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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simmi talking to Ananya. Simmi says your tiffin has food. Ananya says Pihu gave treat, I did not refuse as I had to spent time with her, and could not tell that you have sent parathas. Simmi asks her to have lunch. Ananya says no, Pihu ordered a full meal and many items, I had plenty of food. Simmi asks how much money Pihu had. Ananya says maybe 1000rs. Simmi wonders what is Shagun doing with kids.

Ishita cries and asks Adi how will things get fine. Adi consoles her. Ishita worries and says I went to Mani, both Mani and Raman are not understanding, I was trying to solve it. Adi says don’t worry, it will be fine, Aaliya was telling me about Mani, but now her phone is off. She says Aaliya called me too, I could not talk. He says I m worried, did Mani punish her,

her phone is never off. She says he can do anything, he is getting angry for little things.

She says Pihu will be worried by all this, Adi says I trust you, you will make everything fine. Ishita says Raman is already worried for Pihu, and Aaliya and Mani are worried there, we have to do something. Adi says everything will get fine, I m always with you.

Raman asks Ishita is mother-son conference over, did you plan how to lie. She says I did not lie, I had to go as Inspector Verma told such matter to Abhishek. He asks her to choose husband or friend. She asks what, you were not such. He says your loyalties changed. She says our business will get spoiled, Adi’s life will get ruined. He says what, Aaliya is the root of all problems. She says Adi loves Aaliya. He says he will forget Aaliya and move on, like I forgot Shagun and you forgot Subbu, I will not let him love the girl who created this trouble, if you disagree, go to Amma’s house or sleep in guest room, whats this Mani and Aaliya always… She thinks how to explain Raman.

Its morning, Simmi makes Ananya ready for school. Ishita gets tiffin. Raman asks Neelu to get tea. Ishita keeps his tea. Ananya leaves with Mr. Bhalla. Romi and Mihika come for breakfast. Mr. Bhalla sees some men coming. The men ask for Raman Bhalla, we have come from IT department. They enter the house. Raman asks whats all this, who are you. The man says we are from IT dept, its raid here, you all can’t go out till raid ends, we got a lead info. Ishita asks who gave the lead. The man does not disclose and checks Ananya’s gift for her friend. He allows Ananya to leave. They search the house.

Ruhi and Adi asks whats happening, who are you. The man gets the note from Simmi’s cupboard and asks whats in this pendrive. She says old love songs. He asks who has sent you this. Simmi says I don’t know. He says strange and taunts her. Simmi argues. Mihika takes her. Raman says we have receipts of all jewelry. The man says we will make list and then return the jewelry, we are doing this as we got the complaint.

Mani talks to bank officer. The man says Raman has spoiled your reputation in market, bank does not have confidence in you. Mani gets angry. Aaliya asks him to return phone. Mani asks do you want phone to call Ishu and Adi, do you want to say I m in problem, I m sorry, I won’t give you phone. Aaliya asks why are you negative, you think she will want our bad, she stayed with us for 7 years, Amma also knows you are not wrong, you have to trust us. He gets a call and says that’s good, thanks. He smiles and says Aaliya, you wanted to talk to Ishu and Adi, we will go and meet them.

Amma comes to Bhalla house. Ishita signs her to go. The IT guys seal the jewelry and docs. They take it. Amma tells Appa about the men taking everything. Appa says its IT raid, its serious matter, they do such, they have authority to check anything, maybe that’s why Ishu stopped you, let it sort out. Amma says who would do complaint against Ishu and Raman.

Raman talks on phone and says don’t know who did it, I will come office in some time. Mani comes there. Romi asks what is he doing here now. Raman asks why did you come here. Mani says Aaliya wanted to meet Ishu, I guess we came on wrong time, why do you all look upset, was there any IT raid here. Ishita asks how do you know this. Mani says because I did the complaint against you all. They all get shocked. Aaliya and Ishu ask you did this, why. Mani says if Raman can spoil my name in market, I can do this. Ishita says you were not like this Mani. Mani says Raman made me like this, come Aaliya. Aaliya says Appa talk to Amma once. Raman stops Adi. He asks Ishita to stop this friendship drama, I will manage my house and business, stay out of it.

Shravan takes Ananya and tells her that IT guys have seen note and pendrive and asked Simmi, we should be careful. She says yes, what to do now, I was thinking to change Priya’s gift and buy something for Priya. He asks why, you were gifting Priya. She says Pihu gifted phone to Priya, and I felt embarrassing. He asks what Pihu gifted phone. She says yes, Shagun would have given money, we will exchange gift come.

Nurse asks Aaliya did she come for dressing alone. Adi says no, I m with her. He says I was not able to contact you, I knew your appointment, but I was not sure Mani will be here or not. Aaliya holds Adi’s hand when she gets pain while dressing. Nurse smiles seeing them.
They leave. Adi says sometimes, I feel guilty of whatever happened, its everything weird since that incident, you are suffering, our parents are fighting. She says I wish these families problems end soon, I can’t see Appa getting hurt.

He says I have something for you, this phone, your Appa took your phone, just take this. She says that’s thoughtful, I will take my phone from Appa, I can’t take this. He asks her to take it, as he can’t live without talking to her, I mean Ishi Maa will like to talk to you. Aaliya smiles and says even I can’t live without talking to you, I hope family problems do not affect our relationship. Adi says I promise, this won’t affect our friendship. She says its more than friendship, I said our relationship, you mean a lot to me, I hope you always be with me. They both holds hands and smile.

Amma asks Ishita how can she fall so weak, you have to manage home, see how Mrs. Bhalla fell weak, you be strong.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi. Everyone thinks the charm of of YHM is Missing. I don’t think so. The charm is still there. I also agree with you rithu ji. Everyone wants to know what is missing in Yhm. The chemistry between Ruhanika Dhawan, Divyanka Tripati Dahiya, Karan Patel

    1. Totally disagreed yaar.

  2. Hi rithusheree,danny,sol 911,areebah,vp,pixiedust,sachin,adia,magic,parichari and all yhm episode is sad but when Adi and Alia together i fell happy.i tink after 1 year leap yhm come back to normal,what do u tink yhm fans?

  3. shreya shetty

    parichar parichary!!!!please dear don’t leave us and go I need u.u r my friend and u know how would we feel without u please don’t feel hurt all I wanted to say is that u failed to recognize me as Shreya becoz although u were the one who adviced me to get rid of my anger once in for all and after knowing that I realized that u were intending to help out not only me but even other yhm fans here in case of any help by giving them wonderful suggestions.please for my sake and other yhm fans sake don’t quit!!I will feel that one friend is missing in this site here which makes me feel bad

  4. shreya shetty

    I never blamed u at any chance till now dear I was just saying that u didn’t recognize me by those filthy words which I had uttered when I was taking the avatar of shagunfan and now that fake identity is please try to understand my point of view and truth which I am telliny u dear.without u how can anyone feel supportive and happy with ur wonderful suggestions???tell me

  5. Writer’s should kill the chracter of nidhi and ashok, shagun should be exposed in front of any one and should be in jail for her crime and aliya and adi should be together raman and ishita can’t live together without fight so change their role than yhm will be good to see as a serial otherwise yhm will be bad

  6. Riana

    In the upcoming episodes Raman will insult ishita and will insult her parvarish….after this insult ishita will get furious and will slap raman tightly…i heard saw this video from youtube…

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