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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shravan hiding from goons. The goons say they can get hefty amount if they kidnap this boy. Simmi defends Mrs. Bhalla. The goons spot Shravan, and follow him. Shravan runs and falls down. He sees someone and asks him to help. The man asks why are you running. Shravan says goons got after me, they want to kidnap me, see there, they are coming. Its Abhishek, who is drinking and looking much changed. Abhishek asks are you all after this boy. The goons ask him what will he save the boy, and call him a drunkard. They beat Abhishek. Abhishek fights back and beats the goons. The goons run away.

Abhishek sits there. Shravan asks uncle, are you fine. Abhishek says yes, my bottle broke, but where are you going at night, where are your parents, come with me. Shravan says no,

I will go. Abhishek says I will take you, you are young teen, you are not a hero. He says I have seen you somewhere, maybe I know you. Abhishek says no one knows me, you talk a lot, come. Police talks to Mrs. Bhalla and asks her to come along, as doubt is on her after checking CCTV footage. Romi walks in and asks why. Mrs. Bhalla smiles. Romi says that evidence can’t prove mummy kidnapped Shravan, I m her younger son Romi Bhalla, I don’t stay here for personal reasons, but I know my mum can’t do this. Vandu tells Amma had trust on Romi, and see he is supporting Mrs. Bhalla.

Romi says blood will speak up for blood, and Mihika informed me, that’s why I came here. Inspector says don’t teach us our work. Ashok walks in and tells inspector that commissioner will explain you. He makes inspector talk to commissioner. Inspector apologizes to Mrs. Bhalla. Amma asks what about our Shravan. Inspector says evidence can’t prove Mrs. Bhalla culprit, we will try to find Shravan. Romi promises Amma that he will find Shravan. Bala asks Amma to come home. Romi assures Bala that he will find Shravan, why to punish mum if she did not do anything. Bala says first find Shravan, then we will talk. Simmi hugs Mrs. Bhalla.

Ashok asks Romi to come soon, he is waiting outside. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Romi. Romi says this was my duty to come here, anyways where is your talented son CEO Raman Bhalla, did he not come to save mummy, he is always out of home when he is needed, finally I came of some use, I m feeling good to help my mum, I have many favors on me, that favors got less. Ashok says Romi, lets go. Romi leaves with Ashok. Mrs. Bhalla cries and tells Simmi that I thought Romi worries for me and came to save me, but he ……..

Adi and Raman are on the way. Adi worries for Shravan. Raman talks to Mihir and asks how can Iyers do this, I left shooting and came here. He is angry. Adi thinks Papa worries just for business. Adi gets a call from Shravan…. Raman says ask him where is he, we will pick him. Shravan tells Adi that its not his mistake, you are scolding me. Adi says tell me where are you, are you fine. Shravan says I m fine, I won’t come home, no one cares for me. Adi pacifies him and thinks to inform Bala about Shravan by taking him on conference call.

He says Shravan my imp call is coming, stay on call. He calls Bala and asks Bala not to say anything and hear Shravan. Adi asks Shravan to go back home. Shravan says no, Amma and Appa think I m loser. Vandu cries. Adi says no, everyone loves you, talk to me, tell me where are you, I love you a lot, we will go out, promise. Shravan tells the place. Adi says stay there, I m coming. Shravan says you will come alone, if you get Amma and Appa, I will run from here. Adi says fine, I m coming. Shravan ends call and returns phone to Abhishek.

Abhishek asks to whom were you talking. Shravan says he is my best friend, Aditya Bhalla. Abhishek gets shocked and asks whats your name. Shravan says his name. Abhishek thinks he is Bala’s son, same thing is happening what happened 7 years ago, I have to protect Shravan. Adi tells Bala not to come there, else Shravan will run away. He says I will meet Shravan and get him. Vandu says its our mistake, Adi handled situation well, Ishu would have done same. Bala says yes, situation would be not like this if Ishu was here. Raman looks at Adi and recalls Ishita. Adi says when I take Ishita’s name, you shout on me, and you were thinking of her now. Raman says stop nonsense. Adi says don’t life, its seen on your face. Raman says we will take Shravan, and asks driver to drive fast. Adi looks at him. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays………….. Adi thinks I wish I can share your pain and tell you that Ishi Maa is alive.

Raman comes home and asks Simmi why did Romi come here, I told you I m coming, why did you take Romi’s help. Simmi tries to say. Mr. Bhalla says hear Simmi, we did not call Romi, Mihika informed him, he did son’s duty. Raman says he is stain on son’s name, he would have some benefit. Ashok tells Romi that your family insulted you. Romi is angry and says I did what Raman could not. Ashok thinks I m sure Romi is with me now, Bhalla family will never ever get together. Raman is angry. Mrs. Bhalla asks him not to go and take matter ahead. Simmi requests Raman not to go. Raman says fine. He gets call and says I m going office. Mrs. Bhalla asks where is Adi. Raman says he went to take Shravan. She asks did Adi get Shravan…..

Ishita is worried for Shravan and says don’t know how is Vandu, I can’t even call them up, what to do. Mani comes to her and finds her worried. He asks whats the matter, you want to go Delhi right, why are you stopping yourself. She says you know if I go there….. he says till when will you torture yourself. She says I can’t go there, everyone will know…. I have tension, but what to do. He says no one will know, I will come with you. She says you have shoot here. He says shoot postponed, Ruhaan’s Mam will decide about our contract, we have two days, we can go there and come. She says I don’t know. He says I m with you. She says you have always been so kind. He says don’t be formal with me, alright, come. She says yes. She cries worriedly.

Adi meets Shravan and asks who saved your life, we should thank him. Adi goes to Abhishek. Abhishek turns his face and says its okay, you can go now. Adi says I want to see you once.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Abhishek is feeling guilty and ruined his life i guess for thinkng he is respsbl for all the loss ?

  2. nice.episode…abhishek is in guilt..I can’t see him like that…finally mani did a good thing in reuniting ishra…convincing her to go delhi…it’s good…may b in this in week ishra confrontation..wil b there

  3. Ishu is very pretty in that red top.vivek ji u are very lucky to have a lady like that.she is my favorite actress ever.i like to meet her once.

  4. luv u adi. feeling bad for abhishek.

  5. Thanx 4r a fast update.
    Bt y did abishek become like this??
    When will sarika & suraj give entry?

  6. People who are the actual victim of Raman’s stupid plan of exchanging Ruhi for pihu is.
    1. Ruhi
    2. Manoj
    3. Abhishek
    The people who just loved others and helped them and even they didn’t do any thing wrong. And those who were a part of this plan is not actually happy but at least have some one to share their sorrow and to be loved by some one.

    1. yes very true Niraja ….

    2. and what about Ishita..

      1. She has Mani, Alia and now Mihika… Adi too will now make her feel ok now.. But for Ruhi, Abhishek no one.. And Poor Manoj, After all those support, gestures and sacrifice[even he went agaist her mother] he got what??? Again a refusal/Betrayal..

    3. Yes I totally agree with they r main victims specially ruhi

  7. So abhishek is also feeling guilty….ishita is also blaming herself for ruhis death…romi is also blamed…everyone is blaming themselves….and the man who behind all these hungama- the GREAT Raman kumar bhalla is not at all seems to be guilty….because of his stupid plans so many lives got spoiled…

  8. Nice episode. Finally Raman recalls Ishita after the leap. Very nice. Raman still has feelings for Ishita

  9. Adi has become very much like Ishita but Ruhi has become very much like Raman. Adi is very good and kind natured like Ishita and helping everyone but Ruhi is just like Raman getting very angry. Now I know why Raman gets irritated with Adi sometime because Adi reminds him of Iahita.

  10. Adi has a good example to all the elders there. While the adults are only trying to push the blame and win their side, only Adi made sense with Sharvu and to bring him back. Sharvu also only called Adi and not his parents. How much he respects Adi. What a fine young man Adi is. He truly is an exact reflection of Ishita and adopted all her good traits. Adi is very likeable by so many of us now.

  11. Good episode,,, ameena thanks for updates your update is best very clear,, I thought Abhishek will not come but happy to see he is very charming

  12. only sensible person in the bhallas family is adi

  13. Waiting for rithu,, to get news of future track

  14. Adi became shadow of ishita..nice episode and adi acting is awsome ?

  15. Oh… Abhishek is back.. I’m so happy.. Adi is very responsible like ishitha.. Thanks for updates..

  16. Hi guys … im regular reader of this site but this is my first time to comment … cant tolerate when u blame always Raman for his plan … Raman clearly told her not to call abishek but it’s ishita who went for abishek help even after Raman’s saying.. since abishek came with police force, nandini got scared and drives the car to hill top and made accident … so pls don’t blame Raman always …

    1. 100% AGREE WITH YOU

  17. episode was ok .precap was also ok.

  18. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness a major high intensity melodrama. There have been a lot of hits and miss’s sequences between Raman (Karan Patel ) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) to confront each other. However it is heard that the wait will be finally over. Soon Raman and Ishita would soon meet other and their confrontation sequence will be highly emotional and dramatic one with anger and misunderstandings amid the couple. The two remember the past how their lost Ruhi because of their negligence. On the other hand Raman and Ishita would have doubts about Ruhaan’s real identity, unaware of the truth that Ruhaan is their own daughter Ruhi. Stay tuned for more updates on your favourite daily popular show.

  19. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Raman and Ishita’s hit and miss finally going to end. Raman and Ishita finally meet with each other but their confrontation gets more dramatic and emotional. Raman and Ishita meet with anger and having misunderstanding of their past. Raman first gets emotional seeing Ishita alive but soon he recalls how Ruhi died because of Ishita. Raman and Ishita’s confrontation start to sort out misunderstanding between them when they doubt on Ruhaan’s identity. Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  20. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is gaining a a lot of attention with it’s new tracks post leap.The makers of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein seem to be getting better at hit and miss sequences. Just when we thought that Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will finally come face to face in the hijacked plane, things changed As we know, Ruhaan wants revenge for his life being ruined due to Raman and Ishita’s insensitive deal. She cancels her contract with ishita as she doesn’t want them to come face to face. On the other hand, Adi is determined to reunite his Ishima and Raman Papa. Recently Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel shot a promo for the upcoming track.The Adhuri Milan of Raman and Ishita is going to come to end. According to the promo, Ishita will be seen in a white saree where she will be lost in Raman’s thoughts and suddenly air blows. Ishita’s sari’s pallu will fall on a man’s face. Ishita turns and gets surprised to see her Raavan Kumar in front of her face. Not only she, Raman also gets shocked to see Ishita alive. Wow,What a twist definitely it is going to increase the excitement for the show.Will Raman and Ishita come face to face or again someone comes in between them? Adi or Ruhi who will succeed? Stay tuned for more updates of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

  21. Hi Rithu Shivani … Sindhu and all …. I was telling Raman is not able to remember Ishitha .., becoz it makes him sad …. the thot of losing her brings pain …. he loves her .., Adi is Ishimas son …, he understood his behaviour changed only becoz of Izhima …. Cvs you have done a great job in Adi ….. but Romi really spoiled …. even if for good intention he should not have bought Ashok …. The surprise is Ashok can bribe and influence a watchman to commissioner … nurse … doctors … At least show positiveness … Ruhan will understand … but 7 years what Ruhi went thru is something cant even imagine …i loved DT in that red talking to Mani … He will take care of her but today its too much ….shravuns scene is just a filler but Acp is back with guilt .., did not expect at all ….

  22. Thumbs up Adi.You are so adorable!!

  23. How abhisheik get llike dat n y r they after shravan

  24. abishek is back!! He and adi should join together and bring back ishita and raman

  25. I think reunion will be of next week… for our excitement the trps will increase this week for the reunion buzz… so, next week emraan hashmi’s movie azhar promotions may take… so, reunion will be postponed.. this is just my guess just for trps…. fingers crossed…. 🙂

  26. Hi vp rithu and all other fans…
    I m happy that adi is ishimas boy….and his bonding with everyone is commendable…..specially with shravu..raman smiled at adi when he handled the situation wisely….adi reminds of ishita in all aspects…once he was against ishita…he tried to separate raman and ishita…and has done so many things to insult ishita….but every time ruhi was there to defend her ishima….unfortunately it got reversed… ruhi tries to separate her papa and ishima and adi tries to reunites them…

  27. hey guys good morning to all.

  28. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is not
    leaving it’s suspense filled twists
    and turns for the viewers.The Hit
    and Miss for Raman ad Ishita is
    continuing from many episodes.
    Ruhi turns rudely on her best Ishima
    of entire world. We have already
    seen Ruhi Comes to Hospital, starts
    cancelling contract with Ishita and
    Mani. Ruhi is angry with her parents
    . she’s angry with both the Raman
    and Ishita remembers raman’s
    words of asking to give Ruhi to nidhi.
    At the Same time Ruhan when she is
    little kid she has filled with what
    she seen, with what she induced. In
    fact Ruhi doesn’t know what has
    happend at that time. But angry over
    Ishita is deep rooted by her aunty
    Sarika and Also the witch Nidhi.
    So that’s why Ruhi wants to seperate
    them, No matter how far Ruhan aka
    ruhi has to go, she want to
    take revenge by separating them…
    And Ruhan dont have a single spec of
    love for her mother Ishimaa
    Divyanka tripathi. This is why Ruhan
    calls her Ishima in name as Ishita!
    Now suspense will still continue to
    raman and Bhalla Pariwar as mihika
    will not reveal anything until the
    time come. Wow lot more things to
    happen on the show lets, await and
    watch! Will Ruhi stops Raman and
    ishita from seeing each other? On
    the other end Adi wants to bring
    Raman and Ishita close? He wants to
    do everything to make a again a
    perfect happy family? Will Pihu finds
    her real mother ishita? Stay tuned
    for more updates.

  29. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is not
    leaving it’s suspense filled twists
    and turns for the viewers.The Hit
    and Miss for Raman ad Ishita is
    continuing from many episodes. As
    we have already see that Raman and
    ishita are going to romance after 7
    years Leap.
    It has been a surprise gift for the
    IshRa Fans. Wow Not only Romance
    they did dance together on a popular
    song. Shravan is now rescued from
    the kidnappers by ACP Ahishek.
    Entry of Abhishek as
    Yes we see abhishek as Drunker,
    May be now he is very discouraged
    and upset because what had
    happened in the past 7 years. He had
    not investigated the case
    properly. Also Abhishek feels he is a
    cause of loosing Ruhi.
    Abhishek of Yeh hai mohabbatein is
    also an important cause of
    Separation of Raman, ishitaand two
    Families. Though he got many
    opportunities he had lost all the
    chances in vain. It might be one of
    the main reason he hides from
    Bhalla family.
    Soon we will see in the upcommng
    episode that Adi meets Shravan and
    asks who saved your life, we should
    thank him. Adi goes to him.
    Abhishek turns his face and says its
    okay, you can go now. Adi says I
    want to see you once. So soon we
    will see another flashback of
    abhishek what happened to him here
    in india. Stay Tuned for What next to

  30. Yeh hai mohabatein we have already
    seen lot of twists and turns in Ye Hai
    Mohabbatein. The show has become
    even more exciting. It stands No.1 in
    the TRP. These is one of the aspect
    that of which we should not miss in
    the future show of YHM. The Views
    shold be very attenetive as slowly
    the curtain raises of Mohhabatein of
    Raman and ishita is being reveled.
    Raman and Ishita’s meet will be the
    one of the best awaited scene for the
    viewers. Some where their is magic
    in their love which always brings
    them close but they didn’t find
    it.There are many ocassions Ishita
    and Raman both are unaware of
    their presence. After all its their
    ‘Mohabbatein’ which brought the two
    After Ishita had left Raman, he turned
    stone hearted which clearly
    indicates he still loves ishita
    immensely, as deep as ocean and
    her absence made him a harsh and
    ruthless man.
    Wow, What a twist definitely it is
    going to increase the excitement for
    the show. Before there is a lot of
    drama and power pack performance
    is waiting for the viewers. Will
    Raman and Ishita Reunite and start
    their Mohabbatein again or again
    someone comes in between them?
    Adi or Ruhi who will succeed? Stay
    tuned for more updates of Yeh Hai

  31. may be abhishek is feeling guilty because 7 years back it was him who had taken nidhi after arresting her and after some time nidhi had eloped and kidnapped ishra’s child and then all the nonsense happened

  32. I think adi and abishek will join hand n reveal the true thing happen 7 yrs back by investigating more about the ruhi case and adi is the wan will solve the problem.. that is ruhi is.still alive.. hehehe just my thoughts

  33. Thanks for update after new update of hotstar i was unable to see that what’s going on in my favorite serial. Finally cause of this site n all of u i can even know

  34. Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) confront each other in lift in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    Much awaited time of Raman and Ishita’s confrontation is going to come up in the show Yeh Hai Mohabbtein.

    Raman gets drunken recalling Ishita’s memories and enters in the same lift in which Ishita also there.

    Ishita hides her face seeing Raman and feels bad Raman in such a drunken state.

    Raman removes clot from Ishita’s face and calls her Ishita and Ishita tells him that she is not Ishita.

    Raman tells her that she cannot be his Ishat as she left him.

  35. Ishita gets broken down seeing Raman in drunk condition

    Raman forcibly brings Ishita to the Romi and Mihika’s sangeet.

    Seeing Ishita alive, everyone is shocked and happy but Ishita try to avoid them believing she had killed Ruhi.

  36. So boring.plz unite raman and ishitha

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