivani its better cvs go to a pshychologist or a pshychiartist instead of a pandit …. nice to see Ishitha in old form …i am consoling myself thinking end of the day its a serial only . but initially there was some reality and naturalism and so we all felt it an unique …. whatever happened after the surrogancy cant happen in real …. cvs played with our emotions …. let them do and enjoy … i dont watch sathiya but while watching yhm ladt part can be seen …. horrible it is … wonder how trp is high ….in the village village many people like this type of serial and so with yhm …. not at all a classy one . we fans have to bear and live on it . my opinion

  1. Actor Karan Patel, who essays Raman in popular soap opera “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein”, is said to be planning to shave off his head for the show as its story takes a forward leap of a decade.
    The leap will show Raman and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) separated from each other and living their lives in different cities. There will be a major turn in the story which leads the couple to get separated as Raman questioned and doubted Ishita’s love for their daughter Ruhi (Ruhanika Dhawan) who will now be seen with Nidhi (Pavitra Punia). “The look and storyline is being kept very confidential. The new cast getting locked, is also kept under wraps. As of now, what we can say is that Karan Patel is going to sport a bald look on the show,” said a source from the production house. “Karan, who is a great performer is leaving no stone unturned and has willingly accepted the new look,” the source added.
    “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” is aired on Star Plus.

    • tanisk

      worst episode.kya ekta maam aapke sare serial m wahi gisi piti story hoti h pls kuch new dikhaiye.aapne to isita n ruhi ko hi alag kar deya.trp k ley kya kya karoge aap.

    • Siddhi

      Ekta is really stupid if she thinks ishru ko seperate karnay se trp baray gi is se sirf trp giray GI

  2. Siddhi

    Worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst eposidde I just hate u Raman ishu maa k naam par dhaba nii hai tum baap k naam par dhaba ho baby baby baby Ab le lo apna baby

  3. Ruhi has died and the blame has come on Ishita. The family is crying and shattered. Raman calls Ishita unlucky and tells that since she came in his life, everything got ruined. He says Ishita is Ruhi’s step mum and she has proved it. Ishita cries, as Raman scolds her angrily. Raman and Ishita’s love will be ending. Raman asks Ishita why did she become Devi, doing great things are always not necessary when it comes to keep family at stake. He says even when Ishita was not in his life, Ruhi was always there, and now Ruhi has gone much away from him. He asks Ishita what will she do without Ruhi now. He ends all ties with Ishita. He shouts and calls Ishita the root of all problems. He asks her not to bring her unlucky face back in his house. He blames her a lot. Ishita has nothing to say. Raman calls Ishita a murderer. He asks why did she come in his life, and weeps. Their relation has broken. Ruhi will be coming back for her Ishi Maa. Shagun delivers Ishita and Raman’s baby. With the baby entry, Ruhi will be seen away from the show.

  4. Ishita blamed by Raman for death of ruhi according to sbs voice over And he throws her out of his life They show Raman telling at ishita in front of bhallaji n me just n said it’s all because she was a step mom And ishita is crying Raman says she is a murderer n why did she come in his life n she is responsible for all ill luck in bhalla house and they showed director saying the lines too when dt was giving close ups n said that this is not voice of raman but these are his insinuations …

  5. we dont want leap
    and seperation in yhm
    we dont want leap and seperation
    in yhm
    we dont want leap and seperation
    in yhm
    we dont want leap and seperation
    in yhm
    we dont want leap and seperation
    in yhm
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – – – –
    we dont want ruhi to die in the
    show and we want ishruh not such
    crap .plz makers cvs or ekta plz
    dont seperate ishraruhadi in yhm
    and plz no leap in yhm.

  6. As per the new promo of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Raman and Ishita will be separating soon. The track is yet to be disclosed though as per early assumption, Ishita will be taking a drastic step which will shock Raman and he will separate from her.

  7. TV Serial Reporter
    This is a blog for TV serial news
    Wednesday, 30 March 2016
    GOOD news NO leap only
    separation for 20-30 days
    The serial YHM currently…

    • Cham

      Oh my go! Oh my god!thankyou thankyou thankyou soooooooo much Rithu……now I feel that my pulses are running…hwooooooooo….thanks a lot lot dear for the news.

    • Siddhi

      I too saw this on fb if is not going to happen then for a few days ishra separation is ok coz Raman deserve this but plzb makers don’t separate ishru

    • V P

      from begining I had been telling Ishitha will plan something lets wait and see . Thank you Rithu for the wonderful

  8. Khushali

    The long impending leap of “Ye Hai Mohabbatein” will not only usher in a new story, but a new look for the cast along with a new location. The leap of the Star Plus show will start with Karan Patel and Divyanka Tripathi’s characters separated and living their lives in different cities. Nidhi Chabbra (played by Pavitra Punia) will be seen eloping with Ruhi to Dubai and settling with her there. The cast will be seen going to Dubai to get her back. Click here to read the entire article.

  9. xxxcc

    plz ekta mam no leap in yhm. plz don’t separate Raman ishu ruhi Adi & baby. today episode is worst .ishita kitna to rhi thi . an Raman hates her for murdered rhi.

  10. SIndhu

    Hi Rithu and the rest of YHM fans. From today’s episode, I gather that Raman and Ishita will separate and there will not be any leap. I hope I am right. Ruhi has died but they will make sure that Raman and Ishita’s child will be our very own Ruhi. How Ruhi dies is wait to be seen. Unless she really did not die but it was part of Ishita’s plan to save both the girls. Perhaps Abhishek feels sorry for Ishita’s separation and decides to support Ishita by being with her during her separation with Raman, In this way those fans who are Divyanka and Vivek fans will be happy to see them together of course not for those who are Ishra’s fans. Since it will take 20 to 30 days of separation, there might be a lot of drama in travelling to different parts of the cities and God only knows how the serial is going to turn out to be. I am not sure whether there is a grown up Ruhi. What I only don’t understand is that within one episode Raman can change and say words like Ishita is not a mother but only a step mum…. For more than 600 over episodes he kept saying Ishita is his life and no one can separate them. If it happens he will die and now they are going to be separated and both are still going to be acting alive. It is very silly right to write such kind of dialogues when it does not mean anything to the producers.

    • V P

      Sindhu from very begining we see Raman talks senseless and blame Ishitha …. but the words coming from his month unknowingly or not very rude …, This time Ishitha should leave him … Ruhi will not die… may b plan c by Abhishek Romi and Ishitha … we will wait and watch

  11. What is this? Raman to blame ishitha for calling abhishek? What the problem of raman means ego, love, selfish. And ishitha means selfless,Unconditional love towards ruhi make her to call abhisheik there?? I think soso now ruhi started think that her ishima doesn’t loves her. This is sarika Doesn’t deseves love or not ? What a stupid thought of sarika????

  12. shivani

    Episodes are getting worst day by day….ishu ruhi scene was very emotional..ruhi still trust her ishima….pls dont separate them…

  13. meghana

    its intresting to match watch than dis show.hats off to kohli.n talking about show worst than d worst.but gona mis ishu nd raman love scenes.i think v should jst get satisfaction oly by watching in youtube.

  14. Siddhi

    Yeh Sab log ishu ko kya samajtay hain wo Bhi insaan hai yrr aur Raman yrr had hai me be fb par upcoming scene ka glimpse dekha jis me ishu pani me jump karti hai I think ruhi me gir jaye gi n ishu us ko bachanay ki kosish karay GI if this is to happen it is similar to sns

  15. Really yaar raman says to nidhi in yesterday episode that ishita jindagi hai meri nidhi ne kaha ki wo un dono ko alag kar degi to raman ne kaha tha ki koshish to bahut ki par aisa hua nahi or hoga bhi ni. Toh how can raman blame ishita for all this mess shayad wo gusse me bol de par bad me sry bhi bol de. Raman ne ek baar aur ishita se kaha tha ki tum maa ho hi nahi jab ishita ne vinni or adi par camera lagaya tha par fir sry bol diya tha. I hope iss bar bhi aisa hi ho.
    We don’t want leap and separation. Agar leap hua toh serial kharab ho jayega. Ruhi ki wajah se ishra ki shaadi hui or ruhi ki wajah se separation. Agar leap hua toh i am not gonna watch yhm.

  16. Siddhi

    There r many more thinks to show shagun manoj marriage mihika mihir wedding sarika ending ishrarudi n baby happy ments no need to show ishru seperatio. Pllz don’t bring leap

  17. Ayesha

    I am quite sure the series would be like this.
    Raman ishita and everyone will think that ruhi has died. But the truth will be that Niddhi will take ruhi with her to some other place and settle out there. They will show a leap where ishra will be separated and Ruhi will start hating her ishi maa

  18. Anakha

    Hai friends…by seeing today’s episode i really felt bad and heart broken for ruhi…and i was almost sure about leap and exit of ruhanika dhawan ie our ruhi from the show..But guys..after reading your comments i got much relief…thanks to all especially to rithu,vp,siddhi and sindhu for bringing a hope in me that everything will be fine and it’s all happening as per ishu’s plan…i hope our yhm will be back with it’s charm if the panditji tells ekta maa’m to consider our views:-P:-P:-P

  19. noor

    I am wondering why will ishita jump of cliff . If I am not so wrong may be she gets hurt by raman’s words so she would attempt a suicide . Don’t know what will happend next. Sure is making us fool on 1 April . But I think we are actually dolls to watch this show.

    • will u shut up mind your language tell me if kids were reading thease comments they will learn from it my brothers kids are reading thease comments at their house

  20. wow!!! raman kya hai .show mein bewakoof no.1 .poora plan uska .baathe aise kartha hai jaise superman ho . woh kya hai , baap ke naam pe dhabba .ussne jab ruhi ka sauda kiya adi ke liye tab kisi ne usse bahuth kuch bola nahi aur jab ishitha pe aayi seedha ghar se bahar nikaal diya aur kya kya bole jaa raha hai.

    • Siddhi

      Ya right Raman baap k naam pe dhaba hai he always do this with ruhi first in adi case now in this baby case

  21. Actor Karan Patel, who essays Raman
    in popular soap opera “Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein”, is said to be planning to
    shave off his head for the show as its
    story takes a forward leap of a
    The leap will show Raman and Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) separated from
    each other and living their lives in
    different cities. There will be a major
    turn in the story which leads the
    couple to get separated as Raman
    questioned and doubted Ishita’s love
    for their daughter Ruhi (Ruhanika
    Dhawan) who will now be seen with
    Nidhi (Pavitra Punia).
    “The look and storyline is being kept
    very confidential. The new cast getting
    locked, is also kept under wraps. As of
    now, what we can say is that Karan
    Patel is going to sport a bald look on
    the show,” said a source from the
    production house.
    “Karan, who is a great performer is
    leaving no stone unturned and has
    willingly accepted the new look,” the
    source added.
    “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” is aired on
    Star Plus.

  22. Siddhi

    Very dissapointing koi mane ya na mane is baby k ane se farq sarur parha ishu ko Raman ki bat man k ruhi ko nii le Jana cahiye tha first time ruhi doubted her ishimaa ye first time hai ishu look at some one else in front of ruhi otherwise ishu ko ruhi k age kuch ni dikta Raman adi Bhi nii

  23. Major news is coming
    from the sets of Star Plus show
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein as the
    details of post leap track are
    As known, Ishita ( Divyanka
    Tripathi) and Raman ( Karan Patel )
    will be separated before the leap.
    Ruhi will be taken away by Nidhi
    (Pavitra Punia) who will raise Ruhi
    in her own way.
    Apparently, Nidhi will run away
    with Ruhi to Dubai.
    Ruhi will be raisen in Dubai by
    Nidhi, who will create grudge in
    Ruhi’s mind against Ishita.
    Apparently, the show will cover
    some major places in the city to
    capture the essence of the city.
    The track will involve Raman and
    Ishita landing up in Dubai to get
    Ruhi back from Nidhi.
    As heard from sources, Ekta
    Kapoor is yet to finalize the
    actress that will play grown up

  24. Dandani

    Nidhi will instigate Ruhi in thinking that her family don’t like her so Ruhi will be calling nidhi,Nidhi ma. So this is coming a bit like sns when meets starts hating Hopi. So I think that Ruhi will return when she is older and hate ishita but she will slowly start liking her again.Why on earth have they even made this stupid story. Yhm should of ended when Raman starts liking ishita and adi does as well and they r a happy family. But no☹️

  25. This was one of the worst episodes and precap ever!!!
    The script writers think the audience are idiots…they are making a mockery of the judiciary….is there no law and order in our country? Nidhi, Sarika,Ashok etc can do anything they want, but can come out of jail immediately. Sarika gets released even after being charged for attempting to poison the drinking water of lots of people, and continues to stay in Bhalla house. Ishita,even on a false charge, not only is denied bail but is sentenced to death. Nidhi in the presence of acp kidnaps the baby and asks for a ridiculous exchange…
    Raman changes colours faster than a chameleon and on many occasions, blames ishita unjustly and rudely.hundreds of loose ends left hanging in the story.
    There is no logic in the story
    We are being made fools of…..thinking of all those old yhm episodes and feeling so bad at the way they have destroyed it
    Please STOP this nonsensical track.

  26. Maya

    I just start hating this word leap I can’t imagine yhm after leap no ishru bond no ishrurudi happy moments omg its seems so ajib pllzzz don’t bring leap n don’t make ruhi to hate her ishimaa

  27. Honey (Sarayu)

    This ekta copied the upcoming track in yhm from her own other popular serial Pavitra rishta, I think some of you guys had heard this serial. Well in pavitra rishta archana and manav separated because of one vamp called savitha and after the leap archana’s babies also hated archana because of the upbringing by savitha and same her in yeh hai mohabbatein, ishra will be seperatedoing because of nidhi and after the leap ruhi will be hating her ishima due to upbringing of nidhi. But the difference is the kids in pavitra rishta were not spoilt and negative but ruhi will be spoilt and rude.

  28. Lean

    Omg like why does it show the same crap over and over again I don’t understand it’s pretty obvious that abashed is going to take is hits back to jail and then they al secretly hunt for that blo*dy chip and Jiddah gets caught so se rots in hell

  29. shivani

    1 APR, 2016

    Spoiler Alert: Post leap details of Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    In the last decade, leaps in TV shows have become a successful TRP churner….courtesy Balaji Telefilms..

    And now, the makers are set to bring a leap in their popular daily, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein on Star Plus.

    So wondering what all will we get to see in the new track….then hold your breath and read on…

    Firstly as expected, the lead couple, Is-hita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman (Karan Patel) will part ways, only to meet when the show opens up post leap. We wonder why couples never meet before we get to see them reuniting onscreen (random thought)!
    And then…..Ruhi (Ruhaanika Dhawan) will become Ruhaan.  Well, post being dejected and rejected by her parents, Ruhi will move with Nidhi (Pavitra Punia). The lady would pamper the girl completely and she would become an arrogant spoilt kid. Is-hita’s mehnaat would go waste!
    Shagun’s character might bid goodbye to the show. Why? Well, when Raman-Is-hita are no more together what would this abla naari do? But on second thought, don’t you think Raman and Shagun should unite and start afresh…just thinking..!!!

    Although Raman-Is-hita would hate each other, love would not have died between them. And as soon as they will come face to face, the chemistry would ignite again and their love story will continue to rock and roll…and roll and roll!
    The families will continue to be at the background yet giving complete support. Inspiration from Rajshri Films, you see!

    And finally what would bring them all back together? TROUBLES and PROBLEMS….they just don’t seem to go away from the lives of TV characters. So a major issue will make them all come under the same roof and they will all join hands to fight the evil…

    after all guys, Yehi Hai Mohabbatein!!!!
    ( From :Tellychakkar)

  30. Smit

    It is quite similar as Tulsi wala serial … ruhi ‘ll hate ishita like gautam to tulsi .. same ektaji ple make some change..

  31. shivani

    Suppose the surrogate baby is with raman… when she grows up ,she wil realize that her mom left her nd she will hate ishita ( as ruhi hated shagun)..if the baby is with ishita then she wil hate raman ( as adi did )…
    in my opinion baby should be with raman…nd when she grows up she wil find a partner for raman ( as ruhi found ishita)..then raman can marry her…nd ekta can stretch the story like a rubber band..

  32. Happy

    Ekta eak hi serial ko kha kha sa copy kar gi someone said sns others says bada achha lag tha ha or pavitr rishta or tulsi wala

  33. its better to stop this serial rather than showing all these crap in yhm . jab koi dekhnewala hi nahi rahega toh serial apne aap hi band ho jaayega.

  34. Soon the popular and one of the
    most sought Star Plus show Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein is heading or a
    major leap and the lives of Raman
    (Karan Patel ) and Ishita (Divyanka
    Tripathi) will be see majorly
    affected post leap.
    As per the sources, soon Nidhi will
    capture Raman and Ishita’s new
    born baby and will demand for
    Ruhi will get separated from
    Raman and Ishita and will land up
    with Nidhi.
    Raman will blame Ishita for all the
    mishap and this will lead to Raman
    and Ishita’s separation.
    Apparently, post leap Ishita, Raman
    and Ruhi will be staying in
    different cities.
    Ruhi will move to Dubai with Nidhi
    and will be raised there.
    On the other hand, as per the
    sources, Karan Patel’s look post
    leap will be dramatically different.
    Karan Patel aka Raman will be
    seen in bald avatar as Raman will
    have his head shaved off.
    Now, that is one interesting
    development to look for.

  35. The upcoming episode of Star Plus
    daily popular show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein will witness some
    twist and turns.
    It is heard that Post leap Nidhi
    (Pavitra Punia) will kidnap Ruhi
    and run away with her to Dubai.
    It seems that Nidhi will brainwash
    Ruhi and turn her into a rebel, who
    hate her family members
    especially Ishita ( Divyanka
    Ruhi will be seen in a bold avatar
    post the leap where she will have
    no emotion against any person.
    Nidhi will make Ruhi just like her
    selfish and self-centred.
    If rumours are to be believed
    Divyanka will get clues about
    Ruhi’s whereabouts post leap her
    only aim will be to search for Ruhi
    and get her back in the family.

  36. ekta ki production ke paas creativity hi nahi hai .iss liye aise backwaaz track bhi apne hi serial ya doosron ki serials se copy kar rahe hai . majority story baki serials se milthi jhulthi hai.

  37. noor

    New promo has been shot for yhm in which a leap of 7 years of shown . Ishita is giving tea to come man on wheel chair but the man back is towards camera and is smiling . Raman of wearing glasses and he also become a ride man . He was about to drink wind when he see ishita pic . He drops glass . A not is performing a song on stage . Every one is calling her ruhaan . She is out as innocent ruhi .

  38. I am an overseas viewer and I think this story is a lot weird than one expected.
    After so much trouble the story should have ended with a happy family, but No No No
    they want to bring in some rubbish like a kidnap and stretch the drama.
    Where is the family oriented drama in this. From one heart ache to another.
    The family is in turmoil, Ishitha and Raman are unhappy, Little Ruhi who loves her family so much to be snatched away by a witch.
    To be very honest how can a stranger kidnap and child and not he held responsible and jailed for this offence??? Furthermore she being a Lawyer would never take a chance. How did she escape the law???
    Not a nice situation at all. You are losing viewer !!! Get real

  39. reshma

    all of us soul stop watching this serial for a week.. read updates and watch online… Then ekta will know what audience/fans can do… Trp’s has to fall drastically… Then she might stop leap & separation…

  40. reshma

    all of us should stop watching this serial for a week.. read updates and watch online… Then ekta will know what audience/fans can do… Trp’s has to fall drastically… Then she might stop leap & separation…

    • I too agree with you .I will stop watching yhm for a week and I think all should stop watching this serial for a week then ekta and her so called brainless makers will know what viewers can do .

  41. V P

    hi good morning Rithu , shivani , sindhu and all . i was yrying my best not to comment again as this unique serial has taken a disgusting twist . Ramans ideas and plans always flop only . Initially Ishitha used to guide him but finally their relationship reached into that level she became an understanding wife …. agreed to whatever he says …. Ruhi is brought up to a strong loving girl by Ishitha and she is matured than her age . various situations with shaghun and now Nidhi too she has proved it . Ishimas and Ruhis bond was the best message we ever learned from this show . Now how can Ruhi mistrust her Ishima , if Ishitha had explained to Ruhi , willingly she would have exchanged herself for the baby and taught Nidhi a lesson . Now however Nidhi is brainwashing the little girl , the beauty will be if Ruhi is maintaining her upbringing which she got from her Ishima rather than a tomboyish character . Here our makers bring all negative vibes … serial has to go on with number of episodes , understandable but why like this . And after scecerian our shaghun Devi is working in the kitchen .?no responsiblity on the delivered child ? Just deliver the baby ? Whats the role of hospital authorities ? not complaining against them ? now Nidhi to take revenge to Raman . Before Ashok …. our Divyanka acted very well and am sure any roles given she will do the best . She will now sacrifice her life for her Ruhi … very sad Raman is portrayed so bad …. such a brilliant actor … as I said before Ishitha will leave him , shaghun may enter into his life and Shivani you are right this will roll on …. only very sad thing if Ruhi hated her Ishima no viewers will be there … our hearts are breaking … I really dont know much about this Ekta madam … why so much negativity …. ? Lifeis to enjoy to the best in anybodys life …, let Raman Ishitha enjoy with their kids … after their stressfull acting they have their own personel life …. to enjoy … allow them that atleadt also dont play with yhm fans emotions …

  42. One more news is coming that, Ekta starting a new serial on Colors channel…….The leads are Vivek Dahiya & Mona Singh………..Hearing that it will be like Satyavaan – Saavithri story…………

  43. The further episodes will see Ruhi
    feeling betrayed and angered by her
    Ishi Maa’s behaviour and will grow up
    to be a spoilt, angry and vengeful
    child. Nidhi will raise Ruhi to be a
    spiteful girl.
    But this is just the beginning of the
    shockers that the fans of the show are
    about to get. News is that post leap,
    Raman and Ishita will separate and
    start living different lives in different
    cities. Nidhi will take Ruhi to Dubai
    and settle there. But although Raman
    and Ishita are not together, they will
    still go to Dubai to get back Ruhi.
    An insider informed that for the
    makeover of the show, the cast will
    travel to the famous locations in
    Dubai. But this decision will be
    finalised only after Ekta Kapoor
    consults the priest whom she believes
    So, are you ready for the leap and a
    change of location for the show? Stay

  44. 3 rd position .aise story ke liye iss serial ko toh 0.00001 trp bhi nahi aani chahiye . next week makers ko trp ka unke ek acche serial ko bigaadne ka aur viewers ka show chodne ka result trp mein dikh hi jaayega.

  45. New Promo on Star plus :
    Its 7 years Leap,Raman becomes
    Same Old Angry Man with all the
    Hate,Ishita otherside in some other
    country and gives Coffee to a Man,A
    Rockstar named Ruhaan(Ruhi) is seen
    performing on Stage..Title shows Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein after 7 Years

  46. ek toh pehle sabhi yhm ke cast including the lead bina leap ke hi old lag rahe the aur ab leap ke baad toh uss promo mein ishitha toh budiya ki tarah lag rahi hai .

  47. The rumours regarding the eight year
    leap in the popular show, ‘ Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein’ has been on the tube for
    a long time now.
    And considering the time being a
    substantial one, the little kids
    Ruhanika Dhawan and Gautam Ahuja
    who play Ruhi and Aditya respectively
    will bid adieu to the show.
    And the mystery behind the fact that
    who will be playing the grown-ups in
    the show has also been solved..
    While its already in the news about
    actress, Aditi Bhatia set to play the
    grown up Ruhi, actor Abhishek Verma
    who is best known for his roles on
    ‘Total Nadaniyaan’, and ‘Badi Door Se
    Aaye Hain’ will be playing the grown-
    up Aditya.
    The leap is responsible for one of the
    major twists and turns including the
    grown-up Ruhi hating her lovely and
    adorable Ishimaa ( Divyanka Tripathi).

  48. Shagun will take place of Ishita after
    Raman and Ishita get separated. She
    might not marry Manoj and sacrifice
    her love to take care of Ishita’s family.
    With Sarika’s evil presence in the
    house, Shagun step in to hold back the
    broken family together. Shagun would
    be deeply hurt with Raman and Ishita
    separation. As popular in Ekta’s show,
    Adi will grow up to be an angry young
    man and be very obedient to his
    mother, Shagun.

  49. As the show takes seven years leap in
    Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, major
    drama will unfold with a new storyline
    bringing focus on Raman and Ishita
    separation. Raman would hate Ishita
    while Ishita would seem to be
    enjoying with a new man in her life.
    Ruhi will become a spoiled brat and
    hates Ishita.
    Though the good news is that
    Ruhanika Dhawan is likely to play the
    surrogate baby of Raman and Ishita.
    Did Ishita move on in her life? Who is
    the new man in her life? Will Raman
    and Ishita

  50. leap hua toh star
    utsav par aane wale purane yhm kp
    hi dekhna padega .atleast woh toh
    present se kaafi accha hai aur leap
    se bahuth accha hai.

  51. stop the leap crap in
    stop the leap crap in yhm
    stop the leap crap in yhm
    stop the leap crap in yhm
    stop the leap crap in yhm
    plz makers ekta or cvs .stop the
    leap in yhm .plz makers dont bring
    leap in yhm .otherwise yhm wont
    be worth watching.

  52. arey inn makers ne
    toh court aur law ko hi mazak
    banaa diya hai toh loyal viewers ki
    kya phikar karenge .ek murder
    case ko theen hearings mein finish
    karke seedhe hang hone ki sazaa
    suna di woh bhi bina theek sabooth
    ke .wah! kya bewakoof log hai yeh
    makers .brainless.

  53. Siddhi

    I want to cry I don’t think so that ishu can forget Raman ruhi n adi n I hate shagun mujhay pata tha WO ishu ki jaga le lay GI

  54. Star Plus popular show
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein is
    going to take 6 years leap
    taking the story ahead.
    According to leap story,
    Ruhi stays with Nidhi in
    Dubai while Raman and
    Ishita get separated
    having bitter fight.
    Bhalla family decides to
    bring Ruhi back to India
    and they all go to Dubai.
    Furthermore, Raman
    Kumar Bhalla gets a new
    look where he goes bald.
    However, Raman’s bald
    look have secret which
    will revealed later.
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  55. Siddhi

    I am shocked yrr v viewers were show much against leap but ekta n CVS didn’t care about it

    • ya .I think ekta and her so called intelligent makers want to see their show alone .after spoiling the serial to the core they cant expect people would accept leap and seperation in yhm and on top of it trp cannot even imagine . they dont think of viewers so we will destroy the show to the core without thinking as they did by not seeing it .

    • shivani

      U r ryt rithu..i was a very big fan of ishveer…but us usual , ekta spoiled their relation….nd i stopped watching the show wen the get separated.. now its yhm..ab yeh bhi stop karana padega…

  56. inn makers ne toh yhm ko kahi ka nahi chodha .aise ghatia track sirf unke dekhne laayak hai .ek toh baki serials se story copy karo phir ghatia tracks lao aur phir bina viewers ke khud dekho .

  57. Ekta Kapoor turns down fan’s demand
    Pandit over audience for Ekta!!
    Ekta Kapoor, why consult a ‘pandit’
    when the audience are the one to
    decide the fate of…

  58. It is already known that
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will
    soon have an eight years’
    time leap which will
    result in Raman and
    Ishita being separated.
    Post the leap, several
    new faces will also be
    seen on the show and
    child actors Ruhanika
    Dhawan (Ruhi)
    and Gautam Ahuja
    (Aditya) will make an exit
    from the show.
    It is already known that
    Aditi Bhatia will essay
    the role of Ruhi after the
    Although the new cast of
    the show is being kept a
    secret, news has been
    leaked out the actor
    Abhishek Verma has
    been roped in to play the
    role of grown up Aditya.
    Abhishek was last seen
    on the show ‘Badi Door
    Se Aaye Hain’.
    Although grown up Ruhi
    will be seen hating Ishita,
    it will be interesting to
    see what relation grown
    up Aditya shares with
    Raman and Ishita

  59. brani

    Hi guyzz… I’m commenting 4 d 1st tym… I lyk 2 read commentzz of all u guyzz…

    Sach mein yaar ye ekta kya kar rahahe…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.