Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st July 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Romi coming to meet Jhakad. Raman comes there too to discuss a proposal and Romi is tensed. Jhakad starts scolding Romi for not being able to repair his laptop. Romi cries and Raman looks on. Jhakad insults Romi and asks him to get lost. Raman gets angry. Romi leaves. Jhakad asks Raman to show his project. Raman says you don’t deserve it, it was my mistake to make a fresh start, Romi is my younger brother, talk to him well. Romi hears him and recalls their fight. Raman says he can dismiss many such projects, his brother is his life, he can’t bear if anyone talks to Romi in bad manner. Romi cries hearing him. Raman scolds Jhakad and calls him a loser. He leaves and Romi hides.

Romi goes to Jhakad and Jhakad asks him to get lost. Romi scolds him and says Raman

and he won’t work for him. He leaves. Its night, Romi comes home. Sarika sees him crying and asks what happened, is Rohit fine. Romi says about Raman. She asks did he fight with Raman again. Romi says Raman left project for me, and cries. She asks what. He says I did not understand Raman’s love, I m ashamed and hate myself, Raman did a lot for me, I used to do mistake in childhood, Raman used to take blame on himself and get beaten by dad, he always took care of me and raised me as his child. FB shows the brother’s childhood.

Romi realizes his mistake and cries. Sarika cries and hugs him. She says we realized the mistake and should apologize. He says I don’t have courage, I know he will forgive me, now my sorry has no value. She says apologize in different way, any good gesture to show you really felt bad and want to apologize.

Its morning, a man shows the flat to Shagun and says a room is locked, as owner’s personal things are kept it, it will be locked in day, I mean everytime, leave it, come I will show your room. He asks her to shift here. She likes it and gets the keys. She smiles seeing the flat. He thanks her and leaves. Mrs. Bhalla calls Ishita and asks did Raman go to office. Ishita says yes. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to talk to Kakkad.

Ishita says I m feeling strange, how can we do this with dad. Mrs. Bhalla says we are doing this to teach Mr. Bhalla a lesson, everything is fair in love and war. Kakkad says I can’t do this. Mrs. Bhalla convinces him. He agrees. Mrs. Bhalla says she has explained the plan and asks her to do what she said. Ishita calls Raman and asks him to come home soon. He says he has meeting. She says she has appointments, he has to see kids too. She says everyone used to help us before, and now its changed. He says fine, I will come, it will take some time, car tyre’s are punctured. They argue. She asks him to take auto and come. He says coming, end call now. She thanks him and wishes he comes, and mummy ji’s plan succeeds.

Romi sees Raman and calls mechanic to send someone to repair the car tyre puncture. Raman talks to him indirectly and goes home with Romi. Mr. Bhalla asks Sarika to buy anything she likes, it for her marriage. Mrs. Bhalla and Ishita talk, and Ishita says Raman will come, I will message, manage everything. Mrs. Bhalla tells Kakkad that she does not like the designs. Kakkad asks him to see again. She thinks he does not understand anything. He blinks to him. Kakkad says he will leave all designs here. Romi brings Raman. Ishita sees this and smiles. Raman thanks Romi. Raman asks the fare, as people think he shows off his money. Romi apologizes to him. Raman says I won’t bear if anyone tells you anything and hugs him. Ishita looks on and says wow, this was not any plan, Raman comes soon, Kakkad will run. Ishita messages Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla thinks her plan will work now.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Mr. Bhalla to take Kakkad and talk about credit. They go and talk about credit. Kakkad says you chose lots of jewelry, please pay for it, as market is down. Mr. Bhalla says we are old clients, you can give me some time. Kakkad insists and says Raman used to give money before, and I heard you got separated, I did not see Raman and Ishita here. Ishita thinks Mr. Bhalla is getting hurt. Raman and Romi come and hear Kakkad asking Mr. Bhalla to stay in limits and choose jewelry. Raman shouts Kakkad.

Raman scolds Kakkad and says he is my dad, till I m here, he will not have anything less, and gives him a blank cheque. He asks him to get lost, and praises Mr. Bhalla, who has raised 4 children on his own and fulfilled their desires. Ishita hears him and smiles. Raman asks Kakkad to leave. Ishita happily cries and says I expected this.

Ishita’s file falls and Shagun picks it. She gives the file to her, and Ishita is shocked seeing her. Shagun asks how is she, and how are her kids, she is sure they are fine with mum India.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Finally sab kuch thik horaha hai. ….sab k misunderstanding clear hogaye. .par ye rinki ko kab akhal aaye gi. ….

  2. good episode.ishitha aur toshiji ka plan sucessful ho gaya.pehle romi raman ki aur ab mr.bhalla aur raman ki buss todi baaki hai.precap accha nahi tha.shagun ne ishitha ki insult ki.

  3. Raman ne apne papa ki insult hone se bachaya. ……lekin jab raman ko pata Chale ga Ye sab. .ishita aur toshiji ka plan tha. .woh bahut naraz hoga. .ishita par. .

  4. Shagun is shown as a changed person in the show. But is she really? Apparently not! She will say something horribly mean to Ishita in the upcoming episode…

    In the last episode, Raman(Karan Patel) bought toys for Ananya and Rohit, but was hesitant in giving them to the two. Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) encouraged Raman to go home and hand the toys over to the kids. Raman agreed and was seen
    visiting the Bhalla house. Upon not being welcomed by Mr Bhalla, Raman got furious and left. Later, he returned and received a warm welcome by Simmi and Mrs Bhalla. Later, the society lady was seen telling the Bhallas that they would have to pay the rent at the earliest. Simmi asked Romi(Aly Goni) to submit the same and not ask Raman for any money in order to make the Bhallas realize Raman’s importance and responsibility in the house. Later, Ishita spotted Rinki meeting up with Ashok, where the latter promised her that he would by the flat for her. The episode ended with Ishita getting shocked over realizing that Rinki was being used by Ashok(Sangram Singh) and not even realizing it.

    In the upcoming episode, we will see Shagun(Anita Hassanadnani) showing her true colors. As we all know,the once evil Shagun has been putting up humble and generous front ever since her return. People have been wondering whether Shagun has actually changed for the better or not.

    Well newsflash, she HASN’T! In the upcoming episode, we will see Ruhi asking Ishita to give her a brother or a sister to play with. Ishita will be in a dilemma as she will leaarn that conceiving a baby won’t be easy for her, owing to some complications in the body. She will visit the clinic to consult the doctor and will run into Shagun there. The latter will taunt Ishita, stating that she still hasn’t consummated her marriage with Raman or had a baby. Shagun will go on to call Ishita barren! On another front, Raman and Ishita will be seen having a fight and Ishita will return to her Maika. Later, Mrs Bhalla will convince her to return and attend Raman’s party, for which he will invite her. Check out the video:

    Is Shagun still evil or is she being mean to Ishita for a reason? How will Raman make it up to Ishita? Stay tuned to find out!

  5. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is making the viewers hooked to the show it’s interesting story line and amazing cast.

    At last Toshiji and Ishita’s plan will work out Romi will realize his brothers value and apologize to him.Both the brothers forget their differences and hug each other.Mr.Bhalla also realizes that Rinki is at fault and understands
    raman.Soon the family will be united except rinki.

    In the coming episodes,Raman buys a toy for ruhi but she demands for a baby from Raman and ishita.Later Ishita will go to meet doctor and gets to know that she has less chances to conceive.Ishita becomes disheartened and Shagun who passes by that way tells ishita that she will always remain barren and taunts her that she don’t know how to please her husband.Ishita gets hurt by those words and breaks into tears.

    Why shagun did that?Actually shagun wanted to encourage ishita indirectly not to leave hopes.

    After reaching home,she shares her pain with toshiji,who tells her not to take shagun’s words to heart an tells her to get ready for the party.Vandu and mihika help ishita to get ready for the party.

    Ishita wears a beautiful pink gown to win her husband.Now what will be raman’s reaction on seeing his beautiful wife,to see that we have to wait and watch the episode.

    Is their any twist in the party sequence ? Will Ashok play any games with raman and ishita? Will Rinki instigate mihir against raman? Keep reading for more updates.

  6. Shagun Delhi aagayi hai par woh jo flat mein rehrahi…mujhe woh gadh badh lagta hai. …kyun uss aadmi ne kaha ki woh room sirf din mein nahin khulsakta hai. ..kuch toh hoga? ?

  7. Jhanvi

    Very nice episode ….
    Nd veryyyyy happy …ki ab sab thik ho j ayega …..Raman romi scene was very sweet…

  8. Jhanvi

    BT guys …..shagun is back…..nooooooooo plssssssss makers don’t do this with us ….no need of shagun nd plsssss no surrogacy from shagun….

  9. Jhanvi

    If ishita can’t conceive …..its OK…then we don’t want a baby in ishra’s life….bt nooo shagun ….nd no surrogacy…

  10. “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” is reportedly gearing up for the surrogacy track in which Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) will carry Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman’s (Karan Patel) baby. As interesting as it sounds, the idea hasn’t really gone down well with the show’s fans.

    Although no official confirmation has been made, followers took to Twitter to express their disgust over the new development. From calling it a ‘joke’ to tagging the soap ‘insensible’, viewers are decidedly unhappy with what the upcoming episodes have in store for them. Here are some tweets from the outraged fans:

    Ishy: #NoSurrogateShagunTrack Give @anitahasnandani a new show if you love her so much. Don’t ruin YHM.

    Karandeewani: Woow. Now, show the crappy surrogacy track nd make it fall more. Still u have tym b4 its late

    #NoSurrogateShagunTrack (sic). Mehak_Ashraf: Why do u like to play with us fans feelings? U ppl simply don’t deserve us. It is bcos of us where YHM is.#NoSurrogateShagunTrack

    Ayesha Onasis Ridi:
    #NoSurrogateShagunTrack If ishita can’t give birth to her baby then we don’t want ishra’s baby -Mounika-: If u want to drag go a head we are ready to watch ishu’s pregnancy track for a year but pls #NoSurrogateShagunTrack

    YHM Lover: How can the women writers of the show stoop this low? exwife as surrogate. Infertility KO joke banaya! #NoSurrogateShagunTrack

    Umeirah Begum: making a joke of something so sensitive is not handling it delicately! #NoSurrogateShagunTrack

    In other news, Manoj Chandila has been roped in as Ishita and Raman’s doctor, and Shagun’s love interest.

  11. All the fans of Divyanka became so worried to see this update by her and they started showing their concern for her through their comments. Divyanka remained silent… and the fans kept her post flooding with their comments.

    Few minutes later, Divyanka broke her silence followed by another update on Insta. The latest update by Divyanka relieved her fans and now all are having good fun. This is how Divyanka showed a prankster side of her today to her fans on social media.

    We tried contacting Divyanka but she remained unavailable for comments.

    We are sure Divyanka fans are now relaxed with this latest update of her and have enjoyed this prank by Divyanka but it was indeed a ‘Heart Attack’ moment for her fans.

  12. Things between Raman and Romi get fine, after Romi hears Raman favoring him infront of Jhakad. Romi gets touched by Raman’s words and the brothers unite, ending all the misunderstandings. Later, Ruhi tells Raman and Ishita that she wants a small baby for her to play with. Raman and Ishita bring soft toys for Ruhi, but she is adamant to have baby brother or sister. She gets angry with her parents and demands a baby, seeing her friends having young siblings. Mrs. Bhalla gets happy and says she wants the same. Raman and Ishita get shy and blushes.

    In next track, Raman and Ishita attend a business party and she wears a western gown, looking gorgeous. Raman gets happy seeing her. Raman is annoyed with Ishita and drinks a lot. Ishita tries to stop him from getting over drunk, but Raman wants to forget everything by the wine. Ramna gets to know about Ashok manipulating Rinki and how Ishita has hidden Rinki’s flat truth from him. He gets annoyed with her for hiding such big thing from him. Ishita did not wish to tell Raman knowing his anger. She has hidden the fact that Ashok has paid for Rinki’s flat. Ashok comes there and speaks bad about Ishita and Bhalla family. Raman gets angry on Ashok. Ishita gets upset seeing Raman’s cold behavior. aman holds her hand and takes her from the party. Will Ashok succeed in breaking Bhalla family? Keep reading.

  13. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Will Rinki come to know about Raman and Ishita’s big secret?
    Raman and Ishita have paid a huge sum to Parmeet to stop him from taking Ananya with him. Will Rinki find out? Read on!
    In the last episode, we saw Raman(Karan Patel) and Ishita(Divyanka Tripathi) being black mailed by Parmeet. The latter asked IshRa for Ananya’s custody and stated that if not her, then he would like Rs 15 crore instead. Raman and Ishita were shocked and said that there’s no way they would give him such a huge amount. Parmeet threatened the two, stating that if they failed to pay, he would take Ananya at any cost. Raman and Ishita got worried and finally decided that they would give Parmeet his requested amount. Later, Raman met up with Parmeet and gave him the money, asking him to stay away from Ananya in return. Rinki found out about Raman’s money transfer and was furious that he didn’t pay Mihir the money promised, to purchase a flat. She told Mrs Bhalla about the same and the latter panicked. She was brought out of her misery by Ishita, who indirectly informed her about the situation. The episode ended with Parmeet revealing that he got the money despite never wanting Ananya in the first place.
    In the upcoming episode, we will see Mrs Bhalla and Ishita deciding that they will mend things one way or the other. The two will decide to reunite the Bhalla family. Mrs Bhalla will ask Romi to deposit the rent cheque worth Rs 60,000 in the society. Romi will be shocked by the amount but will ready agree, without any questions…
    Will Rinki come to know about Raman and Ishita’s secret? Find out!

  14. Ye jhakad ne jaanbhuj kar romi ko job par rakha. .aur ussi waqt raman ko bhi bolaya aur romi ki insult ki. .par raman ne kya muhthod jawab diya. ..jhakad ka face dekhne wala tha. …

  15. Maine Aaj sbs & sbb nahin dekha. ..yhm segment fb par dekha raman ishita se naraz hai. .ashok ne ishita k bare mein kuch kaha. ..iss liye woh sharab piraha tha. …….

  16. Haan par sab se zyada gussa ramanko kakkad par aaya..Mr. bhalla ki insult jo ki….mujhe laga bechare kakkad sab ko Zor Ka thappad pade ga. …

  17. Yeh Rinki ko bolte hue Sharm bhi nahi aai Muhbola Bhai…..are yaar Raman se naaraj hai MU hai wo samaj me aata hai…….par Ashok ka saath de rahi hai kyo…..aisa kya ho gaya…..

  18. anu

    after Raman holding ishitha’s hand and taking out of the party… it should rain… they both shud have a romantic eye lock and dance…. <3 <3 <3 <3 …… waiting…. 😉

  19. Jhanvi

    Ritushree nd mizum……trp me YHM 3 rd no. Par hai….1st sathiya nd 2nd kumkumbhagya..2nd se sidha 3 rd par…

  20. siddhi

    Is this a good way of shagun to encourage ishita so stupid and entire bhalla family including Raman and ruhi r encouraging ishita so much for baby without thinking if she will not able to do this she will completely broken

  21. siddhi

    And why always ishita get hurt not right and still I can not belief that shagun change ho gai hai

  22. darshika

    sweet episode… Raman & ishita will recover everything except rinki. Now l’m happy with upcoming episodes. Wooooooooow….. What a stunning news….. I’m soooooo happy. I have no words to describe it. So guys, no leap……no surrogate… separation…… THANK YOU MAKERS. I’m so excited to see ishita with pink gown. I’m sure,her look will be gorgeous. I don’t care about shagun’s character. I want to see ishra with happiness always. From Sri Lanka.

  23. darshika

    sweet episode… Raman & ishita will recover everything except rinki. Now l’m happy with upcoming episodes. Wooooooooow….. What a stunning news….. I’m soooooo happy. I have no words to describe it. So guys,we all will hope this, no leap……no surrogate… separation…… THANK YOU MAKERS,if you do this.please,don’t disappoint us. And I’m so excited to see ishita with pink gown. I’m sure,her look will be gorgeous. I don’t care about shagun’s character. I want to see ishra with happiness always. From Sri Lanka.

  24. darshika

    If ishita can’t conceive,It’s ok. But I don’t want to see surrogate mother. Yes, everyone should encourage ishita. At least she must try. She should not predict about her future. Please, try ishita. It won’t wast…. Now I’m really intresting to watch yhm. And I’m waiting for upcoming lovely episodes. Very nice you makers….. Keep it up….From Sri Lanka.

  25. Saath Nibhana Saathiya didn’t budge
    from its top spot at all but the
    positions below saw major reshuffle.
    While Kumkum Bhagya continued to be
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  26. hiiiii rithu prayu priya mizun nd all……..yar bas bahuth ho gaya wt the hell u writers want to say……..kabi ek dctr kehtha hai ki ishu conceive kar saktha hai aur kabhi koi kehtha hai no…… koi mazak hai kya……patha nahi ye makers ki dhimaak me hamesha esi bakwaas ideas kyom aathi hai i hate them seriously raman ne third baby nahi chaha vo tho bas ishu ko pragnancy ki ehsaas dilhaana chahtha hai tho phir agar koi complications hai aur ishu conceive nahi kar payegi tho iss me prblm kya hai unke paas tho 2 bacche hai na aab shagun ko surrogative mom banane ki kya jaroorat thi blo*dy hell……agar shagun ko ve banana tha tho its k she will b second heroin nd she will have a better life with her new b.f agar unko ishra ki life me laana bhi chahthe ho tho koi prblm solve karme me madath ke liye lekhe aayiye thats it ye surrogant mAther ka idea bilkul bakwaas nd its highly impracticle agar aap iss ko ruhi wish ki tarah dhikaana chahthi hai tho ruhi tho samzdaar hai agar samjayega tho vo samaj jaayegi aur phir uske paas tho rohit hai na uski choti bhai aur ananya uski choti behaan…….phir prblm kya hai….plz yar agar story likhna nahi aathi hai tho math likhiye end kar dhijiye……..

  27. aaj toh shagun ki direct entry delhi mein hi ho gayi aur yeh jo track hai surrogate mother aur shagun ka hero kuch bhi accha nahi hai .aur agar shagun ka hero wala track laaya hotha toh theek hotha lekin surrogate mother is not at all good track but worst among all.

  28. In Star Plus’ popular show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein, Shagun (played by Anita
    Hassanandani) is undergoing a change
    of heart and is turning into a positive
    person. The upcoming track in the
    show will focus on her love life.
    Earlier, there were reports that her
    former boyfriend and actor Eijaz Khan
    will make an entry into the show as
    her love interest. But actor Manoj
    Chandila has been finalised for the
    role; he has even started shooting.
    Manoj will play a doctor’s role and
    both will be paired together; they will
    help Raman Bhalla (portrayed by Karan
    Patel) and his wife Ishita (played by
    Divyanka Tripathi) to overcome the
    complications with their baby. There
    are also reports that Shagun will turn
    surrogate mother for the couple’s

  29. the writers are female aur yeh sab cases ko mazak banaa ke rakh diya hai show mein.ek yeh backwaaz track hum veiwers jhel rahe hai aur yeh saara backwaaz nonsense news pad rahe hai.yhm makers ko shukr manaana chahiye ki inn sab ke baavajood bhi hum fans yhm dekh rahe hai aur trp bhi 3rd par aaya hai.

  30. siddhi

    Ya completely agree with bhagi ruhi samaj jai gi and she has rohit as a small brother and anannaya as a lil sis but plz makers drop the idea of surrogate mom

  31. Romi

    By seeing the precap, I remember that proverb
    ” rassi jal gayi par bal nahi gaye ”
    ??shagun jutni bhi positive ho jaye, taunt karna nahi bhole gi! ?

  32. V P

    Shagun ,even if she turns too positive , viewers can’t accept her . Makers please let Ishitha gets pregnant . Let a miracle happen … Let her go thru the complicated pregnancy and deliver a baby to have her own motherhood . Raman wants Ishitha to have a baby not a third child for him . Too much she is going thru the family . Nobody is interested to see Shagun or her love affair . Hope surrogacy is not there

  33. Rani

    Kya maazak baana kar rakha hn hm viewers ko paagal baana rhn hoon aur kud show chaala rhn hon kich th intrstng dikhon u boring persons likhana nhn aata th viewers ko baul ddu wh track bana dhnaga

  34. darshika

    I compleatly agree with V P. That’s true. Raman wants ishita to be pregnant. Otherwise he doesn’t want another child. This surrogate mother concept is really ridiculous….. Oh,shit… Freak….. ! ! ! I hope that makers will drop this idea. From sri lanka.

  35. sujata

    yeh surrogate mother wali story, Shagun ki new love life ki kahani…yeh sav k baare me applog ko kaha se pata chalta hai?? internet me yhm ka news se kiya???
    acha viewers konsa show dekhna jada pasand karta h yeh tv wala ko pata kese chalta hai…TRP kese badhti or kamti h ….kiya koi genious h jo mujhe samjha de plz??

  36. nsb

    writers pls note, viewers WANT ishita to be pregnant with raman, NOT shagun to be surrogate mother for them..since shagun character has become positive now, she can help bhallas in some way but not by being surrogate mom with raman..raman already has 2 kids with her..loved ystrdys episode of romi repentance n raman caring for bro n dad..three cheers for toshiji n ishita..mihir pls come back soon n give some brains to rinki..

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