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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla scolding Shagun. She says Raman committed suicide, he was fearless and strong, he did this because Ishita cheated him, its all because of you, I can’t bear you, get lost. Ishita goes to Sarika and asks her why did her face turned pale, I had doubt on you, so I diverted your mobile calls on my mobile. FB shows Ishita checking Sarika’s phone she gets Ashok’s numbers saved as Asha in her phone. She says it means Sarika is Ashok’s informer. She thinks to have some proof. FB ends. Ishita asks her how did she do this, how could she try to kill Raman.

Shagun says we did this for Raman. Mrs. Bhalla calls out Ishita. Romi asks why are you shouting. Ishita comes there and asks what happened. She says Raman is fine now. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman is not

fine, he was never weak, I m his mother, he has broken now, why did you do this, you broke our trust too, look in my eyes, you will see a mother’s love for you in my eyes, you made fun of my love, you ruined my trust and everything, you could have atleast told me, why did you do this, you have hurt Raman the most, he was giving his life today, I can’t bear this now, its about Raman’s life, I will become stone and ask you to leave this house. She asks her to leave all of them. Ishita says you are mistaken, Raman did not commit suicide, he was given poison by Ashok’s informer, who is trying to kill Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says stop this nonsense. Sarika looks on.

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Mrs. Bhalla says I just know you cheated all of us, go and stay with Shagun, get lost. She scolds Ishita and Shagun, and kicks them out of the house. Ishita tells Sarika that I will not leave you. Sarika shuts the door on her face. Sarika hugs Mrs. Bhalla and smiles.

Ishita says Raman’s life is in danger, and asks Mrs. Bhalla to understand. Amma looks on and scolds Ishita and Shagun. Prateek looks on. Amma gets her anger out. Ishita says its important for me to stay with them, Amma says maybe this is also a drama, we trusted you, I m your Amma, did you trust me ever, why shall I trust you then. Ishita says you can’t understand, Shagun helped me, Raman’s life is in danger. Amma says now Shagun is your best friend, Ishu our house doors are shut for you.

Romi asks Mrs. Bhalla to think, how can she do this with Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman tried to commit suicide. Romi defends Ishita. Sarika reminds Romi what all Ishita did, and Raman tried to end life being fed up of Ishita’s lies. She fills Mrs. Bhalla’s ears, and acts innocent. She says Shagun is with Ishita, and Ishita changed now. Romi asks her to understand. Mrs. Bhalla says enough Romi and stops him from opening the door. She says if anyone lets her comes inside the house, they will see my dead face, don’t tell this to Raman, he needs rest, we will see when he wakes up.

Ishita cries and says they don’t care about Raman’s life in danger, they just care that I lied, how will I save Raman. Shagun says calm down, we will find some solution. Prateek consoles her. Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla to open the door. Prateek says no use, come Ishita. Shagun takes her. Yeh hai mohabbatein………..plays……… Sarika says thank God I did not get caught today, I have to workout my plan today, I would have not done this if I had no secret to hide, I m helpless. She cries and calls…

Mihika argues with Amma and asks Appa to come along to bring Ishita home. Amma stops her and cries. She says Ishita ruined everything herself. Bala comes and asks them what happened, is everything fine. A man comes and asks Bala what did he teach his son, he tried to commit suicide because of you, I heard you are good teacher and he will get good marks, but you did not keep his trust, thank Lord he got saved, but you broke his trust for your greed. Bala asks who is your son, I will explain him. The man says I will never forgive you and goes. Bala worries.

Sarika asks Neelu to give ginger tea to Mrs. Bhalla, which she made. Sarika acts to be good bahu. Sarika asks Mrs. Bhalla to take medicines. Mrs. Bhalla asks Mr. Bhalla to see how Sarika is taking care of everyone without saying. He says its good, Sarika will take care of you. She says I want my children to be safe and happy. Sarika gets a message from Ashok by another number. She calls back and it does not connect. She thinks maybe there is change in plan, she has to do this work along with Ashok.

Ishita asks inspector to arrest her family, they have kicked her out and beaten her, Mrs. Bhalla, Mr. Bhalla and Raman are involved. The family gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. One of my big doubt was… where is simmi……..???????????????????

  2. hey guys darshika vp jhanvi misty sabrin faya fathi sunaina anakha naina pihoo nimrit ramchin naaz nivedha zaara diya (both the diyas) siddhi parvathi razi and all yhm friends good morning.

    1. Hi rithu.hw r u??? N gud mrng

  3. actually pehle jo commenters the iss site ke prayosha thachu tahira mizun priyaroli etc. sab ne iss site ko chod diya .jab woh log chale gaye yeh site suna suna lag raha tha lekin ab itnee saare naye commenters ko dekh kar mein bahuth khush hoon. ab yeh site bilkul khila khila lag raha hai.

  4. Im sorry rith I didnt understand what u have written bt I feel that u said thancs to all the people who comment u saying that u are good. Am I correct rithu

    1. ya i said thankyou to all who appreciated me yesterday.

  5. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Hi guysssss…… Good morning all……
    Yesterday they added english subs at 7.30pm. 8th wonder of the world. !

    Anyway, it was an average epi. I can’t blame to elders. Coz ishita broke their trust. So now they’re heart broken. I told it before. She played with raman’s and others’ trust. But Ishita’s correct in her side. Btw, everything going to be fine soon.
    Neelu disturbs ishita and raman’s rose romance. Always someone disturbs. Anyway that’s so lovely scene.
    Oh god this sarika……! I want ishita to give a tied slap to her. How does she try to kill someone…..? And I want to see acp’s reaction about sarika.
    Yes guysssss….. Where’s simmi…..????? She knows the truth.
    Guys……. Ruhi is still in broken hand….. Pray for her. Get well soon ruhi…..!!!
    I have a doubt…… Sarika’ll go to the jail,coz of murder case. Then what about that baby ? (I think they’ll show Sarika’s releasing with a leap. This’s a prediction. Don’t take it serious. I also don’t like loooooong leap)
    Waiting for #ishra’s selfie for 2016….?!?! (But I think,they won’t take and post pics like before. Missing those selfies badly )
    Anyway, tomorrow, It’s 2016……!!!!! Yhm’s celebrated just two years……!Wishing cvs to bring supper lovely tracks ahead……!!!!!
    From SL

  6. OK epi.. Waiting for the next epi..
    Nd eagerly waiting to see everyone’s reaction..on sarika…
    Nd this sarika… I hope she will not be forgiven…. She dsnt have d right to kill someone to keep her secret…Nd how she clossed d door… She is not feeling guilty at all..Nd yes she is trying to take ishu’s place… BL***y sarika….

    But happy that our new year epi will be rocking…

    Yes Razi…., I m also watching YHM from starting… I also want to see Mimi together again… They both have suffered a lot in their lives.. I hope now they will get some peace by each other’s love… Writers have done very bad by separating them..

  7. Gd mrng guys..
    Ya Darshika… They r not taking selfies like before I m also missing their pics veryyyyy badly…..( I think after kp’s marriage they have stopped pics ).. I hope they will give a treat to us as a new year selfie….Finger crossed….!!!

    Nd no doubts….. Our rithu is such DARLING…

    1. thank you jhanvi .you are the best and awesome.

  8. Hey guys .. am a regular reader .. not a regular commenter .. but reads everyone’s comment .Any ways .. I too want to know where’s this SIMMI when ishitha was kicked out ..she is the one who knew the truth right . She should be the one who will support ishu and shagun..
    And about that sarika ., how mean of her to kill rinki?! ? What harm did rinki did to her!? I will want to see ishu giving her a tight slap .. she deserves and she should be kicked out instead of ishitha …
    I hope Manoj accepts shagun. And am annoyed with Mrs.bhalla and amma too .. they didn’t trust ishu ..they should have understood that if ishu is doing this much drama ..then there’s something behind ..right? Only romi supported his bhabhi . Wonder where’s is Simmi ..
    Mihika supporting her sis nicely .. loved her attitude ..
    Mr. Bhalla and Appa too is hopeless for ishu . Where’s vandu and bala who every time supported ishra . Maybe as they themselves are in great problems .
    Anyways I would like to see abhishek’s reaction when got to know that his sister is the culprit . Poor Ruhi and Adi .. loved Adi’s way of supporting his lovely ishi ma ..
    Anyways great twist on the way .will Love to see things getting fine .. Domestic violence track too is good . Ishu doing great things to protect her family ..

  9. And rithu you are amazing . Doing great job .

  10. Hi guyz hi rithu .iam new here .till now i did not write any comment .can i join u yhm frndz……

    1. Ya sure alishba n ur warmly welcum for thz site…

    2. ya alishba .you are wecomed in this site and you can join yhm friends.

    3. Welcome to welcome our old ishra alishba


  12. sbs mein dikhaaya ki bhalla family pammi aunty ke new year party mein gaye hai .aur raman ka halath kharab hai ki woh party mein dance nahi kar paa raha hai aur ishitha usse dawaayi dethi hai. finally yhm mein happy moments aayi hai.

  13. I too like and love your comments. Thanks fr doing such a thing.:-O:-*

  14. Ane please rithu re-write it in english. (if u dnt mind only) becuz I dnt understand hindi. And also there is a question to ask frm u where is simmi? And also will raman get to know that sarika is the one who put poison to his juice today?

  15. Hi rithu , diya ,diya , fathi fathi , faya , Misty ,zaraa , nimrit , dharshika , jhanvi , sabrin , naaz , nivedha n all wishing u guys a very happy newyear

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