Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhallas prepare for Baby’s Naamkaran

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kiran asking the man to hurry up in decorations work. Bala says I have got laddoos. Amma says we will pray for the baby, the puja would be good. Appa says halwai will make sweets, why do you want to make all laddoos alone. Mrs. Bhalla says we will also help her in making laddoos. Pihu gets personalized gifts for baby. Amma says you did good work. Ishita asks Amma to come, they will make laddoos. Amma says the box is too big, we will put eight laddoos in it. Ishita says okay, Raman went to get baby’s clothes. Some women play dhol and come. Mrs. Bhalla says you did good work to call them. Amma says I have learnt a lot of your customs, we should sing a folk song. Mrs. Bhalla sings Sona hua bada mahenga.

Ishita dances with Ruhi and Pihu. Simmi looks on. She goes

and says I want to leave from here, no one invited me in baby’s Naamkaran. He asks are you upset for some other matter. Simmi says I m scared, Ishita doubts on me, if she learns Tania’s murder truth, she won’t leave me, she should run away, you are also scaring me a lot. He thinks this mad woman will ruin my efforts. He says this won’t happen, don’t think much, lets go out. She says I don’t want to go out. He says fine, we will go away from here, maybe you forgot, but I can’t forget my daughter’s death, do you remember how she got happiness in our lives, their Adi has come to them, but our Ananya….. She cries. He says we lost our happiness because of them, Ishita is responsible for all this. She says you are right, we won’t leave Raman and Ishita, lets go for breakfast. He thinks Raman is my ATM, I will use you against Bhallas to get money from Raman. Raman says Roshni and baby’s clothes have come, give this to her. He sends Ishita. Mihika asks Roshni is the baby well fed. She hugs the baby and says its imp to make baby burp after feeding them milk, else kids feel uneasy.

Ishita looks on and smiles with tears in eyes. Mihika says if you have any problem, just tell me. Roshni says he just burped, how do you know about babies. Mihika says I don’t have my own kids, but I raised all kids, its time to sleep baby. Ishita comes to Raman. She turns away and cries. Raman asks what happened, did Roshni not like the clothes, why are you sobbing. Ishita says I wanted your attention and smiles. He asks are you mad, you were just crying. She says yes, a bit, I knew you won’t listen to me, you always stay busy. She says I couldn’t go to Roshni, Mihika was handling baby with love, she has motherly instincts, Romi can’t have a child, Mihika is getting a chance to raise a child. He says every woman deserves this chance, Mihika never let Romi feel that she is missing something, I have to give this credit to you, I got a surprise gift for you. She smiles. Ishita comes to help Amma. Amma compliments her and applies black dot. Ishita says I m blushing now. Appa asks the man to cook great food. Amma says your dad is very excited, he has invited everyone. Ishita says this is Aaliya’s wedding saree. Amma says yes, its a tradition to move the swing by wedding saree, I told this to Aaliya and Roshni. Ishita says no nice. Mihika clicks pics and compliments Ishita. Ishita says Raman got this saree for me. Mihika says I have to take pics, Romi said he wants all pics of the function.

She clicks Mrs. Bhalla and Amma’s pic and laughs saying perfect pic. Ishita hugs her. She says our misunderstandings ended, I m so happy. She asks Amma to relax, she will light diyas. She goes to put candles in the floral bowl. Raman comes there and smiles seeing her. He says outstanding, this saree looks amazing, you look beautiful, after all its my choice. She asks are you done, I still feel shy. He says I m your husband, why do you feel shy. She says guests will be coming now, help me in lighting candles. He helps her. Roshni comes with baby. Amma asks Mrs. Bhalla to make baby sleep in the cradle. Ishita says no one came till now. Raman says they will come. Mihika says I think Roshni will select name which I said. Pihu says no, my choice. Aaliya says decision will be of Roshni, I feel she will choose the name I suggested. Parmeet says we had breakfast, now we shall go home and be part of function. Simmi asks why. He says its imp to keep enemies close.

Mani and Shagun come. Raman welcomes them and jokes. He asks them to meet the baby. Pandit says we should start puja, do you want to wait for guests. Ishita asks Raman to see why guests didn’t come. He says it doesn’t matter. Appa says we shall go out and see what’s the problem. They go and see some men. Raman says its good you have come. Goyal goes in. Parmeet says we shall go and see them. Goyal says sorry, we won’t become part of this ceremony. Raman asks what’s the matter. Goyal says if we attend the function, our children will get wrong lesson that its okay to have child without getting married, you and your family might have accepted the illegitimate child and his mum, but its very difficult for us to accept them. Everyone gets shocked. Parmeet says its right, it doesn’t mean that everyone will accept Roshni and child if you accepted them. Raman asks him to shut up. He scolds Parmeet and Goyal. Goyal says we can’t encourage the mistake, if we break the rules, how will this affect our children. Raman says people like you and this narrom mindset ruins the society, this baby has Adi’s blood in his veins, just leave, we don’t need you. Ishita says we hate this thinking, you are saying such cheap things about a baby, I know social norms are for our good, how does this baby hurt your society, its hurting your ego. Raman says its good you didn’t bless the baby, the baby has entire family, who are you to call the baby illegitimate. Roshni and everyone looks on.

Everyone dances on Zinghat. Roshni hugs Raman and Ishita and gets emotional. Ishita says what, Roshni isn’t there in her room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Rama is disgusting…so the baby has his adi beta’s blood he will be the king in bhallah house?! What about his other 2 daughters, did he think about them before giving shares to a baby?! He is the one who is narrow minded separating daughters from son.
    Jagamata is the wrost, her thinking is awful and immoral. She is the one who is cheap otherwise no good women would go back to the man who insulted and used her to such extent. If she was the righteous women she pretends she wouldn’t support a mistress, she wouldn’t hurt the daughter she raised for 7 years. Accepting an innocent baby is one thing but fighting for a home wrecker to be accepted by the family is unbearable. She is the cheapest character ever and an absolute shame on motherhood.
    “ app kare to gunah hum kare to pyar” is what suit so called modern thinking bhallas the most.

    1. THat is rude and Raman two daughter would be ashamed to hear you say that because Raman loves all his kids equally and I don’t know which women your referring too but if your referring to ishita then just know this she is amazing mom who fights for her family no matter the argument so what if Raman and ishita fight Raman not using her and parent fight all the time so shhh and if you hate the show then don’t watch just as Raman said if you don’t have anything nice to say leave we don’t need you. Ishita and Raman are my idols and I don’t need someone being rude about it and ruining it for others

      1. Same to you If you don’t like my comments you are welcome to ignore it. I am not writing these comments for you. you are no one to ask me to leave . Raman and ishita might be your idol not mine, you might be able to digest their despicable behaviour but not everyone will blindly accept it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion i am not butting in yours so stay out of mine if you are not ready to have a healthy conversation

      2. Hello wawa, who you are referring as Amazing Mom that isthitha, she is shame to motherhood , wo layak nahi hei kidika maa banne ka. No one wants a mom who supports mistress by leaving there family and the one who claims as her daughter aaliya. She only wants to show how mahaan she is but she is not she is selfish and foolish women. If you take them as role model i afraid you may also end up supporting such disgust act. You will understand the sensitivity of this matter when u r matured nit when u r a blind follower of so called stupid show. Shame on you.
        And everyone has right to comment if you dont like any just keep it ursrlf we are not required to take ur permission to give our comments here.

    2. Fine ann your entitled to your stupid comments and I’m entitled to mine. But you don’t have to be haters. That and sweety, you ain’t no sweety. One I am mature cos clearly I understand all there situation, and why they do what they do and two get your spelling right it’s ishita not whatever you wrote back to you all you guys can start a hate club for all I care but stop ruining it for others it’s a drama it’s not real life and when I say I’m a huge fan of Raman and ishita I mean them actually for being good actors and making the show interesting so again sweety get your facts right goodies

  2. Jai bolo Jagatmata di ……. jai!!!!!
    Wah wah…. now ramu kaka will teach the society what is sahi, what is galat!!
    Seriously: ishita and the bhallas…. you are the world’s worst kind of double faced double standard people there are, and its cringeworthy to watch you guys giving bhashan and gyan about norms and ethics. Multiple divorces, extra marital affairs, multiple marriages without any love or attachment. No emotions, just drinking and partying, your family members spend more time in the jail than outside, even pihu was not spared from commiting a crime and being sent to remand home, that too years later. A selfish family of liars and cheaters who teach gyan to others all the time. Ishita’s face today when she spoke to the old man…. oh god!
    And she says mujhe ghinn aathi hai. Wow!!! Exactly what your viewers say when they watch you ishita.
    And to top it off, the tv tzarina ekta kapoor gives free advice to people to stop watching the show if they dont like it!

    1. Very true Omg ! Totally agree with you !

  3. This is why I wasn’t satisfied with IshRa’s 2-3 minutes deep & meaningful conversation.

    1 year ago, we wouldn’t get this conversation also as Taklu knows very well we would watch anything as long as IshRa/DiVan are there. Now that even die-hard fans are fed up, Taklu inserted a namesake conversation & again jumped to high dose of romance.

    Don’t know about Ishita but Raman is in no position to comment on paternity. He should die out of shame before saying Mihika never made Romi feel incomplete.

    In case of Ishita, it was Raman himself who made her realize she would always be a BANJH.

    I still believe it was his male ego that he opted for surrogacy when Ashok taunted him for not being capable of saving Ishita & his unborn child.

    If he had truly loved her, he wouldn’t rub salt on her wound by choosing his ex-wife as the surrogate.

    For me, neither Shagun nor Pammi but Raman himself is the biggest enemy of his & Ishita’s relation.

    As for the baby, personally I hate the idea of tagging a newborn illegitimate. I do believe in religion & very much respectful towards the idea of marriage. But no matter from which perspective you are speaking, a baby has no hand over his/her birth.

    I feel sorry for this baby as it has taken birth to fulfill everyone’s wish but not out of pure love. Roshni had to be guilt free, Ishita had to be guilt free, Bhallas needed an heir, Aliya – God knows how but had to take revenge through this baby – but the baby has no one who genuinely loves him,

    The society people are right. Raman is answering his own question. It’s Adi’s blood & his absence that they are trying to justify EMA over everything. I wish someone had the guts to say it.

  4. As for the baby, personally I hate the idea of tagging a newborn illegitimate. I do believe in religion & very much respectful towards the idea of marriage. But no matter from which perspective you are speaking, a baby has no hand over his/her birth but kabhi kabhi apni parents ka galthi ka saja bacho ko jelna padtha hei. No matter what i dont understand how they expect everyone to accept this illegimate relationship . Society people are rght kids will think that its ok to have illegimate relation if they give GKC. I think its nayi soch from satrplus wow…

  5. I’m just gonna say I hate how people are against ishita and Raman, raman especially, I mean so what if he have anger issues he just as good as everyone else everyone else as the same problem Raman learning bit by bit the fact that he stood against his friends for a child who illegimate shows courage and I don’t get the whole illegimate child thing society should except the children there born pure and in Covent every child in this world is born for a reason and who blessed Mothers with children god so in gods eyes everyone is the same religion twist gods words and make them horrible I’m a Christian but I listen to all views but I know in the end there are cenrtain thing that god wants us to fight for like illegitimate children rights so anyway all I want to say is that if you don’t like the show stop watching it but don’t spoil it for other cos I’m getting sick of people commenting rudely on my fav show and a lot of other people are so please if you have nothing nice to say leave and if you like the show continue tog I’ve it good comment, I also would like to thank the cast and crew for making an incredible show thank you

  6. Yes Ann , Niharika and Sweety ….agree with you all !!! Truly commented . My anger is only on Ekta and Sick Sickand team of bringing all these
    rubbish twists start from surrogacy . What all
    melodramas .. bhooth track , Sanaya track .. gulabo all not tolerable at all . And whatever
    villains do will never have a proper closure at all .Once Ishra nok joks used to love but now hate it . Atleast an emotional confrontation …about Adis death … even then also its defficult for a normal life. How easily amma says our Adis and Roshinis childs Naamkaran ! !.Once an unique show is todays worst show .Ishra/Divan … were
    lovely to watch …now cant even enjoy them too .If censor board takes some action against to stop the serial .. I wish …Both Dt and Kp are butchered to the core and its affecting their fandom …


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