Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi talking to Aaliya and fixing a work meet-dinner with her at restaurant. She agrees as Mihir is coming too. She says I will come. He gets very happy and says she is so excited to meet me, Papa asked me to go slow. Raman sees Ishita coming and smiles. She sits at a distant table and smiles seeing Raman and Pihu. Raman sends a fruit champagne for her. She asks waiter to give a drink to Raman too. They see each other and smile. Adi waits for Aaliya at restaurant. She says I was stuck since one hour in traffic, I m tired.

Adi thinks Aaliya does not have any gift for me. She asks is your rude Mamu coming for meeting. He says yes, we will have food till then. She says so cute, thank God you are not like Mihir. They see Ishita there. Adi asks her about her Australian

friend. They see Raman. Adi says we were thinking right, you both are going on date, whats Pihu doing, did she spoil your date. Ishita says no, what are you two doing here, date, I mean dinner? Aaliya says we came for meeting and dinner, can we join you till Mihir comes. Ishita says yes, and asks Adi to sit beside Aaliya. Aaliya asks about champagne.

Ishita says its fruit champagne, long distance dating is going on. Adi says we came for meeting and thought to have something. Mihir comes and meets them. Ishita shows Raman. Mihir says I understood, I will prepare presentation and then join you. He keeps the headphones out of the bag. Aaliya smiles seeing it, and Ishita gets puzzled. Ishita recalls Aaliya’s words and worries. She sees Adi looking at Aaliya and smiling. She says I will take your leave, you guys talk about meeting. Mihir says no, client will come in some time, till then we will talk.

Ishita comes home and recalls Aaliya smiling and seeing Mihir. Raman comes and apologizes to her. She acts completely fine and asks did Pihu sleep. He asks don’t you feel bad of anything, Shagun started playing games again. She says I think our fate did not spoil, there is a challenge. He asks what challenge now. She says my friend threw couple challenge on me and shows video. She says if you support me and we complete this challenge, it means out date is complete. He agrees and plays music. She places her phone and records their dance. They both dance on Beat pe booty song.

its morning, Ruhi talks to Raman about cooking competition. Raman says I m nervous, Neelu get Pihu. Pihu comes. Raman asks why did you not get ready. Pihu says I won’t go school, I have to do something imp, sign on this form, this ad shoot form, I have to do ad and earn money. Everyone get shocked.

Mrs. Bhalla asks what are you saying. Pihu says you can’t fool me, I have seen Ishita at restaurant, Papa fooled me, I understand everything, you know I dislike that aunty, she is not my mumma, that aunty is imp to you, so I won’t stay in this house, I will do ad shoot and earn money. Raman says enough, you are watching tv a lot, Neelu make her ready for school. Pihu says no one loves me, you don’t allow mumma to come here and at school, I miss mumma, I don’t know why you like Ishita a lot, you have to choose today, you want me or that aunty…. Ishita looks on and cries.

Niddhi and Shagun reach the society compound. Niddhi asks are you sure you want to go there, Raman may insult you. Shagun says I don’t care, I want to see whats happening, I m sure Pihu will make Ishita leave. Niddhi says Raman won’t let Ishita go. Shagun says Ishita boasts about her motherly love, if she is true, then she will leave, this was my plan to give idea of ad film to Pihu. Niddhi says you know to use Pihu well, call me if there is good news.

Raman asks Pihu to come for school. Pihu refuses. Raman says I m giving you last warning, else I will raise hand. Shagun comes and shouts Raman.

Shagun asks how dare you Raman… Pihu hugs her and says please take me with you. Shagun asks her not to cry. She gives the form and asks Raman to fill and sign on it, I don’t believe this, you are neglecting Pihu because of Ishita, I will fill this form if you don’t, I can’t see Pihu like this. Pihu says I hate you Ishita aunty, why did you come here, Papa was raising hand on me because of you, we were happy before, why don’t you go back, you made me away from my mumma, I hate you. Shagun says I will sign on this and make you independent. Ishita snatches the form and says how could you… Pihu wants me to leave, I will leave. She tells Pihu she will leave. Raman says you know someone filled poison in her mind. Ishita says I took the decision. She goes to her room. Raman says Shagun before I…. Everyone hold Raman. Raman asks Shagun to get lost. Shagun says I won’t go, till I see Ishita leaving from here.

Ishita packs her bag. She sees her family pic and keeps that. Raman comes and says you won’t go anywhere, we will explain Pihu, you are her mum. She says she won’t understand. He says she will understand us if she can understand Shagun. She says if Shagun was not of this house, things would be different, but now its not easy to explain Pihu that she is surrogate child, this is right, I have to go. Raman asks what about us, whenever we get close, some reason comes and we get away, why does this happen with us. She says I m going to Amma’s house, not too far, we are sacrificing for our children, our love is strong. Raman hugs her and cries.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita not to go. Ishita says I will stay in Amma’s house and meet daily, don’t take tension. She hugs Mrs. Bhalla and goes with Appa. Adi tries to stop Ishita. Pihu stops Adi.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Avanthi

    Shagun is malicious!! She is dangerous and can go to any extent . The Bhalla s fate is due to Shagun😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😠 . Episode was worst and precap also the most worst… But liked Beat pe booty dance by ishra very much😍😍😍😍😍😍… Why is Aliya deceiving adi as if she loves him?? She is immature than adi. Adi needs to find a girl who is of his type… Fed up of pihu, Shagun,mihir,aliya and Ashok and Nidhi…😣. I think Mihir will accept Aliya. Adi will hate him…. Poor boy! I am excited of the upcoming episodes….Ishu will give a big injection to Shagun hahaha…..
    😂😂😂😂😂 … But the question is, will pihu bear Shagun s pain? She will also be present in the clinic ryt? How will she react? Waiting for that scene to come… I am waiting!!!

  2. sree

    i hate this serial because of pihu pls rrealise the pihu really i dont have interest to watch serial

  3. shivani

    Hi EVERYONE…..Rithu VP Mino Sindhu Siddhi Khushi Saritha Jaz Aditya Monique Az Supergirl Nandu Diya and all YHM fans.

    I think ishu took a good decision….in my opinion she should have done this much earlier.,i mean after getting ruhis custody….now a desperate Raman will go after ishita and will try his best to bring ishita back in his life…..i really hope that ishus absence will help pihu realize that ishita is important ,not only for raman, but for everyone….
    But the fact is that pihu is not wrong…for her ,shagun is her mumma…and she lost her mumma because of ishita but raman is very happy with ishita and supporting her…so pihu is getting angry on ishita…did you see how pihu looked at ishita when raman made her eat some vegetables when she demanded pasta….
    But there is some ray of hope …i heard that pihu will have a soft corner to ishita after the cooking competition….

    • VP

      Hi Shivani how are you ….? I know we all want Raman to apologise to Ishitha … but having seen his love to her dont you feel actions speak more than words … He loves Ishitha … his weakness is Ishitha … but surely he will bring her .. Infact both of them doing amazing like before ..As you said Pihu cant be blamed but she is little too much for her age … admire her skill .. like Ruhi positively and Pihu negatively …but very wrong message to the kids who are watching this

    • Khushiarvind


      |Registered Member

      Hi shivani, evn i hav the same opinion
      Ishitha shld hav stayd out of bhalla hse nd expose shagun infrnt of pihu rather than satying with raman.. This way pihu hates her more.. Cvs delaying already.

  4. MM

    What is this shagun, she is real b*t*h and the Pihu, is also also acting same , why are these people giving bad example through drama for children. They use to love Ruhi who use to give loads of good examples to children. This show Pihu is a so bad and manner less child. Actually not acting like a child like a big women.
    Please put a end towards this Pihu and Shagun drama . This is so cheap now ……………………………………………………

  5. shivani

    Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) jealous seeing Pihu (Ruhanika Dhawan) asks Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) helping Raman in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman has participated in cooking competition in Pihu’s school.

    Raman wants to win the competition proving to Pihu that he loves her and she will always remain happy with them stead of Shagun.

    Shagun attempts to spoil Raman’s attempts but Ishita is there to help her Raman.

    Raman cooks food at the competition and burns his hand, family members come for Raman’s help but Ishita does not come.

    Raman hurts himself but manages to cook food but he gets sad when judge does not take his name in Top 3.

    Raman wins cooking competetion

    But soon, Principal announces as Raman is special mother because he cooked food in spite of much injury.

    Raman wins the cooking competition for his daughter Pihu, Ishita, Pihu and all are happy.

    Shagun gets completely jealous seeing Raman and Ishita’s victory

  6. Sindhu

    Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Shona, Jaz, Aditya, Az, Prisha, Saritha, Raisa, Naaz, Aastha, Monique, Khushi, Siddhi, Bhagya, Shreya, Supergirl and many many YHM fans…

    Today’s episode is a killer. First I wish somebody would take a whip and whip Pihu.. What is wrong with this imbecile child? She is going out of control. She has turned into a little villanious thanks to Shagun. Shagun is a vamp and very devious. Terrible woman. Poor Mani. I feel sorry for him. How could she use PIhu and get her do ad film? She did the same to Ruhi and now to Pihu. Poor Ishra!! Raman should just slap Pihu and Shagun. He should tell Shagun to get out of his house. This is so disgusting. Why can’t the cvs just let Ishra be together? why always is Ishita leaving the house? I just don’t get it. Shagun is always entering into the house and Ishita is always leaving Bhalla house. Infact Adi and Ruhi still treated her well even though they did not like her before but Pihu is worse off. Throwing tantrums a spoilt brat. Shagun is also a spoilt brat!!! She is worse than a kid. I am waiting for the time when Ishita takes revenge on Shagun and gives her injection. That will be her retribution

    • Siddhi

      I agree with u Sindhi pihu is a spoilt brat but I want to see ruhaanika acted very well but I think bhalla family air Raman k is may boht bariii mistake hai coz they are not telling pihu truth I agree that ruhi n adi never behaved like this but pihu is really a spoilt brat I remember earlier she threw photo frame on ishu she is really out of control

      • Parichary

        Adithi…. Not so fast please!

        Pihu will see Ruhi and Adi get angry on her and Shagun.
        Pihu will ask everyone for food and other things and they will ignore and angry on Pihu.
        Pihu will realised that they are angry on her for listening to Shagun and kick Ishita out.
        Pihu will changed her behaviour and realised Raman pain and think to ask Raman to let Shagun to do medical but Raman refused that hurt her to see him continuous cooking with cleaning and dressing his wound.
        Pihu then goes to Ishita and bring her to Raman to treated Raman wound.
        Pihu will realised that Shagun is using her and want to separate Raman and Ishita and plan to hurt Ishita.
        Pihu will start to hate Shagun and plan to get close to Ishita and start to love Ishita.

  7. Khushiarvind


    |Registered Member

    Hi dear adi, vp, jaz, shivani, rithu, parvathy, monique,supergirl, mino, lekha, sally, susan, sreeranjini,baazigar, sarita, sowmy,preethy, swara, pihu, aditi,bhagya, hp, niveditha, shabana, payal, radhika,simzain, ishitha bhalla, mustafa, vidhi, abhishek, raj, bhaavi,sindhu, aliya, niyathi, kutty, ro, jeni, sara, deepa, disha, awesome, sana, evani, katrina,smithy, aastha, vaishnavi,maahi,ajay,juhi,akshu, pari, hana, uaha, farhat, krishna, chakor, bhagya, parichari, rajat, nandu, majic,manju, honey priya, pradishma,sonia,rehma,wati,cham,chinz,pragathi,eera,devipriya,shreya and all my dear frnds
    Hw ru all doing?

  8. Starbucks

    This story can’t be any worst I’m starting to hate mihir too
    I really wish he has throws those headphones to the dustbin

  9. Ruhi

    Please change pihus character. yhm fans will start hating ruhanika our little ruhi.please cvs stop this torture against ishu.

  10. Swara

    Hi yhm family the episode was not that bad but seriously Pihu is getting on my last nerve.loved Ishra beat pe booty. As for shaggy someone plz kill her can’t wait for the episode where ishu gives her injection and Raman and ishu secret date can’t say but am kinda enjoying this Tract and by the way loved mihir and Aliya’s love story and am sure ishu is gonna support them plz they should get Aliya married to mihir and look for someone else for adi

  11. jaz

    Hi Adu monique khushi rithu shivani mino az naaz pihu sindhu siddhi saritha aliya sheraya vp super girl salley susan shona bhagya.and all members of yhm fans HI to all dear friends


      After Long TIME JAZ
      Woh GHAR Chodke Jaari.

      • jaz

        Hey Adu tabi tu muje nahi dekhna some one cry muje b rona aajatha hain..muje os blo*dy shaggy ki face nahi dekni muje aur pihu ki b but I love ruhanika dawaan I hate pihu..bas ab bahot hova pihu ka drama..Pls stop cvs best show ko WORST show bananeke liye..aur ruhanika ka character kharaab karne ke liye..enough is enough pls for god sake kill shagun shaggy…top of bottom just I hate shaggy..oye ektha maatha pls humari request sonlo waise b tum kisi ki nahi sun thi..hum ne sun na hain tum kisi baba ki bath sun thi hoo. Khabi khabi fans ki bath sonliya karo..pls shaggy ko mardalo pls pls

  12. Satza

    actually this time shagun has a reason to become bad… N ishita gave the reason. Shagun didn’t marry Manoj n she took care of everything. How can bhallas behave like this with her. They can understand her insecurity n explain her. Ishita wants all the children’s. Its not gud. After all shagun is der real mother.

    • VP

      Satza … Please watch this yhm all episodes from beginning …A bad person is always bad … there should not be any readon …. your own kids , to make them happy brainwashing is good ? Sorry to say … Ishitha … never wanted Pihu for herself .. Please understand … Shaghun wants Raman … he doesnot love her … his soul and heart is Ishitha and she wants only her kids happiness … todays episode when Raman asked sorry … did you listen what did Ishitha say … sacrificing ur life for others life is love …


        You Are Absolutely RIGHT VP.
        I Agree With You.
        One of The Horrible Episodes of YHM VP.
        ANSU AHGAYI.

    • jaz

      Pls go and watch previous yhm.episodes and then come to this site pls don’t blame ishitha for all and you pls watch the bus wala episode jo tum ishu ko.bol rahi ho.os ishu ne apna bacha gawa kar ruhi,adi aur pore bhalla family ko.bachaya yeh sab kya …satza pls watch star utsav 7:00pm ko old yhm show aatha hain..

    • Parichary

      Satza, What VP is saying are correct!

      Raman and Shagun were married first after he rejected Niddi,
      Raman and Shagun had son Adiyta then Raman start his joy and get happy.
      Raman work for 6 feet 2 inch (Ashok Khanna) when Raman was nerdy man.
      Ashok ask Raman for some ideas to get woman a gift and jewellery but Raman told Ashok that he had no idea the tell Ashok that he will send his wife Shagun to help him.
      Shagun and Ashok start secret having affair together and Raman did not know about it.
      Shagun get pregnant with Ruhi and Raman get happy again and distribute sweet.
      It was Valentine’s Day Raman bring Shagun to the party and was invited by his friend for anniversary. Ashok start flirt with Shagun and dance with her in front of Raman. Raman get fumed and stop Ashok then take Shagun. Shagun tried to reason with Raman to not to leave the party. Raman pull Shagun to leave the party. Shagun lied to Raman to get bag but went to see Ashok. Raman get angry the punched Ashok for trying to steal Shagun.
      Shagun put her sari pallu on Ashok lip that shocked Raman. Raman ask Shagun to leave him and let go. Shagun refused to leave with Raman. Ashok then tell Raman that Shagun is not in love with Raman so Shagun is in love with Ashok.
      Ruhi was 6 months old, Raman want to take Shagun out with family and Shagun refused.
      Shagun send Raman divorce paper and leave Bhalla house leaving Ruhi with Raman and took Adi with her.
      Ruhi was much sick and Raman was drunk and couldn’t take care of Ruhi. Ishita save Ruhi life (drank expired cough syrup) and rush Ruhi to the hospital. Ishita ask Shagun to come to hospital to sign the paper but Ashok stop Shagun and they start argue. Ishita left them and decide to do it. Ishtia engagement were called off because Raman and ladies of Bhalla house blame on Ishita of kidnapping Ruhi and send Ishita’s parent to jail. Raman get surprised that Ishita came home with Ruhi. Ruhi call Ishita while Raman look on and get confused. Doctor exclaim Ruhi and told Bhalla family that Ishita is the person who save Ruhi life and you sent all family to jail.
      Raman goes for business interview. Ashok and Thanushnee lied to Ishita that Raman has come for the press to talk about Ishtia kidnapped Raman daughter. Ishita believed Tanu and went to revenge on Raman and blame Raman for parent condition and bad father to Ruhi. Then Shagun send women empowerment to ask Raman to send Ruhi to Shagun and Raman fumed and Ruhi cried and refused. Mrs Bhalla ask Simmi to bring Ruhi. Simmi bought Ruhi and showed all that Ruhi is fine while put Ruhi down. Ruhi get scared then ran to Ishita and cried while hug Ishita tight while others look on. Ruhi don’t want to leave Ishita and Raman. Ishita tell Ruhi that she will go to her real mother Shagun and will visit her. Shagun does not care about Ruhi as Ishita get to know that Shagun left sick Ruhi with nanny and goes to the party. Raman want to blamed Ishita but remain silent.
      During the court Raman and Shagun signed the divorce paper then a week later of Ruhi custody. Ruhi don’t want to stay with Shagun. Ishita and Ruhi spend so much time together. Then the child custody hearing comes then the judge want to ask for Ruhi then Ishita give guester to h=make Ruhi calm and she is there for you. Judge ask Ruhi who she want to stay with Shagun or Raman. Ruhi tell judge that Ruhi want to stay with Aunty Ishita that shock all. Judge ask who is Ms Ishita and askIshita to come to the witness box. Ishita tell all the story about what happen. Judge then tell others that they will get back after 3 months to see who Ruhi want to stay.
      Mr Bhalla and Mr Iyer want Raman and Ishita to get marry for Ruhi. Raman and Ishita married on 13th February then 14th Feb is Ruhi custody. Shagun then make scence on Raman and Ishita wedding to tell Ishita about Raman abusive and had son. Ishita was about to stop the weddig because of Shagun present that make Raman fumed. When Shagun left the Ishta want to speak to her parents then tell that Ishita need to marry Raman and to protect Ruhi as a shield and will never let Raman hurt Ruhi. Ruhi comes and tell Ishita are you not going to marry papa and how will I call you Ishma. Isht=ita cried and say no, I will surely to marry your papa. Raman thionk that the wedding will not happen but Ishita stop and tell all guests that the wedding will happen and apology for the drama because of Shagun present and all understood. Raman and Ishita got married. Honeymoon was very funny (I can’t say more, sorry). Raman goes to court and wait for Ishita to come. Shagun and Ashok get happy that they won the victory for destroy the wedding.
      Ruhi need mother and found Ishita as a perfect mother and want Ishita to marry Raman. Ishita couldn’t convieve a child because of the reason of her stomach TB. Raman accepted her as his wife and Ruhi mother. Shagun get shocked see Ishita married then Ashok get confused of Shagun shocking expression then turn to see Ishita and get shocked. Ishita then tell judge for apology for being late and judge say ok Ms Ishita then Raman add Ishita Raman Kumar Bhalla. Judge get happy to hear that Raman and Ishita are married.Ashok brainwash on Ruhi about bad things that Ishita will send Ruhi away then she must choose Shagun. Ruhi get sad and tell court that she stay with Shagun. Judge notice Ruhi sad face and see Ruhi and Ishita silent eye contact. Judge then call Ruhi to talk then court then call all back and give final decision. Judge then tell Raman and Shagun who Ruhi will stay the Judge gave Ruhi to Ishita and Raman. Ruhi call Ishita Ish mama then Ishita get happy and goes to ruhi and hug her. Raman see Ruhi and Ishits bonded.

      Then with Adi now. Adi believe in Shagun that Ishita is bad as you saw how Shagun tell Pihu same way. Adi was about to break the marriage between Raman and Ishita but Ruhi stopped Adi and Shagun then warned Shagun to stay away. Ruhi then argue with Adi that Ishta is not bad as you think and Ishma is the only one who show us love and teach me the value. Adi was hungry while Shagun ignore Adi and goes party. Ishita feel concern of Adi then order Chinese Food to bring home to give Adi. Adi was fast sleeping then Ishta was about to cover Adi the blanket but Adi woke up and saw food then ran to eat with much heavily and tells Ishita thank you. Adi realised that Ruhi is right that Ishita is not bad and know that Ishita loves him also. Ishita want to have child with Raman but got pregnant with her first chhild and Raman’s 3rd child that make whole family happy. Then there were bus bomb and abondoned women with kids. Ishita save Ruhi and Adi but lost Raman and Ishita unborn baby while Ishita stomach hit on the rock and got miscarriage. Ruhi and Adi cried and loves Ishita alot. Ishita accepted that Adi and Ruhi as her children becausethey belong to Raman. Ruhi and Adi is Ishita adoption children then Shagun help Raman and Ishita to give baby then Shagun carry Raman and Ishita baby (Pihu)

      I know that it is long story but You should watch from Dailymoon video.

  13. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi rithu dear iam here actualy iam suffering from typhoid thatswhy iam not comming to this site regularly and hi vp jaz sindu siddi diya shivani saritha aditya kushi monique supergirl disha kushiarvind and al yhm fan how r u guys????

  14. jaz

    Hey guys sorry I can’t able to come this site bcoz meri mother in law ki death hogayi Thursday ko… my health is not wealth in 2,3 days se cough& cold hain guys And waise b ab kuch nahi hain yeh show mein…sare show meiin negativity hi hain.. nothing to watch now days..just HATES shagun shaggy now this pihu also and the show lose her champ…other hand aliya playing with adi ..sorry guys .and I hope you all fine…Hey adu..khushi.monique..

    • Monique_D


      |Registered Member

      Hey Jaz ….
      Miss you here yaar.
      And sorry to hear about your mother in-law….

      I don’t worry about the disrespectful Pihu and irritating Shagun.

      Look after yourself Jaz.
      I think they are going for the “love wil conquer all” type of thing.

      Raman and Ishita connecting and having bf/gf moment as they had an arranged marriage and to prove his love and devotion to hos family and to her.


      Hi JAZ!
      Sorry to Hear This SAD NEWS from You DEAR.
      This Is What LIFE is ALL About.
      JAZ Take DOLO- 650(Tablet) Dear.
      If You Have Extreme Cough Body Pains etc Then Take OKACET (works Very EFFECTIVELY).
      If You Have Only Fever COLD Cough then You Can Go By DOLO-650.
      Get Well Soon.
      Take Care

  15. rithushree

    Episode was worst.precap was also worst.shagun is too worst .she is doing the same of what she did with ruhi years ago .but the difference is that time shagun was not working and now she is working and in both the cases she is using her children for wrong deeds.

  16. shreya shetty


    • rithushree

      Hey shreya .I totally agree with you. Even I hate those two .the shaggy and little shaggy Pihu .two worst characters of yhm.

      • shreya shetty

        why VP tell me hy cant I blame that DIRTY SHIT DISRESPECTFUL ANNYOING MORONIC ISHU TEASER DISCOURAGING ****ING BRAT PIHU HUH!!!!!!!sorry if I tried to hurt u by getting angry but to be honest,although agreed that shes ruhanika but then if she keeps continuing to play such a stupid role of pihu then all the yhms fans around here would start losing the charm of her who played earlier as little cute sweet innocent angelic ruhi,she was not only cute but also set a good example to many children of mother and child relationship!!!I hope that u ve understood why I just felt like killing both shagun and pihu also this stubborn adamant bratty girl pihu should be given tight lashings from a whip by raman as I expected but hell no that didn’t happen at all coz we all know how deeply raman loves his daughter whom he has pampered with showers of love and joy from the bhalla family for the past 7 years when ishu was away think of it how she might have suffered without even thinking about her own biological legal daughter who has now turned to be a threat to all children of yhm fans a 7 YEAR OLD UNIVERSAL TEMPERISED MORON BULLSHIT PIHU INSTEAD!!!!

    • Parichary

      Shreya Shetty and Jaz!!

      I agree with VP and what this person is saying is true.

      Do not blame on Pihu because Pihu is such small and did not understand anything what is going on in this family and doesn’t know the faked marriage between Raman and Shagun.
      Raman don’t want to lied to Pihu that he is already married to Shagun.
      Raman still married to Ishita and are not divorce but separation.
      Pihu tell Raman and Ishita to stop play the game and want Ishita to leave Bhalla house then Ruhi stop Pihu and see Ishita hurt.
      Ruhi realised that Ishita only loves her alot. Then Ruhi tell Pihu not to speak rudely to elders. Raman get hurt and angry.
      Ruhi still want Raman and Ishita to get married again so that she will stay with them but Shagun planned to kidnapped Ruhi but mistaken to kidnapped Ishita.
      Every families get to know that Shagun is behind Ishita Kidnapped and Niddi plan to kidnapped Ruhi but the judge told told all that Ruhi will stay with Raman and Ishita before finding out about Niddi plan. Ishita came home after judge announced that Ruhi will stay with Raman and Ishita.
      Pihu doesn’t know that Shagun is evil and she is behind Ishita kidnapped.

      Okay let me get clear with you Shreya:

      Shagun is working as NGO?
      Tell us what NGO does for the community?

      • VP

        Yes Parichay … I dont know whether Shaghun knows the meaning of NGO …. brainless cvs to show an NGO personto do all these kidnapping and all .. cvs please be real …One thing this is the only way they can give prominence to Shaghun as not to keep her as a supporting role … yhm …. creators or Ekta favours Shaghun …. such a cheap dressing sense … be decent in dressing …

      • shreya shetty

        oh hello parichary nice to read ur opinion but to be familiar with it clearly I would say yes shagun does work in an ngo.usually ngo workers are supposed to be helping out victims who r suffering from worst cases and same way shagun does that too.but I tell u that this ngoist shaggy is a bad dog!!!!I am just eagerly awaiting to kill her for brainwashing that nasty brat pihu.seriously give me a break please parichary thank u for questioning me about that villain and also I agree that shagun is a dirty evil minded woman who doesn’t care about her children and sometimes possibly leave them to die did u remember she left her children ruhi and adi when they were kids as the building collapsed and they were about to die and ishu had to come and rescue them and suffer brutual injuries for that.this indicates shagun to be awarded with WORLDS NO 1 TERRIBLE EVIL MOTHER WHO LETS HER OWN CHILDREN TO DIE AND NEVER LOVES THEM.ALSO I PREDICT THAT SHE SIMPLY OVER REACTS SAYING THAT PIHU IS HER DAUGHTER SHE IS HER LOVE DUNIYA AND BAKWASS!!!!!SERIOUSLY SHE SHOULD BE SENT TO PRISON FOR A LONG LIFETIME FOR GIVING INSECURITY TO HER FAMILY AND ALSO TO HER EX THREE CHILDREN ALONG THAT TOO PLANNING TO DESTROY ISHITA!!!!HATE HATE HATE FOR BEING SHAGGY SHAGUN

  17. shreya shetty


    • VP

      Shreya … Pihu is the brain washed Shaghun … i am also ready to kill her … Having been with Shaghun for 7 years … she is tuned like her … we all do many things in good intention … Ishitha asked Raman … if Shaghun had not stayed ..with her .. they can tell the truth … this is not the right time to tell as Pihu may go on trauma … I really dont understand the concept of being independent .. a seven years old girl that too … she is highly pampered … as you all know initially she liked Ishitha … whatever it is …last sentence when Raman cried and hugged Ishitha … telling may be Iam not Strong was heart touching … he is happy he got her after 7 years though not apologized … we can see his scare of losing Ishitha than anything … Shreya … These comments will never hurt me … dont worry about that … I an old lady crazy fan of Dt … I hate people hurting Dt on screen or off screen . According to me she is the most talented , beautiful and very decent actress …i love reading comments like one family .. if avoided usage of bad language …..

  18. rithushree

    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude nimrit priyaroli siddhi aparna unique angel sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie mino Sarita sara prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna priya bhagi mansi ananthi Pihu disha juhi Luna shreya Khushi Aliya naz jaz jeni super girl aditya Shona avanti and all yhm friends

  19. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman has participated in cooking competition in Pihu’s school.

    Raman wants to win the competition proving to Pihu that he loves her and she will always remain happy with them instead of Shagun.

    Shagun attempts to spoil Raman’s attempts but Ishita is there to help her Raman.

    Raman cooks food at the competition and burns his hand, family members come for Raman’s help but Ishita does not come.

    Raman hurts himself but manages to cook food but he gets sad when judge does not take his name in Top 3.

    Raman wins cooking competetion

    But soon, Principal announces as Raman is special mother because he cooked food in spite of much injury.

    Raman wins the cooking competition for his daughter Pihu, Ishita, Pihu and all are happy.

    Shagun gets completely jealous seeing Raman and Ishita’s victory.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  20. rithushree

    Nowadays in this site there are very less comments . many are not coming only .where are you guys?

  21. shreya shetty

    DARE if they kick poor angel ishita out of the house then I ll post a hate message to ruhanika dhawan for sure

    • VP

      Shreya …. these actors are just tools … they do act what cvs tell …. you cant blame actors at all dear one

    • Siddhi

      R u serious what’s ruhaanika fault she is a 8 yrs old kid she is doing what she is told to be calm its just a serial n ruhaanika is adorable

  22. sowmy

    hii every body today episode is highlighted with raman and ishitha beat pay a booty dance my ishra is back.
    pls bring ishu and pihu closer…………

  23. sowmy

    hii every body today episode is highlighted with raman and ishitha beat pay a booty dance my ishra is back.
    pls bring ishu and pihu closer………… pls dont spoil mother daugther bond
    ishu ru ishu di ishra ishuhi bond is also put together so that we can enjoy

  24. rithushree

    Shagun came there with Pihu to show Raman’s lies and make Pihu away from Raman. Shagun has done new drama to act of having dental pain. Ishita treats Shagun at her clinic. Raman smiles seeing Ishita scaring Shagun with the big injection. Shagun gets shocked seeing the injection and asks Ishita not to give her any injection. Ishita tells her that this is necessary. Ishita gives anesthesia injection to Shagun. Shagun is not able to speak right. Ishita laughs on Shagun. Raman enjoys Shagun’s state. Ishita tells Raman that Shagun’s mouth will be shut for some hours now.

  25. Siddhi

    Hi everyone I just saw a pic on insta in which adi was looking really angry on ishita I think now a big misunderstanding will take place between ishita n adi really very bad firstly ruhi then pihu n now adi r these cvs mad aur Jo kuch Bhi ho end pay bechaari ishu hi phase jatiii hai

    • VP

      Siddhi ,I dont think Adi is angry at Ishima .Atleast hope so … he must have shattered knowing Alias truth .. his Ishima will take care of it

    • jaz

      Yeah siddhi you’re absolutely right dear goom phir ke sab ko ishu hi milthi hain bichari ishu sab kuch tu sacrifices kar dya usne phir b such mein cvs sattya gaya hain kise pagal kutta ne khata hoga..

    • Parichary

      No guys!!!

      Ishita does not know anything about Aylia lovelife because they had not been chatting for long time since Shagun married to Mani and they only met on Rakhi day.

      Ishita think that Aylia is in love with Adi but didn’t know that it was Mihir.

      Raman and Ishita will be on Adi side and support him.

      Ishita only know that Adi is in love with Aylia.

      There is a new girl who will enter Adi life and will make Aylia jealous when Adi and new girl get cosy together and get happy.

      Mihir is only a friend to Aylia and he had no feeling in love with Aylia. Mihir want to be single and be independent with joyful life since his death wife Rinky and heartbreaking by Mihika. Mihir don’t want to repeated again with another heartbreaking.

      Aylia does not understand Mihir and Adi feeling. Aylia only listen to Shagun and Shagun give hint to Aylia about how to get Mihir.

      Shagun only know how to hurt other people and put blame on Ishita. Raman get fumed and stop people for pointing their finger on wrong person that she did not do wrong. Raman know that Ishita did not do anything and he and Ishita had chitchat together about Adi future life and eventually the children.

      Shagun is the person to be responsible. Adi loves Ishita and know that Ishita did not do wrong and know that she is concerned about his welfare. Ishita did not want Adi to get hurt. Ishita should tell Raman immediately before too late to hurt Adi further. Raman should go and talk to Adi again. Ishita will also go and talk to Mihir about Aylia and Adi.

      Mihir want to work with Aylia as a professional not relationship and so moreover is that Shagun is his sister and Shagun is Aylia new Amma. Ishita is only Mihir Bhabhi not Shagun. Mihir loves Ishita very much than Shagun. Even Mihir also love Raman.

  26. rithushree

    Pihu ko Patha hona chahiye ki uski asli maa koun .Jo hotha hai isse hone Dena chahiye.uske baad shayad Pihu shagun send door ho jaye kyunki shagun be ussse yeh bath chupaayi thi.iss drama ko faalthoo kheech rahe hai .aur yeh drama ab bardaash nadhi hotha hai .backwaaz drama hai .poora ka poora backwaaz hai .

  27. Ro

    Hi guyssss

    I’m tolerating pihu only bcoz she is ishus daughter… Otherwise I would have hoped she dies with shagun nidhi and ashok…😠😠😠😠

    Ishra moments were cute😃💓💓😃

    Omg Adi 😭😭😭😭feels so pity for him…what will happen when he realises his alia is dating his MAAMU????😞😭😞😭😠😠😠😠

  28. sonya

    Like I said before Pihu is pampered to much – give her two slaps and bring her on track. Talks like an 18 year old child.

  29. Jassu

    Cannot stand Pihu’s behavior. Such a poorly behaved child, how do they let their child behave like that. You would think that after she has been behaving like this, they would tell her the truth about Ishita. Unbelievable.

  30. shreya shetty


  31. jaz

    Hey Adu monique khushi rithu shivani mino az naaz saritha aliya sindhu siddhi pihu vp super girl salley susan fathi soniya shona bhagya sheraya and all members of yhm fans very good morning GUYS

    • magic

      Jaz do you know what kind of language aditya use for shagun for commenting at this site nobody have such kind of liberty to comment

  32. Raghu

    Everyone telling poor Adi. I feel bad for aliya also. Have they shown Mihir having feelings for Aliya. I don’t think so. After the leap I think the makers want to Pitt Ishitha and Raman against their children. First Ruhi now Pihu finally Adi

  33. Super Girl

    hi all yhm.sorry for replying now was too sad to write. hate the characters pihu and shugun u blo*dy witch.cant stand the sight of these villians they make my blood boil.
    have a nice day guys.

    • Siddhi

      Sorry guys I got confused between a line actually clear niii this adi nay ishu say kana ap ko pasta niii muj per kya beti

  34. magic

    You all the guys hate pihu and shagun but i love these two because the playing their role superbly even better than tripathi and who the hell is aditya kiran in which language are you commenting men


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