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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihir asking what is that man’s motives. Mihika gets Kunal’s call again. Kunal asks is she with her lover. Mihir takes phone and scolds him for troubling a married woman. He asks him straight what does he want. Kunal says 50 lakhs. Mihir agrees and asks when and where. Kunal says I will tell you and ends call. Mihir says why shall we give him money. Mihika says we don’t have option, he has our pics. Ishita says if we agree now, we can get time. Mihika asks how to arrange such a big amount. Mihir says i will arrange it, you don’t worry about it. Mihika says all banks will be closed on Diwali holiday. Mihir says don’t worry, I will arrange it, you both go home. Mihika says I m so sorry, I did not know this would happen. Ishita says don’t blame yourself, sorry

to say, but we have to do shopping as we told Simmi.

Shagun is leaving for card party with her friends and asks Pihu to light crackers. Pihu says there is no one at home, what shall I do, Dadi says kids should not light crackers alone. Shagun says I m sure you will enjoy by bursting crackers. Pihu asks shall I come along. Shagun says you will get bored there, get ready and send me pics. She goes. Pihu gets sad.

Mihir talks to the banker and says I want to break my FD and want money today, talk to manager and call me back. He thinks how to arrange money and what to tell Mihika. He answers Mihika’s call. He says I spoke to my personal banker, bank timings is problem, don’t take tension. Ishita gets Raman’s call and says yes, we are going home. Mihir asks Mihika to be cool and calm, and assures to arrange money. He thinks to do something to arrange money.

Shravan asks Ananya not to light crackers, she is not a kid. Simmi says Ananya is kid and wants to enjoy, you have to be with him and take care. He says fine, but I want badam halwa and kachori made by you. Simmi says fine, I will make it. They leave. Mihika and Ishita come home. Simmi says Raman and Romi were waiting, we have to leave for office puja. Ishita says yes, we went for getting snacks, sweets and gifts. Raman asks where are gifts. Ishita says it will be delivered. Raman asks them to get ready fast.

Ishita gets ready. She finds Raman upset and asks what happened. He asks don’t you know what happened, you don’t have time for husband. He gifts her. She says its special. She sees jewelry box and says again jewelry, last time it was that gaudy necklace. He asks her to open and see. She sees a gift voucher worth 1.5 lakhs. He says I know you won’t like my loud choice, go and buy anything. She asks what will come in so less money. He asks how to impress you, I should hit box on your head. She says what is this, 1.5 lakhs, no one can price tag your love. He says keep saying. She smiles and says your love is valuable. He says happy Diwali and hugs her.

Romi makes Mihika wear mangalsutra and says I went to jewelry store with Raman and saw this mangalsutra, I felt just you should wear it. She thinks she should get free of the blackmailer soon. He asks did you not like it. She says its beautiful and hugs him. He asks her to get ready fast, they have to go office for puja. She says Ishita and I have to go temple first, you and Raman go, we will come there. He says fine, don’t be late. He goes. She says I should inform Ishita, blackmailer can call anytime.

Pihu sits sad. Adi and Ruhi meet her. Adi says you like to burst crackers right, we will have sweets. Ruhi shows the pretty dresses. Pihu smiles. Adi takes Pihu. Aaliya comes. Ruhi wishes her happy Diwali and hugs. She gets Romi’s call and says Aaliya, I need to leave in decorating office. Aaliya says we will come along. Ruhi says I don’t think it will be good idea, see Pihu is enjoying with Adi, you all carry on, Romi and I will manage. She leaves.

Mihir asks the man about puja arrangements, Raman is coming office, keep accounts file in puja area. Mihir sees the cash in locker. The man asks him to check file. Mihir sends him. He thinks all banks are close, I will return money when my FD breaks tomorrow, I have to take this office money, I did not steal money in my life and today I m taking it from office, I m not doing wrong, its for family, I will keep money back, I have no option now. Ruhi comes and greets staff happy Diwali. She asks for Mihir and goes to meet. She sees Mihir putting money in the bag and goes.

Ishita waits for Mihika and says Mihir would come with money anytime. Mihika comes and says so sorry, lets go. Ishita says we have to give money to blackmailer, why don’t you answer calls always. Mihika says I don’t do this always. Ishita says you did not answer me on engagement day. Mihika says I answered your call. Ishita says I called you 20 times, my phone switched with Kunal’s. She recalls calling Mihika by Kunal’s phone.

Ishita and Mihika go to meet Kunal. Lady says Sir is in meeting. Ishita says I don’t care. They go to meet Kunal in his cabin. Lady says I tried to stop them. Kunal sends the men out. He asks how can you enter my office like this. Ishita asks will you give appointment to get money, Mr. Blackmailer, we know its you. He gets shocked and asks what nonsense. Ishita confronts him and says I called Mihika from your number and its blackmailer’s number. He asks how can she blame him. She asks him to get his phone checked. He gives his phone. Mihika checks and says this number is different. Kunal asks are you done, and takes phone back. He asks them to get out of his office, else he will do police complain against them. Ishita’s imagination ends.

Mihika asks Ishita why are you taking Kunal’s name. Ishita says your blackmailer is Kunal. Mihika asks what are you saying. Ishita tells her everything. Mihika says he told me and Mihir that he is helping us, he is blackmailing us, I will talk to him. Ishita says he is clever, we have to make intelligent plan, did he call again. She says no, he did not call. Ishita says call him and say, we are arranging money and we need some time. Mihika talks to blackmailer and takes some time for paying money, as they have to arrange big amount. Mihika says he called us to coffee shop. Ishita asks her to go, and I m going to meet someone, tell Raman about emergency at clinic, I have a plan, I know what to do.

Ishita talks to Kunal at his office. A peon gets some boxes. Kunal goes to check. She takes his recording silently.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hope romi with mihika forever. Please

  2. So Shagun started avoiding pihu….good….ishu will get a chance to impress pihu…but again bad fate..kunal trapped her and send her jail….and refused to take pihus case….means ravan kumar gets one more chance to blame ishita that because of her carelessness,they lost pihus custody….as I mentioned earlier, ishita wont get any happiness in her life….

    1. Hello shivani how are you? Good comment ishita again in trouble and again we will hear that line from ravan kumar “2 paise ki akal nahi hai tujhme” and madhu this time it is my thought hahaha

    2. Hi Shivani They are sure running out of plots for this serial….. again Shagun ashok wins. Doom for Raman , Ishitha & The entire Bhalla family.. didn’t i say the bad wins & the good suffer. Gold Medal for the CV:S.. How disgusting this is..

  3. Ishita will help mihika and get herself in trouble oh god what is going on
    hi to shivani bhagya vp rithu magic and all yhm fans how are you? And shivani i want you as my friend in this site so, can we

    1. As magic said We are all friends…..

    2. Ok done

  4. Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Monique, Khushi, Magic, Padma, Supergirl, Kiran, Az, Jaz, Bhagya, Siddhi and many YHM fans out there.

    Ishita has become a detective already. Goodness I hope she does not get herself in deeper trouble. Each time she is curious and goes all out to help she lands herself into serious trouble. That is why always there is a misunderstanding between her and Raman.

    I am so glad that Shagun left Pihu alone. Pihu will feel that she does not have anyone now and Adi and Ruhi are enjoying themselves and she is left all alone without even her Shagun mumma. I only hope that cvs will show Shagun neglecting Pihu and Pihu realizes that Shagun is so busy with her own affairs and she has no time for Pihu. Then I hope cvs will show Ishita showing care and love to Pihu and talking to her even though Pihu dislikes her. Slowly Pihu’s hatred will subside and love will grow in her towards Ishita. Of course Shagun gets jealous and insecure and takes Pihu to Australia away from Ishita and the leap comes about. So I really hope cvs will work on the relationship between Pihu and Ishita now instead of Shagun and Pihu. I miss pIhu and Ishita’s bonding now. Most of us I think are waiting for the close bond between Ishita and Pihu and we are tired seeing her clinging on Shagun mumma who does not even care.

    These Iyers are all the same. No one says anything to anyone. Ishita does not say what happened to Raman about Kunal and Mihika still has not said anything to Romi. It is going to be such a mess now when Romi finds out.

  5. Hello vp, appy, shivani, sindhu. Mino, rithu, bhagya, parichari, shareya, supergirl, danny, raghu, susan, saba, ankitha, meghnaa, deepa c, padma, priyamani or priyaroli one of them and all yhm fans hu today i also write 50 names
    what writer’s want from ishita’s character ony sacrifice and from ashok and shagun only ploting it means villains character are more comfortable and dominant but fans want opposite of that

    1. Hey magic I wanted to ask you are you a boy or a girl?

      1. Hi rithushree hows you? As you all said we are family so, why did not you take my name in your comment am i not your friend ok i know i am new here but i am reading all yhm fans comments from 2 or 3 months than i started comment here and i think magic is a boy because when magic start commenting he said that but clearly i don’t remember

      2. Yes Rithu I too wanted to ask the same question to magic …. magic is really magic only but would love toknow your name …

    2. Hi Magic…. I am doing fine.

      This serial is going to sunk forever and Raman and Romi will realised that it is Ashok and Kunal plan and Mihir will tell Raman the truth about Kinal blackmailing and help with Ashok. Raman and Romi will realised their mistake. I have read updating that Shagun plan to kidnapped Ishita again for fight Pihu custody. Shagun find out that Ishita get Pihu custody and get fumed then kidnapped Ishita. Raman does not know Ishita missing but will get to know Shagun mastermind of Ishita kidnapped and bribe Kunal to get Raman and Ishita case to lose. Pihu will demand Raman to find Ishita and get her back and Ruhi and Adi will be worried for Ishita disappeared then Ishita will be free and theyget happy. Adi and Ruhi don’t want to stay with Raman and Shagun because Shagun take Pihu away. I hate this leap.

      1. Hi Parichay hi how r you ?

      2. Hi VP…I am fine and you!!

    3. hi magic kesi ho??? me to ekdum fit n fat. hehehe. diwali or exams kese rhe. me rply krti hu but publish hI nhi hote.dekhte h ye b hota h ya nhi. or ek bat clear krogi ki tm gal ho ya boy. kuki koi bol RHA the k u r boy.

  6. Oh Kunal is a lawyer and Ishita has to be very careful if not she is going to be in boiling soup. She already got into trouble with Mr Chadda the lawyer before the leap and now Kunal. Hope cvs will not cause worse trouble for Ishita

    1. Hi Sindhu Don’t have hopes.. IShu is going to get into another soup & Shagun, Ashok & Kunal will win. She will lose Raman & Pihu as Raman the stubborn one will go with Shagun & Pihu.. i suppose. The same old repeat. once again Romi will dump mehika etc. why are we bothering to watch this show .. Only our blood pressure is going up..he he he Good Luck I am not watching again only reading… he he

  7. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    shagun u r avoiding pihu?thank u so much yar now ishitha wil get a chance to win pihu’s heart

  8. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi madhu iam fine we r not only frds yar we r like a family .if u r a student then u wil definately ask suggestions from magic she is very nice girl

    1. Thank you bhagya and you said right magic is very nice person because education means be nice and cool

  9. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi guys rithu vp jaz az mino supergirl siddi sindhu monique madhu aditya khushi magic sobana sunitha parichey shivani khushiarvind shreya ishveerian ranaji al yhm frds very very big hai to al guys

    1. Hi Bhagya

  10. There is no need to turn shagun careless mother just to show isita mother love

    1. There is no need to show Shaghun careless mom as we all know from begining she is… next year also she should get the best vamp award … for that only all these

  11. Episode was boring and precap was ok.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi magic Saba ankitha parvathi priyaroli siddhi and all yhm friends.

  12. To show Isita mothers love you have showed shagun careless

  13. Wow what an impressive safe for such a big business. Lol. I love Ishita but why is she always getting involved in everybody’s trouble. Next thing you know she will be accused of murder. Then everything all over again. Raman should lock her in the house so he can keep an eye on her always.

    1. True ….. these iyer wives freedom is too much

  14. Hi Magic .. Rithu .. Shivani .. Sindhu …all yhm fans …the episode was boring …. cvs are stuck …. they dont know how to proceed … Pihu knew the truth … that scene which cud have been very emotional did not deliver anything to the viewers … Iyer wives are spoiling the name of Iyers by always hiding the truth from the husbands …if one lie is told you will end up telling 100 lies …Ekta and Cvs … show something positive to the viewers .. spoilers to believe or not …. if back again jail for Mihika and Ishitha , its better they stay permanently there … and stop the serial … totally yhm is not giving that feel which we had initially .., todays star utsav episode was one of the best … Kp and Dts acting was awsome …. kunal Mihirs close friend .. Romis friend … created simply to twist unnecessarily .. Raman Ishithas chemistry is fully gonne except for the fact they do their part well …Meaningless story line …cvs had been very unfair totally … instead of these negativity even now they can bring into positive tracks … Ashok Shaghun Kunal and all should not win …. Happinesd is never in Ishithas life … wanting to see the bond between Ishitha and Pihu … a mother is not able to pamper her child means …..before and all waiting to watch the serial … all repeats also used to watch … now not in a hurry to watch …if able to watch well and good … really want to give one award to EKta and cvs for spoiling this beautiful Unique yhm … I can sponcer that award also …

    1. Hi vp very well written very funny and very good comment i am still laughing hehehe they stay permanantly their and plz sponsor that award

  15. Good for pihu all alone on Diwali n good for kunal I hope Mahika tell romiI the truth about him

  16. Hi all yhm fans.yes vp, I will definitely help u sponser awards for ekta and Co for spoiling the show. I would put a time bomb in one of them as a gift and blow them up for ruining such a nice new plot, same old, same sure each and everyone on this site , us yhm family will do better as writers.

  17. Patricia Davies

    Hey all
    I have been reading the comments in this site for months now & they seriously give me life – lol
    You all are so funny, real & so true with your analysis. The CVs & Ekta mam has spoilt the show from the day they introduced the stupid line of a husband taking help from his ex wife for his current wife – they lost the plot line. It is not done yah.
    I feel shagun planned this all along, because when Ishita decided to fake her death, Shagun should have just walked away with Manoj – who was so in love with her & would not hear anything bad spoken against her. There are loads of people in Balla house to take care of Pihu & Raman is rich enough to hire a nanny. (You all remember sansural ghenda phool, Suhaani’s father raised his two girls whilst running a business with out family members). Shagun thought she could take Ishitas place in the family & their heart & when she failed she becomes angry & nasty.
    Now Raman, he has a heart of gold the way he looks after every one. He is supposed to be intelligent hence his success in business but the writers shows him as stupid as they come every now & then. First he tricked his wife to get her signature for surrogacy when she has made it clear that she is contented with the children they have. Second he took help from his nasty, horrible & shameless exwife to be surrogate – who does that – only a fool. Thirdly he blames Ishita his wife when ever things do not go his way forgetting that this woman did not have any enemy prior to her marriage with him. Every attempt on Ishitas life or dignity is because of Raman. Fourthly he claims he loves his wife so much that he could not live without her & that the whole surrogacy thing happened because he wants to make her happy, then why didn’t he tell the only child of theirs after he thought she was dead who her mother is. And allowed shagun to live in his house as a wife & mother to the love of his life only link between them. Fifth, he never truly takes responsibility for his own decisions or actions.

    1. very nice reading your comments Patricia … Raman is a cry baby spine less never keeps his promise … sometimes feel sorry for kp … such a brilliant actor … cvs are tuning him like this … how they are agreeing …

  18. Patricia Davies

    Now as for Ishita, my heart goes out to her. Loving & sweet. Dutiful & loyal
    She is supposed to be well educated with a modern way of thinking but sometimes she makes unnecessary sacrifice & allows Raman to bully his decision on her. Her fault is that she is too simple & put her nose into others business too much – sometimes you have to let others make their own mistake.
    They hide everything in these soaps & then make a spectacle of themselves infront of everyone when the truth comes out – so cringe worthy.
    This blackmail plot – come on Mihika is a strong & highly educated woman, how can she let someone blackmails her. We all know that blackmails never stops & will continue to do so until the truth comes out – that’s why you called their bluff & tell the truth to those concern. I am sure it is a crime in India because it is a crime here in GB. Just put your husband down and tell him everything. Their relationship was formed on friendship & know everything about each other.
    Now Mihir – what is this yah, so he will become a thief for a blackmailer, oh no. They have spoiled the show
    As for Ishra they are too concerned with a nine year old child who do not care for them. Let her be – she made her choice that she wants Shagun, so let her be after all the Ballas made shagun her mumma. I think Ishra should be giving focus on their children that wants them. And the moment they ignore Pihu, Shagun will loosen her grip on her as she will have not have anything to hold over Ishra.
    Ishra what about Ruhi, we all know that evil woman did not let her complete her studies why not focus on her life now.
    You see the CVs have a lot of storyline left to take the show forward.
    I know my comments are long but I have bottled a lot up.
    This show had a promising start & needs to move in that light.
    Letting the bad & ugly win all the time is not good, we know in reality it looks like that always but the CVs can use these platforms to teach & help bring change to society which we are desperate for.

  19. Yes Patricia agree with you …. Mihir is the only one character so …. clean … cvs have spoiled that too …no body can blame little Pihu … she is seeing Shaghun as her mumma … all on a sudden accepting Ishitha is not that easy for a child …But Ruhanika as Ruhy was smart and cute thats becoz she was positive … here we have to admire this girl for her delivery as Ruhi and Pihu .. after Surrogancy story line is bad …Ishitha initially I used to feel sad , , but now she is invoting problems …whatever it is now the cvs encourage wrong and negative moves … Ekta wants to give more space to Shaghun …so they are forced to show negative moves … but not understanding they are killing Raman and Ishitha here …doubt KP and Dt get any awards next year … though they are the best in tv small screen . Even now its not late they can bring back to that promising ..we cant blame actors … we fans are to be blamed to get addicted to this …

  20. Why did I not think of something at first?

    If Raman goes back to Shagun with Pihu so why not Ishita go back to Shubbu to make Raman more insecurity like Shagun does. Ishita can take Adi and Ruhi away from Raman so that Adi and Ruhi will call Shabbu new papa and Ishita as their real mother. When Raman will return with Pihu to find Ishita, Adi and Ruhi. Raman will get to know that his parent passed away, and Ishu, Adi and Ruhi including Iyer’s family had moved out and staying with Shubbu and will get wonderful family so that Shubbu warn his mother to stop intervene Ishu life and leave. Shubbu mother will be shocking that Shubbu and Bala take Ishu side and throw her out. Shubbu will be taking care of Ishu and knowing that Ishu life will not be normal and Ishu life will be straining because of Raman. Romi and Mihika are divorced so that Mihika married to Mihir. Raman might not get to know that Ishu is pregnant and Shubbu is taking care of Ishu and so is Adi and Ruhi. Shubbu will pamper Ishu with love and Adi and Ruhi will be happpy. Raman will be able to found Ishu, Adi and Ruhi. Raman and Pihu will be happily to see Ishu, Adi and Ruhi together and want to go to them. Ishu smile get vanished to see Raman there and glare angrily on Raman. Ruhi see Ishu angry and get confused to see who Ishu is staring and get shocked to see Raman and PIhu there. Adi and Shubbu bring foods to join Ishu and Ruhi and see ladies staring somewhere. Adi get shock to see Raman then get angry. Shubbu want Ishu to eat something and Ishu refused but Shubbu tell about her health but want to say about baby but Adi and Ruhi call Shubbu papa and let us eat now and then we can leave. Ishu realised that she is carry a child and start to eat for baby sake and Raman get confused by Ishu and children reaction and angry on Shubbu. When Ishu get up and about to leave and Raman get surprised to see Ishu tummy grow and get suspension. Raman want to blast on Ishu but Adi and Ruhi pull Ishu and Shubbu away from Raman and Raman get hurt and Pihu get confused. Raman goes to Ishu and want to talk with her but Ishu refused to see Raman and keep herself busy but Ruhi and Adi comes to Ishu and see Raman there. Adi and Ruhi blast on Raman for leaving Ishu, and went off with Shagun and Pihu and did not think of us. Ishu was in fighting for her life when Raman left her and Raman get shocked to know that Ishu life was in bad shape and blamed himself for leaving and Pihu get sad. Adi and Ruhi don’t want to call Raman as papa but to call him name. Shubbu comes to check on Ishu and surprised to see Raman there then Adi and Ruhi call Shubbu papa and Raman get shock and upset. Pihu call Adi and Ruhi Bhaiya and Di then Adi and Ruhi ask Pihu who are you and you are not my sister then tell Raman that you are dead to me and you are not my father. Shagun is not my mother so Ishita is my mother. Ishu get tear-eyed see Adi and Ruhi hatred toward Raman and Pihu. Pihu call Ishu mumma and all get shock by Pihu hestiated and cried. Adi and Ruhi take Ishu away and say Ishu Raman doesn’t you and your baby and our little sibling. Raman get shocked that Ishu is pregnant with his child and pleaded Ishu for forgiven and Ishu refused and ask Adi and Ruhi to leave and they leave while Raman breakdown and cried. Pihu hugs Raman and get angry on Shagun for breaking Raman heart and sibling hatred. Pihu will run and stop Ishu, Adi and Ruhi and tell them the truth that Raman missed you all and did not want to be with Shagun. Papa had your photo and gotten himself heavily drinking and papa had mumbling mumma name so many times. Ishu get hurt by hearing Pihu confession for Raman then goes to hug Pihu while others look on. Ishu get dizzy and Raman caught Ishu before Ishu fainted. They all rush to hospital then doctor give bad news about Ishu condition but baby life will be in danger and Raman pleaded to doctor to save both. Doctor agreed and goes to save Ishu and baby lives but goes in vain and hear Ishu mumbling Raman name. Doctor ask who is Raman and other look at Raman. Doctor ask Raman to go to Ishu and she is calling you. Raman goes to Ishu and want to touch her hand and say his apologised. Ishu get consisous and worry for baby. Doctor give good news that Ishu and baby are fine. Raman talk to baby in Ishu tummy and Ishu feel baby kick and get teared and Raman get confused and ask if she is okay and Ishu take Raman hand to touch Ishu tummy to feel baby kick and ask Raman to say something. Raman say something and feel baby kick and get teared.

    I wish this would happen but not this serial. getting disappointed. Ishu and Shubbu will get together better than to get hurt by Raman decieved and Shagun selfish.

    1. Parichay …. wow …. thats what I am telling brainless cvs if use brain they can even now twist it better …. if negatives win … all lawyers and police dept with Ashok and Shaghun … how can they improve the society … there are many people enjoy negativity in life due to their child hood problems …sleeping pills ,bribing ,broken married life , lies , cheating like so many things this yhm is showing … Mihir here they force him to steal … he can tell Raman … Ishitha too lost her brain …where is her 6th sense she had … Shaghun knows Raman better … she is very smart she is playing on Ishras weakness

      1. Yes, I was think of new twist but didn’t happen.

        Getting annoyed with Shagun and Ashok.

  21. I just hope that ishita does not put herself into trouble….good to see shagun avoiding pihu..

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