Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Raman and Ashok to go out. She asks Neelu to massage Shagun’s legs and call her when Shagun gets conscious. Ashok says you want to say I m doing drama, fine, but you also don’t sympathize with her. Adi comes there. Ashok asks why did Shagun react like that, I think Adi is Mani’s murderer. Raman asks him to stop nonsense. Ashok says I strongly feel Adi is Mani’s murderer. Adi gets tensed. He says no, its nothing like that, I went there to meet Aaliya, you can ask her. Raman says no need to clarify, go Adi. Adi goes. Raman scolds Ashok. Ashok says I m thinking to stay here, what will you tell her when she gets conscious. Neelu comes and says Shagun is getting conscious. Shagun asks what happened, what did I see, why did I react like that.


says nothing, have water. He thinks Shagun does not remember where she has seen Adi. Ashok comes and asks are you okay. Shagun asks him to go, she needs rest. Ashok goes and thinks Shagun is taking Adi’s name, matter got complicated. He smiles. Ishita asks Adi what’s the matter, why did you not have any answer when Ashok accused you, I can read your face, there is some matter. Adi says there is nothing, why will I hide anything, you believe Ashok more.

Ishita says I don’t believe Ashok, I believe my son. She asks him to swear and say he is not hiding anything. Adi says I swear I will not do anything that hurts you and Papa. Ishita says I don’t care what Ashok says, Shagun reacted seeing you, we will try to find out why, I m with you, don’t worry, I trust you. She goes. Adi says it will be better truth comes out before thing spoil. Ashok calls someone and says Shagun is getting her memory, we have to make her off our way.

Raman says I will not leave that Ashok. Ishita says I spoke to Adi, he is innocent. Raman says I know, why did Shagun take his name, what could be the matter. She says I m tensed if Ashok uses this matter and tells wrong to police, what will happen of Adi, I really wish I spoke to watchman and know what he wanted to tell us.

Kiran comes to meet Shitija. Shravan asks what did you get, do you want to buy our love. Bala scolds Shravan. Kiran says I just came to return Shitija’s toy. Shitija thanks her. Shravan asks Shitija to go and get her bag. Kiran goes. Bala asks Shravan what’s all this, go and apologize to her. Shravan says none can take my mum’s place, I won’t apologize. Amma goes and stops Kiran. She apologizes on Shravan’s behalf. She says this family doesn’t need you, Bala and Shravan fought because of you, I m there to manage Vandu’s children, even Ishu is there, none can take my Vandu’s place. Kiran cries and leaves.

Ishita talks to inspector about foot prints. Inspector says we could not find anything, but the shoe brand is famous, we are going to watchman’s house to find any clue. Ishita says Raman, I will also go there. Raman says I will come along. Ishita says you stay with Shagun, I will take care. He says I m getting strange feeling today. She says nothing will go wrong, that murderer will be caught. Neela comes and says this file came from office. Ishita asks him to concentrate on work. He asks her to be careful. Raman checks the accounts sheets. He calls Adi and asks him to meet outside house.

Ruhi asks Nikhil did he come to meet Aaliya, she is not at home. He says I came to meet you. She says I don’t think there is anything to talk, let’s just not discuss this, you blamed my dad, it was a big thing. He says I m such to say anything without thinking, so Adi and I fought, I can’t annoy Ruhaan, I m sorry. Ruhi asks him to sit, she will make coffee and call Aaliya. He says wait, these gifts are not for Aaliya, I got these for you. She thanks him.

Raman asks Adi about withdrawals. Adi says I had some work, so what, I m not a kid now, I had some need. Raman says our company has policy to use credit card for personal expenses. Adi asks what did I do to take cash, I will return it if you say. He throws the file and goes. Raman says what happened to him. Adi’s footprints are seen on the floor. Ishita comes to watchman’s house and says I just want to say the evidence, I will not interfere, I promise. Ruhi thanks Nikhil for the albums. He says the biggest gift is still there. He gives her Ruhaan’s pic. She recalls the old time. He says I clicked this from your concert, I attended your every concert. She says photo is really good, I recalled the past, can you keep this pic, I can’t keep this. He says sorry. She says thanks for everything. Inspector checks the temple area and cash falls down. Ishita looks on.

Raman says nothing will happen to Shagun. Everyone worries for Shagun. Aaliya says how did snake come. Raman says I tied the chunri, poison won’t spread, nothing will happen to Shagun.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi friends… Getting bored watching this track… Watching only for ishra….it’s confirmed that Ashok involved in Mani’s murder… Now he wants to kill Shagun also…now ADI gets caught in watchman s murder…. Also saw some photos , Shagun getting ready for marriage… But with whom????… Tomorrow s episode might give some idea…. If ADI in jail then it’s sharam marriage…. If Raman in jail then it’s Ashok Shagun marriage….show is getting thrilling but boring….

  2. Siddharth

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is up for some new drama ahead.

    Ishita and Raman’s struggle is already going on, Raman and Ishita are trying to get back Shagun’s memory.

    Mani’s murder case has landed them in huge trouble, Ishita tries to get proof of Raman’s innocence from watch man.

    Raman and Ishita are trapped in new drama of watchman’s murder, there Ruhi goes to meet Aliya’s friend Nikhil to bring him home.

    Aditya wants Nikhil to stay with Aliya as Aliya needs him at this time, Ruhi goes to talk to Nikhil and gels up well.

    Nikhil’s motive against Ruhi

    Nikhil and Ruhi both have passion for music and this connects them, Nikhil knows about Ruhi’s Rihaan avatar.

    Nikhil and Ruhi starts to turn good friends, while Nikhil still has some hidden intentions​ behind it.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  3. I don’t know y u copy paste… V would also have read the spoilers. Y copy pasting even if many are openly objecting it. If spoilers can be told write in ur own sentences… Type..

  4. Shreya shetty

    Everyone might be knowing that ishita cannot be considered as a manipulator at all
    Even I too font think that she’s a Devi or certified or something blah blah blah whatever u all attention seekers criticize
    Besides agreed that shagun is a mother of three children and had given birth to Adi, ruhi and pihu her surrogate daughter respectively
    But let me ask u a question Azuka and Charu Prakash? ?
    Has shagun ever show red any kind of pure and affectionate love upon them instead of pampering them too much by soiling them I’m bringing then what thru wish
    Cam u please define a mother’s love towards her children, Charu after knowing that u too are a Mother then let me know how do u handle Ur kids
    Like either shagun or ishita
    Ishita is the only one in this show as a part of this serial story who’s sterile and is never given a source if gift of becoming a real mother
    How sad can any girl or woman feel if they has known that they can’t bear children at all
    Answer me u two, please I am in need to know about Ur opunions whether it’s positive or negative
    According to my side shagun may have left Manoj and took good and extra care if pihu and Adi in the absence of ishu for 7 long years of her life wher as she never spent longer time with Ruhi at all by leaving a 6 month old newborn girl all alone plus with Raman and his family for that creep Ashok the evil guy
    Damn it’s all because if that stupid thug Ashok only shagun has transformed into a colossal True manipulator ans not ishita
    Get my point I hope so

  5. Now everything is in place.. mani spoke to raman tat day,taneja heard him. He n ashok murdered aw mani..Ruhi saw mani with ashok and came to discuss with mani.. then she left . Mani sent divorce paper to adi so adi came n spoke to mani..But killer is ashok and taneja.. on watchman murder day also taneja had heard adi..

  6. Shreya shetty

    Oops what I meant was I don’t think that ishita is a manipulator at all and besides has shagun ever showered her pure and affectionate love towards her own kids in place of ishu instead of after whatever happened 7 years leap after?
    Hopefully I am eagerly awaiting to know Ur replies Azuka and Charu prakash

  7. Shreya shetty

    By spoiling them I meant and not me it’s Shagun whom I referred to her in the middle

  8. Lots of people will be in the suspect list but some time for a twist they may show the actual killer is Nikihil.

    However how many times they have shown same scenes like culprit with a cap. Like ishita said Ashok is planning against them from beginning. however he never get punished. This time v will see what is going to happen.

    Like HP said this show is boring with

  9. Shagun is a money lover.Because when Raman had no fame and prosperity she left him along with her six month old child ruhi and went to the cheap,evil demon Ashok only for money.And now it is shown that askok is bankrupt and Shagun easily told him to go away from her life.sherya ma’am I totally agree with u that ishu is a good mother .

  10. Lovely episode.

  11. azuka nkwonta

    I said ishita is a manipulator and I have proof. Pampering children and beating children which one is more deadly. To be hugged and kissed and to be scolded which one do kids prefer. To see other kids wearing good shoes and your child is wearing rag shoes and you know that you can afford better shoes for them what do you do. Don’t worry you can’t answer it because you are a child. That is how shagun raises her children, she pampers them, scolds them, hugs them, kiss them, gives them gifts and even money. She gives them anything as long as she can afford them. You forgot that ishita is a miser that is why she refused to buy video game for ruhi. She always count on cost and she wants to keep change no matter how small it is. Shagun and aaliyah always hug and tell each other I love you, the same thing with pihu when she was with her. Buying shoes and toys for your kids is not called pampering, it’s necessity.

  12. hahaha bevkoof log….dimag khrab kr rkha hai pta ni kya kya dikhate rhte hai….bnd kro ab es bekar drame ko…..

  13. Now…..plzz….don’t make nikhil negative…..i like NiRuhi or RuhiIl or RuKhil or whatever…..i like them…..but yea…..yhm is for destroying all the awesome couples other than IshRa…….plzz i want NiRuhi

  14. azuka nkwonta

    Being sterile does not make someone become a good mom or a bad mom and it is not another woman’s fault that the other woman is sterile. Ishita has no special bond with pihu than shagun. All ishita does was take from shagun when those kids were little. Who can tell me the meaning of spoiling children. If I buy popcorn for my child is that what spoiling means. Would it have been better if the child never eats popcorn? So trying to make ishita a good mother and shagun a bad mother always spoil your points shreya shetty.

  15. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  16. azuka nkwonta

    Raman is already sure that adi is connected to watchman’s murder because he saw adi’s shoe prints on the floor and you see Raman will not say it he will keep it quiet. The snake thing: Somebody among the bhallas could have put the snake or someone from outside bhallas house. Three people are suspects for that snake bite among the bhallas these are, aditya, ruhi and Raman, outside the bhallas house Ashok is a suspect. Three people among these suspects have in some occasions expressed their wish for shagun not recover her memory and these are ruhi, aditya, and Ashok. Raman was including because he is already getting the hint that adi could be involved in mani’s death. And Raman won’t mind if shagun dies. Snake bit shagun and Raman is sitting down there and not taking her to hospital.

  17. Charu prakash

    Shreya,I’m glad that you have calmed down.I Wholeheartedly appreciate that.Ishita is promoted as a certified devi by her confidantes in the show,not you.For me Parents’ motivations are driven by choice, circumstance and a million other things we know nothing about.I’m a totally different person.How can we generalise parenting rules?There is no right or wrong way of being a mom, there are different ways,but we all have the same purpose.Here Shagun is categorised as a bad mom.She is doing her best as mother and just because you might do it differently doesn’t mean that the other mom’s way of doing it, is bad.Our priorities are different.That reflects in parenting.I think I made myself clear.When you make someone wrong, It’s black and white in your mind, but in between lives everyone else’s perception of love is different.Your best will not be the same as someone else’s best.Someone who does not follow your idea of “giving” you may judge her as selfish lover.You cannot judge her by only one season.
    The essence of who she is and love that come  from her can only be measured at the end, when all the seasons are  up.About manipulations I have already given my views.Let the mystery be unraveled.So far ,Children are not reflecting Ishita’s so called good upbringing.

    1. yes Charu you said right chidren did not get the upbringing of Ishitha … Whose blood .. Shaghuns rt ? A lie for a good cause is always acceptable … Ishra and kids hide things … atleast Shaghun is straight …. Very boring yhm now . Kp abd Dt just acting for the sake of acting … feel like losing interest … Mani such a decent man exited by getting him murdered . Vandoo to by accident . I am sure they must be fed up with story line ..

  18. There was a dialogue in some advertisement……

    Maa kabhi sahi ya galat nahi hoti…..bas maa hoti h


    A mother is never right or wrong…..she is just mother

    Implying to both ishita and shagun

  19. I’m not understanding why IshRa are not in one frame………… Ishita & raman talking to each other but not together……….

    Story is going boring…….. atleast dont apart the IshRa……… YHM is nothing without IshRa…..

  20. Talking about mothers there are no perfect mothers just real ones.

  21. To murder a person you have to have a very good reason to commit such an act.
    the way i see it adi,ruhi or shagun are not involved in this murder.Ashok could be an
    accomplice.the persons i suspect is Niddhi and her brother Suhail.They have compelling reasons to do so.Mani was a witness to Niddhi bombing that vehicle that was transportig the
    prisoners and guards.Shagun has a lot to loose, now she has no financial support and no man to turn to,Ashok is bankrurt and Raman has ishita.
    Ishita will perform her good deed by saving Shaguns life at the risk of hers
    Would we ever see Ashok being convicted for the murder of Roshnee’s fiance.

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