Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mihir getting Trisha’s call. He asks her to take care of herself and says I will ask Mrs. bhalla to make butter milk for you, it will be good for you. He sees Mihika and ends the call. He asks her why did you lie to Trisha, do you know she got so unwell. He says you decided I have no place in your life, then why did you do this, maybe out of jealousy. He says get over yourself and stop this kiddish things, you wanted me to go out of your life and I m going, so be happy now. Raman is at home. Mihir comes to him. Raman says you here what happened. Mihir says Trisha is unwell, so I came to take home made butter milk for her. Ramna says fine. Ruhi and Ishita get ready. Raman says come down, I m waiting near the car. Mihir kisses Ruhi and says have a good

time. Mihir is happy for Raman and Ishita.

He says Ishita is also annoyed with me, what is happening in my life. Raman brings them to the restaurant. Ruhi says I want balloons. Raman gives her money and she goes to buy. Ishita says you have given me biggest gift by bringing smile on Ruhi’s face. Raman says are you sure, there is something which I want from you. Ruhi brings the balloons. They go inside the restaurant. Ruhi likes the place. Ishita sees Raman waiting for someone and asks Ruhi to go and check the buffet. Ishita asks Raman what happened, are you waiting for someone. Raman says no. Adi comes there and Raman looks at him. Ishita sees him and is shocked.

Raman is happy and says Adi…. come sit. Ishita says hi Adi. Adi says did you tell her. Raman says no, I was about to tell her. He tells Ishita to apologize to Adi. Ishita is shocked and says but why. Raman says the way you scolded him in holi party, his friends heard it. Ishita says Adi is a small kid, he wanted to have bhaang, its our duty to stop him. Raman says stop it, we came here for Ruhi, just say sorry and finish it. Adi says she has to apologize to someone else also. Adi looks at Shagun and Ashok. Ashok smiles. Adi says she has spoke to Shagun rudely. Raman says but. Adi says I knew you won’t keep my promise, you told me she will apologize, ask her to apologize to us.

Raman says Ishita the way you spoke to Adi was not right. ishita thinks why Raman brought her here lying to her and Ruhi. She looks at Ruhi’s happiness and thinks of her words. She thinks Ruhi is so happy, if all this goes on, her heart will break, which should not. Ishita apologizes to Aditya for scolding him. She says I m not your parent, I don’t have any right to stop you even if you drink, its your parents’ duty. She says I m sorry for everything. Adi says who will apologize to my mum. Ishita looks at Raman. Ishita cries and apologizes to them. Shagun says its ok, I forgive you. Ishita gets angry seeing Raman. Adi smiles and meets Ruhi. Ruhi hears everything that Ishita apologized. Adi says please enjoy, have chinese with Ruhi, we will leave.

Ashok says see you Raman and Ishita. He leaves with Shagun and Adi. Ruhi gets upset. Ishita asks how was the buffet. Ruhi says I don’t want to eat, I want to go home. Mihir comes to Trisha with the butter milk and says you will feel much better. He says I need home made food. Mihir says we will think about it, have this first. Raman and Ishita are on the way. Ruhi and Ishita are upset. Raman says shall we go to have icecreams. Ruhi says I don’t want anything and talks to only Ishita, avoiding Raman. They come home. Raman stops Ruhi but she leaves. He says I know I m wrong, but I m helpless.

Ishita washes her face and anger. She thinks about Adi’s words and cries. Appa is watching cricket and sees Amma sad.
He asks what happened. Vandu and Bala come home and give a good news about Bala’s promotion. Vandu asks Amma is everything ok. Bala watches cricket with Appa. Vandu asks Amma why do you look so tensed. Amma says I m fine. She says Ishita got married and Mihika is busy in her job, Appa and I feel lonely. Vandu says come and stay with me, else Shravan and I will come here on vacation. Amma says yes, good. She says I stay alone at home, how long will I watch TV. Appa hears this.

Bala comes to meet Ishita and greets the Bhallas. Bala sees Ishita upset. He says Shravan is missing you, can you some. Ishita goes with him. Bala asks her what happened. Ishita tells him everything. She says I get so angry on him, all this is wrong. Bala says I always feel Raman had a temper problem, I felt he had calm down. He took your side infront of Amma also. She says sometimes he is good and sometimes he is horrible. I don’t understand when he hurts Ruhi. He takes care of everyone. I wonder don’t they feel bad of his rude behavior. Bala jokes and she smiles. She says actually I felt I m marrying for Ruhi, but this is not enough, my patience is breaking.

Raman says I have to change myself for my daughter’s sake. I don’t want my daughter to see me breaking. Mrs. Bhalla says a father is a hero for a daughter. Raman says I will become a good father which her innocent eyes look for.

Update Credit to: Amena

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