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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Bala taking Ishita to psychiatrist and talking about Ishita’s treatment. They come home. Mihika cries and asks Raman how can he send Ishita to mental hospital. Raman says I m doing this for Ishita, I want her to become fine, I can’t live without her. Mihika asks Amma to stop Ishita, she is not mad. Amma says its important, she is not in her senses, she can do anything. Mihika hugs her and cries. The mental hospital people come there. They ask Raman for Ishita. Mihika hugs Vandu and leaves as she can’t bear to see this.

The family cries. Ishita says leave me, and cries. She asks Amma whats happening. She asks Raman to help her, she does not know why she is doing this, they can keep her shut in room, but please don’t send me away. Raman says

I m doing this for you, its matter for few days. She gets angry and asks how is this for Ishita…. They all get shocked seeing her possessed state again. Ishita warns them that she won’t leave them if she sends them away, they won’t be able to save Ishita then, Raman does not love Ishita too, she will kill Ishita and warns Raman.

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Darshan Pandya to enter YHM…

Raman cries. Ishita is taken away by the hospital staff. They all cry. Ishita says Shagun won’t leave you all, leave me…. She stops shouting seeing someone. She gets tensed looking in his eyes. He walks towards her and she moves back. She frees herself from the staff and rushes back inside the home. She throws things at home and runs, while family looks on. She says she won’t go from this home. She stops them throwing things and goes to her room. She asks the hospital staff not to come close and throws things. Raman looks through the door and sees her holding the gun. He gets shocked. Raman and everyone get inside room. Raman asks her to keep the gun. She says no, I will kill everyone. He requests her and says we won’t send you, you will stay with us, we are here, and not coming ahead.

She stops seeing the man coming inside the home. She signs no. The man asks her to relax, he won’t do anything and asks for the gun. He asks her to lower the gun and she keeps it down. Raman gets shocked seeing her obeying the man. The staff get hold of her again. Raman hugs her, while she gets dizzy. The lady says she fainted, we can take her easily. The man stops them, and asks are you her husband… we don’t know each other, its tough to listen to strangers, but I suggest keep her at home, she needs rest. Raman says Ishita won’t go anywhere and asks the hospital staff to please leave.

Raman and Romi take Ishita. She looks at the man tensely and leaves. Ishita sleeps and Raman looks at her. Dil kahin rukta nahi………….plays…… He sits by her side and cries recalling their old times. Simmi come and asks Raman to come.

The man says I m Prateek Sharma, I m a builder and shifted here. Abhishek comes and says I met you before, yes Prateek Sharma, we met at minister’s party. Raman asks Prateek about Ishita, how did she get calm seeing him, whatr did he do to control her, is he doctor or… Prateek says I did not calm your wife, but the spirit in her. Abhishek asks what nonsense. Prateek says I m sure you all don’t believe this, modern and educated people don’t believe this, but its true, some spirit has possessed her. Raman asks is he any tantric…

Prateek says no, I can feel these things, maybe I m blessed, I felt this after meeting your wife, she is in bad state, the spirit in her maybe angry. Amma says yes, its Shagun’s spirit. Prateek asks Shagun? Raman says Shagun was my ex wife, she committed suicide, my wife is getting treated, she has mild depression, she is not mad, she has no spirit, she is normal, I have seen reports. Prateek says and all reports are normal, sorry, but you have to free her from that spirit.

Prateek says Ishita would have shot someone today if I did not come. Abhishek asks what. Raman says yes, she lost control, she got the gun, but wait, how did she get gun… They all wonder.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. omg wt nonsense they r showing atma nd all nonsense i think nt ishu bt the actually mentally hospital needed for ektha she is need to admit there bt precap sounds intrestng bhalla house me koi tho esa hai ki jo unlogom ko barbaad karna chahtha hai jaise ki raman ki khaane me jehaar aur aab ye gun sab tho koi aur hi kahaani batha rahe hai…..kuch bhi ho e saari drama jald sebjald khatham ho thats it……i cant tolerate this anymore

  2. I think along with the termination of ghost ,rinky’s murderer will also be revealed.But what is going to happen on karwachauth? ???If anybody knows plzzz tell

  3. Ekta ji plz plz plz make all hear dat person. Dont drag it more. I like dis track bt too much dragging bores us. Plz undrstand

  4. Ver sad and emotional episode I can’t see ishu like this after seeing today’s episode it seems clear that ishita is not suffering from any spilt personality disorder n also that this is not a trap
    For sarika .Raman why you r not understanding this that ishu k par shagun ki athma hai n I hope this track will end soon without ishraru Adi seperation

  5. Raman raman wake up man stupid what are you doing now it is clear that ishita is not suffering from any split personality disorder and also that it is not a trap Raman you are neglecting every ones opinion so dumb yar I know you love ishita but this is not right

  6. hey donkey raman…again i feel like slipper u damn it ….
    even after all this,u say she is not possessed by spirit and normal…u r a raman…Now i am sure shagun left you for good, u are stupid donkey ,always a waste scum bag..senselsss…get some brain and save ishu from shagun rather than talking and shouting and arguing with everyone like

    1. Haha.. u r ryt 😛 if i ll get a hubby like raman i ll surely lv him. Always shouting n dominating. Even aftr all dis nt blving on spirit. May b c z nt possessed bt wts wrong in listining? When med sc z nt working den we should tk help of God.
      N dis nonsense raman saying lies to his wife n still shouting. Always does thngs by nt informing his wife. Nt listning to ne1 in d house.
      N how shagun got wrong in leaving dis crap?
      I like yhm fr ishu char only. Rest r eithr nt needed or just overacting.

  7. Ram is an a*shole…Senseless guy..if i were there wud slap hima nd beat him blue.
    Save ishi

  8. What the hell is going on………

  9. I think wo gun sarika ke room se mili hogi and ab ye track jaldi hi khatam ho jaega kyunki is track se rinki ke murderer ka pta lagana tha or wo gun i think sarika ko expose karne ke liye dikhaya hoga. And shayad leap b na ho.

  10. Plzz Raman listen to Prateek & let him do what he can… Can’t handle this NonSense anymore!!

  11. Worst epi…….What r they showing yar..???? Duffer writers …Duffer Ekta….

    U said right bhagi Ekta shld be admited…. Someone pls admit her in mental asylum….

    BT thank God …at least last me Raman denied to send ishu.. Aur usne ishu ko apne pas rakh liya….

    BT precap sounds good ….at least they will think who puts d gun..???

  12. Guys who do you think is the murderer of Rinki? ?

  13. that ekta really needed to be admiited to hospital and tortured by shock treatment

  14. Guys … i agree with prateek … i also do blv in existence of souls . due to family nd personal experience .but i am not sure about it nd dont want to comment in this matter here . I just hope with the entry of these new character evry thing again gets really well nd good nd rinki’s murder gets explored too. Really can’t see ishu nd raman like this . Plzzzz…bohot ho gya kinchai pitayi now end this track.

  15. The track finally seems a bit interesting after this episode. Precap looks interesting. Cant wait for the next episode to air.

  16. Trp of indian serials of week 42 , 2015

    #1 kumkumbhagya
    #2 sathiyaa
    #3 ye hai mohabbatein
    #4 diya aur bati hum
    #5 sasural simar ka
    #6 swaragini
    #7 udaan
    #9 meri ashiqui tum se hi
    #10 ashoke samrat

    1. Wow..!! Grt..!! People still love to watch dese craps. Kumkum o God, how can tanu z nt having a baby tummy till now. N so much nonsense. Last yr dey were showing fight bw abhi n prag n 2day also same.
      N sathiyan just ads also r gettng on my nerves. Both +ve chars n -ve chars r irritating.
      Diya n bati i only watch it on ads. How can family get angry on some1s duty.
      N sasural simar ka has no sense.
      Bt now m sure y people comment ladies as nonsense n dump.
      D choice z showing everythng.

  17. End spirit track immediately.

    1. dnt worry will end soon … waiting fr the karwachauth wala episode

      1. When will that epi telecast…???

  18. Shraddha sharma

    Just going to copy as Bhool Bhuliya film…..
    tooo much writers

  19. episode is good to watch.

  20. This track of YHM is soo intresting. I luv it .

  21. I like this epi……finally, shagun has really died. (I think)
    But raman, please understand now. It’s high time to understand about ishita’s situation….. Raman, you may be love ishita a lot. But it should not be a BLIND LOVE!. So don’t be silly and listen to amma and prateek.
    And all characters’ve done nice job.
    By the way, I was surprised by ekta. Coz I haven’t expected ” new entry” .
    And we have a hope now, “prateek sharma”. Let’s see.
    And thank you makers for bring this track. (but don’t drag about 2/3 months) Otherwise this is also be a TYPICAL mother in law-daughter in law drama….!And thank you for turn this track as positively.
    Now everyone will treat to ishita. Precap is interesting…..! Waiting……!
    From SL

  22. Happy Halloween day to all…..!!!!!
    I think that ekta madam add this track for halloween week. Coz this week is Halloween week and today is halloween day…..!!! Hmmm…… Not bad ekta madam…..!

    1. Same 2 u dear…

    2. same to you darshika.

  23. Different track!!! Enjoying this… Anything other than ishra seperation is most welcomed…

  24. I guess its Shagun who murdered Rinki, The gun must have been there along with shagun’s things which ishita bought from shagun’s room.
    Shagun must have murdered as per Asok’s instruction. That’s why Ashok wondered whether Ishita will come to know about his last conversation with Shagun. (Seeing Ishita’s doubtful behaviour at the dinner)
    The character “Prateek Sharma” looks like a promising one at this stage. I am sure this track will end soon (Looks like its a complimentary track by Ekta for Halloween)

  25. Please save ishita from shagun’s soul.plzz..

  26. Amma was right right from the beginning. As usual Raman is famous for shouting and doubting others. If Raman thinks he loves Ishita more being his wife, he most also believe that Amma is Ishita’s mother, she will care Ishu for more than her life. Amma has more concern for her daughter than the husband

  27. Ya I completely agree with u soniya

  28. yeh naya aadmi aaya show mein .atleast usne toh bataaya ki ishitha pe kisi aatma ka saaya hai aur raman atleast kuch toh samaj paaya.


  30. Yes Prathhek Sharma was unepected entry and to a positive twist . Ishithas expressions were amazing …when she saw Pratheek . I too believe amma is right …. Soul can play a big role can be psychologically also ….as some one was saying anything except Ishra separation is what we viewers want . Let us enjoy watching the serial instead of having tension on watching a serial . The fact is that Ishitha and Raman has captured millions of hearts as athe best Jodi … Really wordless to say what is their input . Kindly be treated Ishitha by removing the evil spirit and bring back the unique serial ….happy that finally the creators listened to the fans request and Ishitha is not been sent to the mental asylum . I am sure back again she will react on Karwa chauth day and then Raman will believe in this evil spirit …..

  31. Eagerly waiting fr 2daus episode!!!!

  32. Nice prediction soniya…..!

    1. Its not a prediction dharshika..I wrote what i felt

  33. Wo gun sarika ki hogi

  34. yes, ishita(Shagun) will try to kill raman like amma. But fail. And after that don’t know that what’ll happen.

  35. Waiting for today’s epi….

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