Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman getting surprised seeing Pihu. Pihu says I will come along for Adi and Aaliya’s engagement. Raman and Ishita get glad. Raman says yes, we will take you. He holds Ishita’s hand. She moves his hand away from Ishita and leaves with him. Ishita cries. Ishita gets a call and says I m coming. Raman and Pihu are on the way. He says we are very annoyed with Papa right. Pihu says no, I don’t want any explanation. He says Ishita is your real mum. She says no, Shagun is my real mum. Raman says Ruhi told you about Kanha having two mummas, one who gave birth and one who raised, you have two mums too. Pihu says no, Ishita is no one, Shagun is my mumma, I was in her tummy. he thinks how to explain her. She says we have to be there before mahurat.


asks where are Raman and Ishita, mahurat is close. Mihika thinks to tell everything to Romi. Lawyer Kunal calls her and looks at her from far. He says you look pretty in these clothes. She looks around and asks who are you. He says I know you were in resort room with ex fiance. She says shut up. He says if I tell this to your husband, all your attitude will go. She worries. Simmi asks her to come, ring ceremony is happening. Dadi says its just 5mins for mahurat. Raman comes with Pihu. Shagun gets shocked and says how did Raman get Pihu without my permission. Ruhi asks Raman where is Ishi Maa. He says she would be coming, Dadi we should not delay, its mahurat time. Dadi asks where is Ishita, when will she come. Raman says don’t know. Ishita comes. Ruhi asks her to come for ceremony.

Ishita says you go and be with Adi, Pihu is here. Ruhi nods and goes. Dadi says first Adi will make Aaliya wear the ring. Adi says I don’t have ring. Amma says I gave you ring, did you forget at home. Adi asks when did you give me ring. Dadi says find ring fast, its just 5mins left. The flowers shower on Adi and Aaliya. Everyone smile. Romi brings the surrpise. The ring descends in a heart shaped with a dancing couple fixed box. Aaliya smiles. Amma says Adi, I was so scared, you did not tell me. Adi makes Aaliya wear the ring. Raman sees Ishita and looks upset. Adi says I want to take my mum’s blessings before stepping in my new life. Shagun smiles. Adi takes Aaliya and goes to Ishita. Ishita congratulates them and blesses. Simmi tells Mihika that her phone is ringing.

Mihika attends the call. Kunal says your sister in laws trusts you and has good relation, will she trust you when she knows truth, check the pic I m sending you. Mihika goes. She sees the pic of her and Mihir, which police clicked. She says before this man does wrong, I have to tell everything to Romi, is this some policeman, what does he want. He calls her again. He says you look very beautiful. She asks who are you, don’t think I m scared, what do you want. He says you got angry, you are brave. He ends call. She says matter is getting worse, I think I should tell Mihir.

Ruhi tells everyone that engagement went on well, but its Punjabi function and can’t complete without dance. She asks Adi and Aaliya to perform. Adi says I won’t dance. She says Ishita and Raman look upset, that’s why I announced this. Aaliya asks Adi to come. Mihir sees pics and says I told you Mihika to tell everything to Romi, why did you hide. She says I did not get chance. He says calm down, give me his number, I will call back. She says no, don’t call, we will wait for his call and know what does he want. He says why is he blackmailing. She says he is here and keeping an eye on me. Romi looks on. Mihir asks her to calm down. They see Romi and stop. Mihir says actually Mihika was saying… Romi says whatever, can I take my beautiful wife along. Mihir says so sorry, go ahead. Mihika and Romi leave. Mihir says who is this man blackmailing Mihika.

Adi and Aaliya dance in Zehnaseeb………. Everyone smile. Ishita tells Raman that she just went to meet Pihu, she did not tell everything to Pihu. He asks her not to talk and goes annoyedly. Romi tells Mihika that finally Adi and Aaliya got engaged. She says I want to tell you something. He says say it, I love you too. She says actually….. Kunal walks in. Romi asks her to come and meet his friend.

Romi introduces Mihika to Kunal. Kunal says sorry, I got late. Mihika says you guys talk, I will just come. Kunal says you invited me and I had to come. Romi says I heard you became lawyer. Raman hears them. Kunal says yes, I see custody cases, I fight custody cases for those parents who should get custody. Raman goes to Ishita and acts good, saying don’t think I have forgiven you, see that big lawyer Kunal Sethi, he fights custody cases for parents who should get custody of children, I think he can fight Pihu’s custody case, we should look perfect parents. She says anything for Pihu and smiles.

Raman gives an explanation. Ishita says no need to explain or be sorry, I just wanted to say because Pihu asked me to swear on her and tell her truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. When or will the writers ever change Raman thinking, even today he didn’t listen to ishita. Only in precap ishita tells him why she told pihu after he tries to give explanation. Wonder if Kunal will help them in getting pihu as shagun is going to file for custody as stated in a spoiler.

  2. Hope all of you had a wonderful Diwali! I had no time to comment….
    What is going on?? Why is Raman getting angry on Ishu? The writer made him a selfish man. And this Pihu…… She is a small kid. She comes to know the truth only after 7 years. Shagun has taken care of her since her birth. Raman s single mistake made Ishu upset. Poor thing. She is always getting blamed by others. This Raman keeps saying, “only for Ruhi’s sake, only for Adi’s sake, only for Pihus sake” can’t he do for his and ishus sake?? I am beginning to hate him . Let him go back to Shagun if he can’t blame her. Mani is changing slowly. I want him to know about Shagun. Then he can help ishra win Pihu custody by saying abt Shagun. This Kunal is so bad. Being a big lawyer he is blackmailing Mihika. Cheap man. I hope Romi won’t doubt Mihika and Mihir. Adiliya Dance was cute. Fed up of this serial. Yhm is dead now. But why I am still watching it??

    1. Helen Agulhas

      And all these years shagun is using the children as she very well knows that Raman’s love for his children is his weak point. This clenching teeth drama queen!She left Raman and now she does not want to see him happy. I so wish that Ishita would find someone who will love her for her (kind-heartedness,understanding,maturity etc.) and won’t use her!After all,she helped raise those kids!

      1. Mani was the best option…but she rejected his proposal…poor ishita madly loves raman…..but that stupid don’t realizing her value….

  3. Adi n aliya’s dance was superb..hell with shagun yaar..kab khatam hogi uski drama…
    Who is kunal n wts his prob with mihika..will he help raman?? I thnk he is dng by ashok’s saying….engagement part was awesome..wen will pihu understand tht ishu is the bst yaar….

  4. Pihu behaviour is bad towards ishita. she is becoming junior shagun and not listening to anyone. U r showing the character of a little girl in a bad way. Don’t spoil the character of little child makers. She has to listen to someone Other than shagun then only she will understand the truth.

    1. Helen Agulhas

      The absolute truth!Mini-shagun!

  5. I seriously can’t take this Raman’ s character anymore. He is so abusive. Whatever he does I feel it is emotional abuse on ishita s side. Will he ever become an ideal husband that ishita deserves.. CVs please.. You are making us hate this wonderful show.. Or rather used to be wonderful show. Why can’t you show Raman for once standing for his wife and not always barking like a dog. This is now boring and become a total crap.. We watch this show for ishra but this current track is giving us nothing good and worth watching from them. Why would Raman be concerned about pihu hating him.. When she has hated ishita all her life.. Addressed her as aunty.. Doesn’t he think this more straining on her. Why can’t he take time to understand this and stop making false promises to ishita.. And why you making ishita to bow down to Raman s rubbish always. What are you trying to teach the world with this track. This is no lesson here and its not even something that you should be showing to the society. Please change this track.

    1. Helen Agulhas

      The writers should start listening to the viewers or else the show’s rating will keep on dropping. After all,we,the viewers were the ones keeping the show in the top. The world is full of such people like shagun,ashok,etc. We want to see love and serenity for a change.

    2. Nalini Persad

      Well said, Bokamoso. You have all that I would have said. Raman is very disgusting. Good thing is that this is only a fiction! No one will want a hellish life like this. Ishita is a tough lady, the tale will end with Shagun backing out or punished, as poetic justice requires it to be. After all the twists and turns, ultimately the good wins, and the bad is punished; I would like to anticipate that Shagun and her bad friends will face justice, Ishita will finally get her own child at last, as her problem in the story has been the inability to have her own child, now she has one, the child is taken away from her, now she can still hope that her child is returned to her as a Diwali gift this time.

  6. U have even spoil the character of raman always showing him in a angry way.

  7. I think YHM died when surrogacy track wax introduced or when theu went to leap . I was also thinking why everyone wants Pihu to be such a decision making level. Anyway it reflects bad on Indian judiciary where murdering and kidnapping women live at a large and she was given a custody of a child were as good people always looses. Anyway some reason I still watching but it does not have glory which it had at the inceptio.

  8. Hi Rithu, VP, MIno, Shivani, Jaz, Az, Kiran, Monique, Siddhi, Khushi, Magic, Supergirl, Padma and many other YHM fans.

    I just don’t understand Raman. Poor Ishu. She is so down to earth and just respects Raman even though Raman scolds and jumps at her. I don’t know whether the cvs are trying to show that the person you love the most is the one that you always feel that you have the authority of getting angry and jumping at that person each time. Raman should explain to Pihu very calmly. Raman is very quick in his judgement, Someone please kill Shagun. No one has brought up the matter of Pihu’s burnt arm. I just dislike this. Shagun is getting away with it all the time. Mihika should say something. She is going to be embroiled in this mess. Poor Mihir is going to get all the blame.

    Why are all the lawyers bad in YHM except for Patak. Pallavi’s husband was bad, Niddhi was bad and now Kunal. No one is truthful. Everyone is scheming. How sad Ishita must be when she sees Pihu treating Ishita as a stranger. I understand Pihu is young and she is widely influenced by Shagun but sometimes I like to slap Pihu. She is so disrespectful to elders. Even if she does not like Ishita she still needs to be respectful.

  9. Hi VP Sindhu, Rithu, Shivani, Monique, Magic, Kushi, Kiran ,Baghya & All The YHM Famiy ,First Shivani Welcome Back dear. when we ignore & Does not get affected by anyone ‘s saying it is best for ur health etc. just forgive & Forget.. I read & enjoy all ur comments ,For that matter all the yhm fans too. Different Opinions are good for our health ha ha as YHM alone is putting our blood pressure high & making all of us Mad.. Hope everyone will cool down now & May I wish everyone of u a happy Diwali & God’s Blessings for a great Future.
    Did u guys notice how Raman Changed like the leopard changed his spots. now for his benifit he goes & says to Ishu That there is a lawyer to fight the case. what about she trying to explain & He snubbing her. Ishu should be nice to him till he gets Pihu’s custody & ask him to go & jump in the lake ha ha if there is one close by….why get insulted all her married life .. The marriage & That little brat talking to Ishu so rudely is terrible.
    Mehika asked for trouble .first she should have told Romi the plan & gone . Remember how she was mad when he went to study with that lecturer she suspected Romi. now again guys be ready for Ekta fashion trouble marriage. never ending marriage problems . other than the old couple all the other marriages were doomed in some way. though they got back together.. she must be hating married life. Bad experience i suppose. anyway thk God i am reading the updates & ur comments ,that alone makes me go bonkers. but how if i watch??? even in Auz marriages don’t break like this .. Bad image for Indian Culture. Sorry to say.. Hope i did not hurt anyone’s feeling if so very sorry.. Luv to All Muah Muah & God Bless.

    1. Hi mino…thanks for the warm welcome…..
      pls don’t misunderstand our culture….i knw this show brought a bad image..but thats not true…ekta is manipulating things just like shagun manipulates pihu…
      raman is a real chameleon…never cares for ishitas feelings…..this show really drives me mad….

    2. MIno and Shivani

      You are right but I am confusing of Raman behaviour when Pihu is with or without him. Firstly Raman get angry on Ishu for telling truth but did not know what is happening before. Shagun had created rift between Ishra and Pihu. Mani want to bring Ishra and Pihu to get closer but goes in vain. Mani did right to blast out at Shagun that Ishu is Pihu real mother and Pihu heard this and want the truth from elder. Ishu only told half of it but Raman stopped Ishu. Pihu want Ishu to swear and be honest.

      Ishu only want to make Pihu get ready by giving the clothes and Pihu want the truth from Ishu. Raman arrived and missed little hearing of what Pihu want to ask Ishu. Ishu did not tell fully about the past but only told that Ishu is her real mother. Raman became angry by hearing this and goes to stop Ishu and pull Ishu to other room and blast on her while Pihu get ready to dress up. Ishu want to explained to Raman and Raman refused to listen. Pihu comes to Raman and Ishu and tell them that she is ready to go to Adi and Aylia engagement party. Pihu only want to go with Raman so that Ishu should not come together because she is hurting and Raman get shocked by Pihu wanted to come and just want to glare at Ishu but also hold Ishu hand to come but Pihu break the hold and take Raman away from Ishu. Ishu know that Pihu is confusing and know that she is hurting. All are happy that Raman arrived with Pihu without Shagun consent but Shagun get fumed that Raman brought Pihu without consulted her. Then Pihu ran to Shagun and Shagun look at Pihu annoyed. Raman ask guest to start. they won’t start and ask where is Ishu and Raman annoyed then tell that Ishu will come later and ask to proceed and Adi and Aylia refused to start without Ishu. Ishu arrive and they get happy and Raman get upset. Ruhi ask Ishu to join family ritual and Ishu tell no and explain the reason because of Pihu and Pihu looked on and feel bad. Ruhi understood Ishu.

      Adi funny antics that scared Mrs Iyer and worried on Aylia’s nani anger but they play prank with the help with Romi. Then they get surprised and like the arrangement by Adi and Romi. Raman look on and then see Ishu and get upset. Ishu watch Adi and Aylia get happy and remain silence and Ruhi noticed Raman and Ishu distance then Ruhi get upset. Adi want to take parent the blessing and Shagun will get Adi to touched her feet and give hatredful glare at Ishu and Ishu didn’t noticed. Adi give angry glared at Shagun then take Aylia to goes to Ishu and touch her feets to get her blessing while other look on. Shagun get jealous see Adi picked Ishu over Shagun. Ishu ask Adi are you mad then give congradulation and give blessing while Raman look on from distance. Then Ruhi want Adi and Aylia to dance and Adi refused then Ruhi goes to Adi and Adi tell Ruhi that he can’t do it then Ruhi ask Adi to do it and tell him to see Raman and Ishu problem and Adi see them and get upset then agreed to do it.

      Ishu goes to Raman and want to expalin while Raman busy with mobile then get annoyed and tell Ishu to stop and not want to listen then leaving Ishu hurt and went away. Raman want to go somewhere and stopped by and listen to Romi and Kunal conversation. Raman findout that Kunal is lawyer and he was helping clients with custody. Raman get calm down and look for Ishu. Ishu get busy and Raman found her and goes to her start behaving like goodie good man and talk with her sweetly and Ishu confused of Raman behave. (I was laughing at DT expression but she have good with confusing expression) Raman hold Ishu hand and Ishu then again confused and sign (what happened). Raman smile then tell Ishu where have you been and I have been looking for you and you should not be leaving me like that and Ishu stood dumbstuck of Raman act. Raman then tell Ishu about Kunal as a lawyer and working on custody then ask her that they will get Pihu custody with Kunal help. Ishu agreed and say for Pihu then Raman and Ishu smile.

      Can’t wait to see Raman want to apologised to Ishu and want to expalin about his previous behaviour and Ishu stop Raman for going further for wanting to explain. Ishu then tell him what Pihu want after you came by because Mani told Ishu what happened and Ishu went to consolled Pihu and want to bring Pihu to attended Adi and Aylia engagement. Raman comes to know that Ishu did not tell Pihu about real mother and Mani and Shagun argument in front of Pihu. Kunal will be blackmailing Mihika to break the marriage with Romi and Romi did not know about it. Mihika will tell Romi the truth on the day of Raman and Ishu wedding day. Ishu will come to know about Kunal as blackmailer then Ishu will exposed Kunal to all Bhalla’s family.

      As you read Rithu update that Adi and Aylia want to get Pihu to be closer to Ishu but hopefully that Adi and Aylia will success to make Pihu realised that Ishu is not bad person and see Ishu loves for Ruhi, Adi, Ananya and Vandita’s children. Pihu will realised that she will be lonely and will not get love like Adi does in younger time and Raman save Adi from committed sucide and ask Ishu to give Adi love and Adi get Ishu love and attention then Pihu will try to get close to Ishu and get all the loves and attention so that Pihu will not be alone and will thanks to Adi, Aylia, Ruhi, Mani and whole family for help. Pihu will realised that Ishu loves for her are very much increased like she does with Ruhi and Adi.

  10. Raman need a big slap from ishita and this pihu is too much for her age… Hope mani will help ishra. Plz end this booringbooring track soon..

  11. Ramans behaviour towards ishita is not good so, now writer’s should make ishita’s role more strong and dominent over raman because we can’t see to ishita bear all this until the senile

    1. Helen Agulhas

      I agree

  12. Hi all yhm fans .u guys are right, raman only wants to benefit for himself. I dunno why ekta left this shaggy character, together with nidhi she and ashok should have been sent to jail.

  13. Raman is selfish always using ishita

  14. Today really my heart came to the throat for Ishitha … how beautifully Dt delivered her emotions …. just imagine her feelings … her own daughter denies her … Its understandable … Pihu a seven year old girl …can consider her mother as Shaghun as she came out of her stomach …As Mino said get Pihus custody and leave Raman … we can see him crying … but yesterday also he said if Pihu comes to know the truth she will hate him … its better as it was Ramans decision this surrogacy … what happiness he cud give Ishitha … how can he leave her and go from the mandap after so many promises … after leap Ishitha has become weak … before leap her word was the final decision … I think Raman after the leap is really behaving like a Pshycho …what is Kunals plan now .. he is a very close friend of Mihir too …one positive scene if cvs cud show … Aditi really acting v well … her attention is always Ishima so too the beauty was Adi touching Ishithas feet … I love dt very much … Rithu , brilliant girl .. I love those studies well … whatever your mind says do … MBA if you r doing good colleges … well and good ..try in IAM,s . CA too is v good … Bhagya This year also you should get first rank .. Magic you know very well to console others .., Sindhu what you told Shivani is very true … Shivani very happy to see you back and Kiran sooo happy after a long time .. where is Khushi ? Ananth i you commented very well

    1. Nalini Persad

      Goord review of Raman Balla. Since perhaps When Shagun first ditched him for Ashok when Adi and Ruhi were little, Raman appears to have become nervous wreck and given to bad temper, and he could not be the same. His short temper is close to that of an insane person. Ishita being a doctor managed him for a while but the twist in the story with THE BIRTH OF PIHU, and Ishita’s return has not cured him of his insane temper. But it is annoying to watch insane temper of Raman. Hopefully he will change in the future epsiodes, let us hope Divali brings Ishita and Raman peace and happiness!!!

  15. What happened to ishita kidnapping case?

  16. Raman is the most disgusting, selfish husband and father! He is a total idiot….this man don’t love Ishita whatsoever, he just loves what she can do for him. His human punching bag.

  17. Raman is a real f**kwit. IShita should dump him, i mean wat woman in this day in age tolerates such bad behaviour and verbal abuse!

  18. Raman is overacting or overreacting. If only Ishu says to hell with this family and go away, there will be no story at all. For the moment the storyline is very thin, I think raman should get a woman like shagun. He is so abusive. He will use Ishu for his benefit, You think we are all fools, to sit and watch this crap. The culprit is there in front of everyone to see, but nobody can do anything, Now the latest is one leap to find the culprit in Australia. Stop it.

  19. Mihika ko Romise baath karne ke liye fursath hi nai mila…. kya bakwas hai…..itni padi likhi hokar bhi kya kab kehana kuch nai patha… din phone pe baath nai hui tho message kar sakthi thi…..unnecessarily situation ko bigad rahi hai…… jitni jaldi hosake Romi ko bathado sach kya hai…. istharah black mailers ke jaal me fasegi tho zindadi banjayegi govinda…. yeh cvs kya namoona dikhathe hain

  20. How Raman changed his behaviour when he heard about tge lawyer and he is real chameleon.

  21. It is nonsense pihu should believe in the truth why ishita is not telling whole truth about how shagun spoiled adi and ruhi’s life and ishita made ruhi and adi life perfect why always they say half truth I think stop this and bring conclusion to this matter do not stretch this much more

    1. Ishita want to tell whole truth but stop by Raman. Raman drag Ishu and blast on her for telling Pihu the truth but did not know that Ishu came to Pihu to get her ready and bring her to join for Adi and Aylia engagement. Pihu ask Ishu for swear if Ishu is her real mother and Ishu want to tell Pihu the whole truth but half of it.

      1. Hello parichary how are you? Happy to see you back

      2. And blank comment means plz tell me

  22. Misunderstandings resolve between Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Pihu has found about Ishita being her real mother.

    However, Pihu is not ready to believe on Ishita’s truth as she knows about being in Shagun’s tummy so Shagun in her mother.

    Raman was bursts out at Ishita for telling truth but later Ishita reveals to him that it was Pihu who swear her for truth.

    Raman apologizes to Ishita for misbehavior and tells her that they will have to be good parents getting Pihu’s custody.

    Ishita is ready to do anything for Pihu while Romi’s friend Kunal fights Pihu’s custody for Raman and Ishita.

    Kunal intensionally help Raman and Ishita for Pihu’s custody case

    However, Kunal is not positive because he will fight Pihu’s custody case having some intension while Shagun also has some master plan to defeat Raman and Ishita in court.

    Pihu’s custody drama will unfold lots of fights, mystery for Raman and Ishita.

  23. Hi Magic

    I am doing fine and bit tired. Good to see you happy for my returned.
    I had send you the happy smiley. Sorry!!!

    What happened to Shreya? I had noticed that she is having tough days since my absent in this site. I will be waiting for her to come and talk to me when she need to.

    Anyway I am bit disappointed that I had annouced my returned on Friday but no one noticed it and had not welcomed me back. It seem that you and others don’t want me to come back. (cry face) ;'(

    1. ohh wondered what happened to u & missed u too. Welcome Back dear.

      1. Aww Mino! Thank you for welcoming me back. Missed you too.

  24. I’m beginning to loose interest in yhm day by day. Again it has all started from the custody battle between Ishra and Shagun. The makers at the first place shouldn’t have turned Shagun back to negative. Cause how can a woman, after staying 7 years with a family suddenly plot against them? Heights of stupidity! Now for this pihu.. Shagun’s totally ruining her life hope she understands it soon and chooses Ishu over shag

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