Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ruhi learns about Pooja’s affair

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita sending Pihu downstairs. She says I wanted to tell about Simmi and Parmeet. Raman says Simmi will need time, leave all this, we have to go. They leave. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu did she not make dinner, she invited Shagun and Mani. Ishita and Ruhi come. Ishita says we asked her not to cook, we got food from outside. Ruhi says we got chinese for you. Ishita says Ramana is coming with Pihu. She asks Ruhi to do arrangements.

She asks Mrs. Bhalla about Simmi. Mrs. Bhalla says I will call her. Aaliya says I have kept my fast well. Mani says you look weak. Mihika laughs and says ask her what she had during fast, she had milkshakes four times. Adi says she had many shakes. They all laugh. Parmeet says I will leave now. Mrs. Bhalla stops him and gifts a bracelet

saying its Mata Rani’s blessings. She gifts everyone. Mani thanks her, and says I have to leave and meet my client. He asks Shagun to come later, driver will be there. He leaves. Raman calls Ruhi and asks her if she will join their company again. He says sorry, its all because of my anger. Ruhi says you have hired someone in my place. Ishita says no, we hired her on temporary basis, you will take place back. Adi asks her to manage her projects and decide with whom will she go office. Ruhi says we will go together and save some petrol. They laugh. Mihika apologizes to Ruhi. Ruhi says I didn’t feel bad, you have all rights to scold me. They hug.

Guard stops Nikhil and says you are not permitted to go in. Nikhil says let me go, its imp. Shagun comes and scolds him. She says what will you tell Ruhi, she hates you, she realized her Papa is back, she is back in her senses, stay away from her. He says I understood Raman framed me, how did he get Ruhi to my house. She says stay away from Ruhi. Nikhil says I will see who stops me, I will tell her truth that I m innocent.

Raman comes and relaxes. Ishita says I have many appointments, patients are waiting. Raman flirts. He acts of backache. He holds her hand. She says leave me, I don’t have time. Romi comes in. Raman says I have no time, what’s this romance all the day, work is worship, Romi explain her. Romi smiles. Ishita says sorry. Romi goes. Raman hugs Ishita and says I love you. He goes. She smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein…plays….

Ruhi gives a bracelet for Riya and asks Pooja to give it to Riya, as Mata Rani’s blessings. Pooja agrees. Ruhi says I had some work, you think once, about sending Riya to boarding school. Pooja says she is my daughter, I know what I m doing, that’s US’ best school, it will be tough, but sometimes decisions have to be taken for children, she can concentrate on studies. Ruhi goes. She forgets her phone and goes back to Pooja’s flat. She rings bell and enters the house. She takes her phone. She hears Pooja laughing and goes to see. She sees Pooja hugging some man and thinks she has an affair with someone, but who is this man. She sees the man wearing the same bracelet and recalls Mrs. Bhalla gifting bracelet to everyone. She goes out and says who can it be…

At clinic, Ishita finishes her work and gets leaving. Dr. Batra comes and complains about Parmeet. She says he has taken bribe from me. Ishita says no, he is not such. Dr. Batra says he took much money and didn’t do my work. Ishita says it means Parmeet didn’t change, he is still the same, why did he say he has no money.

Raman asks are you sure, he helped us, maybe Dr. Batra has misunderstanding. Ishita says I know, he didn’t go to sell chain at jeweler shop, he lied, and now we got to know this. Ruhi comes home and asks Neela where is Ishita. Neelu says they are in room. Parmeet comes and asks Neelu where is Ishita. Neelu says she is in room. Parmeet says Batra was scaring me by saying she told everything to Ishita, she helped me in making my image better. Raman says Parmeet changed, he is doing a lot for Simmi and Ananya. Ishita says they love him, so we should be sure before questioning him, Simmi is already annoyed. He asks are you sure…. Ruhi comes and says I have to say something, I went to meet Pooja and saw her with some man. He says its her personal life.

Ruhi says I m not judging her, I have seen her with someone, who was wearing the bracelet which Dadi gave us. Parmeet hears them and thinks it will be fun. Ruhi says I don’t think this can be coincidence, I think it can be someone from our family. Ishita says who can it be. Parmeet knocks door and comes. Ruhi says I will come later and goes. Parmeet returns the money and says give this to Batra, she tried to bribe me, but I refused to her, maybe she kept it on my table, I can’t keep this, I will lose my job. Ishita asks him to come along. He refuses to meet Batra. He says if I lived such a way, then why would I stay in rented home. Raman says he is right. Parmeet goes. Raman says Parmeet changed, Dr. Batra is wrong, she is giving goose. Parmeet thinks I know its not easy to make Ishita believe this, but I will not keep some money instead Raman’s richness, see what I do of you all, Simmi is such an innocent fool, she always trusts me blindly, I will ruin her family by using her, I have to find out who was with Pooja, it will be fun.

Raman says which father hurts daughter, Nikhil is also a father. Shagun says just imagine how much tortured Ruhi would have got, if she was with Nikhil. The girl tells Ishita that Shagun called her to defame Nikhil.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think parmeet has some connection with pooja, hope ruhi find out about that person soon, so happy mihika finally forgive ruhi and patched up with her.

  2. Charu prakash

    Yhm cvs are proceeding with Ruhima Nikhil track.Puja might have gifted the bracelet to her boyfriend which Ruhi gave to her.I think her boyfriend is Rishi.Another mystery on the run to keep the viewers’ interest!!Puja can be the next dangerous villain in the making!!

  3. azuka nkwonta

    Ishita’s narrow mindedness is obviously coming out in ruhi. What is ruhi’s concern if pooja sends her daughter to a boarding school and what is her concern if she is having an affair. I went through this narrow mindedness with ishita I can’t afford to do it with ruhi. What is this riya ruhi relationship if not to show the same processes that ishita went with ruhi. It is obvious now that ishita has introduced snatching away peoples children from them into the bhallas family and it has become a career in other words that is why we are seeing ruhi moving towards the same thing, any excuse can be given in other for this to work. For ishita and ruhi going to a boarding school is like a sword on a child’s throat but I wonder why it should be so.
    About pooja, she has the right to send her daughter to any school that she likes and also live her life the way she wants ruhi should not interfere. Ishita brought the interfering spirit into the bhallas family and that is why most bhallas interferes in other peoples lives. Ruhi has become a copy of ishita replicating the same life that we have seen in ishita.
    Ishita is a narrow minded person and a closed society type of an individual, always presenting herself better than others and never seeing any other person’s view, actions and thoughts better. She judges everybody both rich and poor, she thinks that none can be like her.

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