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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi recording a video message for Pihu. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma, Mr. Bhalla, Adi, Mihika and others give message to Pihu, and say they love and miss her a lot. Raman says Pihu, Papa misses you a lot, we both will make tomato chicken and have. Romi says come soon Pihu, we miss you. Simmi and Ananya too give a message. Ishita goes away. Simmi tells Ishita that Ananya and Pihu are in same school, so Ananya decided to take care of her, being elder sister. Ishita says oh, same school, take care of her Ananya.

Ruhi asks them to play the great game of carom. She asks Ishita to come. Ishita says no, Pihu will not like seeing me. Ruhi says no, Pihu should know you are part of this family. Raman says she is right, come. They play carom. Raman sees Ishita and thinks why

don’t you understand. I lost Pihu to Shagun because of Mani. She thinks your real win will be when you control your anger, why to get anger on Aaliya. He thinks you made me away. She thinks its cowardness to drink wine, and I want to keep you away from it. Ruhi sees both of them upset.

Shagun tells police that this girl is lying, she is not employee at Mani’s company, ask her who is she and what does she want. Inspector asks the girl to say truth, else he will inform her parents. She says no, don’t inform them, they will die. Shagun asks truth. The girl says yes, I was blaming Mani, he did not misbehave with me. Shagun calls her blameless. Mani asks why did you do this. The girl says someone paid me to do this, I needed money. Inspector and Mani ask her who gave her money. She says Mr. Raman Bhalla gave me money to do this drama and defame you. Mani asks are you sure, I can’t believe this, I went to his house to say sorry, he insulted me and made me leave, but how can he fall so low. Shagun stops him. Mani says he did this to take revenge, I won’t be quiet if he does this again. Inspector says I will talk to my senior inspector and goes. Shagun says I don’t believe this, Raman can fall so low, you were asking me to return Pihu’s custody to him. Mani says it would be my big mistake, I would not send Pihu to him, where is Aaliya. She says she went with Adi on dinner. He says call her back, I don’t want any excuses.

Aaliya thanks Adi for dinner, and asks did you drop party plan because of me. He says no, I don’t want to attend party and talk about attack matter. She says I would have also got uncomfortable. He says I understand, have food. A girl asks can I have selfie with you. Aaliya says we are not celebrity, sorry. The girl says you are a star for me, I did not see such brave girl like you, you did not sit at home after the attack. Aaliya says sure, he is Adi, my friend, he helped me, can we take a selfie together. The girl takes selfie with them.

Raman cries seeing Pihu’s pics. Ruhi goes to him. He asks did you not sleep. She asks what are you thinking, I saw our recording, you can tell me anything, share things than drinking. He says we lost Pihu, Shagun made her away and I made others away. Ruhi says you are talking about Ishita, she left from here after party, she is ignoring you, she does not like your drinking, why are you doing this. He says what to do, I miss Pihu, I m angry, I m a bad father. Ruhi says no, its late night, leave all this, come and sleep. She takes him to room.

Adi and Aaliya are on the way. Aaliya says I can’t believe everyone is inspired by me, I did not get scared. He says yes, I m also inspired by you, thanks for taking a stand for me infront of Mani. She asks him to stop the car. He asks what happened. She says I want to eat Paan/betel. They go to the paan shop. She asks the man to make two sweet betels. Adi refuses to have. She asks him to have it. She eats and likes the paan. She makes him eat it. He says I don’t eat this. He pays money and they leave. He says car is that side, come. She says weather is amazing, we will walk. He says its late. She insists. It thunders and she hugs him by getting scared. Tu safar mera…. Ae dil hai mushkil….plays….. Adi holds her and smiles. He realizes and breaks the hug.

Ishita meets Abhishek and says what, Raman can’t do this. Abhishek says I know, but Verma told me. She says don’t talk to Raman now. He can’t send any girl, I think someone else sent that girl to increase the distance between Mani and Raman, someone knows of their fight, I will go and talk to Mani. He says he is very angry now. She says does not matter, he is my friend, I have to meet him. He says fine, I will come along. He gets a call and says fine, I m reaching. She asks can’t you come along. He says no, sorry. Adi sees them and asks Ishita is there any problem.

Shagun talks to Ashok on phone and praises his plan. He asks how was that girl. She says she was fantastic actress, Mani was so worried. He asks does Mani want to apologize to Raman now. She says no way, he is very angry, as Aaliya has gone on dinner with Adi, I think Aaliya came, I don’t want to see the drama, bye.

Ruhi asks Raman to sleep. He asks did Ishita not come. She says don’t worry, talk to her in morning, everything will be fine. He says you don’t know, she is so adamant. She asks him to buy a gift for Ishita and surprise her. She shows the online shopping app and asks him to buy for Ishita, Dadi and Pihu. He cries seeing Pihu’s pic. He gets sad and says good night. He turns to sleep.

Shagun asks Ishita what are you doing here, you came to say sorry on your husband’s behalf. Ishita says why will I, I know Raman did not do anything, where is Mani. Mani says no need to say anything, he is cheap man. She says you know my husband can’t do this. Mani says he has backstabbed me, he has sent you to give explanation, he is a coward. Adi says enough, I won’t hear anything against my dad. Mani says who are you, you are also like your dad. Adi says this is not true. Mani says I know truth. Adi and Mani argue. Ishita takes Adi, while Aaliya comes and stops Mani. Ishita asks Adi why did he fight with Mani, we came here to solve this. Adi says I won’t hear this as a coward. She says you are foolish to fight, you behaved like your dad, even Raman gets angry without thinking, does anything sort out by anger, this is misunderstanding, we have to solve this, you have to manage this maturely, if we fight, will Pihu be safe here, think, I know Raman is angry and will be annoyed, I need your help, will you help me. He says yes, I promise. She says we can’t tell Raman we came here, I m worried about Mani’s anger, I really hope Aaliya explains him.

Raman says she was there, I heard her voice. Shagun says yes, don’t talk to Pihu, you guys do mistake and apologize, Ishita came here yesterday. He asks what, did Ishita come there. She says yes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. More plotting and backstabbing, the good getting caught and the bad are free.

  2. Ankitha

    Hi everyone . Looks like I am the first to comment. Liked the beginning part but slowly became worse. Ruhi advicing Raman was nice . I have a doubt . When did Simmi and Parameet join again . Plz tell me.

  3. Tvfan1

    loved adiya moment 🙂

  4. I have just one sentence for YHM. Slap Shagun, Ashok and the cvs who are writing this plot. I think MIno you are right when you said some days ago that people can get vexed watching this. It just increases one pressure when they see how Shagun just wins and goes on successfully. Mani honestly is so stupid. Does he truly think that Raman would have set this up? He is already so angry over losing Pihu. Where does he have the time to think about such plan? Why does everyone just listen and fall into Shagun trap including Mani? Mani should know Raman better. Raman gets angry but he will not stoop so low. Shagun always says that she loves Raman and Ishita has snatched everything and is this what Shagun calls love?? So she never loved Raman or his paarivar right from the start, neither did she like Pihu. She only loved the money and high society living.

    At least Ruhi knows how to soothe her father. She did some good things here. I seem to like Ananya now. She is such sweet little bespectacled girl. A very sweet natured girl. Why don;t the cvs do this? Let Pihu’s custody wait for awhile. Just develop the YHM on Ishita and Raman first. I don’t see them and sit down and have a very nice heart to heart talk. Dedicate just one episode for the IShra and rekindle their old YHM love again. I am sure the tripping will go sky high on that particular day.

    Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Jaz, Kiran, Monique, Khushi, Siddhi, Bhagya, Az, Prisha, Saritha and many more.

    1. shut up sindhu and don’t u ever dare utter even a word on shagun.shes my favourite and as well as ashok and nidhi they too r awesome.she ll outshine that dirty ishita by slapping her

      1. Helo shagun fan.. Everyone have the right to post their comment here.. Sindhu placed her opinion very nicely.. If you have any pblm witj comment jus dnt read..any ways i dnt think there will be much shagun fans in this site than u..

  5. What is happening yar dragging dragging till when yar pls send pihu to raman yar till when they darg yar

  6. Why can’t Mani be more patient in dealing with Adi? Mani should understand that Adi is young so he can get angry if anyone speaks ill of his father. He might be quick tempered because of his immaturity but Mani is a matured man so he should have been more patient instead he equally tries to challenge Adi and even pulls his collar shirt. Goodness how teh cvs have turned Mani into a violent person. Anyone who marries Shagun becomes violent. Shagun is laughing silently. Now Raman and IShita will fight again…. He is going to get angry with Ishita now. Oh my goodness…. They never seems to join IShra together at all. Sometimes I just feel Ishita should have just stayed in Australia.

    1. Ys sindu.. Blame shld go to cvs… They made mani too negative nd creayung more nd more tension nd negativities..
      They dnt hav any nee plot in store so dragging this car nd mouse game bet this ishitha nd shagun too ling.. Now its really boring ..
      Noone will lyk a show in which neg prevails for a long tym

  7. Oh dear!! Why do these shows give so much airtime to the evil people winning in their efforts to bring down the good people.
    The writers have no problem coming up with prolonged evil plots and schemes and appear to have great difficulty in doing justice to the good, positive side of the show.
    Come now cvs, spread some joy, show the good side of mankind more often. The world needs some hope, love, laugther and good old positivity.

  8. Ankitha

    When did simmi and param join again
    Plz someone tell me

    1. its good for evil people to win and good idiot dogs like ishita and raman bhalla to lose coz those thugs deserve it.i love it when they lose hahahahaha.victory for marvelous shagun and ashok and loser ishita.

  9. I am telling you, I hope the daily lives in Indian people are not like this. So far most of the serial are about backstabbing and it’s mostly within the family. When you have family like that why would you need outsider to be enemy, you have enough at home. Maybe this is the way Indians relate in real life, there is no normalcy of a family life, always back biting each other…it would drive anyone to suicidal tendency living in a household like that!!! Have some sort of happy life…I know its just a show but you are basing it on the indian household so get real or stop showing these type of story

    1. It’s not real it’s serial

  10. I missed the episode.episode is boring and precap is also boring .no charm left in yhm to watch it without missing an episode.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi magic ankitha and all yhm friends.

  11. The Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) report is out for the 38th week of 2016 for shows across the channels.

    The TRP Chart indicating the top 10 shows based on the TRP ratings is out.

    In the 38th week of 2016, ZEE TV’s Brahmaraksha gained first position having Rishabh, Raina’s marriage trapping Raksh and Aprajita entry.

    Colors Shakti -Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki got second position having Harman and Soumya’s separation track after revelation of Soumya’s kinner reality and Soumya struggle in her new world.

    Star Plus Saath Nibhana Saathiya got third position with entry of Ahem’s duplicate Jagii in Gopi’s life.

    Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein also got fourth position having Adi, Ishita, Ruhi and Raman’s drama over Aaliya’s acid attack.
    The Top 10 shows along with the BARC TRP Rating, TVT Rating

    1. Brahmaraksha

    2. Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki

    3. Saath Nibhana Saathiya

    4. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    5. Kumkum Bhagya

    6. Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chasmah

    7. Udaan

    8. Sasural Simar Ka, Kawach

    9. Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki

    10. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

  12. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shocking: Clash amid Raman-Ishita due to Mani

    Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    Raman bursts out at Mani seeing him at Bhalla house.

    Angry Raman slaps Mani because Raman lost Pihu to Shagun because of Mani.

    Raman is completely sloshed and just cannot make up his mind.

    On the other hand, Ishita goes behind Mani to talk to him but Raman misunderstands Ishita and scolds her for apologizing to Mani.

    Ishita tires to make Raman understand but Raman get heated and rubbishes off Ishita’s words.

    Will Ishita be able to sort out all the differences amid Raman and Mani getting Pihu back?

    Let’s wait and watch.

  13. What is this yaar always something with Raman….but loved adi and aliya…..but that actually according to today’s episode Ashok and shagun have fallen low with cheap plans……anyways pichi should know the truth that ishitha is her mother and come back to valla house……

  14. Very disgusting to see the episode today … what is the CVs upto ? Totally ruined characters like Raman , Ishitha , Mani and each and every one .,, how much we used to enjoy ishra scenes … the surrogancy track onwards rubbish only ..,Mani doesnot know his best friend Ishus husband to doubt on Raman ? Abhishep ACP to arrest immediately Raman without questioning and trying to find out the truth from that girl ? If Ishitha goes away … I feel all problems will be over … I really wish Ishitha takes a firm decision and leaves Raman .. Pihu can come at leat Raman will stop crying … its boring to watch him crying ..,weakening his character like anything … how easily Shaghun gets her things done … seeing her really pressure is rising … we want to relax watching …please stop this … millions are upset seeing this show ruined to the core … how can Raman burn the photo ? once he did and cvs have not explained to us about their 7 years stay with out each other … Raman not apologised yet …how are they allowed to show all these crap …Alia from begining I liked …hope she is not again giving hope to Adi ….Ishitha knows for sure all these are Shaghuns plans .. why cant she tell the truth ?

    1. Agar nidhi pihu ko kidnap nahi karti toh much nahi hota

  15. Hi all yhm fans.didnt like episode or precap What is happening. Evil wins over good.lies wins over truth.just don’t get it anymore.

  16. HANG ON from TRP ratings one day YHM will not be in count.. if these dramas cont..
    After Divya Marriage and abhishek(vivek) entry .. Raman Degraded and relation & Chemistry between RAMAN & ISHITA lost… now ishita & Raman are like 2 friends & neighbours..not Husband & Wife.. Bad acting Divya put on

  17. Come on make it like ishita, Figers that this all Shaun’s mind games, let her speak to mani they are best friends has mani doe t have a character which who gets angry… So he should listen to Ishita…. Also Shaun must get arrested for the kidnap and that girl who said that Raman sent, should file a case on her for lies and then she tells the real truth. Bring some excitements to the story. Not that Shaun keep winning in her minds games, ppl will not have faith in life if this continues like this, and shagun uses all the kids also pihu, make pihu fell for real mum, in the story pihu is portrayed as a smart girl, she is the one who fingers out that’s ishita,s kidnap. Also Raman,s anger is boring……………….boring ….makes him looks like a fool.

    1. saphee don’t think that shagun wont be successful.she ll do it and ishita is a big loser

      1. YOu are wrong sucker!!!

        Saphee is right!!!! Get your eyes open and move from here.

      2. YOu are wrong sucker!!!

        Saphee is right!!!! `

        Get your eyes open and move from here. Shagunfan


      4. You should shut up! You don’t know what you are saying in this site. Get out of this site.

  18. R this written updates being posted on diff. Pages m not getting any replies…:(

  19. Looks a final good bye is coming for shagun from the serial . Hope to see pihu soon with raman

  20. I think mani himself will hear shagun plan n try to ruin her

  21. When will this show get better as to be seen it is going to be a big black muddle of a story and villain not even get their share of karma

  22. Hello and good morning to each and every fan of yhm and
    Do whatever you want to do
    God bless to all of you
    (have a good navratrey) to whom who will do navratrey but i can’t bear hunger so i am not going to do

  23. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi guys very gud mrng to all

  24. All this stupid story lines made me go off this serial
    Shagun Ashok will never stop plotting against Raman
    And Ishita had a chance to tell Mani that Shagun was
    Behind her kidnapping but she never tells him
    Pihu well I think at least they can tell her that Raman was
    Is married to her
    Story is getting boring

  25. Hello shivani, appy, shreya, rithushree, vp, danny, parichari, ankitha, mino, kiran, sindhu, pavan and all the yhm fans
    here we go another drama and rift between ishita and raman the show will again include full of negativity i think in this show the villains are in lead role

  26. ohhh please just stop this pretending cute dramas.shagun is marvelous for me.wish if she could destroy ishita and kill her then it would be superb.stupid b***** ishita go to hell,raman must be immeditately arrested for that rubbish act

    1. Hahaha hello shagunfan how are you? Do you know where is shagun now (in this show) i think shagun is going to be in jail soon (according to writer’s)

      1. hey magic please don’t try to act smart with me.shagun will never go to jail and if she does then she ll be out in one hell with that SL*T ishita shagun will drop her down

      2. Shagunfan!!!! Magic is right. Shagun will never deserved for Pihu. Shagun gave poision in Pihu mind so that Ishita and Raman will clean all the poision in Pihu mind and Pihu will realised Ishiu is wonderful mother. Shagun does not lo9ve children.

        You don’t know whatyou are talking about and giving all the shit!!1

    2. Hey shagunfan why would i try to act smart with you are you chief of this group? I am only asking to you generally that (how are you) if you don’t like to talk in friendship manner than it’s ok i am not saying to you that don’t like shagun because someone like raman someone ishita you like shagun its ok but that’s sure shagun will be in jail soon because of her character (according to show) this is fictitious serial shagun ji

    3. Shagunfan*

  27. in my point of view tehreem and kimberlys points were correct nidhi and shagun are good in ruling this show.its better to support the evil guys rather than good ones coz bullshit donkeys like ishita and raman must be kicked far off can they spoil a innocent womans life by not thinking about their daughter.ishita is truly a big sl*t and I call her a baanch.aaaagh hate that bhallas and ishita.they should call her as jagatmaata

    1. Let me clear with you Shagunfan, Tehreem and Kimberleys!1

      You are so such useless when it come to Shagun and Nidhi shit behaviour.
      You will be able to liearn from her so that you will never love children like her.
      Ishita loves children than money.

  28. good for nothing dumb yhm fans wait and watch shagun will win and ur jagatmaata ishita will definitely lose I assure that.shagun is far better than any other mother in this world except for that BAANCH ISHITA DOG.

    1. In your dream Shagunfan!!1
      Shagun will definite lose Pihu to Ishita.

      1. really miss parichary,then we ll c todays episode whether that baanch ishita will get back pihu or not.and yes so long U BIG RETARD

      2. YOu are much further dumb one!!!!
        You don’t know that Ishita is Pihu real mother and Doctor use Ishita egg with Raman in Shagun womb so that Pihu is not Shagun daughter get it!


  29. Hi yhm fans today episode is OK but I think mani need realise that Raman is not bad.yhm fans we need 100 updates because yhm is nice drama and all of u.Have a wanderfull day.

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