Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Ishita gets life sentence

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simmi asking Ishita why did she do this, she will send culprit to jail. Ishita says I have done this intentionally, I wanted to take revenge, I have pushed your daughter. Simmi holds her neck angrily. Romi says ambulance has come, we have to take Ananya to hospital, its not the time to fight. Simmi asks Ishita not to come. Ishita hugs Pihu and says nothing will happen. Pihu says Simmi will punish me. Ishita says nothing will happen, I m with you. Pihu says I was going to call Papa, I have seen Simmi fighting with you, Ananya was not letting me go. Ishita hugs her. She says Ananya is in best hospital, she will get fine and come back, you say sorry to her. Pihu says I want to meet her, please.

Everyone stays worried. Raman thinks Ishita is hiding something. Ishita

comes with Pihu. Simmi gets angry. Doctor says Ananya is still critical, don’t know how did she get deep wound, like someone pushed her, she didn’t fall by mistake, wound is like someone has intentionally made her fall. Everyone worries. Simmi asks Parmeet to call police. Pihu hugs Ishita. Simmi says I won’t leave the one who pushed Ananya. Raman says you know Ishita can’t do this. Parmeet says police is coming, police will decide was this an attack or accident. Ruhi says Ananya will get fine, Ishimaa can’t do this. Pihu runs. Raman worries. Ishita goes after her. She says nothing will happen to you. Pihu says I have pushed Ananya, police will catch me. Ishita says you didn’t do anything, if anyone asks you, you will say you don’t know anything, promise me, you won’t say, I will say whatever needed. Pihu promises. Police comes. Inspector talks to everyone.

Raman says Simmi is not in senses, I know my wife, she can never hurt any kid. Ruhi says Ishita can’t do this. Doctor says Anana got conscious, but her state is very delicate, just few people can come in. Simmi says let all of them come. Inspector asks Ananya did anyone push her, can she identify that person. Ananya points to Pihu. Ishita comes in front. They all see Ishita. Ishita cries. Doctor checks Ananya. Simmi asks her to open eyes. Doctor says I m sorry, she is no more. They all get shocked. Simmi asks Ananya to please open eyes. She stares at Ishita. Adi stops Simmi. Simmi says I will kill her. They all cry. Inspector says sorry, we have to take her. Amma and Appa say Ishita didn’t do anything. Raman asks Ishita to say truth. Ishita makes Pihu away. She goes with the police. Pihu cries.

Ishita is in lockup. Raman asks whom are you trying to save, tell me, I know you can’t do this, just tell me. She says I m not lying, I have killed Ananya, I got much angry on her, I pushed her down, this is the truth. He looks at her and goes. She cries. Its morning, Pihu takes Ishita’s name in sleep. Ruhi takes care of her fever. Raman looks on. Pihu and Ruhi ask Raman to get Ishita back, why is she not saying truth. Ishita is brought to court. Raman stops her to talk. He says Pihu is unwell, she has fever, say truth for her sake, swear on Pihu, say the truth. Ishita says I won’t say anything wrong for her sake. He says you have to say truth for Pihu. He thinks if she tells truth, maybe she gets free.

Lawyer says its open and shut case, Ishita killed Ananya, before dying Ananya has pointed finger at her. Judge asks Ishita is there no lawyer from her side, court can appoint a lawyer. She says I don’t want a lawyer, I accept my crime. Everyone worries. She says I had a fight with Simmi, I was going to stop Ruhi, Ananya came in between and was fighting with me, I got angry and pushed her, this is my crime, I accept. Raman asks what are you saying. Ishita says I know this happened in anger, I don’t want any investigation. Raman says she is saying this by some reason. Judge asks him not to interfere. He declares life imprisonment to Ishita. They all get shocked. Ishita feels sorry to Raman. She goes. Raman looks on shocked. Parmeet holds Simmi.

Raman asks Ishita what is the truth, whom is she saving, mummy, Pihu? She says enough, how many times shall I repeat. She asks constable not to let Raman meet her again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Akiatta

    Okay, I don’t know where to begin. Honestly, this has been the best week of YHM in the past few months. I mean, it’s freaking interesting every episode.
    As for today’s episode, I simply loved it. I loved every moment of it. From the moment Ishita’s motherly instinct came forward to protect Pihu, to the moment where Raman’s heart was shattering, his belief still saying him that Ishita is innocent. This one scene, for me, proved how much deep and pure Raman and Ishita’s love is. Raman knows when Ishita is lying and is heartbroken to see her sacrifice while Ishita is purposely being hard on him, trying to make it easier for him to forget her and move on. True love.
    Only a few things I found Irritating… How they instantly forgot all the Drama Ruhi did. After all, if it wasn’t for Ruhi, Ananya would be alive. The second part I found irritating was Simmi. Honestly, I really wanted to feel bad for her, but she had done so many mistakes, I really feel bad that I can’t feel bad for her. But, these are things that they are possibly going to explore on with the Budapest Track, starting the Monday! I am frankly super excited.
    For the leap, I am not going to make any predictions and I am going to watch with excitement. Cause if you saw the show without any negative impression, on could realize how much interesting all the plots planned are.

    And to everyone out there… Guys, I see all your comments from the last episode and I frankly felt very sad. Please, this is a simple TV show. Every time something bad happens to the characters, if you call the show worse, then how do you expect them to make a show. The simple fact is, if they want to show a good arc, the show needs to justify the arc. And they way they can justify would be to make things worse. So please, give a fresh mind when you are watching the show. If you watch the episode with negative thoughts already on your head, then you will find everything bad. If you looked at the positive aspects, you will know how they are trying to improve the show.

    If at all the show was bakwaas like many of the comments claimed, then Raman would have, by this time, disowned Ishita. But, he is believing in her, even when she is throwing him out of her life. That itself marks the sign of the show becoming great!

    1. I totally agree with you in all your points

  2. People dislike this show becuase its extremely unrealistic. For ex, Ruhi’s atrocious behavior! The same Ruhi who was the “pride of the Bhalla family” suddenly started behaving so idiotic. She is only 20 in the show and literally dying to marry, that too a man with a 10 year old daughter! And again, she is dead against her own parents for just that! Why couldn’t she wait a bit and get her life together before getting married. Was she not the most mature girl in the family?!?
    Next, how can Ria call Ruhi didi her ma: people hated that side of it. Why is Alia sitting at home, like a typical house wife, before marriage she was a business woman. People just can’t connect to this.
    Why should Ishita lie that she purposefully threw Ananya. She could have just told the truth that pihu accidentally pushed her, meaning no harm. The court would have released her with minimum sentence, as it was a mistake.

    1. I agree if she want to save Pihu why did she have to say she did it purposely infect she could have said it was an accident she didn’t have to say it was deliberate I mean she wouldn’t get a life sentence the worst that could happen to Pihu is they will punish her but it not like the family would call the police to arrest her cos Pihu did it accidentally and another thing is why couldn’t Pihu tell her papa at least tell her parent what really happen then Raman know that Ishita is completely innocent and will find a way to bail her I hope in the leap Ishra are still together

      1. No,I don’t think so because there was a new promo in which ishita gets down a car and sees raman when raman turns he comes he introduces himself as raman bhalla ishita is schoked and she say I am ishita,ur investor or something.ya I agree with you.she should have told it’s a accident and she should share it with raman

    2. Thank you!! You just asked all the questions I’ve been asking myself! Firstly, why are they getting Ruhi married at such a young age, like the show is so stupid for that!! Like, she can be in a relationship but what is the need to bring marriage into the show for such a young character! What is their obsession with getting young girls married at such young ages?!

      Secondly, why have they made Aliya like a typical housewife?! She was a successful business woman who was equal to Adi but now they’ve just made her a housewife like every other Indian woman on their shows? It’s so stupid! Why couldn’t they develop her character and make her more successful in the business industry but no, typical, made her into just another housewife and they CLAIM they’re doing “nayi soch”… LIES!
      What I hate the most is Aliyas drastic fashion sense! Like after that episode that she was insulted for wearing jeans under her sari, I thought they were going to take a stand against it in the film and promote bahus being allowed to wear what they want when they want but No! They just made her once again conform to what society wants her to wear! I found that so stupid! There was so much they could be done with that episode where they insulted her for wearing jeans under her sari but NO! They chose to let her just listen to the women and act accordingly which definitely DOES NOT promote “nayi soch”!

      I hate what they did with Aliyas character! I thought they were going to make her and Adi a modern couple that are equal but No! Once again, Adi goes out to work and Aliya stays home and cooks and cleans! So typical! The director is TRASH!

    3. Akiatta

      Actually, if you remember, Aliya resigned from Raman’s company when they had issues before the marriage. This is the Australia leap. After that, she moved to Singapore and so on. Once everything was sorted, Adi and Aliya got married. If you see, Aliya herself wanted to wear sarees and take care of the home. She did at one point, mention that that was something she wanted to do.
      Also, even about a week back, Adi asked Aliya to join the company he had taken over and she said yes. So, soon, those two will be running a separate company on their own as husband and wife.
      See, they have only had three-four months since their marriage. Usually, after any marriage, people take a break to sort their married life out, then think about a career. That is the sensible thing to do.

      And about her fashion sense… If you see Krishna’s (Person playing Aliya) Instagram, you would see her in a mordern look. That’s the look they are going to give her after the leap.

  3. I am extremely disappointed in this outcome. How can Ishita be in Budapest if she is supposed to be in jail? How come param and Nikhil don’t get found out??

    1. Silent reader

      Maybe mani bailed her out

  4. This serial is not even having 5% of morality. Waste of time.

  5. Silent reader

    I think Raman is faking not knowing her? in the new promo.

    1. Silent reader

      I mean leap

  6. Silent reader

    I think Raman is faking not knowing her? in the new promo. To get back at her for not telling him the truth

  7. Shreya Shetty

    OMGGGGGG WTH is happening here
    Firstly I just hate Simmi the idiotic evil and blo*dy minded mother to the bottom of my heart plus parameet at first sight.and now I feel tempted to kill them both if I were to be an angel of death
    somebody please put an end to this bullshit and crap show!!I am totally fed up with its nonsensical themes displayed everytime about no love and care towards the family at all!!its utter disgusting
    mannn I badly want to go there and finish Simmi and evil param once and for all and this all happened because of that stupid Ruhi and Dirty simmi
    Poor ananya has to pay such a heavy price for her sinful parents deeds and now this shamless Ekta decided to kill an innocent child to put an end to this or what???Ekta the witch always sucks and will forever.she makes me very frustrated and so do all of us by her so-called award winning tv shows and serials,My FOOT she doesn’t deserve an award but a tightest slap from my side for this horrible drama
    Simply waste of time of watching such nonsense piece of crap and killing myself in studies.
    its better if they put an end to this serial otherwise its not going to be good for anyone at all.

    1. Akiatta

      Hi Shreya,
      Hope you are doing well.

      About Ananya… The kid actually wanted to leave the show. After all, it was getting hectic for her to continue the schedule. So, they decided to kill the character. And, it’s not the first time a kid has died in YHM. There was IShita’s unborn baby. There was Shagun’s unborn baby. Honestly speaking, accidents like this happen quite a lot in real life. And since the doctor mentioned that the person who pushed, pushed purposely, Ishita knew it would be a problem for Pihu.

  8. Shreya Shetty

    this show only teaches people and youngsters of how family members make new rivals and enemies and once they turn against each other they can never return back to their old selves.always killing one character on the another.First was rinky,then Vandita(Ishu s elder sister) and thirdly but now Ananya the innocent sweet girl????I cant bear this kind of violence of slaughtering the female characters here,its too hurting for anyone to see although its just a serial,i don’t get it correctly
    Riana u r absolutely correct,this show should ve been given another name instead of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein but it should be known as “Yeh Hai Nafratein” or could be Mystery is always history only!!
    To be honestly speaking,I deeply felt emotional and sad about knowing ananya s death and this Evil and wicked SImmi and param should be sentenced to death not to imprisonment but Raman and Ishita should instead turn their lives as miserable as HELL!!
    please eliminate simmi once and for all and show the death scene of param and Nikhil instead of brushing off a little child

  9. And Ruhi is so annoying! I mean, she threatens to slash her wrists just to marry that dumbo Nikhil, and does the pheras! What rubbish. What message are they giving to today’s generation. Just kill yourself in front of your whole family if they don’t agree to marriage! Who is desperate to marry at 20 in today’s generation. Just can’t connect with the writers. They seem to be from 1980’s. Aaj ke zamane mein girls think differently. At 20 they focus more on college and career. I know its just a TV show. But still…

  10. Anyway, I hope they don’t kill off the poor little girl Ananya!

  11. I am sorry, I can’t digest Ishita saying that she killed Ananya on purpose and everyone believing that. The Bhallas are so fickle minded that everything that goes wrong and Ishita is willing to take the blame they just instantly believe and hate her. Why would you want to stay in a family like that. No wonder she opt for jail time lol.

    Anyway, she could have said she and Ananya were on the stairs and Ananya slipped, making it an accident. Since when does an accident becomes a murder…the so call logic in these shows are beyond me.

  12. I had commented on Ruhis behavior I had written everything in detail about ruhi but telly update have some kinda problem with some of the people commenting here probably you have to be a member before priority is given

  13. I think Pihu will help saves ishitha n Simmi day are number with parmeet n I don’t think ananya is dead Is all parmeet planning n doing

  14. So sad ishita got life imprisonment.

  15. Simmi is not in her senses.if she find pihu done this she will be quit.ananya is his own daughter,how can a mother forgive the person who is responsible for death of his daughter.

  16. Tvfan1

    i don’t want to even talk about this show..but maybe it’ll get interesting after the leap..and i respect all of your comments that are posted, some I can agree and some I can’t.

    As mentioned above..yes…the show is unrealistic..i mean even if its a show..there’s should be some practical sense into ruhi getting married at 20..the actres aditi turned 18 really recently..and also as for the adiya track, they were a very cute couple..and when it do you remember when adi kissed aliya to shut up and stuff?? everyone was soooooo into them even more than ishra..but after marriage they completely ruined their track..

    And I did not see nikhil in budapest..what happened to him?

    and i understand that ananya( the actress) wanted to leave the show..okay she can die..but is this the first

    Rinky and Vandu..(Omg…the vandu’s death was soooo emotional)

    And another minus point in Yhm is that they only consider about a couple of people at a time..okay for an example
    Sometimes bala disappears, and woah sometimes he’s here..and another time there’s romi..and next he’s gone and then..woah he’s there with another track!!!

    also I missed and i still am missing Sarika and Mihir..:( 🙁

    and also there are some FFs that are good than the i would like to recommend is the story written by akiatta (nayi mohhabatein, nayi saffar)
    and there are more..i just don’t read them often because the YHM page is not frequently visited by me.

    Anyway..I know u might not agree, and some might agree…anyway..this an open section to share our thoughts..

  17. wordls best show is yeh hai mohabbatein n divyanka is looling fabulous in the gown of tge promo

  18. At least show Param feeling bad about Ananya’s death and realisizing that he got his just desserts for trying to ruin Ruhi’s life. He should come out clean about this to Simmi and to Bhalla’s family. That would somehow show that evil never pays.

  19. it is understood that the child artist wanted to quit for concentrating on her studies…but since there is gonna be a leap of many years, they could have shown ananya as a grown up girl and hence could have chosen another girl for the role… the reason for leap and separation could have been something else instead of the same of criminal cases and misunderstandings and hiding truth…. what rubbish way of ending a child’s character

  20. I think ishita did this to stop the wedding,bcoz as this happened ruhi has 4got his so called wedding zat she was so desperate to get.

  21. Ananya ko show nhi karna tha tow bhi uski death dikhane ki kya jarurat thi…. ananya ko karna bhej sakte the param ki family k pass…. ya phr hostel me studies k liye….. phr usko kisi aur artist se replace kar dete. … waise bhi Romi aadi miHika simmi bhi long period last bad show me dikhe h…. so death jaruri nhi tha……. ishIta ne pihu ka name na bol kar shi kiya….bcoz param simmi intentionally ruhi ki life hell, banana chalte h…. wo pihu ko be jail bhejte….ya child care home …. jha criminal child rahte h….. jo pihu k liye thike nhi hota…..I support ishIta’so step…… also ishra ko ruhi ko b punish karna chahiye… sbi problem ki wajah whi h….

  22. Simmi has got a punishment from god by snatching her daughter from her. First of all, if she is not a lady ,is she a suitable to be a mother? Not at all. First of all, she doesnt have a common sense. She considers her rapist husband as her god. I hate her face even.(In fact i even vomited after looking at her angry face!) I hate her talking language, behaviour and all.

    First she lost her best friend vandita, now her daughter…… then she will lose her husband and then her family will oust her from the house. This will happen. I am eager to see that.

    Then ruhi and her antics. She is not ready to believe her own father. She went against her own family for the sake of Nikhil. Will a girl marry a man who has a daughter of her sister’s age? Because of her antics, she lost her cousin sister.

    And then Param the a*sh*le. He needs to be f**ked severely to make him mend his ways. He uses ruhi and simmi to achieve his goals. He planned to ruin her in-laws, but instead he lost his own daughter.

    Amidst of them is the poorest and innocent Ishita. She saved her own daughter from going to jail. This made my eyes teary. She had
    proved again, her motherly love. May she get all blessings from goddess Durga. From starting till date, she proved that a mother is a mother. Also she proved wrong that all stepmothers wont give their motherly affection. I can see my mother through her.

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