Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bala telling everyone about the next performance. He calls upon Adi and Aaliya. Roshni stops Ruhi and says I have to tell you something, groom and bride should dance in end, if they dance now, there will be no surprise, keep their dance at end. Ruhi says you are right, surprise element should be at end, on which song are you performing. Roshni says I don’t know dance, I have no clothes. Ruhi asks her to get ready and come, you will ignite fire on stage, I will announce. She goes. Roshni sees Adi and Aaliya. She thinks Gagan should leave from here. Gagan says what’s use to not go inside after reaching here.

He sees a man with some huge boxes and says we will take it together, come. The man says fine. Gagan lifts the boxes and enters the sangeet. Ruhi performs

on Raat baaki baat baaki…… Everyone clap. Gagan comes there and looks for Adi. Roshni sees Adi and Aaliya. She gets tensed seeing Gagan and hides. Gagan gets some call. She thinks how did he come here. Ashok calls Gagan and asks did you get Adi arrested. Gagan says I did not come to get him arrested, don’t call me again. He ends call. Ashok says Gagan got mad, he does not want to get Adi arrested.

Everyone compliment Ruhi. Shagun says Ruhi and Adi have my dancing genes. Raman says Ishita raised them and acknowledged their talents, so they dance so well. Ishita smiles. Adi and Aaliya have a talk. A lady says someone is calling Aaliya. Aaliya says maybe Mihika needs my help. She goes and sees Roshni. She asks did you call me here, what happened. Roshni says sorry, just fix this dupatta, Ruhi went for dance and I could not set this. Aaliya says its fine.

Aaliya says I m happy you are enjoying with us, sorrows come in life, it does not mean you don’t stay happy. Roshni feels sorry and thinks I have no other way now, I have to do this. She turns and makes juice fall over Aaliya. She says sorry. Roshni says you spoiled my dress, how will I go on stage. Bala says finally, Adi and Aaliya are coming to perform, they will win your hearts by their romantic performance. Aaliya says what will I do. Roshni says I will tell Ruhi to keep your dance at end. Aaliya says I will think what to do, you have to help me, you have to dance on stage with Adi, don’t refuse, please. Roshni asks how can I dance with Adi. Aaliya says please go on stage, I will change and come.

Roshni says if Gagan saw Adi dancing with Aaliya, don’t know what would have happened, I have to manage Adi now. Adi asks Mihika about Aaliya. Mihika says she was with you. Ruhi asks where is Aaliya, come. Gagan sees Adi. Adi says I will get her, manage the stage. Gagan says groom is here, bride is hiding. Ruhi says bride will take time, no worries, we can wait for them right. Gagan says let bride come on stage, I will expose them. Raman says let’s see what they do.

Ishita says I think Adi and Aaliya’s dance will be best. Raman says no way, we will win. She thanks him for telling Shagun that children got talent and confidence because of me, I felt bad, how did you know it. He says do you need to tell me, I can see your eyes and know your heart, when I became Gulabo, I understood you well, I m sorry. He hugs her. She gets back and says don’t act so cute. He says I m cute, what happened. She says they will say we became Saas Sasur and acting romantic. He says we will be romantic even when we become Dada Dadi. Roshni tells Adi that Aaliya is inside, but some problem came up. She shows Gagan.

She says we should dance to make Gagan believe that we are together, he will leave from here. Ruhi says where are Adi and Aaliya, I think our groom and bride want a grand entry, let’s have a countdown for them. Everyone count down and smile. Adi and Roshni come on stage. They perform. Everyone gets shocked seeing Roshni. Raman says what’s Adi doing with this girl. Gagan sees Roshni dancing with Adi on Pardesiya….. Roshni looks for Gagan. Aaliya joins Adi for dance.

Raman and Ishita ask Roshni why did she dance with Adi, everyone was thinking why were with you with Adi, you could have danced with Ruhi. Adi and Aaliya come. Adi says don’t scold her, its not her mistake. Aaliya says its my mistake, I asked her to dance with Adi, my lahenga was spoiled by juice, I needed time and sent Roshni in my place. Adi says Ishita included Roshni in rehearsals, so she danced. Raman says stop acting cool, what was the need to do all this in front of guests, this is not done. Ishita says this was not random dance program, sangeet is imp for groom and bride, this easy going attitude won’t work, no one should dance with Adi, except Aaliya, this is not right.

Raman says we got Roshni home with good intentions, she can’t be here always. Ishita says we have to find her groom. Gagan says Adi is marrying someone else, you thought you will lie to me. Roshni worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Rahul96

    Hii guys !!
    Why Ishra don’t dance together ???

    1. divyanka tripati has leg injury during nach baliye 8….

  2. Hi Rithu, VP, Susan, Parichary, Magic….. How are you Rithu and VP? I do read your comments but I think you also feel that cvs very spoilt YHM which I believe so. Where is Pihu? After the incident with Ruhi and Ruhanika’s mum, I don’t see Pihu much at all. No sign of her. No sign of MIhir. Has he quitted YHM?

    Roshini is a good actress. They are giving more importance to her and Adi. I am very sad that Ishita and Raman are shoved in the background. I know they are father and mother in law. But the old YHM, Omprakash Bhalla and Toshi were very important and they were like the patriachal and matriachal but here Ishita and Raman have become insignificant.

    I hope Roshini will not marry Adi and she will live her life of her own. I doubt that will happen. She looks older than Adi. All I can say that from now on Ishra will have Ashok, Mani, Shagun, Aliya, Bala, Iyers as their enemies. How Raman is going to react is wait to be seen?

    1. Hey Sindhu .How are you?

      Nowadays yhm’s track is like a big crap . Story is worst.

  3. I think Rahul96 that Divyanka actually strained her leg and in pain. She tweeted that she will not continue the dance jodi as her doctor have strictly said she can’t dance with heavy steps as they are putting strain on her back and feet. That is why cvs show the scene where Ishra danced in their room in the previous episode and here they had Raman and Shagun dancing. Basically it is DT’s old injury that is troubling her.

  4. Well, again ishita and Raman are going to be a distance. Oh man……. how many times will cvs separate them. Ishita will support Adi and Roshni but all the rest of the family members will be againist. Our Mata devi will show she supports Roshni so it angers Raman too and everyone will be against Ishita. That is why both Ishra will create a distance. Everytime Ishra are together are only for a short time and then cvs have to seprate them.

    1. Even I feel Ishitha and Reman are going to be in defferent opinion . All these crap to bring Shaghun positive . But she cant deliver positiveness at all May be as negative she cud deliver the best and so we are not able to accept her positiveness . Only Ruhi will be with Ishima I feel . Adi I cant tell . Roshini is acting oversmart . Her intention is not clear . Only hope Ishra will be together to sort out this issue . Adi is yet to be matured to marry … He will have to live on guilty if things are not clear . Why cvs making things so complicated ?

  5. pasan shehara

    I dont like shagun

  6. I also agree vth uhh sindhu… roshni look like adi’s elder sister. I love adi aliya jodi.. they r so cute together.. but cvs always break aall love relation… y thy wrt ths cruel script.. feel hate… and ishita y she spprt roshni adi relation ship. How cld lv bloom in forced shaadhi… aadhi kaysse ithni aasani se aaliya ko booolooongi… kaafi tymssea dhono doosre ko chaahthi hoo.. kithna mushkil aayi phir bhi saath hooo… i thnk aadhi shld hlp roshni to make her own identity. But adi and aliya together.

  7. I vsh Mihir mihika ki tharah aadhi aaliya ki lv stry bhi adhoori naa raho.. dhono ko milaaao… mohi ki drama ka tharah ya ha bhi aadhi n aaliya ko ek saathroshni ko hlp karne dho … aur ishra ki imprtnts kam math karo hum sirf ishra ki cute chmstry keliye ye show dekh rahi hooo..if thy want adhi ki triangle stry thy shld make a spin of like dil bole obry…

  8. Guys I’m not sure what’s going to happen in the show. Will Adi start to fall in love with Roshini? Or will he and Aliya still get married? But today’s Ishra’s scene was so cute. I think all Ishra fans were eagerly waiting for a scene like this!

  9. The one thing that is irritating me these days is Ishita’s use of saas sasur everytime Raman becomes romantic. She says it all the time! I know it is just a story but really how old are they. Raman might be 43? Ishita 38? Is there a law in India which prohibits romance for father/mother-in-law.

  10. I don’t know if u guys know this but age doesn’t matter as long as u r doing ur job right and as I c Vid is doing amazing playing Roshni. She is very pretty n is doing fantastic job. The girl who is playing Alia reminds me of the one from Naagin show n that girl is in her mid 30s n wen i luk Alia, since she reminds me of her she herself luks older then both Adi & Rosh. There is a show on &TV called Ganga n the lady who played Ganga in real life is in her late 30s almost 40 n the guy who portrait her hus is in his early 20s n I am not judging that she luks old as his mom but instead how good of a job she is doing playing the character. FYI Vid isnt that old in real life she is like in her late 20s or early 30s but dont luk old to me compare 2 his fia. Well wat I am trying 2 say here is all of the actors in YHM r doing excelente trabajo, bien hecho.

  11. Hey Aurora I gree wid u all of them r doing buen trabajo as u said so far. The think is the viewers cant stop complaining about adi’s force married 2 Rosh wat ’bout her does she luk happy to be married 2 him well hell no. Force marry happens on TV all the tym it isnt biggy, it is just a show n most force marriages on tv later on fall 4 each other n I am hoping 4 that n also 4 Ishra 2 always be main leads. I luv Adishni pair, they r so cute 2gather, plz writers keep them 2gather n also keep them parallel lead. Who knows them writers they r so unpredictable sometimes, they might turn Rosh villain so Adilia can be 2gather 2 make viewers happy 2 keep watching the show. Give the new pair a chance, they might have a force marriage like i said it happens on tv, but luk mu caliente 2gather. Alia life won’t be over if she isn’t or will not be wid him, well there is Mihir, omg i missed Mihir wat happened 2 him, anyways I thought they were stunning 2gather even though tons compained that is y they put Adilia 2gather in the 1st place or they can bring a new man 4 Alia who knows like i said b4 the writers unpredictable n do wat the viewers want so plz viewers give the pair a chance, i know u r going 2 say it is force marriage but it isn’t real live, if it was in real i would also have a problem wid it but isnt n it happens on telly so quit getting annoyed n give them a chance especially 2 roshni, she is fab n lovely girl.

  12. azuka nkwonta

    This episode is very stupid. Adi dancing with Roshni this is a stupid plan and its spoiling the show even more I don’t think that CVs is going to redeem this track. I don’t trust this roshni I don’t know whether she is good or bad. Adi should have told romi so that romi would handle Gagan. I hope adi does not get trapped by roshni in all this. Aaliyah should be more careful with the way she trust roshni and stop exchanging herself with another woman. I am not happy looking at everything that is happening with this plan I really don’t feel like talking anymore but I am so so unhappy watching this episode.

  13. Hey a very good morning to all.

  14. In the upcoming episodes ADI and roshni ‘s marriage will be revealed and entire family will be against the marriage and support Adi.
    Raman also supports Adi .But Ishita tells Adi to accept roshni.

    Aliya who regard Ishita as her mother will turn negative as Adi will leave her due to Ishita.

    Raman will also be against Ishita for accepting roshni .This leads to Raman accusing Ishita for spoiling everyones life .Hence this leads to Raman​ and Ishita apart .

    Stay tuned for more updates and twists.

  15. Well i dono roshini exact age but whenever i look adi , i want to see him with roshini not with aliya . I know they love each other but it doesnt mean that they should marry , anything can happen

  16. The upcoming episodes of Star Plus’ most successfully running daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some high intensity drama.
    It seems that soon the Bhalla family will come to know that Adi (Abhishek Verma) has got married to Roshini and he is hiding this news from the entire family.
    However no one in the family is willing to accept this relationship and will hence plan to continue with Adi and Aaliya’s (Krishna Mukherjee) wedding.
    Shockingly Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will accept Roshini as Adi’s wife and asks him to continue his married life with Roshini.
    On the other hand Raman (Karan Patel) will not agree with Ishita’s decision and hence the lovely couple will part ways.
    It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.
    Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates on your favourite show.

  17. Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman ( Karan Patel ) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi ) life.
    It seems after lots of efforts, Ashok will be seen entering Adi and Aliya’s wedding ceremony.
    Roshni will try to stop Gagan but in vain.
    Further, Ashok will reveal about Adi being married to Roshni before entire Bhalla family and Aliya.
    Aliya, Shagun and Mani will get shocked hearing the same and will get dumbstruck when Adi will accept this marriage truth.
    Ishita will learn about the entire truth and will accept Roshni as her daughter-in-law.
    Aliya and Shagun will get shocked hearing Ishita’s decision.
    Will Aliya and Shagun once again turn negative?
    Let’s wait and watch.

  18. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ longest running daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some high intensity drama.
    It seems that Adi (Abhisek Verma) will behave rudely with his newly wedded wife Roshni, Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will be seen sympathizing with her and this will turn out to be the cause of Aaliya’s turning negative.
    Due to Ishita’s caring attitude against Roshini, Raman (Karan Patel) will turn against her.
    On the other hand Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) will then take advantage of the entire incident and manipulate Aaliya.
    Aaliya will then make sure that she does not let Ishita succeed in uniting Adi and Roshni.
    It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.
    Keep watching this space for more exciting news and updates.

    1. azuka nkwonta

      If everything you said is true then tell me are you the writer of this serial.

  19. Y would Alia fun vamp when Mhir turned her down she found love n same can happened n not become a villain n Shagun on the other hand y do u always go back 2 ur old ways wen u r changed, this shoe sometimes confuses me

  20. azuka nkwonta

    In my previous comments I did say that if roshni and adi’s marriage remains that means in the future aaliah is going to marry mirhi. But my questions to writes and directors of this serial is that must ishita be right all the time. What are they teaching us in the society in regards to iishita and Raman’s marriage? This break up in marriage between ishita and Raman that they are creating all the time is that what they want the society to learn? Must ishita always control the house,does the man in the house don’t deserve to speak and their words will be respected.

    ishita has been given too much control over the family that it looks like nobody else can be right in bhalla family. A house where one person has 100% control of everything and everyone is not standing on a right foundation. Breaking up bhallas family is not the right thing to do, you people need to think of what you are writing and showing us. I am sure that by the time this current track would have ended alot of people would have gotten piss off with this serial.
    Roshni looks like adi’s older sister and she looks like she is too ambitious and does not deserve to be in bhallas house not to even mention been adi’s wife she might be like shagun . Adi does not deserve this kind of person please.

  21. But what an injustice is being caused to Alia. Now every one knowdshe is going yo msrry Afi. But Adi is concealing that fact ftom every oneand pretending to be aUnmarried. I cannot understand Ishitha’s decision. She is the one Who solved and caused mihir and Rinks. Wedding On such situation. Roshni is unknown. At la in #at sense Known to everyone. So Into one time saved the grace of a girl is now blatantly disregard The life of 21 years old girl andtrying to legalize A forced marriage.

  22. it would be better if adi divorces roshini and marries alia but not before telling everything to the family

  23. azuka nkwonta

    I am asking every commentators on this platform must ishita be right in all her decisions if the answer is no then why are the directors,writer and producers showing us that ishita’s decision is always right and must be followed. They have made Raman look like a man who cannot make good decisions but it was this same Raman that built the bhallas business empire today from the foundation then how can he be unwise why must ishita always makes the decision in the house in fact everyone fears her and this reminds me of kokila in the serial saath nibhanna saathiyah and I really don’t like that woman and that is what ishita is looking like in yhm god hope she changes and not become kokila.

  24. I dont think ky Roshni ny jo adi ko kh ahai wo wohi chahti hai infact wo adi ky sth usji wife ki trah rahna chahti hai and we never know ky uski koi bhi hiiden intention houn. And yh Ishita ko kia ho gya hai how can she suport Rsohni and Adi’s marriage. She should understand that this was a forced marriage and adi loves Aliya truely. Soory to say but Ishita is wrong this time

  25. Dearzz aadhi aliya ki jodi tho kithna acha hei… dhono doosre ki saath bahuth khush he.. isliye i told lv cnt bloom in ths forced shaadi.. aadhi lvz aaliyaaa… and aliya tooo…
    Apne adhi ko kisi aur keliye chodna vo bhi shadi ki din it vll b so painful fr aliya

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