Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijendra traps Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita coming home. Everyone ask where was she, they called numerous time. Ishita looks for her phone. She says maybe its left in the car. Shagun asks where did you go by sending the chunri, is there anything. Ishita says I will tell you. The man says police never came here, you have left Ishita go. Vijendra says we have to make Raman do our work, police went because of Raman, we do such things, stop worrying. The man says we did the work well. Vijendra says Neelam was mad, she wanted to marry out of community, so she has died, Raman doesn’t know that we have kept two dead bodies in his car, he will get caught. He laughs.

Sudha asks why are the men selling shares to Raman, do they want to get bankrupt. The man says Raman promised to return high dividends. She

says Raman is bankrupt, Ishita has sold her jewellery to buy the shares back, what will they sell this time. The man says don’t know madam. She says who is the person who is lending him so much money. Raman comes home and recalls Vijendra’s words. He tries to check the dickey.

Romi comes and asks what happened, you look stressed. Raman says no. Romi says don’t worry, Ishita is fine. Raman asks what happened. Romi says she went missing so family was worried. Raman makes an excuse. Romi says dickey is left open. Raman says I was about to shut it, come. Ruhi asks will Neelam and Kartik be fine. Ishita says no, I think they are in trouble, I feel Vijendra isn’t a right man. Raman comes there and asks Ruhi did you agree for marriage. Ruhi says Karan is loving and caring, I thought to give a chance to this relation. Raman says that’s a great news. He hugs her. Mrs. Bhalla says Kaushalya was saying both marriages can happen in same mandap. Ruhi says okay fine. Raman hugs Ruhi and Aaliya. He says I m so happy, call Tina and ask her to double the preparations.

Mr. Bhalla says your friendship with Vijendra isn’t right, I don’t want him to come in any function and spoil it. Raman says he is my client, lets not be concerned about his personal matters, trust me, there won’t be any trouble, ask others not to overthink. Ishita hugs Ruhi and Aaliya. Simmi says I got the puja items. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to just hurry up. Raman says I convinced dad, I will make a call to Vijendra. Ishita comes to him. She says please tell me what’s your connection with Vijendra, you know what he did. Raman says you got police there, what’s all this, I went there and met inspector, I told him that there is nothing wrong going on there. She says his goons kidnapped two people, don’t know those people are alive or not. He asks did you see them, I m sick and tired of this nonsense. Ruhi calls him. He goes. Ishita says he is too stubborn. She calls Romi and says Raman isn’t saying anything, find out who is Vijendra, what’s connection between them, something isn’t right. He says I will find out, your car had some leakage problem, dad has given the car to mechanic. She says okay.

Amma says our husbands will cook the dinner for all of us. Mrs. Bhalla says then we have to stay hungry today. Kaushalya greets everyone. Ruhi says I didn’t fast. Kaushalya asks her to do puja or go to kitchen to keep an eye on the boys. Ruhi says no, I will do puja.

Men cook together. Romi says we don’t know cooking. Rohan says understand our feelings. Mani says my daughter understands all emotions, Lord will save you if anything goes wrong. Karan asks Raman to teach him preparing Palak paneer. Raman says fine, she would be fasting, I will just com. Mr. Bhalla says you will help everyone. Mani says we will watch a match. Bala says Karan, cricket is Ruhi’s fav sport. Karan says I know she is different. Ishita goes to get diya. Shagun goes after her. She asks what happened, you look upset. Ishita says nothing. Shagun and Ishita joke on men cooking in Iyer house. Raman asks Karan to check the Palak paneer paste. Appa says match has started. Karan asks who will cook then. Romi says I m not going to cook, you do it. Mrs. Bhalla starts the katha. Rohan says the food…. They run to kitchen. They see burnt dish.

Pihu asks them to come fast, the moon is up. Rohan says its okay, we will do something. Shagun says I m so hungry. Aaliya says I m excited to see what these guys have cooked. Karan coughs. Ruhi asks him to drink water. Karan says sorry, I m drinking water in front of you all. Ruhi says I didn’t keep fast. Karan says why do just women keep fast, Ruhi don’t keep fast. Mrs. Bhalla says this ritual blossoms love, every woman keeps this fast with faith. Ishita says even husbands keep this fast, Raman fasts for me every year. Karan says yes, so Raman didn’t taste palak paneer himself. Aaliya asks what else is there in dinner. Rohan asks her to relax. Ishita prays that Raman talks to her and leaves her anger. Moon gets sighted. Mihika, Ishita, Shagun and everyone break their fast. Raman thinks Ishita don’t get finding truth this time. Ishita thinks please don’t break my trust.

Raman asks inspector how did he come. Inspector checks Raman’s car. Sudha says I told you, the bodies are in his car dickey. Raman gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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