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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun and Ishita coming to the same place. Shagun talks to Manoj and says she will do what dietician suggests, it will be best for baby. Ishita sees her and greets her. Ishita congratulates her and says she came to know good news. Shagun thinks Raman told her everything, but they were supposed to hide it for 6 weeks. She asks do you know this. Ishita says yes, your face glow is showing it, I wanted to meet. Raman sees them and worries, as he did not tell Ishita about Shagun’s pregnancy. Shagun says its so nice you took this positively. Ishita wonders what is she saying. Raman calls Ishita and diverts her from Shagun. Raman asks where is she. Ishita makes excuse of getting Ruhi’s project requirements. He says liar and asks her to come for lunch. She says no, it

will have cheese. Raman jokes on her weight gaining.

She jokes on his less height. Shagun sees her and says they are so happy, I hope this baby brings more happiness. The lady asks Ishita to go to meet doctor. Ishita lies that shopkeeper is calling her and ends call. She goes. Raman meets Shagun. Shagun asks did you come to accompany Ishita. He says Ishita does not know, Manoj said you are coming here, so I came to give you company. Shagun says Ishita was congratulating me for good news. He says she does not know. Shagun says I think she knows. Raman says don’t tell her, take care. He leaves. Shagun thinks what was Ishita talking about.

Mihika comes to meet Abhishek and asks is Mihir fine. He says Mihir’s bail is granted. She thanks him and cries happily. Mihir comes there. Abhishek says we got the gun, the murder weapon, Mihir’s fingerprints do not match with it, it shows it’s a woman’s fingerprint, Mihir is free to go, and asks Mihika to sign on paperwork. Mihika signs and thanks Abhishek. She asks Mihir to come home. Abhishek looks at them.

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Ashok adds more dramatic fuel in Rinki’s murder mystery…

Mihika says I m so excited that Mihir got the bail, everyone will be happy. Mihir says Bhalla family does not have place for me, everything is over, they feel I killed Rinki. She says situation was such, things were against you, Raman was broken, he lost his sister. She pacifies him and asks him not to think that family does not love him, Ishita was so worried and felt you are innocent, come home. He says he can’t go there. She says for my sake, for Ishita and Raman’s sake, come home, trust me.

Ishita meets the dietician and asks for diet chart to control her weight. The doctor says you did right, I met many women who need weight loss, but they don’t have time for them and don’t take care. Ishita gets the checkup done and doctor gives her the diet chart. She suggests her to frame her old pic and keep seeing it, to inspire yourself. Ishita says that’s a nice idea, I will surely do this. Bala does not see Shravan and sits chatting. He gets Vandu’s call and says he misses her so much, he was just chatting… and then denies it saying he was checking his student’s papers.

He asks when is she coming back and ends call relieved that she is not coming soon. He says where did Abhishek trap me and calls him. He complains that nothing is happening as he said, he is just limited to friendship. Abhishek asks why is he sounding nervous. Bala says I did chatting to make Vandu insecure and jealous, I m afraid. Abhishek says just show her that you don’t have time to talk to her, then she will find out and feel insecure. Bala says ya and ends call.

Ishita gets her old pic and thinks this one will inspire me. Raman comes and sees the pic. He jokes is this really her pic. She says its recent pic, my dietician told me… and stops. He asks when did she go to dietician, oh that was lie about Ruhi’s word. She says dietician said I m not overweight, I have to maintain, I took challenge, I will do this. Raman holds her hand and she goes away. She says she will eat health food. He laughs seeing cupcakes cookies, pastries. She says I did not order this, we have to return this, I have bought health food. He goes. She calls the health store and tells about the items getting swapped and asks for the lady’s address, she will give it and get it exchanged. Raman jokes on Ishita. She taunts on his height. They have a sweet nokjhok. She says there is more of her to love, he has no complains if she gains weight. Simmi asks them to come, as Mr. Bhalla is calling them. Raman gets shocked seeing Mihir there.

Raman asks how dare you come in this house and scolds him asking him to get lost, as he killed Rinki. Mr. Bhalla says Mihir is innocent and slaps Raman. He says there is no proof that Mihir killed Rinki, apologize to him. Raman fumes. Mihir says no need for Raman to apologize, I understand his pain, he lost his sister, you lost your daughter, I lost my wife and Raman’s truth, even I m proved innocent, I won’t get you all back. Raman says you are the culprit, you killed Rinki.

Ishita hears Manoj and his mum talking about Shagun, and that Shagun is pregnant with someone else’s child. Ishita wonders whose child is it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. As per the latest updates

    In upcoming episode of yeh hai mohabbatein
    Ashok will reveal the truth of surrogacy Ashok will know about surrogacy and he will tell to ishita that the baby is of Raman and shagun

  2. Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5.1 (4.3)
    Kumkum Bhagya 4 (4)
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    The Anupam Kher Show 0.5 (0.8)
    Lowest Ranking Shows (TRPs)
    Qubool Hai 0.9 (0.9)
    Sarojini 0.9 (0.7)
    Satrangi Sasural 0.8
    Tere Sheher Mein 0.8 (0.8)
    Tum Hi Ho Bandhu 0.8 (0.9)
    Piya Rangrezz 0.7 (.8)
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    1. OMG!where is yhm! It’s no where in the chart ?

      1. yaaa its there in top 5 along with dabh nd bb with a score of 3.5 . rithushree has missd it somehow . u can search in net also . if u dnt blv me.

      2. Thanx and I do believe in you ! Why would you lie?:-)

  3. yhm ka trp toh gaya ab .toh ekta taiyaar rehnaa apne baki serials ko bhi jo tum ek ke baad ek barbaad karthi jaaoge ek din tumhara production house hi nahi rahega .

  4. After finding Mihir
    innocence in Rinky’s
    murder case, ACP
    Abhishek once again
    starts his interrogation
    after getting evidence
    against Rinky’s murder.
    Abhishek gets finger
    prints on gun and comes
    to Bhalla house matching
    finger prints with the
    family members.
    Finger prints gets
    matched with Mihika.
    The scene gets more
    dramatic when Ashok
    enters in Bhalla house.
    Raman, Mihir and Ishita
    get furious to see Ashok.
    Ishita asks Raman to
    throw disgusting man
    (Ashok) out of the house
    Ashok accuses that
    Mihika is culprit as she
    had an affair with Mihir
    and she gets jealous
    seeing Mihir and Rinky
    Raman holds Ashok’s
    shirt collor angrily but
    Abhishek stops him.
    Raman is confused about
    how to react the situation
    because he wants to see
    the culprit behind the
    bars who killed his
    beloved sister Rinky.
    Ishita is upset seeing
    Raman believing Mihika
    is a murderer.
    How will Ishita prove
    Mihika innocence?

  5. Again started LOVE TRIANGLE.. oh shagun plz yaar. Get lost from raman ishitha’s lives.

  6. What d hell…!!!! First mihika nd now sarika …

    Is dis a love story or family drama or crime show????y ekta always ruin d family by all d nonsense… If they need to end Rinki’s character.. They can use other way like accident or something else..what’s d need for dis murder mystery..??? D family is so unique nd lovely BT makers are going to ruin it by ruining sarika’ s charachter….y they always want to ruin such a lovely family….normal misunderstanding nd normal fights happens in every family BT how they can show sarika killed her own sister in low..

  7. YHM is not even in top 10.!!!!!

    Makers ki akkal thikane ayi ya nahi….

  8. Haha look at that ekta !! What happened to yhm this time????? It’s not even in the top 10 thanks to ur stupidity!!!!! Alot of People have stopped watching it now!!! Isn’t this what u want to throw ur own show out of top 10! Give more and more importantance to anita and then it will eventually end in the lowest trps

  9. ye hai mohabbatein is in the top 5 with diya aur bati . i think u hv missed it rithushree 🙂

  10. I really am hating ishita now
    They show her as a spy like character who needs to interfer into other discussions when not needed. If you want to be a mom then adopt one or take care of ruhi

  11. Where is yhm in trp chart

  12. Omg omg kya yhm top 10me nii hai

  13. and yhm and dabh and balika badhu all of them at 5th position have a score of 3.5 .

  14. Showing nok Jok of Ishra scenes to attract the fans . What’s the use when the surrogancy is already processed. Very sad to watch this now when this is hidden from Ishitha . Creators please understand you are playing with viewers emotions . One unique serial is spoiled by this surrogancy that too by Shaghun . This has given Raman an interest to take care of Shaghun which viewers hate to see . Just imagine Ishithas Shock on knowing this . Here step mother with the kids and the way how Ishitha takes care of them to be given importance where Shaghun having tortured them to the core is highlighted and the CEO , crying baby or immature man Mr Raman is with his ex wife . Whatever changes you bring this surrogancy has hurt the people around the world . Ishitha amazing actress , it’s worth watching this serial to see her

  15. god ppl stop bashing this serial like this . todays episode was good . raman and ishita nok jhok after long time. and for your kind information . ye hai mohabbatein in not only in top 10 ths time but also in the top 5 . when i saw trp chart by rithushree .. i couldn’t believe it and i went to their official site to see the ranking . there i saw yhm along with bb nd dabh in the 5th rank . don’t badmouth and insult the show like this before knowing the actual truth.

    1. diya what i got in one website i posted it .but whats wrong in people bad mouthing yhm . its really obvious ,even we were die hard fans of yhm and we did a lot for yhm by just watching yhm by without missing episodes and vote yhm and its actors for all awards .even if you ask me divyanka and karan few facts i may even tell you.but the present track is really disappointing and worst.we did what not but just to see this yhm where there is no ishruh scenes at all and all surrogacy and leap drama .and its every body’s opinion regarding the serial .even though yhm is in fifth position in trp that is one and the same .people or fans wont stop bad mouthing yhm considering the trp and sorry guys i just posted what i got .

      1. i know they are spoiling the show . and don’t take me wrong am not against you or anyone. but i am very possessive about this show . it’s my jaaaaan. i can’t help but be agonized . while reading this comments, i am sorry . if you have felt bad . :(. you know my class 10 pre board exams are going on . but still am watching this show and keeping updates. i just want this show to do a lot of tarakki nothing else. yes’ am also disappointed with the current track of this show . i really can’t stand shagun even now . the surrogacy track is also heart breaking and specially the lep . well ‘, i don’t think anof us wants it . i even tweeted to starplus and divyanka about stopping the leap . but i think we should be a little optimistic about the leap hope it doesn’t happen . cause till now their is no official confirmation from the markers or the actors. jaha tak trp ki baat hai… it will fall if it will go on like this . i hope last time ki tarah makers iss bar v samal jaye nd track change kar dein. jab kisi cheez se kam nehi hta tab duyaa hi kaam ati hain, mein yeh hi duyaa karungi ki show pehle jaisa sweet nd romantic ho jay . aur kuch nehi .

      2. I cmpltly agree wd u ritushree…u r 100% ri8…evn i ws a fan of ds serial bt nw it has bcm wrst?

      3. i am sorry diya .if i said any thing wrong .my intention was not that but even i also wrote my tenth board exams this year but i still watched yhm in my board exams and even then we are seeing these results of yhm .i am really sorry diya if i said anything wrong .

    2. you are right now the crime basic story also seen good.

  16. If they want to show Shugan positive then do it by showing her love track. This surrogacy track just makes us want to hate Shagun.
    Waiting for something better.
    I might as well try to give the fan fiction link to makers instead of feeling upset. It is up to us fans to make the makers understand what we want.

    1. Agree with u all guys

  17. O hello diya can’t u seed y what is happening in yhm n today’s episode was not good Raman said to shagun about ishita that(is ka motapa is k dimag par car gaya Thai) is it a gud thing n v r also die hearting fanof yhm v /

  18. yhm trp mein aaye na aaye ek hi baath hai kyunki ab yhm ka koi value nahi hai .mujhe toh yhm bollywoodlife website pe trp chart mein yhm ka trp hi nahi mila .jo tha wahi post kar diya .lekin phir bhi ekta ko samaj mein nahi aaayega kyunki ab yeh serial jaanvaron ki dekhne tak laayak nahi hai .

  19. “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” has been hopping from one
    topic to another. After the entire bomb blast sequence
    followed by Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) miscarriage,
    the hit daily soap has now taken off to another tangent
    altogether, and fans are not very pleased about it.
    Viewers have always wanted an easy and free-flowin
    relationship between the show’s lead characters –
    Ishita and Raman (Karan Patel) – but the current twist
    has baffled them.
    In one of the recently aired episodes, Raman tricks
    Ishita into signing surrogacy papers. This means
    Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) will now carry the
    couple’s baby. This track is being disliked by those
    who love the show dearly and some of them have take
    to Twitter to express their disgust.
    Here are some of the tweets:
    Ye Thi Mohabbatein: Stop Watching
    Jahnavi: I really want to know how much
    #YHM CVS can stoop low to make shagun
    Mahan and butcher the lead roles apt for
    nayi soch @starplus #ripyhm
    Riah Kapoor: Riah Kapoor Retweeted Gan
    TAKE A STAND!!! Stop watching #YHM.
    SERIOUSLY BOYCOTT! they only care about
    TRP business. only way to stab them!
    Bharani: @StarPlus @StarAnilJha wow
    hats-off to you guys what a nayi soch.
    #YHM Ex-wife is surrogate mother.
    RIP YHM: Some are forgettng that witout
    any show/role/charctr &’mainly wit0ut fans
    thy wont bcm so caled actors n earn money
    & publicity. ✋ #RIPYHM

    1. watching or not watching the serial is each and every one right as they wish how can your
      people interfere in others right and wishes

  20. YHM is stuck in the murder mystery of Rinki. The eye witness have given statement against Mihika. Mihika gets to
    know about the accidental death of Rinki happened by her hands and shatters. She shares her pain with Ishita and
    cries miserably. Abhishek got to know this truth by his investigations, and is shocked too knowing Mihika is the real
    culprit. Mihika cries and tells the family that she can never imagine to kill Rinki. Abhishek is sure of his
    investigation. He did not know the motive and then gets to know Mihir and Mihika’s past. Ashok comes there and
    starts blaming Mihika, as she loved Mihir.
    Mihir could not bear a word against Mihika and starts scolding and beating Ashok. Abhishek stops Mihir and
    controls their fight. Raman asks Abhishek why did he call Ashok here. The Bhalla family wonders whether Mihika
    did this intentionally. The show has now moved from romance to this mystery track. Mihika is blamed after all the
    family women were doubted by police. Mihika gets in shock and says she did not kill Rinki, what will Raman think
    about this. Ishita assures Mihika that she will support her, and Abhishek will find out the complete truth. They are
    unable to accept this truth. Differences begin between the families. It has to be seen how Ishita keeps families
    united. Keep reading.

  21. even we are fans of yhm but it does not mean that we watch all craps .its not even worth to watch and now it is coming on sundays also for what to have more hatred and truely bad mouthing from fans .

  22. iss show k makers bimar hai dimaagi halat thik nehi . lets pray for them that unn ko iss serial ki value saamajh aye and woh track change kar de and bhallas and iyers k beech ki tension .. ishita raman k beech ki misunderstanding thik ho jay , am tired and heart broken. seriously.

  23. both my favorite shows YHM and DABH are in 5 th place

  24. What the hell, bagawas teledrama. The pagal, stupidity show in television.
    I thought this show; directors and producers are pagal.

  25. Rithushree I agree with you fully …. There is no continuity nor connectivity …. Such a serious matter happening one side surrogancy and other side Rinkys murder which is totally not required … Diya. Leap or not leap , makers are spoiled the show with this surrogacy …. I don’t know how we can expect positiveness ….Ishitha can’t trust Raman now … It’s obvious …. Now the makers are stuck what to do or not ….really damaged the beautiful serial

  26. I also completely agree with u ritu….
    I am also a biggest fan of YHM nd ishra actually we all are….before smtym I was fond of watching yhm. Nd I always watch 1 epi 2 or 3 times.. BT now adays look what happening with n d show.first they ruined Rinki’s character then Raman….. Lots of ppl loved Raman’s character BT now what they did with his character .?? We know he loves ishu so much nd cares for her .BT how can he forget that she is not happy with surrogacy.. She is happy with Adi ruhi… BT Raman dsnt want to accept it.. He always says that ishita’s he wants ishita’s. Own baby… That means he still blvs that kids are shagun’s not ishita’s..he still can’t accept ishita as his kids mom..what he thinks.. By surrogacy can ishu carry a baby in her wamb…??? Can ishu feels d happiness of motherhood for nine months.?? Can ishu give birth to baby after 9 mnths.??? Can ishu feed d baby after shagun will give birth a baby ??? What’s d need of surrogacy … They have already ruined d show..nd now they are going to ruin more by d nonsense murder mystery…..

    1. ya jhanvi i agree with you yaar .raman ko dekhke aisa hi lagtha hai ki woh abhi tak ruhi adi ko ishitha ke bacche nahi samajtha hai aur yeh sab murder mystery ek nonsense hi hai.

  27. The plot of “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ” is
    currently going through a rough phase
    where the Bhalla family’s youngest
    daughter Rinki (Resha Konkar) has
    been killed and a
    furious Raman (Karan Patel),
    suspecting Rinki’s husband Mihir’s
    (Raj Singh Arora) role in the murder,
    has sent him to jail.
    In the coming episode’s,Ishita takes
    an appointment from the dietitian and
    when she meets Shagun.Ishita
    congratulates shagun.
    Raman comes to meet shagun but
    stops seeing ishita at the same
    place.Before the secret comes out
    Raman calls ishita and asks her to
    come for lunch.
    But ishita denies his offer and goes to
    meet the dietitian.Raman informs
    shagun that ishita doesnot knw
    anything about surrogacy and asks
    her to keep it secret.
    Later Shagun thanks Raman for
    releasing mihir from jail.Raman gets
    shocked and Finds out that Mihika got
    Bail for Mihir.
    Mihir comes to Bhalla house and
    Raman gets into an argument with
    him.But Mihika brings an end to their
    fight revealing that A lady killed Rinky
    according to the finger prints.
    Bhalla family apologizes Mihir and
    Ishita asks him to stay with them.
    If Spoilers are to be
    believed,According to SBS “The real
    culprit behind all these mystery is
    Sarika.Actually she is adopted a baby
    and lied everyone that it is romi’s
    child.When Rinky got to know this
    truth,Sarika tried to kill her.”
    We have to wait and Watch for more

  28. Jst we can hope for yhe best..eagerly waiting for ishta nokjhok n cute scenes..n…lets hope tht makers dnt take a leap..or else yhm wil b cumpletely spoiled!!

  29. First they ruined Rinki’character after that Raman’s….nd now sarika’s…. How can we accept Raman’s Dids… What he did with mihir ..he blames mihir …nd send him to jail. Mihir was in jail for 15 day.He don’t even try to know how is mihir.he was soo busy that he dsnt have time to think once can mihir do this.. He forgets that her sister was guilty nd has cheated her husband…can we accept dis with our Raman’s character..???

    Now they are going to ruin such a nice nd unique family by spoiling sarika’s character. What’s d need to ruin her character.. Nd such a nice family.. Is dis d crime show ?? If they want to end Rinki’s character they can use other way like accident nd after that mihika nd family supports him with their love.BT no they doing all dis nonsense.. How can we accept dis.. We are viweres nd fans that dsnt mean we watch all d craps… Nd ya we also feel bad for YHM …nd heart broken…

    1. Yes jhanvi. You are very true . They can have many other options and bring this serial to the best . Both for surrogancy track and Rinkys murder … Here I feel the makers are stuck … I don’t want Ishitha to go behind Raman though we love to watch them together . That was the main thing the fans enjoyed and wanted . Now they are going to show Shaghun gets mentally unstable and wants to abort the baby …. Also the murder … Sarika be the culprit. And unwontedly Ashoks entry …. It’s proved once Ashok gave wrong information about meeting Rinky .when there was no show on Sunday’s , we would wait for Monday to watch the show. Now Sunday also we have to tolerate this show …., I wonder how they got 5 th position …. Not worth. … People still watch to see Ishitha …. Her beauty and acting admirable

  30. Ya Rani u r right makers have made us to hate shagun… By all dis…

  31. wowwwww its really such an intresting…..raman jisne mihir ko bhai ki tarah treat kiya aur use bahuth saalom se jantha tha aur phir yaha tak vo usne pala vo insaan jo raman ke liye apni sagi behaan se saari rishthey thod diya us par raman beleive nahi kar raha hai par jab raman ne saari bath ishu se chupaatha hai nd yaha tak ki vo shagun ke liye gaana gayega aur ice creams bhi laayega par phir bhi ishu us par ankh kaan dhimaak sab bandh karke vishwaas karega wt a crap i really feel glad if yhm will b out of top 10 in trp chart bec it really deserves this nd shayad tab makers ko esaas hoga

  32. paatha nahi how can cv’s be such A stupid’s especially in all EKTHA Shows ek ladaki ho kar bhi unki saari shows me except lead heroin saari lakhiyom ko characterless dhika dethi hai pehla sarika ka pregnancy shaadi ke pehle aur phir rinky ithni values denevaali family se belong karthi hai aur apni pathi se pyaar bhi karthi hai phir bhi shaadi ke baadh kisi aur ke saath extramarital affair aur shagun pehla uska character kithna worst tha aur aab sirf shagun ko imp dene ke liye saari serial ki saari characters ko bakwaas aur brainless bana diya cheapooos shame on u ekta mam pehle ek baath jaan lijiye saari ladkhiya esa nahi hothe hai……..wake up frm ur sleep

    1. ya bhagi i totally agree with you .saari ladkiyaan ek jaisi nahi hothi aur yaha yhm mein toh buss ek ke baad ek ladki ko character less dikha rahe hai .pehle shagun,phir mrs.tandon aur ab rinki .yeh sab dikha ke aurathon ko degrade kar rahe hai yeh log .ekta and her writers are female but still write their characters soo worst .

  33. arey makers fans ke liye naa sahi khud ke liye aur apne show ka phikar toh karo aur yhm mein leap math laao. warna toh yeh aap logon ki sabse badi bewakoofi aur galathi hogi show ki taraf.

  34. U said very true bhagi….. We can’t accept Raman’s behaviour nowadays…. Raman was my favrt character . I loved d character soo much.. Makers totally ruined his character ..pehle ishu se sab kuchh chhupaya… Fir mihir k sath itna ghatiya behave kiya.. Dhokhe se sign li ishu ki..shagun k liye Ghana ga raha hai….feeling very sad…hate u makers for ruining Raman’s character…

  35. Guys fans ne social media me surrogacy ko prtst kiya fir bhi in logo ne surrogacy dikhaya.. Now fans are going to attack Anita on Twitter….

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