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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita and Pallavi being on the way. Ishita goes to buy some petrol. She tells the man that her car broke down at some distance and buys petrol. Romi leaves from petrol pump and stops as Raman calls him. He tells Raman that he could not find Ishita. He asks Raman to wait, and he will come there. Ishita takes the petrol and goes. Romi leaves as well.

Suraj asks Ashok about Ishita’s car outside Amarnath Chadda’s house, why did you get there. Ashok says I met Chadda in some party and thought to give him a case, I went there, and his wife said he is not at home. Suraj says Chadda is handling Rohit’s case. Ashok says so maybe Ishita was there, but his wife said Chadda is out of city, then what was Ishita and his wife doing there.

Ishita and Pallavi

proceed. Pallavi stops the car and says this place is good to dump body, get the bag out and I will see if there is some danger. Ishita gets the bag out of the car and drags it. Pallavi asks Ishita to go. Ishita says what, I should leave you alone here. Pallavi says you did a lot for me, don’t worry, go from here, I will manage, your family would be finding you. She says its good if I end this and leave from here, you go, give me petrol can. Ishita gives her petrol. Pallavi asks her to just go. Ishita leaves.

Pallavi puts petrol on Chadda’s body and says you troubled me a lot, I will erase every sign of you, you can’t trouble me ever now Amar. She burns him. She cries. Raman says we did not get any clue. Mihir says calm down. Ishita comes home. Raman asks where were you, where did you go, we were finding you, why did you go to Chadda’s house. She asks what. He says you called Abhishek, and we traced your phone, we went there and watchman said you took big suitcase and went with Pallavi, Neelu said you went to clinic, how did you go to Chadda. Ishita says a boy was needing help, he was unable to come to clinic, and I went to his home. She cries and says I attended him at his home and then visited Pallavi, there was heavy things which she was giving away and I helped her, my phone was off and I could not contact you. He says you should have informed us, was Chadda not there to help Pallavi. Ishita says no, don’t know where was he. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to let her freshen up and rest. Ishita apologizes and goes.

Ishita applies lotion to her hands and sees blood. She gets scared and says I did murder. She starts cleaning the blood and cries. Pathak talks to Raman and asks for his signs. He says I will meet Chadda in morning, old papers are misplaced. Raman says call Chadda and ask him does he need any more papers, we will end this case soon. Ishita washes her hands and face, and hears her phone ringing. She says this is not my phone’s ringtone and checks her bag. She gets Pathak’s call on it and thinks whose phone is it. Chadda and Pallavi’s pic appears. She gets shocked realizing its Chadda’s phone. She sits crying.

Pathak calls again. Pathak says Chadda is not receiving and calls again. Ishita switches off the phone and thinks where to hide it. She hides it in cupboard. Raman asks Pathak to contact Chadda tomorrow. Ishita cries as she did murder. Neelu comes and asks her to come for dinner, Mrs. Bhalla is calling. Ishita says I had food at Pallavi’s place and sends Neelu.

Ishita gets disturbed in sleep and recalls Chadda’s murder. She cries and says I did not kill, no. Raman wakes up and hears her. He wakes her up and asks what happened to you, it would be bad dream, are you okay. She thinks to tell Raman, else she can’t live peacefully by lying. He asks what happened. She says I have to tell something, when you were finding me.. He says take rest. He gets Manoj’s call and says I hope Shagun is fine. He gets to know Shagun fell and says don’t worry, I m coming.

Shagun says sorry, I had icecream craving and wnet to kitchen, I slipped as there was water on floor, I did not get much hurt. Manoj and Raman ask her to take care. She says really sorry. Ishita recalls Pallavi and Raman’s words. She thinks how did Shagun get hurt, Pallavi made me swear not to tell anyone, I was going to tell Raman and this happened, I can’t hide this from Raman. Manoj worries for Shagun.

Pallavi tells Ishita that she erased all evidence. Ishita says I m scared, there will be something left. Abhishek gets to know from an old man, about a red car, a woman was taking out a suitcase from the car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Episode is bad. Precap is also bad. Because of disgusting pallavi. Idiotic women. Poor ishu.any way. Waiting for next update. I think ishara will not separated. Because valentine day is comingggg. I think we will can see our old ishara soon.

    1. Ediot what did pallavi do???? Ediot is chadda

  2. STUPID!!!!!!

    1. I think my dear mastani you only have mind and others are just stupid

  3. What a plot??? Ishita not still telling her husband what happened…I read in the film fiesta that Ramam will marry Niddhi to save Ishita. This is where the separation is. Normally the film fiesta news reports quite accurately. We fans are not tired of seeing Ishra together but I think the silly producers and writers of YHM are tired of seeing Ishra together so they need to separate them. What kind of a lawyer is she who crosses the boundaries of professional ethics? Where in the world lawyers make such kind of demands of marrying the client to save someone’s life? Producers are making us viewers really stupid. They want a real twist and turns in the plot, I will tell what twist Ekta can have since she wants all kinds of twists. First Shagun married and divorced and Ishita came into Raman’s life. Ekta does not seem to be happy with Ishra so she brings in Niddhi and gets Niddhi to marry Raman so Ishita can be saved. Next, they can have Pallavi wanting to marry Raman so she can have Rohit. Then Sarika can also fight for Raman and claim she wants to marry him cos Romi does not love her and Sarika loves money so Raman is the best deal. Not enough we can have Mihika also wanting to marry Raman so to take over her sister’s place and not let other outsiders to marry Raman. Then they also can have Shagun entering into Raman’s life again so she can have Ruhi and Adi again while Ekta can have Ishita rot in jail. This will be one good twists and turns in the story. YHM should change its title because those who are close end up getting separated just like Mihir and MIhika first. It can’t be romance story anymore but separation. I am Just getting sick and tired of this whole separation story.

    1. Your disappointment on yhm twists really shows in your comment . I too agree with you very much Sindhu . Surrogancy , ghost now mmurder then time bomb in Ruhis costume . Where is this story moving to …. Totally upsetting …. What is this Raman for …. Go on marrying one by one …. Totally disappointing . I really don’t understand what is in the producers head …what are they trying to do ? Totally angry watching today’s episode and it’s clear that Pallavi will put the blame on Ishitha …

  4. really dissapointing turn…

  5. Hi guys this is rihika…good news for all yhm fans.their is no leap and seperation…real culprit is pallavi

    1. Is it true…….I too felt something fishy about pallavi in today’s episode…I think you guys may have noticed…She sent Ishita for buying kerosene instead of herself going…so that all of them will be a proof against ishita….Watchman,old man,petrol pump man has only seen ishita….I felt like pallavi is making proof against ishita…..

    2. Really may what you said is true and ishra be united forever among all these negativity your comment gave some hope that there won’t be any separation

  6. Extremely disappointed 🙁 why it always happens to ishra and why always we should suffer by seeing these stupidity of writers can’t they think something good and interesting instead of crimes and murders really feeling irritated and if raman marrying nidhi news is true then for sure it’s the time for #rip yhm but still hoping that ishra will not be separated
    ………. “dil hai ki manta nahi”……
    this is what going on mind whenever I see ishra separation news ….Let’s hope for the best

  7. What have you done writers!You made Ishita cover her hands with blood.We don’t like to see Ishita as a murderer.You should have done it with that Pallavi,not Ishita!And yhm supposed to be following the route of seperation…!SEPERATION!SEPERATION!!SEPERATION!!! Isn’t this going to end!Really fed up.Lost our old beautiful YHM guys!So what is the need to watch this!It’ll be fat joke if it is going be seperation of ishra and Raman to marry that fat lady Niddhi.Hope there won’t be a seperation.Hope that Ishita is not the one who killed Amar,but of course Pallavi in any other way.

  8. if ishita promised pallavi not to tell anything about this means how can the lawyer nidhi save her if a vitness not tell anything means they only the criminal according law no one lawyer can save them if they best lawyer in the world also idiot ekta

  9. first mihika killed rinki accidentaly then vandu now ishita i cant tolerate why ekta does not wants to keep iyer familly happy and ashok and suraj wants to happy idiot ekta

  10. we are much more stupids than ekta & CVS as we r still commenting for this stupid tracks… seriously fed up with these tracks.. #RIPYHM

  11. Seriously yhm is becoming boring after all the drama. it wasnt enough that nidhi had to come to destroy ishita’s those that mean that ishita is going to jail for an unintended crime.

  12. I think culprit is pallavi… She is framing ishitha… Tats she asks ishu to buy Petrol… Onlyishu is seen bY tat oldman and pallavi rushes ishu to leavebefore she burns d suitcase.. She is framing ishu and planning something big…

  13. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Ishita tries to
    hide her crime killing Mr
    Chaddha but now she will
    get exposed in front of
    ACP Abhishek comes to
    Bhalla house alongwith
    his team to arrest Ishita.
    Abhishek shows
    evidence to Ishita which
    prove that she was at Mr
    Chaddha’s house on that
    Ishita cries badly while
    Raman stops and argues
    with Abhishek accusing
    But ABhishek does not
    hear him and takes Ishita
    Ishita then reveals to
    Raman in jail about the
    entire incident.
    Romi insists Raman to
    save Ishita bhabhi but
    they fails to stop
    Abhishek taking Ishita.
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

    1. How do you find the next update plsmtell me even!☺

  14. episode was worst and even precap .in yesterday’ s episode they showed ishitha and pallavi taking the body and today taking the body somewhere and all nonsense .

  15. It looks like it’s time for more
    plausible drama on your favourite
    show ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ’.
    Wondering what will happen?
    As mentioned earlier, Ashok, another
    trouble maker in Ishita and Raman’s
    life, will try to murder Ruhi during the
    Republic Day celebrations. However,
    ACP Abhishek will stage an elaborate
    rescue mission and save Ruhi. This
    should come as a relief for Ruhi’s
    fans, who love her on the show.
    In the coming episodes, ACP Abhishek
    comes to Bhalla house to arrest ishita.
    Bhalla family gets shocked with this
    news. Raman argues with ACP that
    ishita will never do such a mistake.
    Ishita cries but doesnot reveal a
    single word about the incident and
    she goes with the police.
    Raman and Romi follow them and
    reach the police station with
    Pathak.Ishita will not reveal the truth
    as she fears about her promise which
    she taken on her baby to be born.
    In order to save Ishita, Raman (Karan
    Patel) will agree to marry the lawyer,
    Nidhi. This role is being played by
    Pavitra Punia. She will tell Raman to
    marry him if he wants her to save
    Ishita. The family will start preparing
    for their marriage.
    What if Ishita will get to know about
    Raman’s sacrifice? What will happen
    to Ishita after she separates from
    Raman? Is this the end of IshRa’s love
    Stay tuned to this space to get latest
    updates of the show.

  16. Honestly saying Pallavi is trapping Ishita on chadda’s murder.How come chaddas phone reached in Ishitas s hand.Pallavi asked ishita to handle suitcase and also she brought petrol also.All evidence are against Ishita now.Chaddas mobile is in ishitas home.???

  17. All of these drama serials are just ridiculous. I stopped watching because I hit these writers have hit rock bottom and are running out of things to write. I know Ishita is preparing for her wedding but seriously this is just nonsense. Why is Ashok still part of this show? And Sarika??

  18. it is very sad the directors decided to make Ishita a killer then goes to prison while her children are growing !!! very bad must be running out of story lines like other star plus serials
    or mentally unwell to write these kind of dialogues .why the bad man Ashok gets away with everything ? then good characters become BAD!!!!! moving away from the reality !!

  19. I agree with sindhu the title of the show should be changed from yeh hain mohabbatein to yeh hain bichadnein. i am fed up with this.can’t take it any more:-(:-[:-<

  20. Horrible episode,is Ishita so mad to listen Pallavi blindly. I agree Pallavi is real culprit who is ploting against Ishita. She is really behaving like behanji not using brain, is she a doctor unbelievable.
    writers of this serial really gon mad.

  21. I think this show is going to end with ishita going to jail.anyways i do not like this twist.please change it pleaseeeeeee.

  22. Nobody dies with a stab wound unless the wound is inflicted to the heart or lung.
    This was abdominal wound not deep enough.
    Being a doctor Ishita should know that. The whole murder episode is totally stupid.
    Why would you bring a suitcase down when the night security was there.
    Burning in a location where there are trees and bushes will catch fire.
    Few people are witness deliberately done. Fully planned murder by Pallvi. Ishita being stupid got caught in it. She is not using her brain. Or Ekta does not know bad story when she sees one.
    No wonder most of her serials are axed lately. Make intellcutal stories since it viewed world over

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  24. hey guys diya ( both the diyas) jhanvi vp misty fathi darshika ude naina anakha nivedha ramchin parvathi and all yhm friends .good morning.

  25. i think mr.chadda would have died of poison and not of ishitha being hit mr.chadda by knife because nobody would die so fastly without screaming or holding the wound . i think its wholly pallavi’ s plan and thats why she wanted to burn chadda’s body so that if his body is found then nobody gets to know about how he died through forensic enquiry.

  26. in yesterday’ s sbb they showed ishitha going to jail . acp takes ishitha for questioning . then karan patel told that this track gonna be for two or three months .he said in these two months there gonna be so many twists that have not even come in this whole two years journey of yhm and there gonna be revealation of many faces .he said ‘ sabke chehre se parda uthega’.

  27. where is simmi ? in the show.

  28. where are you guys jhanvi darshika diya riya fathi ude ramchin nivedha and all ?

  29. rohit is none other than ashok and pallavi child
    they both killed chadda and trapped ishu

  30. horrible! u know i dont watch yhm these days. after reading yesterday’s epi i felt like vomiting. first ishita killed chadda mistakenly, then she wanted to call acp. but pallavi stopped her by taking ruhi, adi name. then ishita decided to dump the dead body. she packed the body in suitcase, then pallavi burned the body. all these procedure was like a criminal. what did ishita think? that her children will be happy with this? as per sources now everyone will get know this. what about ruhi adi then? all will curse them saying murderer’s kid. in this case if ishita told everyone about unknowingly murder about chadda then at least they could say that their mother is not murderer as she told everything. but now what the kids will say? that their mother killed someone and then dumped the body like a murderer? just think in the view of theses kids.

    and yaa… nidhi what k8ind of lawyer she is? she will force someone to marry her as per a deal to save ishita. i know she has no interest in raman or kids. she just love money. i have a better suggestion for nidhi. she should marry ashok or suraj. they have money also. greddy nidhi.

  31. Real reason behind nidhi’s marriage proposal is revealed….jb raman shagun se shaadi krna wala tha toh nidhi ka rishta uske liye aaya tha but raman ne vo shagun ke liye reject kr diya…

  32. Producers ekta, like I said you need rest . This film is 2years plus, if you don’t have anything good to show your fans’ again., please take it off air.the movie is becoming disgusting.

  33. we are mad to watch this YHM

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