Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th December 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman waiting in the restaurant. He thinks of his dad’s words and the doctor asking them to thank the person who took Ruhi to the doctor. Prateek comes and meets Raman. Raman says I want to talk to you. Prateek says about Ishita, I asked you not to go against you but she did, I called off my engagament with her. Raman says I want you to join the relation back, it was my and my family’s mistake, Ishita has saved Ruhi. Raman says you will get promoted on your desirable job but on one condition that you have to marry Ishita, the expenses will be mine but Ishita should not know about this. Prateek agrees and praises Ishita. Raman leaves. Prateek smiles.

Ishita is getting ready to go and speak against Raman. She says Raman has to apologize

to my parents else I will file a case on him. Mihika and Bala stop her but she says I can handle this myself, please. Bala opens the door for her and she leaves. Bala stops Mihika and says let her go, its ok. The interview is getting started and everyone are waiting for Raman.

The lady journalist Tannu tells everyone that this interview is very important to her and says Raman, we will catching your every expression, so all the best. Raman comes for the interview. She is excited and says this interview will be rocking, everyone wants to know the truth behind Raman. She says his full story will come out today. She plans of ruining Raman’s image today. Raman calls home. Ruhi wakes up and comes to Mrs. Bhalla and says she will eat Aloo parathas. Mrs. Bhalla asks Nimmi to make Ruhi freshen up and takes the call. Raman talks to her and says how is Ruhi. She says Ruhi is fine, will you talk to her. He says no, tell dad that I have taken care of everything, I have spoke to Prateek and evrything will be fine.

Mrs. Bhalla says you did right. Tannu asks the interviewer to take care of Raman putting many questions at him and no one will cut the scene. Raman comes and sits in his seat. The camera starts rolling. Tannu says Raman Kumar, someone special is coming to meet you. The interview starts. Everyone clap for Raman. The interviewer congratulates him and asks him about the award. Ashok and Shagun are watching his interview on tv. Shagun says please, will see something else. Ashok says no way, we will see this.

Ishita comes at the interview place and she is stopped. Ishita says I was called here and goes inside. The guards ask the lady journalist and she asks them to let Ishita come in. Raman answers about his professional front and he answers well. They then ask about Ruhi and yesterday’s event. Raman is shocked and they ask him about Ruhi’s stand in his life. Raman says she is small and it happenes with kids. They ask him personal questions and Raman says I try to give her mum’s and dad’s love and my family takes good care of him.

Ishita comes there. Raman says don’t make an issue here Ishita, this is not home. Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla were are you going. Mrs. Bhalla says I m going to apologize to the Iyers. She rings the bell and Amma opens the door. Mrs. Bhalla asks for Ishita. Amma says what do you want. Mrs. Bhalla greets everyone and says it was wrong what we did, but think if a small kid goes missing, anyone can get heart attack, we went mad in anger, but Raman has made everything fine.

Soumya calls Amma and says Ishita is on tv. Amma and everyone see the interview. Mrs. Bhalla says what is she doing there. Ishita ruins Raman’s image and speaks against Raman. Mrs. Bhalla is angry again and thinks she was right before. Ishita says do you want to know the truth of Raman Kumar. Raman gets up. Ishita stops him and says you have to listen to me today. She says he can love no one, he is lying, ask him what did he do yesterday night, where was his daughter, he did not know, Ruhi is only 5 years old.

Ishita says this is only the beginnings, I have to tell your truth. She says Raman is such a small man, he has not thanked me but has sent my family to jail though I saved his daughter. Ashok smiles.

Ishita says ask Raman, his daughter was in a dark room and what did he do, he scolded her. She speaks against Dimple too. She says you should have been sorry, but you misbehaved with me, I saved your daughter, but what did you do, you are very selfish. She says no one took my call, I was worried calling you over and over again, everyone were sleeping. Ishita says what all she did for Ruhi and Raman called her a kidnapper, not a rescuer. She cries and says he is a zero on humanity scale.

She says he called a kid stealer infront of my to be husband, can he be a good dad. Raman says stop it, its a misunderstanding. She says you said I kidnapped Ruhi because I could not give birth to anyone, did you think why does Ruhi find love in my eyes. She says I love your daughter, she does not even get love by you. She taunts him and says you don’t deserve Ruhi. She says what Amma and Appa went through. She says you will win more awards and much money, but whats the use if you can’t give love to Ruhi.

Did you ever talk to Ruhi by sitting for a while, you can’t be call a dad even after you have her. shame on you. Bala says Ishita had some much pain, and she said it all. Mrs. Bhalla argues saying my son spoke to Prateek to get him back, what was the need to go and speak against Raman, she did not know Raman’s truth, this is not right, you guys have done this wrong, now you see what happens with you. She cries and leaves. Amma is worried. Ishita does not stop speaking against Raman. Music plays……………. Raman gets angry.

Ashok is happy at home and calls Tannu saying I m happy, now see how I take every contract from him. She says yes, the corporate won’t give a bad dad any kids contract. Ashok says I took away only his wife, but this time everything even his daughter. He says I need your help. Tannu says tell me. He says the plan is simple and this time even Shagun is with us and smiles.

Shagun comes to take Ruhi. Everyone says Raman Kumar Haye Haye….. (Meaning shame shame) Ishita gives Ruhi to Shagun while Raman looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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