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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi calling Suhail. He asks which number is this. She says its my new number, there is a good news, blackmailer is caught and police got money back, now there is no tension. Suhail says that’s great, I will meet you soon. She smiles. Mihika, Aaliya and Mrs. Bhalla are worried for their wine chemicals and asks the men to take them to hospital, before any reaction happens. Romi says you were complaining about Bhalla men. Mihika says you were not giving me time, even Aaliya was saying same. Adi says I m working hard for you Aaliya, as you Dadi asked me to work hard for our future, I can’t live without you. Aaliya says so sweet and hugs him. She says sorry. Mihika and Romi apologize to each other. Mr. Bhalla says sorry. Mrs. Bhalla gets glad and says why are you saying

sorry, I should say sorry. He says the chemical thing was fake, you just have hangover. The women beat the men. Ruhi comes there and asks what’s happening.

Adi asks Ruhi to save him. Mrs. Bhalla says Ruhi, they fooled us and gave us tension. Mr. Bhalla says they troubled us a lot. Adi says yes, we did this to teach lesson. Mihika calls them liars. Ruhi says calm down. Romi says you become judge and decide. Ruhi smiles. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to tell decision. Ruhi asks them to see each other, the men have become cats today, aw.. Adi says they are troubling us. They all complain.

Ruhi talks to them to solve the matter. She asks them to forget it now. Adi tells Aaliya that I messaged Mani that you were going to stay here. Aaliya says so sweet. They hug. Mihika and Romi say sorry to each other. He says I will give you time. Mihika says you are the best Bhalla, thanks to Ruhi, who have sorted everything.

Neelu gives a courier to Ruhi. Ruhi checks it and says who has sent this CD. She plays the Cd. She sees the same MMS and gets shocked. She gets blackmailer’s call. He asks what did you think, you will change number and I will not know, I get all news. She says but you…. He says I will not get caught so easily, you are not so smart, see what I do. She says Papa gave you money, why are you doing this. He says wait for next call, if you call police, see what I do. She recalls Raman’s words and says Papa said he is caught, what’s happening, I have to talk to Ishimaa.

Raman is worried. Ishita says you are stressed. He says yes, so I came here. She says we lied to Ruhi that blackmailer is caught, but he is not. He says I lied as I can’t see Ruhi in that state, I m not able to find anything. She says when I see Ruhi scared, there is much fear in her eyes, I feel so helpless, we lied to her. He cries and says what could we do, think her pain got less, she got glad, we don’t have any option, Abhishek promised to catch that man, we can wait, I can’t say truth to Ruhi that blackmailer is still on loose. Ruhi hears them and cries.

She says I can’t tell them for CD, they are scared for me already, whom shall I say. Suhail asks what. Ruhi cries and hugs him, asking him to save her. He says you are not alone. She says that man got my new number too, he has sent MMS cd at my home. I went to Ishimaa’s clinic, they were not in state that I could tell them, if that man releases MMS then, I remember Papa said just Abhishek has this number, it may happen that Abhishek’s team member is helping that man, I m scared. He says you are not alone, sit, have water. She gets the call again.

Ruhi says its his call. He says don’t be scared, answer the call, we should know what he wants. She answers call. The blackmailer asks for more money, as police is finding him. He asks for 30 lakhs. Suhail asks her to answer. She says fine, you will get money, but I want 2 days time. He says you know what to do and what not. He ends call. Ruhi says 30 lakhs? Papa already gave him money, I have to talk to Papa. Suhail says calm down, we can’t tell this to Raman, I will get 30 lakhs. She asks how will you get 30 lakhs.

He says I will arrange, Raman will get stressed, I will come along to give money, trust me. She says no, I don’t think this will be right, its not right. He says its right way. She says if there is any mistake then, try to understand. He says there won’t be mistake, so we are doing this. She asks what are you saying. He says what I m going to tell you now, I did not share it with anyone, whatever is happening with you is close to my heart, this happened with my cousin too, when her parents knew this, they were worried, they used to protect her, then one day when she came back home from college, her parents committed suicide. She gets shocked.

Raman shouts on Abhishek on phone. Abhishek argues and scolds Raman. He asks why did Suhail come in the party.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  14. Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    Suhail’s entry in the show followed by Ruhi’s MMS scandal drama has spiced up the daily drama.

    In the upcoming episodes it will be revealed that Suhail is the real blackmailer who is blackmailing Ruhi over her MMS.

    However, Ishita will learn about the same via tattoo on Suhail’s hand and will get shocked.

    Raman and Ishita will get shocked and will try to protect Ruhi from Suhail.

    On the other hand, Ruhi is in with Suhail and will decide to part ways from Raman and Ishita to support Suhail.

    Stay tuned for more updates.

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