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The Episode starts with Romi meeting Sarika at the clinic and asking her why did she not take his calls. She says her phone battery was dead and asks him to go, as Ishita asked her not to meet him. He says I brought this key chain for your scooty and got your scooty info, please keep this keychain its not costly. Sarika falls and Romi holds her. Sarika says leave me Romi. Ishita comes and hears this. She scolds Romi and says I will protect her, you can’t do your usual thing with him. Sarika says he came to help me, gave me info about second hand scooty, we are just friends, you asked me not to talk to him, so I did not take his call so he came here to talk to me, what did he do that you are so angry on him. I feel you are misunderstanding him. Ishita asks are you saying this by being afraid.

Sarika says no.

Romi leaves. Ishita says Romi….. I made big mistake this time. Mr. Bhalla and Mrs. Bhalla have an argument about his shirt. Mrs. Bhalla gets angry on Amma. Simmi says first stop Papa ji, he did not have food. Its night, Romi thinks about Ishita’s slap and her angry words. He is disturbed. Ishita comes to him and knocks the door. She asks can I come in. She comes to him and says I m sorry, I should not have thought this about you and Sarika. Romi says you don’t be sorry, I m a wrong man. She says everyone make mistakes, see I did today too.

He says Raman is right, I m useless. Raman has insulted me infront of everyone in office. She says I did not know. He shows her his photography hobby and some pics of Ananya. He says I could not control seeing Sarika’s innocence yesterday, I should have asked her, but she is not a stranger, but my friend. He says she has touched my heart, you know Sarika was there when Raman was scolding me, she did not make me feel it, she did not joke about it. She made me feel happy. I know I m wrong man and did many wrong things, but now I did not have intention to do wrong with Sarika.

He says take this and delete all pics. She says are you mad, no, I m so stupid, I did not think the matter can be something else, I reacted so fast. She says you are strong to admit your mistake and I respect you now. She says you are like brother for me, see women with respect, its very important. He says yes, thanks so much. She leaves. Its morning, Ishita wakes up Ruhi. Raman comes and Ishita asks how is Adi. Raman says yes, fine, working at community service and getting good reports at school. Ruhi wakes up and greets them good morning.

Raman hugs her. Ruhi says you are shining today, my teacher says the people look good who wake up early. She says you are world’s best papa and you are very handsome, you love me a lot. Ishita smiles seeing them happy. She asks Raman to come out. Raman says coming. He asks what. Raman asks why did you call me, feeling jealous? She says no, I m not insecure, Ruhi was applying butter to you, as she wants a video game from you. She asked me so I said no, she is asking you. He says so we will give her. She says no, she will get spoiled, let her concentrate on studies. He says it won’t spoil her, I will give her. They argue. She says I m her mum, I know whats right and wrong for her, she won’t get video game and that’s final. Raman says she looks my mum more, if Ruhi goes on Ishita, I will pity for her husband.

Shravan asks Vandu to get a video game for him. Amma asks Vandu to give the video game. Vandu says no, I can’t give him right now. Shravan says I got A+, I want game. Bala says what your Amma said, it’s a no now. Appa talks to Shravan and says your Amma is angry, so we will talk about it later. Amma asks him to go and play with Ruhi. Shravan leaves. Ruhi asks Raman to give her video game. He says I would have…….. and sees Ishita signing him no. Raman asks Ruhi to play game with Ishita as she plays daily. Mrs. Bhalla smiles seeing Mr. Bhalla and he is annoyed.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ruhi to play outdoor games and tries to talk to Mr. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla says your dad and Romi also played Kabaddi. Ruhi says I want board game. Amma comes with Shravan and says today’s kids does not play outdoor games, I was sporty and was champion. Mrs. Bhalla says who saw it. Amma praises herself and says she was captain of ladies cricket. They argue. Raman holds his head. He sees them fighting and stops them.

He says you can’t play cricket in this age. Mrs. Bhalla says I will prove punjabis are better than madrasis, kets keep a cricket match. She asks Raman in whose team is he. Raman says your team. Mr. Bhalla says he is in Bhallas team. Mrs. Bhalla says lets meet in evening. Raman tells Ishita I told you to give video game, see this now. She says you mean I m the reason for all this.

Ashok and Parmeet talk about Shagun. Parmeet says Shagun is changing just bedroom now and can change after marriage. Ashok says Shagun feels she can change the color of bedroom and can’t control my life. She does not know my nature is colorful, she has sidelined me in court and I have to take that revenge. Parmeet laughs. Mihika comes and asks Ashok to come in conference room. Ashok and Parmeet eye her. Parmeet sees Ashok being interested in Mihika and smiles. Ashok says see Raman’s sister in law’s color. Parmeet and Ashok laugh.

The match starts in the evening. Captain Ishita comes with Iyer team. Pammi does the commentary. Captain Raman comes with Bhalla team. Dolly shows the toss. Iyer takes head and Bhalla take tail. Bhallas win the toss. Raman smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………..plays…………

Raman sharpens his team to win. Ishita sees him and smiles while he challenges her to hit a four.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. Ekta mam, hi,
    I’m a tamilian. We people especially married women never shout r fight like Mrs.Iyer. she s like a nuisance I used to change channel wen she shouts. Plz alter her character it’s my request

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