Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd November 2017: Analysis

The episode starts with thundering. Ishita cries. Simmi blames Ishita for pushing Ananya. Ishita says yes, I pushed Ananya to take revenge from Simmi, I have done it with frustration. Aaliya stols Simmi. All look on shockingly. Simmi is angry at her. Pihu hugs Ishita. Ruhi says no, its not true, Ishimaa can’t do that. Raman asks Ishita to tell truth. Ishita says I did it deliberately. Simmi strangles Ishita. Romi shouts that ambulance came. Simmi and others cry in hall.

In bedroom, Pihu confesses I pushed Ananya, as she stopped her from calling Raman, so she pushed her and she fell down. Ishita consoles her and says she didn’t do anything, she didn’t push Ananya. Pihu cries. Ishita pacifies her.

In hospital, everyone cries standing at the operation theater. Ishita comes with Pihu. Simmi tries to vent out her anger. Doctor comes and says Ananya’s cobdition is worsening. Simmi asks Parmeet to lodge complaint against Ishita. He leaves. Ruhi asks her how can she arrest Ishimaa? Pihu gets afraid and runs. Ishita follows her and says Pihu didn’t murder Ananya, she shouldn’t get afraid of police. Pihu cries and says we’ll go and see Ananya once.

Doctor says anyone can go and visit Ananya. Everyone go in. Simmi asks Ananya to show who the murderer is. Ananya points at Pihu but Ishita stand infront of Pihu. All get shocked. Ananya dies. Doctor says she is no more. Everyone are shattered. Police comes and arrests Ishita.

At police station, Raman comes to Ishita and asks her to tell truth. She says the fact is that she murdered Ananya in anger to take revenge from Simmi. He leaves angrily. Ishita cries in the jail. Ye Hai Mohabbatein… plays.

At home, Pihu gets up and asks Ruhi where is Ishimaa? Raman comes. Ruhi and Pihu ask where is Ishita? Ruhi makes Pihu sleep. Next day near court, Ishita is taken by constables. Raman says he needs to talk to her. Ishita says nothing is left to talk. Police take her in. Judge asks Ishita if she murdered Ananya? Lawyer says yes, Ishita Bhalla killed a young child Ananya. Ishita says she did it deliberately. Judge sentences her to jail for years. All get shocked and cry. Raman looks on. Simmi and Parmeet look angry.

Precap: In jail, Raman meets Ishita and asks her to tell truth, who hit Ananya, if it Pihu? Ishita says she did it, don’t talk rubbish. She asks constable not to let Raman in to meet her.

Update Credit to: Arjit5

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  1. Foolish its episode. Don’t know y did u write it as analysis. Stupid

    1. Hi Maya! I am Arjit5. Its actually episode update not analysis. I have written it before Amena but as she is regular updater, my article was published as analysis. This is episode update only.

  2. Sorry yaar. Apologies… U r so gentle and kind to give sich a reply. Thanks and love

    1. Thanq for reading. I don’t understand the track of Budapest. Do u know? Few swerials are starting afresh from 6th November like yhm, yrkkh, ta, chandrakanta, dsdt, zee tv serials, etc.

  3. can you tell me, for how many year eshi maaa send to jail

    1. Arjit5

      Its life sentence I think so. I didn’t hear the number of years properly. Actually I have seen the episode with anxiety to know about the leap and Ananya’s death. So I have written it as update but it is published as analysis. Even I don’t know hindi much but can understand by the situation. Ok faisal! Thanq for reading. ?

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