Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarika lying to Mrs. and Mr. Bhalla. She says I have to buy cream for Rohit, I will get it. she acts sweet and leaves. She meets Ashok. She thinks where is Ashok. Ashok calls her and asks her to do the work. He says I did booking and gives her some number. He says start drama soon, no one should doubt. She asks why is he talking on phone, she reached the place where he called her. He says why will I message you, leave from there. She gets angry and turns. Ishita stops her. Sarika gets shocked. Ishita scolds her and says you are such brainless, I have sent you that message from Ashok’s name, I wanted the proof, you came here on Ashok’s call, I want to accept you are Ashok’s informer, tell me Sarika.

She shouts on Sarika. Sarika accepts she is Ashok’s

informer, and asks what can Ishita do. She asks Ishita to tell them, but whats the proof, no one will believe her after all her drama. She says I have to do this work. Ishita asks why did you try to kill Raman, we have got this respect for you in our house. Sarika says there is some reason, I can’t tell you. Ishita says I want to know it, I will stand with you when you are right, Ashok does not help anyone, he will kick you out when you do his work. Sarika says stop it, plan already started.

Ishita asks what plan, tell me, why are you doing this. Sarika says you can’t find out this plan, Ashok is dangerous, the family is at his target, you are away from house. Ishita cries and says that’s your family too, Romi and Rohit, are they not yours. Sarika says Romi and Rohit are gone where I told them, save the rest of the family if you can. Ishita requests her not to do this. Sarika says I want freedom, stop following me. She leaves. Ishita thinks what to do, how to go home and thinks of cd125.

Appa talks to Bala. Bala cries and says I did not know this would happen, if anything happened to my student…. Appa pacifies him and explains him to rectify his mistakes. Bala says I can’t come home. Appa asks him to come, Vandu and Bala are worried, and even Ishu. Bala asks what happened to Ishu, tell me Appa.

Ishita meets Prateek and Shagun. She says Sarika did not tell everything, but Ashok is targeting the family, I have a way but its not good, I want your support, come with me. Bala wakes up Raman and asks did he kick out Ishita. Raman says no, I was sleeping here. Bala says shut up, Mrs. Bhalla has kicked her out yesterday night, I know she lied and did drama but to save your love, you got angry and tried to commit suicide. Raman says what, do you think I can commit suicide. He goes to ask Mrs. Bhalla about Ishita. He asks how did she kick out his wife. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, Ishita is walking on Shagun’s step, so I made her leave, I can’t see my son like this. Raman reminds Ishita is his wife, and says she won’t leave this house. Ishita comes to them. Raman asks are you fine. Police comes. Raman asks what happened inspector. She asks inspector to arrest all of them. Raman asks whats wrong with you. Ishita says they are showing fake sympathy to save themselves, they tortured me, they have beaten me and kicked me out, Raman, Mrs and Mr Bhalla are involved. They get shocked. Raman says Ishita…. Mr. Bhalla asks what nonsense… Abhishek comes and says arrest them.

Appa asks Amma not to worry about Ishita. Amma says Ishita was mature, how did she join hands with Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to see Ishita. Abhishek asks Raman to think anything, but they are arrested. Raman scolds Ishita. Amma and Appa come there and get shocked seeing Bhallas arrested. Mrs. Bhalla gets angry and leaves. Amma asks Ishita to say whats happening, what magic did Shagun do on her. Ishita cries. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays…………

People talk about Ishita sending inlaws to jail. They call Ishita a bad bahu. Bala tells Abhishek that you know everything, why are you doing this. Abhishek says I m doing my work. Amma asks Ishita to stop them, why is she doing this. She cries. Ishita looks on as family goes in the police van. Bala asks Appa not to worry, he will go with them. He calls Mihir and informs him.

Amma slaps Ishita and scolds her. Appa asks Ishita whats the reason for doing this. Appa asks Amma to listen to Ishita once. Amma says Mihika and Vandu did not do anything wrong, I felt Ishita is understanding and mature. She tells how the guy’s sister asked Mihika to give test, there are such people in world, and on the other hand, there are Bhallas, who treat Ishita as their daughter, Raman loves Ishu so much, and Ishu has sent them to jail by false case, she ruined their respect. She goes. Ishita cries.

Ishita asks Shagun and Prateek to find anything in Bhalla house, which is harmful for Bhallas. Prateek asks how will we know this. She says the number cd125. They all try to find out.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. sadi

    Hi friends, l hope after these scenes Raman and Ishithas’ romantic scenes will be given priority ? and no more Ashok ? although shagun became to behave nice, my mind doesn’t let me to be like her. Any way happy new year friends. From SL

  2. mp

    Hi everyone….. I think this track will end tomorrow. WISH U A HAPPY NEW YEAR for all yhm fans. Hey guys is there any new spoilers about upcoming epis. I’m enjoying your comments and realy like to read yur cmnts…..,

  3. Ude

    Super great episode dr. I truely hate sarika. If ishitha ask for the reason she should tell it na. Why is she beleving ashok? Idiot!

  4. nimrit

    gud episode. …..waiting to see nxt episode. …..& all yum fans yhm frnds. ……rithuuu janhavi diya ramchin darshika etc sorry yar sabke names yaad nahi aa rahe sorry but sabko a very “”Happy new year””…..may ur all wishes comes true……love u all my yhm frnds

  5. Aarti

    I think I know what sarika is about to do
    Maybe she’s planting a bomb in the house
    She said it’s dangerous plan
    Because if she don’t get out at the right time she will even die right?
    I just think that’s what gonna happen

  6. Hmmm …..i hope ishita will succeed.dont know ekta mam bhalla family ko ekta k saath kab rehne deygi .i want some happiness in this show .happy new year in advance guyz

  7. SIndhu

    Wow…………….. Ishita is very daring to do such an act of arresting her in-laws and husband. It really takes a lot of guts for her to do it as she knows she would be labelled as a wicked daughter in law. It must be very hard for her to see them arrested to save Raman’s life. No wonder when the truth is out, they really feel shameful for how they have treated Ishita and appreciate her even more. The episode must be interesting. Just waiting for their little romance after all the ordeal is over.

  8. Anakha

    Episode was good,HAPPY NEW YEAR rithu,jhanvi,nivedha,diya,fathi fathi,naina,sindhu,kiran and all yhm friends

  9. Happy new year raman and ishita.but the begining of the year isn’t happy because of sarika and ashok.raman please trust ishita and support her . ishita, may your plans successful.get ashok and sarika arrested.

  10. Honey

    Dear tabi, there were rumors that simmi left this show. I don’t know if it is right or not but I just read this in an article.

  11. Roselyn Dada

    To All YHM Fans All Over The World The Wonderful Cast And Crews Ekta Ma My Beloved Ruhi Say Happy New Year To You All.From Nigeria In Africa

  12. diya


    WELCOME – 2016 😀
    episode was good . DT did a grt job . i loved the way raman took ishita’s side . it must b really hard fr ishita to get her family arrestd . but yes .. she had no other option. evn her mother slapped her for it but she keppt mum,:/

    i really didnt feel bad whn mr bhalla is getting arrestd .
    nyway tommorrw will b the khullasa … waitng!!

  13. Jhanvi

    Hi guys…..
    Happy New Year to all my dearest friends..
    I really love this page Nd all friends here..
    God bless you….
    Love you allllll…..

    Nice epi .but y didn’t ishu slapped her tight.. Anyways Ramannnnnn awesome performance.. I really feel nice when he took stand for her..

    Superb Dilougue , ” ye Ghar utna hi uska hai jitna mera , mene kaha tha Na ki koi mere aur ishita k beech nahi bolega.. ”

    Ya she have to do that.. But finally this track is going to end by tomorrow…. 3 monthssss of ghost track….!!!!!

  14. Jhanvi

    Most entertaining fiction drama #yhm #bigstarentertainmentaward..

    Congrats team…
    So fadfast moderation.

  15. Diya

    Wishing u all a prosperous happy new year to all my dear friends..
    Rithu, jhanvi, Diya, darshika, siddhi, nimrit, faya, fathi, cindy, misty, natasha, nivedha, sabrin,parvathy.. Sorry sabke names yaad nahi aa rahe..

    I was soooooo happy as Raman supported ishita.. But y Amma slapped ishu…after knowing sarika’s truth she will regret about it…y ishita didn’t slap sarika??Iam thinking about abhishek,after all when he knows his Dearest sister is a murderer and all these months he was trying to find his sis??I want this drama to finish this asap…

  16. Ude

    Happy new year to all my yhm friends!
    By the way where is rithu? I need your comments. Please put them in english. Because Im a SL So I dnt know hindi much.

  17. I am back door dibu
    Sarika I don’t like her from first
    Old Shagun is Farr better than sarika
    When shagun is vamp she never tried to
    Kill or harm anyone
    But sarika is more dangerous than Ashok
    Cheating her own family

  18. Riya

    @yhm@ [email protected]@……

  19. This is good know
    We can comment directly
    I used to comment more before
    After moderation no mood now
    I am very happy abt the comments

  20. Riya

    Dil kahin rukta nahi
    Dil kahin rukta nahi,
    Chalta hi jaaye teri ore
    Dil meri sunta nahi

    Ho.. saari fizaaon mein hai,
    Mehki hawaon mein hai
    Tera aur mera fasana
    Ho.. jaanu main bhi ye,
    Jaane hai tu bhi ye
    Jaane ye saara jamana

    Ho.. kabhi kam na hongi ye chahate
    Pal pal badhe, ye hai moabbatein

  21. diya

    hey guys … no moderation yaay!!!!
    nyway .
    garma garam trps … of week 51 . 2015
    1; naagin 5.8
    2: sathiyaa 3.8
    2; sasural simar ka 3.8
    3;kumkum bhagya 3.5
    4; yehai mohabbatein 3.4
    4; diya aur bati hum 3.4
    5 jamai raja 3

  22. not a fan

    This program is an insult to us and a waste of time and space! It always insults Muslims too by using the burqa as a means to hide under which is nothing to do with the purpose of wearing it! It totally mocks the religious clothing! All Muslims stop watching this rubbish bullshit! Diya aur bati hum is also bullshit because it disgraces and insults Muslims by making sandhya wear burqa on her police duty sometimes for the wrong reasons!

      • oh shut up @ude ur a f**king b*t*h and @not a fan i totally agree with u even tho im not a muslim im punjabi i fell they same as u and as for u @ude what if the show mucked ur culture or even u so think before u speak or die in hell u know what .. if i knew u personally u would be dead by now . SO GO TO HELL b*t*h F OF

  23. Its seriously good yhm has come on line now after romantic track there should be no sepration of raman and ishita and what about that ashok I think his role has not over he will come back even if he is arrested

  24. V P

    Good morning Yhm fans . And wish you as a very happy , peaceful and great year . Where is Rithu today ? Missing her … as we fans know who is the informer and the depth of Ashoks action , we are able to support Ishitha for arresting her family . But the spirit drama cannot be tolerated . We will forget everything now as we feel the family will understand and forgive her . Awesome serial and Divyanka is tooooo good in her expressions . Hope to see Ishra together to continue their journey in Yhm the same way we fans want them to be . A very happy , successful , new year to Divyanka and Karan .

  25. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Hi friendsssss…… Happy new year to all…..!!!
    Wow….. TRP has increased.
    Epi was nice. Feeling sad for ishita. Sarika is too much. Very irritating.
    This is simply a wow serial. Look guys, the most unrealistic dramas’re top on the chart. Yhm is not like them. That’s why I’m watching one and only yhm. I’m very happy. Coz I’m not a fan of those dramas.
    KP and DT are supper natural actors. Love them soooo much.
    Who cares yhm heaters words…… Don’t care them at all guys. Millions of worldwide fans love this serial. (not only india)
    After the rose romance scene, ishra and all celebrate new year. I saw pics. But romi is alone with rohith.
    Waiting for the upcoming epis……
    From SL

  26. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    One more thing….. Ruhi is still in london. So she’s not in new year celebration in yhm.
    Hi cindy…. Yes, they accept ishita and they apologize.

  27. Aisha

    M a silent reader n nvr ma comments r published here wat drastic change in da serial Really appreciate divyanka’s acting as Shagun hats off juz luv YHM but missin Ishra n Ishru n Ishraruadi scenes wen will dis drama end I want da family scenes back happy n jovial one’s

  28. hey guys darshika sabrin vp misty faya fathi jhanvi siddhi diya(both the diyas) nivedha nimrit natasha ramchin naaz pihoo zaara naina sunaina anakha zaara and all yhm friends good afternoon.

  29. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Bhalla family
    realizes Ishita did all this
    just to save Raman.
    Mrs Bhalla apologizes to
    Ishita for not
    understanding her and
    misbehaved with her.
    Everything gets fine in
    Bhalla family, Raman and
    Ishita’s life.
    Raman and Ishita’s
    sweet-noke-jhoke again
    get started.
    There will be a New Year
    celebration in Dolly
    Aunty’s house who also
    celebrates their silver
    jubilee anniversary.
    Ishita makes them
    exchange garlands to
    make their anniversary
    Apart from this, Mihir and
    Mihika ask Raman to do
    dance with Ishita but
    Raman refuses.
    Raman has backache and
    Ishita laugh recalling how
    Raman lifted cylinder.
    Raman scolds Ishita and
    blames her for his pain.
    Ishita convince Raman in
    her usual romantic style.
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  30. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Bhaalla family
    and Raman find out that
    Ishita did all this just to
    save Raman from
    Ashok’s clutches.
    Both Mrs Bhalla and Mrs
    Iyyer asks forgiveness
    from Ishita for
    understanding her wrong.
    Other side Ashok will
    bring a duplicate
    certificate to the medical
    association stating Ishita
    is proven mad.
    Raman who has known
    about Ashok and shouts
    on him for accusing
    Raman says to the
    medical association why
    Ishita enacted as if she is
    They all belive on
    Raman’s word and Ashok
    gets angry losing chance
    to hurt Ishita.
    Ishita fails Ashok’s plan
    but he will not sit
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  31. nivedha

    Guys I imagined a thing… Imagine how kp and dt will wish us in RKB and JKR style

    Ishu: Hiiii
    Raman: Arre.. Madrasan.. Lecture math dena.. Tell it fast
    Ishu: Raman.. Aap kuch bhi bolte ho.. Yaahan bee daanthe hai mujhe… Seriously …paithiyam..
    Raman: Arre.. Band karo yaar.. My ears paining.. Mujhe chodo wish them
    Happy new year frnd
    Ishu: Happy new year frnds.. Iske saath new year bhii nai kar saktha..
    Raman: Over.. Chalen..
    Ishu: Haan… Ravan kumar

    Hope u like this..
    Sorry guys for writing in Hindi.. It LL be nice for their tone ..

  32. Jhanvi

    Ya it’s really nice nivedha…

    But agar KP kahega Na band kar madrasan mere kano se khoon nikalne lagega..
    Ha ha ha ……

  33. Hii guys! !!!!Happy new year! !!!

    Rithushree, jhanvi, bhagi, gopu, ramya, jhanvi, romi, nimrit.
    Sab log kaise ho.

    Woww yaar pehle ki tarha comment kar sakte hai.

    • Jhanvi

      Ya u know meine abhi insta pe videos dekhe.. Top 12 ishra scenes of d year…
      Usne sare best ishra moments the… Holi celebration, confession , consummation, pregnancy news, woves , sare…. Missing those days …yar kya din the WO…..

  34. Riya

    Ashok (Sangram Singh) tries to defame Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) which makes Raman (Karan Patel) angry in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Bhaalla family and Raman find out that Ishita did all this just to save Raman from Ashok’s clutches.

    Both Mrs Bhalla and Mrs Iyyer asks forgiveness from Ishita for understanding her wrong.

    Other side Ashoka will bring a duplicate certificate to the medical association stating Ishita is proven mad.

    Raman who has known about Ashok and shouts on him for accusing Ishita.

    Raman proves Ishita is not mad

    Raman says to the medical association why Ishita enacted as if she is mad.

    They all belive on Raman’s word and Ashok gets angry losing chance to hurt Ishita.

    Ishita fails Ashok’s plan but he wil lnot sit silently.

  35. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    ha ha ha ha….. Now we have two love stories in this page except yhm.
    (Sorry jhanvi and rithu…… Just joking…… They can’t find your identify. So don’t worry)

  36. Hi rithu , jhanvi , diya , diya , dharahika , fathi fathi , faya ,misty , nimrit , Naaz , zaraa , nivedha , ramchin n all wishing u guys a very happy new year

  37. Ude

    What is this language siddhi? Is it a language that created by u? Aha!
    By the way now again IshRa old caring moments ar going to cm soon. Feeling happy.:-D:-)

  38. ayeeeeeee…get lost dirty guy ashok…
    i need not be beautiful for u …
    gere insaan
    thank god that i am beautiful because u hav said that i am not beautiful

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