Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita invites the trouble

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita and Raman clicking pics and having a good time seeing living statues. Ishita goes to the woman and asks are you MJ. The woman holds her hand. Ishita gets shocked and runs to Raman. She asks him to see that woman, who is following her. He says there is no one here, people are watching, what are you doing. She says that woman is following me from Delhi. He says you are acting mad. She says you don’t believe me, pointless. He picks the bags and goes after her. He says there is no one, I believe you, I will support you but when there is some problem, there is no problem. She says sorry. He gets glad and teases her. He runs. She runs to catch him. Dil kahin rukta nai….plays…. They stop and laugh.

She gives him water. He asks her to have it first.

He gets a call. He asks really. He stops her and says listen, we got a booking in castle, come we have to check out from hotel. She says we will do shopping too. Roshni asks Romi and Adi to think about diamonds. Romi says I don’t know anything. They see Shagun and Aaliya, and hide under the table. Adi asks what shall we do now. Romi asks is Mihika along. Adi says no. Romi says thank God. Adi says Aaliya will inform her. Roshni says they didn’t see you. Romi says go and engage them in talks, we will leave. Adi says please, just go. Roshni meets Shagun and Aaliya. They get surprised. Roshni says I work here as tourist guide. Adi and Romi stumble and fall. Aaliya says Adi… Adi and Romi act innocent. Adi says we were going to naturopathy centre, Romi’s friend invited us for his marriage.

Romi says yes, its because of me, we were going to call. Aaliya asks did you enjoy, any way, we will have coffee. Adi says listen to me, sorry. Adi returns the drink sent by some man for Aaliya. The man asks Aaliya to join him for a party. Adi says we are busy. Aaliya asks Shagun to come, they will have wine. Romi says Shagun, are you mad, no, wait. Adi says that man is flirting with my wife, Aaliya is doing this to make me jealous, this is because of you. Romi asks who made tattoo, shall I show them, come with me now. Shravan says why did Parmeet call me here, maybe he doesn’t want Bala and Amma to know about me. Parmeet comes. Shravan sits in the car. Parmeet gives him a talcum powder. He asks him to deliver this, as he wanted the job. Shravan says I can give this, thanks, I will bunk college and go to deliver this. Parmeet gives him money. Shravan goes.

Parmeet gets happy and says Shravan is too innocent, he doesn’t know about the drugs in talcum bottle. Ishita and Raman reach hotel. She says it was so much fun. She gets thirsty. He goes to get water. She says I have water. She drinks water. Woman/spirit watches her. Ishita feels cold suddenly and says I don’t feel well, I will tell Raman we have to go. Raman meets Roshni and says Roshni…. you here. Roshni says I work in this cafe and as tourist guide too, there are more surprises for you. He sees Romi and Adi, and asks Sir coffee. Romi and Adi say we don’t want, go from here. Raman asks is this naturopathy. Adi says sorry. Romi asks what are you doing here. Raman says my meeting shifted, if your wives know… Adi says they got to know. Raman sees the man with Aaliya and says I think you should leave, the lady you are talking to is my daughter in law. The man says oh really, I didn’t know she is married. He goes. Shagun says Adi and Romi lied and came here, so we came too, where is Ishita. Aaliya calls out Ishita. Ishita smiles seeing them. She sees Mata Rani locket which Roshni is wearing and pushes her away. They all look on.

Raman tells everyone about the castle, the warrior who made this has died one day mysteriously. Ishita says I heard spirits also live in such castles. She asks Raman to open the door, she is here….. She sees the spirit in her room and worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. No comment really there is nothing to comment on lol.

  2. purane kisse toh pehle suljhalo yaar… raina ko dhundo simmi param ko expose karo etc etc uske baad bhoot ko bhejo…

  3. So I guess the honeymoon is over? Of all the characters in this show why is everything always “attacking” Ishita. Why this time did they not use Shagun as the spirit’s target. Ay least she deserves some pain for all the wrong she has done in the past. I was so hoping this was Raman’s plan to get the truth from Ishita. CVs could have used this to at least show that the “businessman of the year” does have some brains in coming up with this idea. But again Raman is just being strung along. This Romi and Adi in London is just a waste of time!

    1. very true Susan ! I cant comment only !
      What rubbish cvs are showing ?
      I was lol when i saw Shaghun getting an award in London !
      NGO …, worker who left Raman for Ashok did not come to see Ashok when he died .
      So many men in her life and irresponsible with her kids …. now living happily with pure and priceless Mani ! Yes Mani is pure … shaghun is changed to the whitest … but if you seeto the past record of a person , i wonder whether she is eligible for international award ? Shaghun has all comforts inspite of having murder case and kidnap cases . Where Raman and Ishitha … having always trouble in their life … or Ishitha invites trouble . Feel sorry for rushing to the ml and the ghost track without having a proper closure of Param/Simmi . Its so sad to watch Shravan being used …cvs wrong messages to the audience !
      Romi Adi and all not wanted … simply to drag or celeberate Rohits birthday … Ekta has rushed to this London track and calling it Ishra HM .
      Ashoks exit is done in a decent way ! His trust on Ishitha is the result of his bad doings .. plus Raman did forgive Ashok by doing ladt rites for him .

  4. azuka nkwonta

    Ashok was a super villain, the best and number one villain in this serial but he died as a weakling. Super villains don’t die as weakling. What am I trying to say? Here in this serial we saw ashok changed almost to the point of becoming ishita’s slave. As a super villain his ending was made rubbish. Super villains don’t change they die as villains no matter the condition they are in they will carry that condition to death without changing their ways not to even mention surrendering to their enemy. Here in this show I saw ashok been turned to rubbish from his last months to his last week.

    1. Isaaq

      You do realise this is a show right?? Besides a show is a show. Many super villains can become good people. Evil is not born, it is created. Evil is the deprivation of good. Hence Ashok was deprived of that goodness but towards the end, he mended his ways. Humans are naturally evil though but our insecurities and judgements determines what we do. We all are. We have ego and insecurities. Ashok was a womaniser and a powerful businessman. He was driven by his ego and selfish desires. Once he got cancer, he began to stop thinking about himself and start worrying about others. He didn’t die a weakling.

      If you think sacrificing your life to save another is being a weakling then I feel sorry for you. Sacrificing your life for another is called having a pure heart and love- it makes you stronger. I’ve forgiven my enemies because they repented for their sins and that makes me proud of my enemies because they became good people

  5. very true Ishaaq ! Well said ! Its not easy to forgent some happenings but can forgive !
    In that case Ashoks role nd exit is justified with a high positive message to the viewers .

  6. Why are raman and ishitha going to places where there is every possibility of evil spirits chasing them. Now, why shift to castle? Why can’t they stay in the safe confines of the hotel? One by one each and every family member are at London. Why? Why can’t it be some other place?

  7. yeh hai mohabbatein is nice serial.I just love it

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