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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman talking to Pathak about Rinki. Adi and Ruhi puncture the car tyre. Aman gets the pin. Ruhi says sorry, I forgot my pin there. Romi and Ishita pass by and stop seeing Raman. Romi says we will give him lift. Ishita and Raman start arguing as he blames her for the puncture. She says I have this work in life, nothing else, right? Just to give this man lift. Adi says how to make dad sit in her car. Raman sees watch and she asks him to come if he wants else she will leave. He says he will pay the fare. She says such people should give fare. He taunts her and he asks him to come. Romi looks on. Adi and Ruhi get glad. Raman and Ishita still argue on the way. Romi asks what did I do. They both talk via Romi and bring out their annoyance.

Raman says what a stupid

car, don’t know from where she has stolen this. She asks Romi to stop the car and asks him to get down the car and scolds him. Raman says I will go before police catches this stolen car. Ishita meets Mihir and asks why did he drink so much and did this foolishness. Mihir says I m sorry, boss forced me to drink and I met Ashok in the party, I could not control hearing about Mihika. She asks is he kid to get in force by anyone, and Rinki said right, people say true after drinking. He says I think about Mihika, but I care for Rinki, it will take some time to know each other.

He says I m trying to make things fine, I promise I respect this marriage and Rinki, she is imp for me, since she left home, I miss her a lot, I m so lucky to have her, help me. She says you should tell this to Rinki. He says I called her, she is not taking my call, tell me what to do. She gets Romi’s call and asks him to come. She says she will go now. Mihir says he kept meeting here, and asks her to do something. She says it will be dome and leaves with Romi. Subbu greets her and says I came to the coffee shop as your secretary told you are here, I know you and Raman had a fight, I asked Bala and he told me everything. She says its personal matter, I will sort you, Romi lets leave.

Subbu says you helped me, I can also help you to unite Mihir and Rinki, I have an idea. She asks what they have to do. He reminds how they did matchmaking in college, this can happen now too, where is Raman. She says he went to lawyer, we are also going there. Raman brings Rinki to Pathak. She asks why did they come here. Raman says you said you don’t want to be in this marriage, talk to Pathak. Ishita and Romi tell about Raman taking Rinki to Pathak. Subbu says Pathak will give them the advice which we give him. He asks her to call Pathak.

Ishita calls Pathak and asks him not to take her name and not say Raman that she called, and asks him to talk to her friend Subbu and take his advice. Subbu talks to Pathak. Pathak says fine, it will be done. Ishita says Pathak will do this. Pathak tells Raman that Rinki and Mihir have to show that their efforts to keep marriage and asks Raman to make them participate in couple contest. Ishita says they will know they are compatible. Raman takes Rinki and starts leaving.

Rinki says she don’t want to participate and Raman asks her to agree to Pathak. Ishita meets Mihir again in the coffee shop and asks him to participate. Mihir says no way. She convinces him. Rinki refuses and Raman asks her to do it. Romi and Ishita come home and say about couples competition, like Nach Baliye. Simmi says I don’t think Rinki will agree. Ishita says she will agree and Mihir signed on the form already. Mr. Bhalla asks what should they do to convince Rinki. Simmi says we have to do our roles. Ishita asks them not to do overacting. Mrs. Bhalla asks them not to look at her, she does not overact. Romi takes Ishita to Iyer house. Rinki comes home. Mrs. Bhalla tells her that Mihir called and said they are taking part in some competition.

Rinki says she is not interested. Romi shows the form and says Mihir planned it. Mrs. Bhalla provokes her saying Mihir is not capable. Simmi asks her to check form, else people will think she worries that her husband will fail, and he will lose as his wife did not support him. Mr. Bhalla says its fine, we will make some excuse. Rinki says no need to make excuse. Adi and Ruhi come home. Rinki signs on the form. Adi gets an idea and tells Ruhi.

Its night, Raman gets freshen up and misses Ishita in the room. Dil kahin rukta nahi………….plays…………… Ishita is restless too. They recall their fight. Raman goes to her couch and hugs the cushion. Ishita looks at Mihika and sits thinking. Ishita receives a parcel and thanks the person. Even Raman comes and takes his medicines. They give each other their medicines. He asks shall I drop you. She thinks he can’t call me home, being in ego. He thinks can’t she come home, being in ego. She says she will go and he helps her. He takes her. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays……….. He leaves her to Iyer house and says Rinki said yes to take part in contest, Pathak asked you to convince Mihir, lets see his idea works or not. He asks her to take medicines and leaves.

Subbu asks can they identify their wive by touching their soft hands or not. Raman is blindfolded, and holds the women’ hands and leaves Ishita’s hand, saying the world’s softest hands, this is my Madrasan and shows some random lady. Ishita gets sad.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. arey yar badaa aaya behaan ko ego ko baare me bolne ke liye kudh itna ego…….usne galathi kiya hai tho sry bhi pehle usiki bolna padega na……

  2. Raman kabhi sidha kaam nahi karega……. ulte hi kaan pakadvayegaa…….. Rinky ko Pathak ke paas legaya….kyonki wo apne muh se bole ki usse divorce nahi chahiye………

  3. IshRa …ne ek dusre k liye medicine mangwayi. .how sweet ek dusre ki kitni care karte hai…chahe jitne bhi naraz ho. ….hey raman ne ishita ko ghar se nikala na toh ramsn hi ko ishita ko ghar lana chahiye. …..

  4. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is going
    to show a lot of drama in the coming
    episodes.Soon we will see Anurag
    sharma and Sumeet Sachdev’s return in
    the show. As we have seen,raman yells at ishita
    in anger and blames her for mihir and
    rinky’s broken relationship.Ishita leaves
    the bhalla house and goes to her appa’s
    house.When Subbu makes an entry and
    notices that ishita is sad. As mentioned earlier,Best jodi
    competition will be held by bhalla
    family to unite mihir and rinky.Subbu
    becomes the commentator and ruhi,adi
    try to bring raman and ishita closer.But
    the couple intentionally fail in every round.At last mihir and rinky win the
    game and title. Later The kids get an idea to make
    raman and ishita together.They
    puncture raman’s Tyre with ishita’s hair
    pin. When raman is about to start his
    car he notices puncture and a hair pin
    near to it.He assumes that ishita did it purposefully. Soon Ishita will also come there with
    romi in her car and asks him to take lift
    from her.But raman blame her for
    puncture and they both start their
    argument.Kids plan gets flopped and
    they start fighting again on the way. Param is also going to make an entry in
    the show after a long time..He will try
    to snatch ananya from simmi.Simmi
    will be disturbed with his antics. Somehow,ishita will come to bhalla
    house and she will be still angry with
    raman.She removes her anger on neelu
    who is cleaning the house. However, the family and kids try their
    best to make raman and ishita
    together.It is heard that kids will make
    raman say sorry to ishita and make him
    confess his love to ishita.Raman will
    plan a surprise for ishita. Will this surprise will be successful or it
    again becomes a failure like always?
    Will shagun able to get back kids from

  5. IshRa ab ek dusre se dur reh hi nahi sakte……….. Raman ne kal jo bhi kaha wo sirf Rinky ki wajah se kaha tha…..wo Rinky ko kuch nahi keh sakta tha…..kyonki wo usse kuch kehta to wo Ishita ke bare me hi bura bolti ……..iss liye uss ne Ishita ko ghar se jane ko kaha taaki dono aamne saamnena aaye……

  6. TRP
    1) SNS
    2) YHM
    4) MATH
    5) KKB

    Kitna achacha hua….YHM apni pisition par wapas aa gaya………& DABH out……& KKB last…..

  7. TRP
    1) SNS
    2) YHM
    4) MATH
    5) KKB

    Kitna achacha hua….YHM apni position par wapas aa gaya………& DABH out……& KKB last…..

  8. Mera leg too theek hai par yeh plastr jaldi nahi niklega I jus hate dis fractures yaar acha hua ki foot fracture hai pure leg ka hota to I had to sit on wheel chair m using d sticks for walking

  9. Haan priyaroli mai fb pe to hoon but pura din room mai rehti hoon stairs se neecHe jaana padta hai aur problem hoti haii wen I will add u nah dat tym I will say u aaj kal badi mushkil se online aati hoon fb par mobile to hamesha mere hath me hota hai but fb mai laptop mai use karti hoon

  10. IshRa car scene .achcha tha IshRa k nok jok mein bechara phas gaya. …..
    ..agar IshRa ki nok jok na Ho toh IshRa. ..IshRa nahin lagte. …..

  11. whatever

    One thing people are not realizing and keep thinking all this is cutesy is how disrespectful Raman is towards Ishita. Normal fights and even bigger ones are fine. But as soon as a fight happens, it seems like many Indian husbands wants to say “get out of my house” (I saw this in real life too). How dare they. It is one thing to say mean things to eachother but asking the wife to get out is different. He does not treat her as equal, he thinks he owns the house whereas it belongs to both of them. I have a fundamental problem with this. If a wife who is a dentist gets this treatment imagine a regular woman, how horrible her situation is.

    And on top of this, the problem I have is not taking the seriousness of his abuse when he asks her to get out but rather looking at it as if it is a cute fight. No woman should forgive a guy for asking her to get out whenever a fight happens. She should have the equal right to ask him to get out or nobody gets to give that order. People really need to realize this fact.

  12. i dont no wat kind of ishita n raman are..they shud learn from sooraj sandhya.. sooraj n sandhya support each oder in every situation..not lyk ishra…disgusting couple….raman is so horrible person …in every situation he ill make ishta out…nd suraj make every situation right by his sweetmess…nd dis serial spread hateness….but DABH teaches goodness..

    • if in yhm there is no custody case..nd there is so negavtive character wich spread hateness…u no seeing yhm my coisin bro speak nonsense wid oders bcz of dis serial….hw cheap they can show such a charaterless people in dis serial…

    • Star jo bhi Ho. .pehle toh YHM KO DABH ..campare karna bandh karo ……sandhya jo maa ka rule play karrahi hai. ..woh bhi ishita se tips lekar kiya hai k achchi maa kaisi hoti hai. ….IshRa chahe jitna lade. .har waqt har situation mein ek sath hote hai. …jab woh ek sath hote toh koi unko hara nahin sakta. …..aur IshRa k bare mein kuch bura mat bolo. …

  13. Honestly..this ekta mams serials r like this..we was happy seeing ishra confess their luv but….as usual they fight…they should be together and solve the situation…not like fifhting everytime..ishra gave the example to rinki about her and raman relationship..but ishra are only giving wrong example..plz plz make ishra 2gthr..

  14. arya

    ohhh plzzzz rinki is not gd for mihir… mihika is there for him…. plzzzz unite mihir n mihikaaaa… they r such a ideal couple… they sacrifice everything for love. plz unite dem

  15. agar tuje serial pasandh nahi hai tho dhektha/padtha kyom STAR vise bhi time bahuth keemthi hothi hai tho math dheko aur dnt cmnt like this

  16. Zindagi mein kuch banna ho, Kuch
    hasil karna ho, Kuch jeetna ho, To
    hamesha apne dil ki suno, Aur ager
    dil se bhi koi jawaab na aaye … To
    apni aankhein band karke apni Maa
    aur Baba ka naam lo … Phir dekhna tum her manzil paa sakoge, Her
    mushkil aasan ho jayegi, Jeet tumhari
    hogi ….. Sirf tumhari…good mrg guys.

  17. wowwww aab tho intazaar hi nahi ho raha hai…… room decoration kitna acha hai aur ishra ki confession bhi pakka hai………cant wait……are yar mizun priya and prayu angel kaha hai sab log

  18. naima

    Ramya …I am sorry. I am late na? .I have to leave now. bye bye miss u ramya…..miss u all

  19. U Me Aur Tv Ishita enters in the room seeing
    Decorated gets happy…than picks red
    rose from the bed raman enters from
    behind…goes near him talks ishita…than
    raman holding ishita’s hand…goes to
    says I love U ishimaa…ishita gets sad..turns herself says leave this u cant
    say it..raman ruhi ne kaha tha…ishita is
    making sad crying…raman goes turns
    her says something had to be said…than
    goes on knees says I love U Ishita..I love
    U ishita…Hugs her…It ws cute…

  20. Finally finally I ♡ U bol diya. Ishita ko. …..ab kal aaye ga. .ye scene ..
    lekin raman uss k baad us jaraha hai…

  21. wow guys dekha finally raman bol diya i love u ishita raman bhalla.tho shaad it will happen in today or trm.ab tho wait nayi hoga.just c the time to go fast

  22. NB me iss baar kuch Karan ki shaadi par use chidha rahe the………kuch Patel ko Patli mil gai aisa bol rahe the……..but Patli nahi….Patlani hota hai….maja aayega……..& Karan ka face dekhne wala tha……

  23. Haa iss liye to maine kaha tha….Karan haar mahine shaadi karo……..Makers uss ki shaadi ke liye bahot khush lagte hai…..

  24. #SBS sbs said that since kp is goingon leave
    they are showing raman going
    abroadand so like kp declared his love
    to ankita similarly here he declared to
    ishitaand they showed rama lifted her
    up from wheelchair by his support he says i love u n they hug they showed
    their hug raman leaves for US
    announces he is going to the family and
    he had some gift for ishita too i think
    they showed him in purple jacket with
    a giftthen Intv of DTshe says that it was asbs same i love u ishita of raman
    beautiful surprise they fought a lotas in
    that jodi competition raman had said
    such good chholas cant be made by
    ishitabut seeing this surprise in the
    room i was v happy and byte of abhayji n aly abhayji said functions are for 3
    days only Aly says medly by aly
    sangram n kp will be there at the
    sangeet. #SBB raman ka gulaab sharma gayi ishita
    same segment raman declares he loves
    her room decorated and ishita angry
    over jodi competition fiasco raman did
    all this to manaao her n say i love u
    they saidas raman is about to say iluphone rings then after that he says
    ilu ishima Ishita says wat ishima !!
    raman kumar bhalla !!!dialogue ruhi se
    likhwakar laao then he says i love u
    ishita in the 3rd attempt finallyand they

  25. Yaar…TSA me Jodi award IshVeer ko mila….this is not fair….yeh Colors par award hai na…iss liye un ko mila

  26. Yaar…Ishita I♡U too bolegi yaa nahi….kyonki wo na Promo me dikhaya….na news me….adhura confession nahi chalega…..Raman pls uss ke muh se sune bina US mat jana……

    • haan even mizun said the same.even i was thinking same.ishu raman tho kaha diya ab aapka baari mrs.ishita raman bhalla.for that divyanka should get well soon.

      • But leg se thodi…muh se bolna hai…….ittne dino se bol rahi thi….& Raman ko laat time bola tha……yaeh bolo….you can do it….to ab Ishita ko bhi bolna chahiye…………

  27. guys notice kiya even this time raman ka phone aaye tha woh bhi duo baar.per thankgod ki raman phone off karthiya and bol bhi diya i love u ishita raman bhalla

  28. & guess what…sab log jodi me the..stage par … IshVeer …Abhi Prgya…..
    & Raman Shagun ke saath…….yaar Ishita nahi aa sakti thi samja…..fracture tha….but Shagun ke saath wo bhi Jodi award ke liye……..

  29. yar best jodi ishveer bakwaas ur right prayu colors me hai na isliye diya varna vo jodi kab the vo tho hamesha alag hi the……vise aaj tho bahuth maja aaya sbs dhek ke those 2r looking so nice…….cant wait for the episd

  30. par vo tho stylish bhi nahi lagthe hai na…..prayu hiiiii priya ofcourse yar yhm will rule trp chart now ese hi viewrs ko kush karna really toooooo xited

  31. jugs gr Di soso soso willa gaii Di Jo sas kikas Di shazatit ko??? gara na jhara? ko cho di ko soso di??

  32. Aaj ka epi kisi bhi halat mAi dwkhna padega jab bhi yhm aata hai vahi tym par tuition hota hai last ka hii dekhne ko milta hai aaj to kese bhi dekhkar rahungi

  33. Pyar, mohabbat, aashiqui sirf
    lafzon ke sivah aur kuch nahi
    … par jab woh mili … in lafzon
    ko mainne mil gaye…This for ishra.

  34. Confession time for
    Raman and Ishita after
    Contest,Raman go to
    abroad for Office Project
    in ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ Viewers of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein are currently
    witnessing the story of Raman
    and Ishita trying to get Mihir
    and Rinki together solving their
    differences.In coming episodes of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi contest
    both Raman and Ishita
    purposely lose the game to win
    Rinki and Mihir win. Although due to Rinki’s issue
    Ishita and Raman had a big
    fight,but now the viewers will
    get the moment they are
    waiting for,as the confession
    time arrives for Raman and Ishita.Ishita unknown to this
    will be angry with Raman for
    not identifying her in contest
    game. She comes angrily to her room
    only to be find Raman
    decorated their room and
    Raman comes apologizing and
    confesses ‘I Love You’ to
    Ishita.They both hug and make up.Fans can be happy as this is
    no longer a dream and real
    confesson. Later Raman will announce to
    his family about going to
    abroad for Office Project.While
    Ishita will be sad to be away
    from Raman,but he assures her
    that he will be as soon as possble.While everyone know
    Karan Patel took off for his
    wedding and celebrations have
    already started.So Raman’s
    character will be leaving to
    Abroad. It is to be watched What New
    drama will play on until he

  35. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is going with a high voltage drama in the
    coming episodes.The lead actor Karan
    Patel is going to take a break for his
    marriage and honeymoon.So the
    writers introduced a new track in the
    show during his absence. We have to wait and watch whether
    his missing may affect the audience or
    not. As we mentioned earlier,Raman and
    ishita fight ove silly issues and he will
    not leave a single chance to hurt ishita
    in the competition.atlast according to
    their plan the competition will be won
    by mihir and rinky. Rinky will be happy but she will be
    upset on mihir and she willnot return
    to his home.Mihir will be trying
    different methods to woo his lady. On the other hand,Raman understands
    his mistake and according to children’s
    plan raman will arrange a surprise for
    ishita.Ishita don’t know any hint about
    this and she goes into the room in
    anger. She will be surprised on seein the room
    decorated with red balloons and finds a
    red rose on the pillow.Raman comes
    and confesses her that he loves her and
    as we seen in the promo,he says I Love
    You Ishima.Ishita gets angry and tells him to go away. Raman in his own style confess that he
    loves ishita and they both hug each
    other.Atlast fans got to see their
    favorite couple’s love confession. Soon,we will see that Raman has to go
    America on a business project.He tells
    the family members and they all get
    happy. We have to wait and watch, whether
    subbu tries to get back into ishita’s life
    in raman’s absence?
    to know more keep reading for more

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