Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Romi giving interview to the magazine editor. The man congratulates him for success. Mihika stays with Romi. Mrs. Bhalla, Simmi and Ishita smile seeing Romi giving his interview. Romi says we just wish our customers to be happy and loyal. Ishita thinks Raman used to worry for Romi, if he saw Romi answering with confidence, he would have been happy. The man asks Romi about sales figure falling. Romi asks what. The man asks him did you not check sales report. Mihika says Romi read the sales report and answers the man. The man tells Romi that you are a lucky man to have a brilliant wife. Romi says ya thanks and gets upset.

Adi meets Mani and says I want to discuss about you and Shagun. Mani says I understand, tell me what is it. Adi says I want you to take care of

few things. He checks the list and asks Mani about his insurance, investment, you have any major loan, tell me, and I have to check your medical reports. Mani smiles and says I don’t have any such disease to worry about, anything else. Adi tells Mani that Shagun knows normal food cooking and other little things. Mani laughs and says don’t worry Adi, we will handle everything together, welcome home, I want to become your friend, can we? Adi smiles and says ofcourse.

Mihika tells Romi that she is proud of him, and this article will be good for his company. He asks whats your problem, what do you want to show, that you are more smart and educated than me. She cries and says no, I was just helping you. He says I don’t need your help, stay away from my work. Mihika cries and leaves. Simmi asks her whats happening. Mihika says I did what you said, I helped Romi, he feels I helped him to show him down, what will I do to please him, is it my mistake if I m smart or if I have business sense, what shall to do, I don’t want him to get away from me. Simmi consoles her. Ishita hears them and goes.

Adi talks to Aaliya and says I don’t have any problem with Mani and Shagun’s marriage. She is upset. He asks the reason. She says I want to be alone for sometime, I m sorry. Ishita asks Romi about his behavior. He says its our matter, stay away. Ishita defends Mihika’s act. She asks him to support each other and encourage in relationship, not to degrade each other, its your choice to encourage her or pull her leg, get her down and get higher. He says enough of lecture, I think I did mistake by coming here to stay, I won’t stay here now, you all be happy. Ishita tries to explain and he leaves.

Adi recalls Aaliya’s words and is worried. Guard talks to him and Adi shouts on him. Guard says sorry and goes. Adi says whats happening to me, why is this new problem happening, I got worried seeing Aaliya worried, we are friends, why do I feel I m ready to do anything to make her smile, I don’t understand, why am I feeling this for her, whats Aaliya becoming for me.

Romi is at bar and drinks. He sees his past life of fun and carefree times. He waves to himself. His carefree avatar reminds him the old times, party, girls and fun. Romi says I do remember that, but such days are gone, all life passes to prove that I m capable, I m worthless, its true, degree should be there, I feel scared that people will judge me wrong. His carefree avatar says you never cared for it, you are making this state because of your wife, you became loser, Raman was right that Romi will become loser one day, I m getting laugh on you. Romi gets angry and throws a glass. A girl gets wounded by the glass. The guys scold Romi. Romi says I did mistake, I m sorry. The girl says its fine, and comes to Romi. She says let him go, its not his mistake. She leaves with her friends.

Abhishek asks Balwinder to give list of people who are connected to Ishita and whom we doubt. He sees Shagun passing in the car. Manager makes Romi sit in lobby and asks guards to arrange a car for him. The girl comes there. Romi says I m sorry. She says its fine, I know you, I came here to meet you. He says you got hurt. She says yes, its still aching. Manager says driver is arranged, would you know to go. Romi says no, we are not going. He asks the girl to come with her, they will talk in peaceful place, we will book a room. She agrees and asks him to come. He is drunk and she holds him. Manager says Romi came alone and such girls meet every night. Romi books a room by Mr. and Mrs. Romi Bhalla’s name. Ashok looks on. Romi takes room keys. Ashok smiles. The girl holds Romi and takes him. Ashok says whats Romi doing here, who is this woman with him.

Ishita checks Pihu’s fever and asks Mrs. Bhalla about Pihu’s allergies or what medicines suit her. Mrs. Bhalla says just Shagun knows that. Mr. Bhalla asks Ishita to call Shagun. Ishita says I tried, she is unreachable. Simmi shows Pihu’s medical file. Abhishek calls Ishita and asks for Shagun. Ishita says she is out of Delhi. He says I have seen her today, did she not come home. She asks when. He says half an hour ago, she was in taxi. She says I will talk later. He says fine, tell Shagun to talk to me about kidnapping matter. She thinks why did Shagun lie, maybe she is stuck in work or Abhishek saw someone else.

Ishita tells Abhishek that this is Anil’s place, he has his flat here. Abhishek says but we traced Shagun’s location here.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans. Sorry wasn’t available this weekend busy .we miss kp and dt chemistry in yhm.its not the same if the 2 don’t act together. They are our special jodi in yhm .hope shaggy gets caught.

  2. disha

    i miss todays episode for Gold Awards 2016 but i read episode i hope shagun’s real face revealed soon

  3. shivani

    Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) kidnapper Anil Nagpal committed suicide and sent Shagun’s (Anita Hassanandani) truth letter to Raman (Karan Patel) in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that ACP Abhishek come to Bhalla house and inform them about kidnapper Anil Nagpal committed suicide but he sent a letter to Raman before his death.

    Raman is tensed feeling that he did not get letter yet but her get more tensed knowing letter has delivered to house.

    However, everyone unaware about Pihu got the letter and she kept in inside Raman’s drawer.

    Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Shagun’s efforts to get the letter

    Ishita asks everyone to find letter so that they will find out the truth of the real master mind behind her kidnapping.

    Furthermore, Shagun will also try to find the letter to keep her secret closed from Raman and Ishita.

    • Khushi

      Now they it will take a few more episodes for this lettr finding nd at the end shagun will get it nd destroy it
      Too much dragging
      Nd romi is juz disgusting behaving juz lyk raman. Egotic arrogant person. It was a gr8 mistake frm ishithas side to marry him. Where is that sensible gud hearted matured mihir nd this arrogant brainless romi

  4. Sonal Khan

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Shagun fills poison in Pihu’s mind against Ishita.

    Pihu tells Shagun that she is everything for her and no one can take her place in the house.

    Pihu is serial watcher and makes plan to create problem for Ishita so she herself go out from the house.

    Ishita brings food for Pihu and Pihu asks Ishita to feed her with her hands which makes Ishita happy.

    Pihu bites Ishita’s finger

    Pihu is still unaware about the truth of Ishita being her real mother and believes Shgaun is everything of her.

    Pihu intentionally bites Ishita’s finger which makes Ishita panics and Pihu pretends of feel sorry for Ishita.

    Ishita unaware about her own daughter is becoming villain for her.

  5. Aastha

    Ooh god… ab ye romi bhi… uskka prblmm kyaa heiii…?very boring ep. Yhm totally lost its charm…. kab aayenga hamhari old yhm.. i hate this romi.. when mihika aur romi ki shaadhi huyi thab mein totally disappoint huyi… i love mihir mihika jodi they were awsm…but ths so boring track… kal jo mihir ne rinki ko ghone ka gham ka baare mein kahaa… actually usko tho mihika ko ghone gham hona chahiyeaa… us ladki ne mihir keliye kya kuch nahi kiyaa… uski behan ki zindhagi bachathe bachathe apni zindhagi barbaad kardiyaa… phir mihir keliye ashok ko shadhi kiya… bahuth kuch sahaa…rinki ne tho mihir ko cheat kiya dha … phir bhi ye aadmi wife ko ghone ka gham ki baarw mein bol rahi hooom… dsgstngg… ye sabki baad bhi mihika ki feelings mihir keliye dhi.. thab wo ageala dhaa.. lekin wo apna raman baayi ki alava kisi ko pyaar kar nahi sakthaa… jab raman aur mihika ki beech mein prblm huyi thab mihir ka jo frndshp dha mihika ki saath wo bhi khadhamm… feel so sorry… seven yrs jo mihir keliye phir bhi waste kiya phir ye stupid egoist romi ki saath shadhi karne ka fessala kardhiyaa… sach mein kya hua mihir mihika ki saathh… cvs are so cruel… sabka pyaar ko aysseaa hi kharab karthe heii.. actually yhm mein life long mohabath heyi nahi…

    • jaz

      You’re absolutely right aastha,yeh show mein na sab ke sab fake jodi hain,I am not watching this show now days.Disgusting story line after leap.

    • Khushi

      I completly agree with u aastha… No one is grateful to mihika nd ishitha for their sacrifices. Nd evn mihira too. Mihir spend all his lyf as ramans chamcha what he got in return. He lost mihika nd nt evn any career growth. At the same post for yrs while he is behind te success of raman. Raman is such a dis grateful person only thnks abt his family. If he luvd mihir he shld hav helpd him in gettng his luv. Mihir evn saved his sisters future by marryng her. Raman shld be grateful to him instead blamed him for rinkis murder evn if it was rinki who cheated mihir

  6. shivani

    Rithu VP Sindhu Mino Siddhi Jaz Aditya Monique Az Satitha Khushi Nish and all

    Frankly i have lost my interest in this show…I don’t think they will unite ishita and raman soon….they will drag this for more than two months…ishita and Raman won’t find that letter send by anil…pihu will tell this to shagun and she will destroy that letter…
    the latest spoilers are also bad…pihu is trying her best to throw away ishita out of the Bhalla house…so horrible….cvs are not leaving any single chance to hurt ishita…
    And i dont think mihika and romis relation will workout properly….i never thought mihika will marry Romi….

  7. Aastha

    Cvs ne saarika ki saath bhi ayssa kardhiya dhaa.. wo bahuth achi dhi thab romi ne usse cheat kiya.. phir use jab apna bacha zaroorath padi jab sarika se maafi maangkar wapas legayaa… sarika jo parivar ki saath kiya wo galath dha… lekin romi se kehatha hua hoot uskka dhoke ki saamne maafi ke laayag heii…. shagun ko tho maafi milaa…. sarika ko bhi thab milna chahiye dhi… infact usne kabhi family ko harm pahunjana nahi chahthi dhi bass apni ghalthi chupana chahthi dhi.. baakki jo hua wo sab ashok ki dhamkiyo ka aage apni future safe karne keliye kiyadhaa.. shagun jayssi aurath ko maafi milgayi tho saarika ko bhi milna chahiyeaa… actually saath sal baad cvs ko wo sab dhikana chahiye dhi… sarika ki apology.. mihika ki love confession to mihir… aadhi aaliya ki story from hate to love… thn ruhi -ishita n pihu -ishita bond.. shagun ki insecrty enimity etc..finally ishra reunion . Btt cvs ne bahuth tym waste bhi kiyaa kuch acha dhikhaya bhi nahi.. bakwaas onlyy

  8. Honeypriya


    |Registered Member

    I like Adi n Aliya n don’t want mihir n Aliya

    After watching today’s episode I think when Aliya starts liking mihir Adi will be obsessed
    And he may turn negative

    This is all my guess

  9. Bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    Hi guys rithu jaz vp supergirl adithya siddi sindu aliya pihu monique saritha ishveeran disha astha

  10. Juhi

    Hiiii everyone. Today’s episode was boring. I also miss dt and kp chemistry. Kuch accha dikhao yaar. And I hope we will see kp and dt chemistry in coming episodes

  11. Aliya

    Hi guys nothing special to say about today’s episode. swati was looking stunning l hope shagun will gets catched by ishra

  12. jaz

    Hey Adu monique rithu super girl salley susan vp mino az naaz pihu sindhu siddhi jeni khushi shinning shivani and all members of yhm fans HELLO EVERYONE

  13. jaz

    Khushi thank you so much for concern .Kimberly ku javaab dene keliye.I’m not worth watching this crap now days we last our old yhm champ.fake love,fake marriages and then heart breaks,I’m fed up of this all things,no ishra romance here no isharu bonding we all miss them just I hate after leap,one think I notice mihir & aliya scene all just waste of time,disgusting story line now days…

  14. jaz

    Guys pls tell me one thing..jab shaggy ki shadi mani se hojayeghi tu.aliya shaggy ku amma bulyeghi na.tu phir mihir uska mama howa.aur adi uska bhai howa na.isliye tu aliya disturb hain kya.

  15. Saritha

    Hai all yhm fans hope u all enjoying weakend. Today episode was ok..iam feeling very sad for adi if adiya pair should not happening then why cv’s shown this before plz get old rocking yhm back


    Hi JAZ Monique Kushi Shivani Mino VP Rithu Shona Shreya Sindhu Siddhi SARITHA Lekha Nish Radhika Super GIRL Sakshi Megha Shravani Susan AZ Naaz Ahliya And ALL The Members of The GROUP.
    SORRY Guys if I Missed Anyone of You.
    YAAD NAHI rehre.

    Kushi And JAZ I READ YOUR COMMENT Yesterday YHM 30/7/2016.
    I Am Fine.
    WORK Stress is There
    Still Making Out.
    Aaj Kal YHM Dekhna DIL NAHI KARRA
    Satyanash Hogayi SERIAL
    Mihir And Ahliya together is DISGUSTING
    DALINDA Kal ya Parsoon LIQUOR PIYA
    Peeke Naataka KARA
    YE Ahliya bhi Haan Mai Haan milathi Gayi.

    These Two Days I Enjoyed A lot By Listening to TITLE SONG OF “HUMKO TUMSE HOGAYA HAI PYAAR-KYA KARE”


    • jaz

      Hey Adu what is this name maria who’s name is one can replace your name your only Adu for me..

  17. Saritha

    I think shagun deserves that cunning cruel man rather than mani. Even though it can’t happen if it happens their pair should be ‘Made for each other with their plans to ruin lifes’. Guess him

  18. Sindhu

    HI Rithu, VP, Shivani,Mino, Shona, Jaz, Az, Prisha, Saritha, Aditya, Raisa, Monique, Naaz, Maria and many many YHM fans. First I can’t believe the producers are really crazy to pair Aliya and Mihir. Are they out of their mind? When I watched yesterday’s episode, it seems like they both are just like father and daughter. How can they even dream to be a pair? Utterly disgusting… It is preposterous. Next, I think they will never find the letter. That is how the cvs will write. I hope they will not have many episodes searching for the letter just like when they wanted to find the thumbdrive from Niddhi during the Shanaya drama and it went on for almost more than a month and finally in one episode Niddhi hands over the thumbdrive. Hopefully now that KP is back from his honeymoon, they will show Ishra scenes more and perhaps more nok jhok. Waiting for those episodes.

    As for Romi, he is a hopeless fool. He is just like Raman feeling very insecure and has so much of ego and pride. The real MCP. Raman had ego in other areas but at least when it comes to business matters, he did acknowledge before the leap, that there is a woman behind every man’s success and he attributed the success to Ishita. That was really nice of Raman but in the case of Romi, he does not even like it if Mihika is slightly better than him. What is wrong! After all Mihika is supporting him in his business and helping him out so Romi should appreciate. Bad pairing of Mihika and Romi. Romi should have better of being single and Mihika should have married Mani instead of Shagun pairing. I think Mihika would be happy if Mani was her husband.

    Shagun is mastermind and master keyholder of all the forthcoming trouble that is imminent in Bhallas family.

  19. Sindhu

    Hi Maria, just to reply to your question that you asked on Friday. Yes I can speak Telugu but can’t read and write. I could not go in yesterday on telly site as the server was down for a couple of hours. Hope you doing well Maria.

  20. Sindhu

    HI Bhagya, how are you? Hope you are doing well too.

    I just can’t believe that cvs use Pihu a little child to chase Ishita out of the house. If Shagun does this, I can accept it as adults interference. How can they even try to use a child? What kind of example does this set for young children? That you can do such acts if you hate someone an adult in your family. It sends the wrong signal. Shagun is really such a schemer to use Pihu to chase Ishita out. I won’t blame Pihu as she does not know what is going on. Pihu became Shagun’s trump card. This is really bad. All I can say, Adi has valued his Ishimaa’s brought up and Pihu has been brought up badly by Shagun. If Pihu was brought up by Ishita, Pihu would never do such things even if she was asked to do so. That is the difference between Ishita and Shagun’s brought up.

  21. Saritha

    Hai Maria first of all thanks for mentioning my name. Where r you from? My mother-tongue is telugu. Iam from AP

  22. Kimberly

    why is this mihika interfering in Romi’s work. And why this shameless Ishita is giving lecture on relationships when she herself didn’t had good relationship with RuhI and Raman some time back.And now also ruhi actually loves Niddhi. It’s sad for adi that aliya loves Mihir but he has to accept it And aliya shouldn’t get tensed for Shagun and mani marriage as Shagun will become much better mother for her than this shameless woman Ishita.

  23. Kimberly

    Who the hell is Ishita to take care of pihu. Shagun is mom of pihu and she should take care of her. I hope Cvs start love story of ruhi and shravan and also bring love interest for pihu.

  24. Kimberly

    Its great that pihu didnt got brainwashed by ishita and knows that shagun is her mom and now pihu also hates ishita.

  25. Kimberly

    those who think dat pairing mihir nd alia is disgusting r actually morons . dey dont know dat love doesnt see age.

    • Shaza

      Kimberly , I’m noticing from so many days and not saying anything , but now it’s more than enough for ishqbaaz are also u are like Tia and shivaye should be together and Anika is shameless to come between them and all ..pls stop ok love doesn’t see age but that doesn’t mean u can marry ur mama (mihir is Shaguns bro and Shagun is to be mother of alia) pls u seriously think that Tia and shivay will get married , I mean it’s common sense man , we all know that leads are gonna end up together and want them together but ur just like the lead with a parellal lead..pls if u support Shagun ,ok even I
      B4 some days was supporting her cuz I thought she is a good person and gave 5 years to the family but then she kidnapped and attempted to kill a person ..pls if u really think the leads are gonna end up with the antagonist then feel sorry for u cuz it’s not gonna happend dear 🙄😒

  26. susan

    Hi all. All I can say is that I am waiting for KP’s return. Everything else just waste of time. So missing old YHM. Following new episodes with you guys since leap. We were able to watch up to episode 324. Then new management took over the channel and restarted again from episode 1. Now we are at episode 40. Very frustrating. But yes I am watching it all over again. Don’t know if we will ever get so see all episodes.


    JAZ Tumko Ye Sab Links ko Chodna HOGA.
    Woh AURAT KO Kisi KE SAATH Bhi Sulasakti HAI
    Teek HAI.

    Sindhu if I Write Telugu Words in English
    can You Understand?
    As Lekha SARITHA Understand


    SARITA You Know Me.
    We Chatted Before Also in This GROUP.
    Am from Telangana State
    HYDERABAD District


    First of All
    I Thank All The Members of This GROUP
    JAZ Monique Mino Sindhu Rithu VP Shona Shreya SARITHA Lekha Nish Radhika Super GIRL Sakshi Megha SHIVANI AZ Naaz Ahliya And Sorry if I forgot AnyOne.
    Always Accept My REQUEST to Take My Name in Your PRAYERS.
    Thanks A Lot Guys for Your LOVE And CONCERN.

  30. Aastha

    Dear kimberly plz shut up… thum kabhi acha soch sakthi hei kyaa….??aysseaa negativity kehaneka alava aur koi kam nahi he kya?? We aall know u only aim on seeking attention from all. Sharam hona chahiye thoda… whatever sabki jaysse me bhi ye chaahthi hoo ishra reunion ki pehale there should be an apology scene of raman to ishita. Bcz kithna usko ho saktha tha hei uthna insult unohne kardhiya ishta ka… so really hope that… shagun ki expose… raman ki apology ..aur ishrarudipihu reunion ek saath hona chahiyeaa… lekin uski pehle saraa sach sabka saamne aana chahiyeaa…
    1. Ruhi ko exchng karne keliye pehle ishita agnst dha.. wo idea raman ka dha aur unhone wadha kiya dha dhono bettiyo ko wapas lekar aayengaa
    2.ishita pihu ko chodkar gaya nahi raman ne nikaldhiya dha usi ko apne ghar se aur unkka zindhagi se…
    3.ishita sabko chodkar marne keliye gaya dha majboori dhi uski wo mar nahi paya.. usiko bachathe huye mani half paralysed hogayaa dhaa… isliye unka bacho ka aur unka gyal rakhna ishu ki rspnsblty ban gayi…
    4.usne police force isliye use kiya kyun ki dhono betiyo ki zindhagi ka sawal dha.. kaysse bhi karkar dhono ko wapaschahiye dhi

  31. shraddha

    guys! main karan aur divyanka ki old videos dekhrahi thi aur suddenly main realise kiya ki karan aur divyanka saath mein interview diye bohut saal hogayi. karan tho individually bhi intervies deta nahi. i think stardom ki wajah se . no offence

    • Lekha

      Even I miss karan and DT combined interviews …….but karan is not interested in giving bytes I guess…….pehle 100 episodes thak unki combined interviews dekh sakthe hain …….uske bad tho only DT ka videos hain….no karan

  32. Uaha

    Well said Aastha. Kimberly since when have you started watching this serial? If recently than first find the facts than make comments.
    You are not winding anyone up but it makes your comments come across sheer next time please think twice!

  33. rithushree

    hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha parvathi anakha nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam siddhi az Monique d mino sachie shreya mansi tansuri shivani lavanya Natasha Shona aditya jeni super girl priyaroli aparna priya bhagi Sarita sara prisha simran unique angel Khushi Aliya and all yhm friends.

  34. Juhi

    Good morning everyone. Aastha you are right ye kimberly humesa negative hi bolta h kya. I m new And jab se hum aaye h ye kimberly negative hi bolta aa raha. It is only aim of take attention from all anyways it was his(kimberly) opinion

  35. Sindhu

    HI Maria, if you write in Telugu I will try my best to understand but it will take me quite a long time to type the reply in Telugu with English phonetics.

  36. Sindhu

    Kimberly, since you have said in the past that we are all entitled to give our comments. Many of us are not saying anything about your comments so you please close your gap and just comment what you always comment horribly about Ishita and Raman, your liking of pairing of Mihir and Aliya. Some of us are not saying anything about your comments so please do likewise by not saying anything about our comments. We all know you don’t appreciate good comments. Only bad vibes and if that is what suits be it and I am not bothered but you do not have the right to say otherwise about out comments. Some of us are just minding our own business commenting on the episodes.

  37. Shaza

    I remember when the show started like so damn awesomely where two ppl come together cuz of child and a story of turning Raman the stone hearted man into an awesome person yand end up falling in love and those awesome fights.nok jhok and that raman
    getting jealous cuz of manni and everything was fab but then yea they had to just ruin it if they would handle it properly then I’m sure it would better nowadays don’t even feel like watching and when I go to watch the old episodes I think abt
    the future feel angry cuz of d boring track

  38. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    Hi EVERYONE…Jaz Aditya Shivani Rithu VP Sindhu Mino Siddhi Az Lekha Sindhu Khushi Nish and all
    How have you all been?
    I feeling the show is going nowhere slowly….Guess the waiting for some kind of reconciliation and some DT/KP scenes is making me impatient.But at least I have Ishqbaaz to look forward to…

  39. Manju

    I do agree with Monique and Shaza yesterday I was watching in the hot star season 6 which about madawi’s accident and the story line and chemistry between raman and ishita was awesome. When you compare those episodes with nowdays one it was not contacted to ishra at all .

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