Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Simmi instigates Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman scolding Ishita. She says my story is true. He says you played with my damn feelings, I feel you would be laughing on my helplessness, I don’t know why I was attracted to you, I hate your face now, don’t step in this house again, out. Pihu runs to Ishita and hugs her. She asks her not to leave her. Ishita asks her to go to her room. Pihu says please don’t leave me. Raman says enough Pihu. He sends Pihu. Amma asks what, Ishu is Shanno, but she never told us anything, she is doing this for Raman’s sake, he can’t understand her.

Raman asks Ishita how can she do this, she doesn’t have any concern for them, just get out. He drags her out. Amma and everyone come. Amma says stop, leave my daughter, she is an emotional fool, she just worries for you,

she did all this for your sake Raman, but you…. I won’t let her stay here, she shouldn’t get insulted, why does she do this for such people. She says no one is here to support you. Ishita says I did everything for Raman. Shagun comes. Raman says I trusted you, you supported her. Shagun says she did everything for you. Raman says just shut up, I can’t trust you now. Simmi throws the bag and asks Ishita not to be around Raman again, else she will file a police complaint. Romi asks Simmi to just stop it. Mihika and Romi argue. Raman says this is happening because of Ishita, take her home. Ishita angrily threatens Simmi. Simmi asks her to keep her false threatening to herself. Ishita goes to Iyer house. Simmi and Mihika laugh.

Pihu says its all because of me. Ruhi says no, Ishimaa has come here for our sake, I recognized her on Lohri night, I didn’t tell anyone, I felt we shouldn’t tell her, she came here for our good. Pihu says please get her back. Ruhi says there are many issues at home, you are very young, don’t take stress, just be happy, focus on studies, all of us are with you, I promise everything will get fine. Pihu says please stop Ishimaa, I can’t live without her. She consoles Pihu. Raman says how will I save Raman. Amma cries for her pain. Appa says we have to be strong so that we can support her. Mihika comes and says have this fancy dress things, you won’t need it anymore. Amma says I loved you as Ishu and Vandu, I didn’t know you will be a cheat. Mihika says Ishita is the real fraud, she is not my Akka/sister, its good to lie and cheat according own convenience, she will get senses when her own life gets affected. Appa goes to slap her. Ishita stops Appa. Appa asks Mihika to get out.

Raman and Ishita think of each other and cry. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays… He says why did she do this, it was just a drama for her. She gets Pihu’s call and says no, don’t speak to anyone, I m coming. She goes out and sees Pihu. Pihu hugs her and says I can’t live without you, I got all my stuff, we will go away from here.


Raman checks at the door and asks Ishita what plan did she make now. Ishita says Pihu was missing me, so she came to me. Pihu asks her to explain Raman. Raman asks her to go to her room. He asks Ishita to stay out of this. Pihu hugs her and says you can’t talk to Ishimaa like this, else I will run away with her. He warns her. Ishita asks Pihu not to argue with Raman. Pihu says Papa, you tell us to forgive people, you should forgive Ishimaa. He says few things can’t be forgiven, go in before my hand raises. Ishita sends Pihu.

Simmi comes to scold Ishita. Mihika looks on. Simmi says she is using Pihu to come here. Raman says Ishita I hate you, that you are using my daughter, there can’t be any shameless and disgusting woman than you, I beg of you, out of my damn house. She leaves. Raman goes to his room. Mihika says Raman is very affected, Pihu was leaving home. Simmi says I don’t care. Mihika says this is way too much. She tells her plan and says maybe he agrees for Pihu’s sake. Simmi says it will be fun, Ishita will be out of Raman’s life. Mihika says we will talk to him in morning. They smile.

Its morning, Simmi gets tea for Raman. He says Pihu was leaving the house for Ishita’s sake. She fills his ears against Ishita. Mihika looks on. Simmi does a drama. She says I m also worried for Pihu, you have to listen to me, you can slap me. He asks her to come to the point. She says I think you should think of getting married again. He gets shocked.

Raman says I have made a decision, I will get married, Ishita should know we don’t need her. Mihika and Simmi smile.

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  1. gosh Simmi and Mika are the height of evilness. I just froze at such horrible people even the Bhallas seniors who know Ishita so well that she would. Do anything for her family. So much for teaching ur children the right values and morals. Even Mika her sister did so much for her even. Simmi.
    think they should just end this storyline now

  2. Everytime SImmi or Mihika has screen time I just go to another room. I can’t stand watching these 2 characters on screen. The story track is taking too long and there’s too much adversity for Ishita. I find the serie unwatchable.

  3. 100% nonsense drama… director has no idea how to close this serial.

  4. I just started to hate this show… there is no value for true love in this show

  5. This hasn’t been showing on the usual channel for the last 2 months or so. But reading up on this page makes you realized that the writers/directors are still as stupid as 2 months ago. The Bhallas are always yelling and acting like rowdy people. Right now the only sane person is Romi. Anyways, I am sure running out of villians they have now turned to Mihika. In this show, even when the good people do something they have to do it through deceptive ways so the whole show is based on lies and deception.

    1. All became villains in this show except mahan ishita madam

  6. can someone tell is mihika planning to marry raman?

  7. This is becoming very uninteresting and boring to watch, used to enjoy watching even with Ashok and Nidhi in the scenes, not now.

  8. They want to show ishita mahan and Mihika is her cousin sister oly na

  9. Team simmi!
    I cannot stand ishita.
    Romi cheated on mihika so how dare does ishita interfere. I dont blame mihika for, what she is doing. I want Raman to cheat on ishita, then see if she will forgive.
    Seriously just kill her off

    1. Mia…

      You are an idiot one.
      Romi did not cheated on Mihika. She had been brainwash by Pooja and Nikhil and their lied. Romi only love Mihika and she did not see his love for her. Ishita want Romi and Mihika marriage to work not to divorce. Romi love Ishita more than others. Mihika did not know much about Simmi and Param evil deed.

  10. What are the bhalla elders doing? Shame they can’t see the truth..are they just good at shouting and drinking.useless and selfish..why can’t Ado and Romo help? Surely Ruhi can do something.Why is Mihika still in the house.Romi throw her out.Wake up Raman.Bhallas are all useless.

  11. I have one question. Do the writers even read our comments? I think not. Because we’ve been complaining about this Simmi/Parmeet track for so long now and it’s still running. All this disguise of Ishita for so long resulted in nothing, we are back to square one. I can take villains in any film and sometimes they are interesting to watch, but Simmi and Parmeet are the two most boring characters I have ever seen, as actors and as themselves. I also can’t believe that the writers are making a fool of Raman’s character even if he is supposed to have lost partial memory. Would he say yes to remarry, just like that, because Simmi suggested it? If he does not know that Adi and Ruhi are his children, does he ever question how come they are living in the same house? Has anyone ever told him who is supposed to be Pihu’s mom? The writers don’t seem to want to bother about these issues. PLEASE, BEGGING YOU TO END SIMMI AND PARMEET’S ROLES. THANK YOU.

  12. I feel Romi ADI and Bala should beat up simmi and make her spit out truth as to how she is giving medicines to Raman. And gather evidence against Param and put him in jail

  13. And I don’t understand if mihika had divorced Mihir then why are they staying in same house. And if Raman knows Pihu is his daughter then why does not he ask who the mother is. And why does he not ask who Ruhi ADI and Aliya are ?

  14. What the hell? How many times will Raman get married? In that case Ishita and Ashok should “plan to get married as well”. That ‘ll be interesting when Raman gets jealous of Ishita and Ashok! Pls end this Memory loss track it’s just sick now. We all hate Simi Param and Mihika!

  15. So many questions are unanswered. What about the property papers. There is no link between each episode. Each time its a different problem and it is not followed up. When raman turned a woman (Gulabo) that was OK. When shanno came in disguise it is cheating. After all ishu is the legally wedded wife, her concern was her husband. Another villain has come to live alongside the bhallas supported by paramsim. Police verification was done, and ishu has informed the police, why not act on this. When will ishu get justice and punish those criminals. We are fed up.

  16. I really m enjoying this serial the whole perspective they want to show is being good loyal is painfully and sinfully. Rest all characters who got benefited by Ishita and her family are either disloyal and evil or mute spectators. That’s really good. We are watching a core cynical serial. I guess it’s as good as watching a psychodrama

  17. Ishita is a mute – way to spread more evil by showing that simmi is trying to harm/kill her own brother raman. Its dragging in tooooooo long can’t anything go in favor for ishita she has her daughter taken away, her own parents just keep quiet , both sides of family are hiding that they are both married, then damn param smirk is annoying as F**k . Bravo to the story writers to show that evil and mischief will never get caught but yet they make the story cast be religious but no hope of winning on good hearted people side.

  18. The greatest joke is all of us are still watching the show and giving our comments with a vain hope that the production house will give the pulse of audience some importance.But, it is not to be. The show has got pretty messy many couples who do not know what they are doing…. ruhi and nikhil , romi and mihika ,shagun and mani ,ishitha and raman, the iyers, the bhallas, simmi and param, ashok and ishitha, aadi and aliya……God help us.

  19. Mia…

    You are an idiot one.
    Romi did not cheated on Mihika. She had been brainwash by Pooja and Nikhil and their lied. Romi only love Mihika and she did not see his love for her. Ishita want Romi and Mihika marriage to work not to divorce. Romi love Ishita more than others. Mihika did not know much about Simmi and Param evil deed. Param want the families to be broken. Raman did not think how it will affect Pihu? Pihu is Ishita and Raman daughter. Ruhi is way too far by keeping drug on Raman to forget his wife and his 2 kids. Ishita want Raman to remember his wife and kids. Simmi is much stupid also for listening to Param. To be truthful is that Ananya is much alive and is captive by Param goons.

  20. pta nhi kyu eh bakwas dikha rhe ne.mein ta hun dekhna hi chd ta

  21. Irish Subramani

    Hello Mr. story writer will you please stop this nonsense , or should i say when this never ending drama going to end. oh my god, day by day its really getting boring boring and boring with this never ending point of story, please go ahead with the story yaar, end this topic and start anything interesting.

  22. Wat a nonsense….plzz change the story track…otherwise no is gonna watch this stupid drama anymore..I was a big fan of YHM for many years…but this track is so boring dat i am unable to watch the show on screen…If there is no sudden twist and if the show is lagging….noone will watch this anymore…writers plzz mind that…Once we stop watching we won’t be daily viewers of the show further….so plzz don’t force us to take such decisions…

  23. ishita what was the need of stopping mr iyer from slapping mihika.

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