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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita insisting Shagun to get tooth pain treated and dragging her. She checks Shagun’s teeth and tells Pihu that mumma’s teeth are bad, she does not brush, now problem is big so she will need big injection. Shagun says I don’t have any pain. Ishita says it means you will get ache at night. Ishita shows the big injection. Raman looks on and smiles thinking today Ishita will have fun and teach Shagun a lesson. Pihu asks Shagun to take injection.

Ishita gives injection to Shagun. Shagun screams. She says I don’t have any pain. Ishita says now pain is gone, great. She asks Pihu to take care of Shagun, she won’t be able to talk. She goes out. Raman asks if anything happens to Shagun then.. Ishita says nothing will happen, its just anesthesia.


is already angry and Mihika comes to him. She asks him about Sanchi. He says you introduced her to me. She asks about his affair with Sanchi. He asks her to stop it. She asks why is society saying that you are her fiancé. He says yes, I said that to help her as her landlord was asking her to leave that house. She asks don’t you get pity seeing my face, you think I m stupid to believe this. He says I won’t give explanation, I can’t talk to cheap doubting wife like you. She says you have to say truth. He goes. She says I won’t let you do this.

Pihu asks Shagun to go and rest, I will go home from here. Shagun sees Adi and Aaliya working in the lawn. adi picks her earring which falls there. She goes to them. Adi asks where is Pihu. Shagun says we had icecream and I dropped her. Aaliya asks why are you covering your mouth. Shagun says nothing. Adi talks to Aaliya about the work. Aaliya says I have done that. Shagun asks Adi do you want Aaliya to stay here. Adi says no, I will manage. Shagun asks Aaliya about her earring. Aaliya says oh I lost it, it was my fav earring. She goes. Shagun sees Adi smiling and seeing Aaliya’s earring. Shagun worries and thinks Adi loves Aaliya, but she is attracted to Mihir.

Shagun talks to Niddhi about Adi’s feelings for Aaliya and Aaliya liking Mihir. Niddhi says Ashok told me they are working together on project and going out, we have to stop Adi to confirm his feelings, Aaliya will tell everything to Ishita, Adi will also tell this to Ishita, Ishita will have Agni pariksha, whom will she support, Adi or Aaliya. Shagun says you are amazing, I did not think this. Niddhi asks how will we stop Adi from going on trip. Shagun says its Raman and Pihu’s cooking competition, I will ask Pihu to insist Adi and make him stay back, you make sure Mihika leaves today with Aaliya alone.

Ishita guides Raman for cooking. Raman cooks his own way and says this is Punjabi Chole. He asks her to go and cooks alone. yeh hai mohabbatein………..plays…….. She goes away and looks at him. She says what is he doing, everything will get burnt. Mrs. Bhalla says he is spoiling the dish. Raman smells the dish and coughs. They laugh seeing him.

Raman says if its smelling so bad, how will be the taste. He hides the kadai. Mrs. Bhalla says how will he win in competition, Pihu will get sad, go and help him.

Mihir calls Adi and asks where are you. Adi says Pihu called me at her school, she said Raman is feeling nervous, so we all came here. Mihir says new client was coming, so I thought you will get experience. Adi says I will come. Mihir says you be there with Raman, I will manage. Aaliya tells Mihir that she will come along. Mihir asks her to come, it will be new exposure for her.

Raman gets nervous as the competition starts. Bhalla family attends the event to support Raman. The lady declares the rules and asks anyone to quit now itself if they want to. Pihu smiles seeing Shagun. Raman sees Shagun and signs Ishita to see. Raman starts cooking. Aaliya calls Shagun and tells her that she is going out of Delhi with Mihir for work meeting. Shagun asks about Adi. Aaliya says he is not coming along, if I get late, don’t worry. Shagun ends call and says perfect.

Raman’s hand gets burnt and he screams. Everyone get worries seeing him. Adi and Pihu rush to Raman. Ishita thinks how to go to Raman infront of Pihu. Pihu asks Ishita to help Raman, as she is a doctor. She takes Ishita with her. yeh hai mohabbatein…….plays…….

Ishita checks Raman’s burn wound and asks the lady to get first aid box. The lady says someone got hurt so competition stopped. Pihu says this happened because of me. Adi says no, and pacifies her. Ishita tells Raman that he is careless. Raman smiles. She asks him not to become superhero, why are you smiling. He says Pihu chose you to help me and got you to me, it means we succeeded in our aim. Ishita says even I felt glad when she held my hand and took me to you, I felt like she accepted me. Raman says I can see that on your face, no need to say. They smile.


Goons stab Mihir. Aaliya hits the goon with a stone. Shagun says Pihu will realize I should have participated with her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mihir (Raj Singh Arora) gets shocked knowing Aaliya loves him, Raman (Karan patel) and Adi think Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) hide about Mihir-Aaliya in Yeh Hai mohabbatein

    Emotional and High voltage drama is going to unfold post Mihir’s accident.

    As per the current track, both Raman and Ishita are shocked knowing Aaliya loves Mihir instead Adi.

    Adi has turned angry man over Aaliya’s refusal accepting his love while Adi also misunderstands Ishita thinking Ishita is one who united Aaliya and Mihir.

    Everyone reaches to the hospital where Raman and ishta ask Aaliya to go house but Aaliya refuses and then Mani takes her with him.

    Shagun smiles seeing Aaliya’s drama while Raman being upset thinking about Adi.

    Furthermore, Ishita meets Mihir and tells him about Aaliya’s love for him and Adi’s heat break.

    Mihir feels bad knowing about Adi’s heart broken state

    Mihir is not interested in love but he also cannot see his nephew Adi in tensed because of him.

    Mihir take a very drastic step to stop increasing difference between him and Adi due to Aaliya.

    1. Adityakiran

      GOOD Evening SHIVANI!
      Is This The Future STORY of YHM?
      I mean
      Coming Episode’s Story?

      1. Hi Adu….just saw this in a our serial gossip.

  2. HI Rithu, VP, shivani, MIno, Shona, Jaz, Aditya, Az, Prisha, Saritha, Raisa, Naaz, Aastha, Monique, Khushi, Siddhi, Bhagya, Shreya, Supergirl and many more YHM fans.

    I hope everyone is doing fine. At least today’s episode was nice. Shagun getting her retribution. Actually Ishita should have extracted Shagun’s front teeth and so she will not talk at all. Raman’s cooking competion was nice to watch with Ishita helping him due to Pihu’s insistence of Ishita to help him. Pihu is slowly realizing that Ishita is not such a bad harwali aunty. Soon Pihu will accept Ishimaa.

    1. Adityakiran

      Hi Sindhu!
      Am Fine
      I Hope You Are Fine too.
      Sindhu ISHITHA NE RAANDI SHAGUN KI Jaw Dabhadiye toh Bahot ACHCHA REHTA Tha.
      I Enjoyed The Injection SCENE Dear.

  3. Plsssss someone kill that shagun evil lady. She always uses her childrens for her selfish motives sometms its ruhi pihu or adi. The worst mom award goes to shagun. She is a eg for bad mom. I cnt think a mom will be these much selfish. In this show we can meet two moms one is wolds best mom ishitha and other one is worst mom shagun the mad women. And plssss dont turn adi negetive or dnt spoil ishradi relationship bcz we cnt tolerate now thiz. If cvs want aliya mihir pair then no problem but plsss dnt turn adi negetive. Anyways ishra best. Plsssss give us some ishrarudihu good and family moments.

  4. Hi EVERYONE…Rithu VP Sindhu mino Siddhi jaz Aditya Khushi Az Monique Susan Saritha Supergirl and all other YHM….

    I dont understand why CVs making ishita a scapegoat every time….whatever happens, blame goes to ishita…besides pihu,now adi too turned against ishita….poor ishu ….feeling very sad for her…. hope raman and ruhi understand her…..
    pihu asked ishita for help!!! that was a lovely scene…. i really want ishu and pihu together….

    1. Khushiarvind

      Hi Shivani, Hw ru doing? the same doubt me too have Shivani.
      Whatever problems happens in Bhalla hse at first blame goes to Ishitha and in the end she will proved to be faultless…nd no apologies nothing…without any self respect she will forgive everyone whoever insults her..
      First it was Raman, then Ruhi then Pihu nd now Adi…
      what this cvs want to prove..that innocent people always suffer….riduculous
      If raman nd Adi blames Ishitha for Aliyas infactuation to Mihir, then it will be really unpardonable….Anyways Ishitha is Jagatmatha so she will forgive them after getting insulted….

  5. I think perhaps venky is right. Romi is probably taking secret MBA classes with Sanchi. May be she is tutoring him. Romi has pride so he would not want to enlist help from Mihika if not people will look down on him. So he is doing it secretly. I don’t think romi will cheat on Mihika though he does not want to join hands with Raman in the business. He did care for his niece Ruhi so he stayed on and he listened to Mihika at other times. So I doubt he would cheat on her, It is only his pride that is preventing him from accepting his wife’s intelligence

  6. Adityakiran

    Hi JAZ Kushi Monique Mino AHLIYA Sindhu Siddhi Rithu VP SHONA BHAGI SAKSHI SHIVANI BHAGYA SUPER GIRL Disha Nish Radhika Lekha Aruna Ramchin And ALL The Members of The GROUP.
    Ramchin Tum KAHAN HO?
    BAHOT Din Hui COMMENT hi nai KI Tumne
    Sab Teek HAI Kya?
    I Hope Everything is OK With You By GOD’S GRACE.
    GUYS Today I Didn’t See The EPISODE.

    1. Hiiiiiii Adu,helllllo Adu,heyyyyy Adu, what’s going on how is your study now..and your vision..and how is telugahna, HAHAHA,hehehe

      1. Adityakiran

        Hi JAZ!
        How is Your HEALTH?
        I Posted MEDICINE list for You On 31st August 2016 TELLY UPDATE I Think.
        Read That Message.
        Get Well Soon.
        Quote of LIFE

        Have A NICE WEEKEND Dear.
        GOD Bless You

  7. Epi was good and precap was really emotional and very worst….How dare they stab Mihir? I am glad that pihu held ishu’s hand so cute <3 <3 . As raman said ishu and pihu will definitely come closer….. Feeling bad for adi… but he shld not have shouted on ishu for aliya. He will become villian now… Why ishu's fate is like this? All this has happened because of that idiot shagun and stupid nidhis plan. Shagun is exploiting mihir, alia and adi against ishu? I wish she could be stabbed not mihir….. Mihir is so innocent but he doesn't know alia's feelings for him….I wish Romi shld hve been taking help from sachi for his MBA. But Mihika is in a hurry. Lets see what happens btwn them,whether staying happily or divorce, If they are staying happily then no problem, but if they divorce problems go on and on. It would also be nice if mihika gets back to mihir and romi with sachi.. ryt? Thse writers are really psychic. They are always pairing the worst..
    Mihika -romi
    mihir-rinki before 7 years!!
    miihika-abhishek was at least little better , but in my opinion mihika-mihir is always the best!!!
    mihika -ashok when he blackmailed her and she divorced him.
    mihir-trisha drama then mihika-vibhu dramas!!!
    These were worst pairs i hve ever seen.Agree with me?
    Where is manoj? I think mani shld divorce shaggy and she shld marry ashok . It will be better… Shagun!! You will never change. Ishu shld never have helped her. Ishu is selfless. Poor ishu she was hated by ruhi,now pihu, and then finally, adi will hate her again!!! What the hell the writers are trying to make? Half of the serial characters are soon going to be negative: Aliya,Adi,mihir,mani,romi…. I don't think so mihir , mani will be negative… but just i guessed bcoz of that nasty shagun!! Cheap woman and a great cheater!! She didnt even support her own son adi for he loves aliya and she doesn't deserve to be a mother!!
    That is the reason why TRP is in last position of yhm…. Fed up of yhm now….very irritating..Problems problems problems 100000000 and 100000000 problems for the bhallas and the iyers….

    I wish the serial goes like this: Pihu shld know the truth of her own mother, birth, and shagun. Then pihu will hate her and calls ishu as ishimaa again…Shagun applies for Custody and She shld not get pihu.. Ishu will get her. Then little problems get solved… Adi shld find another girl to make aliya even more jealous…Mihika shld divorce romi and get back to mihir and agree for their marriage, then only aliya starts feeling insecure…. Aliya shld realise her foolishness for loving mihir, then she will start loving adi…. Then adi will act to be in love with another girl to make aliya confess her love for him… Then they both unite. And ishrarudihu will never get separated again. Mani divorce shagun when he knows her true face and marries another girl! Ashok , shagun and nidhi will be sent to jail…

    This is just my point of view on how to continue the storyline…. Mine is boring ryt?
    Hope tomorrows epi. will be nice!!

  8. Bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    Nice episode

  9. yhm is becoming rubbish by showing Shaghun Nidhi plans on Adi Alia and Mihir love … and sadly to see they were able to arrange the meeting as they planned …In the coming episode if Adi is heart broken and bursted out to his Ishima … is understandable … but he too becomes negative and put the blame on his Ishima is not fair … It will be very sad to watch and Shaghun cruelling enjoying on the same …I dont feel Alias to Mihir is not love … she is amazed by Mihirs character and so obsessed or infatuation .. Adis is real love too … can be a crush too … Any ways yhm is becoming very boring and dragging …Pihu will slowly accept Ishitha ….. Totally the beauty and charm of yhm is gone though both Kp and Dt trying to get the trp shoot .. something is missing somewhere …

    1. Yeah vp you’re absolutely right dear this show dragging day by day you one thing they are wasting their time(mihir,aliya,adi,) love story we don’t want it…the show was ektha s so that’s why this happening

  10. Hi May Darlings… VP, Shivani , Sindhu . Khushi . Rithu . Jaz . Arditya , Baghya , AZ , & All My YHM Family.. How are u all Dears???? I Am Fine..

    I Am Sick & Tired Of This Show’s Anger, Hate, Conspiracy , Negative attitudes . This Started so well it was the MOST UNUSUAL BEAUTIFUL FAMILY LIFE OF TWO FAMILIES.. We all got Hooked to it Cos Of DT & KP. They Are doing their best we can’t blame them as this is their job. But the CV”S Messed the whole story big time.
    Even the CV’s made some people Wicked & Mad by the way they write their comments. i am not blaming anyone cos this show was so good at the beginning people have got hooked to it & gets angry at innocent comments & opinions. When i see all this reactions & some arguing accusing each other i felt Very Sad.. Not only the show even Our YHM Family is also fighting. So i thought to stay away. i read some of the up dates & saw VP & Co asking where i was. Dears i am ok & fine. But i didn’t want to come as i am sick of the whole show. The CV”s don’t care what we feel or want they only want to write & show what they want.. So Much Hate, Anger is not good for us. as our blood pressure , anger & Feelings sure shoots up & Some make bad comments etc.
    We Only want to relax & finish our days with some nice story not to see The Never Ending Wicked Ways Of the Story.. All the Wicked prosper but the Good have never ending head aches etc. So why watch & get Stressful. what ever the TRP or something dropping is not surprising the way this story is going. So Sad & Pity to see such a lovely story ruined… Hope all Are Keeping well & The ones who are studying are passing exams with flying colours. Take Care Of ur Health As Health is Wealth. God Bless My YHM Family , Take Care & Be Happy.. LUV U All..

    1. Hey mino nice to see here what happened dear

      1. Nothing Dear .. I just got sick of the whole show.. that is why?? Hope ur in Good Health & Ur family Too.. God Bless u all..

    2. Hi …. true even I dont feel commenting … but as we enjoy being in the family cant afford to miss anyone ..,felt very happy seeing your comments … very true the show is dragging and disgusting … simply tailoring and making up stories … not at all real … cant digest .. cant tolerate ..

  11. Sorry MY

  12. Hey Adu monique khushi rithu shivani mino az naaz pihu sindhu siddhi saritha aliya sheraya vp super girl salley susan shona bhagya soniya fathi and all my lovely friend’s

    1. Monique_D

      Hey Jaz how you?
      Hope you are looking after yourself.

  13. I don’t understand always ishu has to suffer all the time…I think they are making the serial based on misunderstanding but not on the sense lied in the story. …
    Getting irritated to watch this misunderstanding drama….
    I don’t know how writers are showing love track between mihir and aaliya. ..and this aaliya calls mihir with name instead of calling him as uncle..

  14. Hello everyone,happy to see you pihu bonding with Ishita

  15. Hi
    Pls show some positivity in the show so that we love to watch.I agree with miano
    Show some nice love interest for mihir poor guy so let him stay happy.
    Unite romi and mihika don’t put extral martial affairs all bla bla
    Shagun (anitha)acting is good

  16. Hi all yhm fans episode was nice pihu and ishu bonding.i hope Adi don’t turn negative.mihir and aliya such a sick couple.

  17. Technically, Mihir is the age of Aliya’s father. He was already well in his 30s when Adi them were kids, putting him over 40 plus. Aliya is only 18ish…rewind a little and it’s called pedophile. I know Mihir will never reciprocate Aliya’s feeling as he thought her friend was too young and that girl was a couple of years older…Writers just writing nonsense to continue their story.

    1. Nope. Mihir was in his early 20s when Adi was in his teens and now Mihir would be in his early 30s. I actually like Mihir and Aaliya pairing. But Mihir and Mihika the best. Creative head spoiled their love story. I guess what Adi has on Aaliya is a crush just like what Aaliya has on Mihir

  18. Hi everyone they r just dragging but v have to watch what they r showing other wise serial will end n I don’t want this show to go off air I just know they are not showing any ishru scene ?missing them badly ? I don’t want to spoil my coz tm is the first day of my college ?love yhm n DT

    1. I just notice that they have changed my colour from yellow to red

  19. Adityakiran

    Hi JAZ Mino VP!
    Guys Switch On to Ishqbaaz.
    YHM Ab SIDE TRACK pe Cheligai.
    Nice SERIAL.
    Har EK SERIAL KI EK LIFE Span Rehti
    SERIAL tab KI Chalana.
    Paise KI Lalaj mai Keenchte gayetoh BAINGAN Mai Miljaati SERIAL.
    Ab YHM KI Vahi Kahaani Hui.
    Mino Jump to ISHQNAAZ
    JAZ HEALTH Chalri Meri
    Par Fit NAHI HOON.
    Have A NICE WEEKEND Guys JAZ Mino VP
    ALL The YHM Members.
    Have A NICE WEEKEND Guys With Your Near And Dear.
    Now Am Going to BED After LONG STUDY.
    Good Morning in ADVANCE.
    Take Care GUYS

    1. Monique_D

      Hey Adi …Kaise hu?
      Ishqbaaz is just the welcome blossoming love story one needs.

      1. Adityakiran

        I am Fine Dear.
        How Are You Dear?
        Actually Am Little Tensed Because of Syllabus Tension.
        Lot of Portion to Cover.
        How Are You DEAR?
        How is Your LIFE Going?
        I Hope Everything Is Going Well for YOU.

  20. Cheryl11

    Hello iam new here..
    Iam one of the silent readers. .
    Had fun wen shagun had to take injection .. hope my journey on telly goes successfully

  21. Ishita hair style change karo

  22. Little bit good…..?????

  23. yaar Aliya kaise mihir SE pyaar kr sakti hai mihir toh uska mama huya na shagun Aliya ki mom mom chodo mami huyi toh mihir shagun ka bhai and Aliya ka mama huya yuckkkkk so cheap Aliya ko apne mama SE pyaar ho gaya

  24. after long time episode was nice, funny too

  25. mihir gona married to a new girl for the sake of aliya n adi.

  26. Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) supports Aaliya’s love for Mihir in Yeh Hai Mohhabbatein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Mihir get saved with Aaliya’s prayer.

    Aaliya in excitement hugs Mihir while Mihir hugs her too unaware about her feelings while Shagun smiles see them.

    Raman is angry seeing Aaliya and decides to take Mihir to Bhalla house.

    Ishita takes Raman outside and makes him understand the situation and then Raman tells Mihir that he should stay with Shagun as she is his sister and will take care of him.

    Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) get worried for Adi

    Ishita and Raman do not want to see Adi get shattered seeing Aaliya and Mihir together because Shagun started to manipulate Aaliya against Ishita.

    Ishita thinks that Mihir is just crush of Aaliya but Shagun does not care about it and she wants to take revenge from Ishita hurting her own son Adi.

  27. please make shagun positive

  28. Hello aditya kiran whats going on you have a realy nice friends they all support to you all the time because you are a very very good girl if i am not wrong about you are a girl because i am confused with your name aditya and formost thing about you. You are doing a good protagonist behaviour with every one so kya aap mujhe bata sakte ho aap kis stream se padhai kar rahe ho kyoki i am pursuing phd in mgt so i can help you aap ki sylb. Tension the end thank you have a nice ambiance

  29. Hello chery offcourse you will have a good journey

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