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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vandu telling everyone that moon has come out. The ladies happily go. Vandu asks Ishita what happened to her mehendi. Ishita says my husband loves me so much, so its dark, tell Bala to love you much. They laugh. They do Karwachauth rituals. Ishita smiles seeing Raman’s face through the channi/net. Haathon me puja ki thaali…………..plays………….. Raman sees Ishita and is glad seeing her normal. He smiles and makes her drink water.

All the couples do the rituals. Raman fills sindoor in Ishita’s maang. Ishita does his aarti. She touches his feet and takes blessings. Raman makes her have sweets. They smile. Mrs. Bhalla says now they will go and have food. Raman says we all husbands have got gifts for you all. They go to get the gifts. Ishita goes from

there. Raman and everyone bring gifts. Raman looks for Ishita, while other men gift their wives.

Vandu thanks Bala for the gift and says you gave me two surprises today, gift and moustache. He says even I m surprised by this. Raman says I think Ishita went downstairs, I will go. They tease him. Raman goes and sees storeroom door open. He gets a gift and says Ishita is two steps ahead of me, gift for me. He opens the gift and sees the Embroidered waistcoat. He wears it and smiles. Ishita says Raman Kumar Bhalla, someone is looking hot today, happy Karwachauth darling. He sees her sitting at the corner. She walks to him and asks how did this Karwachauth look to him, does he not wish to understand her. He says Ishita what happened… She says calm down, I kept fast for you, you broke my fast, now next step, come close to me Raman. He tries to go. She stops him and says I have got the medicines. He tries taking and stops her, asking is she mad. She says she is not Ishita, she is Shagun, say real name. He says you are Ishita. She holds him against the wall and says I m Shagun. She lifts him in the air and asks did he recall now, her name is Shagun, not Ishita. Raman turns upside in the air.

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Shagun alive!! Ishita to be confronted…

Everyone wait for Raman and Ishita… The family wonders Raman gave gift to her. Amma says Romi has Raman’s gift, and worries. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t worry, Ishita is normal. Amma says we will go and see, and goes with Mrs. Bhalla.

Ishita reminds Raman his words, that he is head over heels in love with her, it turned true today. She reminds Karwachauth, which is love’s Shagun. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla come there and shout seeing Raman hanging in air. Ishita says stay away, else I will kill him. They cry.

Amma informs the entire family. Mrs. Bhalla requests Ishita not to do this. Ishita says I m Shagun, not Ishita. Sarika asks Pammi to leave, its their family matter. Pammi says fine, we will leave, I know Ishita is not keeping fine. Amma goes to Prateek and says Ishita has…. Prateek says I can’t come, Raman won’t like it. Amma says Raman’s life is in danger. Amma takes him along.

The family comes to storeroom and gets shocked. Mrs. Bhalla begs Ishita to spare her son. Ishita leaves Raman. Bala and Romi hold Raman. Ishita says mummy ji our love is old, everyone knows you have loaded cola, lets have a Patiala peg together.

Ishita asks Raman not to be afraid and not spoil the fun, they will celebrate together and drink. She says you all have used me till now, its fine, I will also use your Ishita now, and scratches her face. He says I m dead, why don’t I kill you Raman. Prateek comes and stops her. She asks her to leave Raman. She gets scared seeing Prateek and asks him to leave.

Ishita says she will kill Amma first who got Prateek here. Prateek asks what does she want. Ishita says I want everything that is mine, my husband, kids and this house, which Ishita snatched, I will ruin Ishita’s life, you all know it well, Shagun did not die. She says this is my home now, I will come and go anytime, no one can stop me, I have control over Ishita now, and holds her neck.

Raman goes to her, and everyone stop her. Ishita falls down and Raman holds her, asking her to open her eyes. They take her to room. Prateek gets thinking. Raman asks Prateek to help him. Prateek says I want to, but I can’t, as the spirit has become very powerful now, I can’t stop her. They see Ishita and worry. Amma gets dizzy. Raman finds the room’s door locked and they all try to open it. They get inside the room and get shocked seeing her have chicken tangdi and kababs. Raman asks whats is she eating, stay away. She says its my food, don’t dare to come near me, what problem you all have. She says will you go or shall I show my talent again.

Ishita cries seeing the chicken bones and calls out Raman. She coughs and vomits. She says I have eaten non veg on Karwachauth, why did anyone not stop me. Raman calms her down and hugs her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. disgusting and bored w . i think if u know bengali u could watch zee bangla”s goyenda ginni at 7.30 it is far better .

  2. I hope k ye koi trap na ho agar ye trap howa to its too much

    1. Ha aur Raman bhot jyada gussa hoga ishu se ,,, kyuki WO bhot dar gaya hai ishu ko khone k khyal se hi…aur agar use pata chalega ki ishu ne itna sab kuchh kiya sarika ko expose krne k liye…. To pata nahi WO kya karega….???

  3. What’s all this about shagun, ishita really is possessed by shagun ,,,,what’s the truth of is said that shagun n ishita acting to expose sarika,,,what’s the hell is this ,,,,,,,,,sarika kya story Hein uski

  4. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh hai Mohabbatein will
    show that Ruhi hears
    from family that Shagun’s
    spirit has entered and
    Ishita and now she will
    kill Ishita.
    Ruhi loves her Ishima
    very much and comes to
    meet Horror Ishita.
    Ruhi tells Shagun’s spirit
    to leave Ishita and house
    because she always
    created problem for them.
    Shagun’s spirit gets
    angry on Ruhi and asks
    her that if Ishita did not
    teach her how to talk her
    own mother.
    Shagun’s spirit (Horror
    Ishita) shouts at Ruhi and
    Mrs Bhalla come there.
    Shagun (Horror Ishita)
    tells Mrs Bhalla to take
    Ruhi from there otherwise
    she will kill her.
    Ruhi is scared seeing
    Ishita’s horror behavior
    and prayes god to make
    her Ishima normal.
    Ruhi tells Raman to make
    Ishita fine and throws
    Shagun out from their

  5. ya jhanvi….. I wanted to tell it. Ekta wants us to accept shagun in any way. But it had so many ways without surrogacy. If shagun and ishita became friends,may be we’ll accept shagun…… But no…… They’ve mixed up everything. And they harass us to accept shagun by surrogacy. Let’s see. Nothing can do now…….
    I’m sorry,if I hurt shagun’s fans. I also like her. But not in this way…..” always involving into ishra” I hate it. She should’ve had another life WITHOUT ISHRA……!
    And now Let cvs make all nonsens……! What else can we do……???

    1. Us if she will become only ishu’s frnd nd start a new life with Manoj ,,nd writers didn’t connect her dfntly we can accept her …….BT now no

  6. Whatever stop this horror now…..

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