Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ishita gets dizzy

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi saying Nikhil and I truly love each other, please leave me alone. Raman and Ishita sadly see her and leave. Simmi says its Ruhi’s haldi, we should celebrate. She asks Mrs. Bhalla not to say anything. She says I will fulfill Ruhi’s wish. Raman says there won’t be any haldi, this marriage won’t happen. Nikhil comes and says this marriage will surely happen. He gives haldii to Simmi. Raman asks how dare you come here. Ruh and Ishita come and look on. Nikhil says I want all the marriage rasams to get complete. He takes haldi to apply to Ruhi. She stops him and asks why did you come now, you have left me and run away, why.

He says yes I have gone to get chocolates for Riya, when I came back, hotel staff said there was a fire caught and everyone left,

I came here and met Ishita, I m alone and its enough to manage everything. Ishita asks him not to do drama. Raman asks him to answer truth. Ishita says we are your parents, if this man was right, why would we not get you married to him. Nikhil says I want to show something, your parents are liars, I can prove it. Adi and Romi make Nikhil out. Ruhi stops them. She asks Nikhil what does he has to show. He shows a pendrive and says you can decide who is lying, me or your parents. Nikhil plays the USB. They see a video of Raman beating up Nikhil. Ruhi looks at Raman. Nikhil says I went from there, I didn’t wish Raman to insult me in front of you and Riya, I can’t tolerate this every time. Raman says he is lying. Nikhil asks is this video recording lying, I came here to tell truth. Ishita says he is crossing limit, Ruhi can’t you see him, he is so clever, he got CCTV footage to manipulate you, I told you he doesn’t love you, he threatened me, he wants revenge from Raman. Nikhil says you are lying, I told Ishita I will marry Ruhi, Ishita threatened me. Ishita says I told you I won’t let this marriage happen as you are a wrong man. Nikhil says enough Ruhi, you have the proof here, I love you a lot, my case is weak, but my love is true, if you want to marry me, say yes, else I will go, I can’t live without you. Ruhi stops him. He smiles. She says I will marry you tomorrow itself. They all get shocked.

Ruhi says its our sangeet in evening, go and get ready, I trust you. She takes haldi from him. She tells everyone that its haldi now, anyone who wants to come can come. Raman gets angry.

Parmeet asks Nikhil when did he plan all this. Nikhil says Raman came to hotel with Riya, I saw CCTV and did acting. Parmeet says you are a great player. Nikhil says Ruhi was shocked seeing CCTV footage, now Raman and Ishita can’t do anything, you are innocent, marriage is tomorrow, just help me. Parmeet asks what to do. Nikhil asks him to get Ruhi after sangeet, then he will workout his plan at night and leave tomorrow, Bhallas can’t do anything. Parmeet smiles.

Mani says trust me Ruhi, Nikhil is fraud. Raman says he is fraud, are you listening. Ruhi says Raman was threatening him. Ishita says trust us once. Simmi asks what, Nikhil is crying. Parmeet says yes, he is in bad state, he is worried. Nikhil smiles. Parmeet asks is Ruhi fine. Simmi says everyone is trying to change her mind. He says this guy is very nice, Ruhi loves him. She says yes, what shall we do. He says they should get married, be with Ruhi. She says yes, take care of Nikhil. Parmeet says Simmi is emotional, she will get your marriage done. Nikhil drinks.

Simmi asks Ishita to stop the drama now. She shouts on Ishita. She asks her why is she torturing Ruhi, Nikhil is a nice guy, I will always support Ruhi. Raman says just do what we say. Simmi and Raman argue. Ishita asks Simmi to stop her melodrama, she is trying to harm Ruhi. Simmi says I have no respect here. Mrs. Bhalla says you are arguing like mad. Ruhi asks them to stop it now. She says I will do what I want, stop it, I will marry Nikhil, I will make Simmi and Parmeet do my kanyadaan.

Ruhi applies haldi to her face and asks Raman what will he do now, this marriage won’t stop. Bala and Kiran come and look on. Ruhi asks Raman to do anything. Bala asks what’s happening Ruhi. Ruhi says my marriage preparations. She goes. Everyone gets sad.

Ishita cries and says we have lost Raman. Raman says sorry. She says maybe my upbringing was wrong. He says no, she is not able to trust us. She says we know Nikhil is wrong, he wants to ruin her life. She cries a lot and gets dizzy. Raman holds her. He shouts to Romi and Adi.

Nikhil dances in baraat. Simmi asks Raman not to emotionally blackmail Ruhi, support her. Raman says I don’t want to talk to you. He asks Ruhi is this her last decision, sorry, I have no other option. He pushes Ruhi and locks the door.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ruhi is so stupid…nikhil is not even good looking and as a fact he is a father…what she saw in him…love is definitely blind

  2. Arre yaar what is happening to Ruhi. I agree that Raman method to get rid of Nkhil was wrong but his intention as a father was not. I cannot believe that she can be tat disrespectful towards her parents. And Simmi what kind of a bua is she..I feel that she is instigating Ruhi to get back at Ishita, but I mean to play with a young girls life. I will wait for the day that Param and Nikhil are exposed..I want to see Simmi and Ruhi’s faces.
    These are the truths of life ,what some parents go through. Always remember if your parents have worked hard to bring u up ,educate u..why would they ever want bad for you.

  3. grow up ruhi.. at least apne tarf se ek bar nikhil ka test to lo. jab koi itna mana karta hai iska matlb koi badi baat hogi ye samajh nai ata kya.. tumhri ishimaa or papa na sahi par apna khud ka dimag to lagao yar ek bar

  4. faltu se faltu krte ja rhe hain serial ko. itna negative dikha rhe hain parents ko le k ufff.

  5. Kitni bakwas story banadi h….
    Viewers itne kam ho gaye h and yaha pe comments ki line lagti thi jo abhi ginke 5-6 comments dikhai deti h….
    Ruhi jo choti thi tab itni samjdar show karte use ki wo sagun ki satir chalo se bhi bach jati thi and aj badi ho k isko itna bevkuf dikha rahe h ki pucho mat…
    Yhm k pahele wale din to ab namumkin lag rahe he

  6. Koi mujhe batayega…what is the age of that dirty nikhil …? When ruhi was 5.. aadi was 11….and now ruhi is 20 …then aadi…26.
    …and aaliya may be 25 or 26…..and nikhil is class mate of aaliya….then nikhil is now max 26 or 27 or 28……aur abhi agar nikhil 26 ka hai tow uski aur pooja ki shaadi 16 saal me hui thi.. aur tabhi Riya bhi paida ho gai…bcoz Riya is 10 now…tow nikhil ne bal vivah kiya tha. Pooja se…?

    1. Hahahs. Sahi pakre hain ?

    2. true shaili, even we are not understanding this logic. how nikhil have 10 years old daughter

  7. Kitni bakwas story banadi h….
    Viewers itne kam ho gaye h and yaha pe comments ki line lagti thi jo abhi ginke 5-6 comments dikhai deti h….
    Ruhi jo choti thi tab itni samjdar show karte use ki wo sagun ki satir chalo se bhi bach jati thi and aj badi ho k isko itna bevkuf dikha rahe h ki pucho mat…
    Yhm k pahele wale din to ab namumkin lag rahe he…

  8. Irritating and dragging …

  9. Ruhi may be stupid but Simmi is a total idiot to trust two men more than her family. Even though one of those men tried to ruin her family once before. At least you can blame Ruhi’s stupidity on her immaturity…but what about Simmi sending her young niece alone to meet a man….yikes!!

  10. Full on stupidity is shown over here especially in case of Ruhi and Simmi.

  11. Ruhi is just being stupid leave her to fend for herself n find out wat nikhil is

  12. They are only dragging the episodes by just showing how Ruhi is being fooled by Nikhil. Whenever Raman and Ishita bring up something against Nikhil, she seems to trust them partly and question Nikhil. Wondering why Ishita is not able to bank on this trust and bring out something against Nikhil. Also suddenly they have made Nikhil’s character so bitter where initally he was such a good man. Somehow I feel Divyanka’sacting in these episodes are not up to the mark. Raman’s aggression is relatable to that of a father.

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