Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhalla family dining. Sarika tells Ishita that she is going in hospital management course. Mrs. Bhalla stops Sarika, saying her mehendi is also not gone. Raman asks Ishita to not go out and rest. Ruhi tells everyone that Papa is stopping Ishi Maa as she is pregnant. They all get shocked. Ruhi says Ishi Maa is going to have a baby. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman is this true. Raman smiles and says no, its not baby, but baby virus, its strange symptoms, Ruhi says anything like that. Ruhi says sorry. Raman makes excuses and says Ruhi wants the baby, when we were talking about virus, she heard and misunderstood.

Adi calls Ruhi silly. Mr. Bhalla says whats this baby virus, I did not hear it before. Raman says I just made it, its known now, we will go and have icecream.

Romi asks can they have icecream in baby virus state. Raman asks him to eat food, he will get for him too. Raman goes out with Ruhi and explains Ruhi that Ishita’s case is special, and asks her to let Ishita rest, they will tell everyone later.

Manoj calls Raman and asks about Ishita. Raman says she is fine, we met you in evening. Manoj says it has complications, take care of Ishita and baby, her physical and mental fitness is also necessary. Ishita and Adi come there. Raman says he is taking Ishita and kids to have icecream. They come to the icecream parlor. Raman smiles seeing a man with his kids. Raman compliments them that his kids are sweet. The man says they are very naughty, always do mischief. He says the kids made him mad, his wife makes him manage kids. Raman says everyone’s fate is not same.

Manoj comes home. Shagun says he came early, she will get coffee for him. He says no wait, I m confused, shall I call you Ruhi or Shagun Arora, do you know any Ashok Khanna. She says yes, so what, why are you asking me. He asks how does she know Ashok. She asks why should she tell him. He says you lied about your name, I want to know all lies, who is Ashok. She says she got divorced from her husband, and was going to get married with Ashok, she has two kids from her ex husband, she used to live in Delhi and went far to relive her life, now she is living a peaceful life, she is not Shagun, she is Ruhi now, does he want to know anything else.

He holds her hand and says thanks for sharing this with me. He says weather is good, shall we go for coffee. She says no. He says don’t make excuses, you can have a coffee with me. She says fine, I will change and come. Ishita talks on phone. Adi tells Ruhi how can she tell about baby. Ruhi says she is saying truth, doctor checked again and said Ishi Maa is having baby. Adi says its baby virus. Ruhi says that’s our secret, doctor said not to say anyone. Adi asks is this true. Ruhi says yes. Adi gets glad. Raman asks them to have icecream. Ruhi asks Adi not to tell anyone.

Raman asks Ishita to come. She says she is in tension, Mrs. Bhalla will not believe about baby virus. He says we are with each other, don’t take tension. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays…………. Adi and Ruhi eat icecream. Mrs. Bhalla tells Amma that Raman said Ishita has got baby virus. Amma says I did not hear about this till now, we will find it on internet. Bala says he will make baby sleep. Vandu says I will get milk and goes. She gets the milk bottle and takes the baby. Bala gets relieved and lies to sleep smiling. Vandu asks him to give diaper. Bala gets up and brings diaper. He takes pillow and leaves from the room.

Sarika tells Romi that she likes flowers and asks what he likes. He says she will laugh, he liked break pakoda a lot, he used to eat it a lot during his college time and see girls there. She gets angry. He says I don’t see girls now, I just stare one girl now. She says liar. They have an eyelock. They get close. Someone knocks the door. Sarika asks Romi to see. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma come with laptop and take Romi along. Ashok gives sweets to servants. Suraj asks why is he distributing sweets, what happiness he got. Ashok says Ishita Bhabhi is pregnant, till she framed me in rape case, I decided to call her bhabhi. Suraj asks whats our happiness in this. Ashok says Raman is happy and will go mad, as I get a chance to make his happiness turn into sadness. They smile.

Raman and Ishita reach home with kids. They see Bala coming in compound with his pillow and ask him. Bala tells about his life changing after Shitija, there is no romance between him and Vandu now, Vandu does not care for him. He suggests her not to take treatment for kids, enjoy your life, you have two kids, small baby will end all romance, I did a mistake to get a baby now. Raman recalls the man saying the kids have made him mad. Ishita says I think Bala is stressed out, and asks Raman to explain. Raman says yes, kids are blessing. He gets thinking.

Raman takes care of Ishita and asks her to drink milk. He asks her to sleep. She smiles and ask him to sleep too. He sits caring for her.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. episode was good.but ruhi ne sab ugal diya aur raman ne sambhal liya.shagun ne apni pehchaan manoj ko tho batha diya lekin ab yeh ashok aur suraj patha nahi kya karenge.kameene aur ghati kism ke log hai yeh .

  2. Balaji Telelflims Yeh HaiMohabbatein is gaining a lot of love from all over the world and the writers are not leaving a single stone un-turned to attract the audience.

    In the coming episode’s of the show,We will see Raman taking care of ishita and Ruhi revealing everyone that ishita is pregnant which shocks everyone.But Raman covers up the situation saying that ishita is effected with some Baby Virus and she needs rest.

    Somehow,Raman comes across Shagun and he taunts for insulting ishita and also tells her that ishita is going to become pregnant. Shagun breaks into tears and comes home drunk.Manoj tries to control her but she will be in out of her senses.Shagun packs her bag to leave the city.But Manoj stops her and asks her what happened.Shagun reveals her true identity to Manoj.

    According to a source,Ishita cannot carry the baby due to some complications. Raman and Ishita will then be advised that they opt for surrogacy. This is when Shagun will come in and will offer to help the two by carrying their child. However, she will have a price to ask of them in return.

    Shagun would demand her biological children Ruhi and Aditya in return for the baby. This would shatter Ishita. It now remains to be seen if Ishita chooses her loving step-daughter Ruhi or her own child.

    Keep reading for more updates.

  3. New Delhi: Child actress Ruhanika Dhawan popularly known as Ruhi of ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ is reportedly quitting the show! Yes, you read it right. She is barely seen in the show and her character is diminishing day by day. Ruhi is one reason that the show’s TRPs are going good. As per reports, Ruhanika is concentrating on her studies now and as she is in another grade, her study load has also increased. She comes only on the weekends to shoot and that too not for long hours.

    Ruhi was not seen in Romi(Aly Goni’s) wedding. Though Ruhi herself and the makers want to see her as the part of the show, it is also kept in mind that it doesn’t take a toll on her studies.

    Lets wait and watch how the show takes turn as Ruhi quits the show and also who will replace the fantastic child actress!

  4. Prayosha

    Yaar 2nd baby se kya problem hai…….Bala kaise bol rsha hai…..kya wo sirf Vandu ki baby hai…..uss ki nahi….aisa nahi karna chahiye……

  5. i dont know whats happening in yhm .not understanding a bit of it also. every where thr news of surrogacy and ruhi quitting the show is there.dont know what to believe and what not to but both the news should not take place.pkz makers.

  6. agar surrogacy hi honi hai toh itnaa sab kuch kyu dikha rahe hai . aur agar ruhi ko show chod ke jaana hi hai. yeh sab kuch dekhkar aisa hi lagtha hai ki surrogacy zaroor hoga.

  7. plz yhm rockzzzzz….. like before with your rocking episodes .pehle jitnaa bhi bura episode hotha tha toh bhi yhm rock kartha tha lekin aaj kal kuch bahut hi worst tracks introduce kar rahe hai aur harr baar shagun aur ashok hi .

  8. Zazzy

    Can’t believe Ashok! And what is Raman thinking about baby, there better be IshRa baby and it better be born from Ishita’s womb.

  9. Bechara bala. …par yaar ksritija bhi bala ki beti hai. ..aur ye raman abhi se darr raha hai. .. icecream parlor scene achcha tha. ….
    Ruhdi scene bahut din baad dekhne mila. .

  10. Jhanvi

    Epi was very nice…..

    Ruhi ne sab bak diya …Adi ko bhi an secret pata hai …..
    Kal precap me adi shocked tha to dar hi gai ki kahi adi ko new baby se pro to nahi ..thnk god aisa nahi hai aur adi bhi khush hai BT pta nahi age kya hoga ???

  11. Jhanvi

    Ha yar mizum muje bhi yahi tention hai…

    Pata nahi WO dono kamine kya karenge.. Unhe abhi tak juice wale kand ki to saza mili hi nahi…

  12. V P

    Episode was good . Happy to see Ishra . Please don’t destroy their happiness ….bring any complications. ..miracles can happen ….. But no surrogacy please …..

  13. sharmi

    People need to chill. Surrogacy is part of the normal world. It’s just not something people talk about as it’s private. Why do people think Ishita will not be happy to have her own baby through surrogacy? It’s going to be hers and Raman’s no matter who carries the baby. This show should be applauded to delve into such a delicate story. People’s mentality should move with the times. For once this show and Doli Armano is dealing with real life issues, not stupid black magic and witchcraft like some other shows.

    • Vini

      Ms.sharmi its not tht ppl r against tje process of surrogancy but ppl r against tht surrigate mother is shagun and she wil blackmile to ishra fr her kids in response to the child she would be carryg. Actually this is a wrong idea imposed to public who are surrogate mother workers (in sum part of India surrogate mother are done as profession carryg nearly 4-6 Children a mother Basef on their health)

  14. Darshika

    nice episode…. Oh god, baby virus….! ! !
    So funny…. And lovely precap…..
    Waiting for tomorrow.
    From sri lanka.

  15. Darshika

    Surrogacy is not only one way to get a baby for ishra….. Specially from shagun. Ishita is conceived means ishita is not barren compleatly. So there is lots of ways to get baby without surrogate mother.
    So I hate this idea. Please makers avoid this. You can make another solution…..
    From sri lanka.

  16. its not the matter of surrogacy but the condition of shagun and her evil deed of asking ruhi and adi instead of her baby. and when ishra have adi and ruhi then why through all surrogacy and shagun drama and also again the news of ruhi quitting the show.

  17. arey hum veiwers ko aur bhallas ko utnaa hopes math deejiye ki unka dil toot jaaye aur do theen din sirf rothe rahe aur phir shagun aaye madad karne aur ruhi aur adi uski badli andaaz dekhkar uske taraf inclined na ho jaaye aur kya patha raman bhi.phir ishitha akeli reh ruhi na apna baccha rahegi uske pass aur log usse bhaanch kehna shuru na kar de.

  18. shagun y r u doing evil thing again …plllz help ishra…nt to take ruhi nd adi with u…u r gud with manoj……ppllllllz dnt quit thz show…..

  19. Rosely Dada

    Very beautiful episode Rahman love you so much .infact you are too much .Hope Karan will do the same to Anikta in real life. Just ride on love you. Vandita and Bala you are another wo derful couple.Anita your acting is superb we love you we only hate Shagun with perssion but you look more beatiful now that you are playing positive role.well done YHM cast and crew. From Nigeria.

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