Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman trying to convince Ishita. She asks how he behaved that way in the contest. He holds her hand and says sweet lines. She smiles. He says he knows her by her heartbeat, even if he was blind, he would have known her. She says filmi. He says whatever, I m because of you. She asks about Chole. He answers her and says he had all the Chole after she went, and teases her. She smiles and he asks her to laugh openly. She turns and he asks her not to laugh if it isn’t coming.

He asks is she dumb since childhood or acting. She says she is dumb and asks him to say it. He says he will say the truth, all competitions of the world on one side and our relation on the other. He says Madrasan and the phone rings. He switches it off and says he does not know to say, he does

not know to express, its his mistake. He holds her hand and makes her stand. He says you know the truth and sits on his knees, saying she knows it already, and gives support to her leg by his leg. He says I love you Ishi Maa. She asks what, and sits on the wheelchair. He says why is this not happening with me, Ruhi wrote this. She says fine, get her, she will say I love you Ishi Maa.

He says you have made my life better, I lost trust on love and you made me realize love again, I had hatred in this heart and you taught me to love, I was not talking to my kids with love, who taught me to give respect to people, she has put life in stone Raavan Kumar, if she did so much for him, then its obvious he got human now and will take time to talk. He goes near her and says he wrote something for her, and says shayari.

She smiles and cries happily. He wipes her tears and asks her to do something new sometimes. He says I love you. Music plays………………… He says again, saying I love you Ishita Raman Bhalla, and thanks. Hasne laga sehra…………….. plays…………. He thanks her for coming in his life. She cries happily and hugs him. yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays…………..

Mihir and Rinki win the contest and Bhallas dance on the band music. Raman and Ishita hug and his phone rings again. She asks him to take call now, its all sorted. He takes call and says its not possible, I m sorry I can’t come. He tells her that its call from office, investors are calling for meeting in America. She asks him to go, else how will his business be successful, she will get fine by everyone’s care, she can’t come along leaving Ruhi and Adi, she wants best CEO award and best company award to be bagged by him.

He says fine, on the condition that what I told you today, you will say me daily. She says come back, I will say it dancing. Simmi likes the trophy and says you got Kerela package too. Mihir says he got a chance and he always wished. Raman and Ishita come and asks who won. They show the trophy. Adi and Ruhi see them happy and think dad convinced Ishita. Raman gives the good news that he is going America. Ishita asks them not to oppose, as its imp business trip.

Simmi asks him to do shopping for them. They all start saying. Raman says he is going for work. Mihika asks Ishita is everything fine, shall we go. Ishita smiles and says obviously.

Raman gets ready to leave and asks Ishita about her shopping list. She asks him to come soon. He asks about her lecture. She says she will say on phone and catch her lies, he will not eat sugar as she has diabetics. He asks about her lie, as his sugar is high. She asks how do you know. He says he checks everything when she sleeps. He says he will not eat sugar and will fulfill his quota here. Adi and Ruhi come there and say sorry to disturb.

Raman says take care of Ishi Maa, and asks Ishita to walk till he comes. Ruhi says she will take care and give her love. Raman asks them to call Romi and sends them. He talks to Ishita and Mihir gets the file for him. Neelu gives her list too. He says he will go before he gets lists from neighbors. He sees Ishita and leaves. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays…………………

Mihir does Rinki’s packing and asks about the date to book tickets for Kerela. She starts arguing with him, and says she is not happy, she will not go anywhere with him, she took part in contest to agree with her lawyer to show she is trying to save her marriage, she will not go home or Kerela with him, he can’t win her heart, he has hurt her a lot. He says calm down, I know we have to work for our relation, I m trying my best to keep you happy. She says all this acting is over.

Ishita talks to Raman and says she has kept food in his bag. She moves phone away and asks him not to shout, she knows he can’t eat on flight and asks him to eat right now. She says she will get some peace a she fights a lot. She ends call and says I did not say him to check boarding pass, he will shout again. She holds his shirt and says how will I be without you for so many days, you said a lot to me, my I love you is pending, come soon.

Ruhi and Adi say Papa said I love you, now his film is complete. Ruhi asks did she give him kiss. Ishita laughs and says no. Mrs. Bhalla tells Subbu to call in morning as Ishita is sleeping, and says why is he calling her at this time in night.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Awww ?
    Finally boldiya. …woh bhi four times. .
    hey I love you
    I love you
    I love you ishita
    I love you ishita raman bhalla. ….awwww how sweetttt love you IshRa. .

  2. Waah waah….kya shayri hai…….
    Raman yeh tumhari shayri ke liye……..

    Mai shayar to nahi………
    Mai shayr to nahi………
    Magar ee hansi…….
    Jabse dekha……
    Maine tujko……
    Aa gai……..

  3. Aww woww yaar raman ne ishita khade rahe is liye apni knee par ishita ki knee rahi take uss takleef na ho…ye episode hamesha yaad rahe ga. ….

  4. Kya confession tha yaar……….. Aaye haaye……… kal sunday kyo hai…releat ke liye Monday tak wait karna padega…….

  5. wow wow wow isa keha tha hai damaak thar epidose.finally raman bol diya i love u ishita raman bhalla and thanks for being in my life.awesome raman awesome.thanks a lot ki jane se phele humko itna bada khush.ishra kiliye hip hip hurray.

  6. Dil ko zubaan, aankhon ko
    sapne mil gaye … aashiqui
    mein, zindagi ko mainne mil
    gaye.This one is ishra special.aaj ka confess kiliye.

  7. Hey Friends……..ek baat notice ki…..Yeh makers ki kya timing hai yaar…….
    Memorable scenes….memorable dates par hi aate hai……….

    Kal 3rd May 2015 ….& humara show shuru hua 3rd Dec 2013…..
    To kal humre show ko 1.5 yeara honge…
    Kal sunday hai….to kal ka din chhodo….aaj hi samaj lo 1.5 years ho gaye….yaar 1 year complete hua tha tab Pyar ka ehsaas hua tha…….& 1.5 year hone par Pyar ka ijhaar ho gaya…..

    Kya baat hai yaar……

  8. Finally…raman confess to ishita…..wowwwwwwwwwwwww……its awsome……superb….unbelivable……wow….I LOVE U ISHRA!!!!

  9. mano

    superb episode, finally raman confess kiya ishita ko, bt ishu ne one kiss tho karna padega na
    raman we mis u a lot
    anyway happy married life yar

  10. and finally raman tho bol thiya ab aapka baari.mrs.ishita raman bhalla.jab raman come back suprise him by get well soon of fracture.and waise ki apna bola tha waise e nach nach kar bol naa hoga i love u raman kumar bhalla.phir only it will be full love confess.

  11. A

    It was boring since many days but today’s epi was ok.
    Now again drama will start n raman will doubt on ishitha about subbu.

  12. Simzain

    Karan patel wish u a v happy marrried life…all d best fr ur wedding n future life…waha biwi n wapis aane per online biwi ready to say her Pending ILU…aish hai tumhare to raman…n acha hua ke yeh confession shadi se pehle hogaya werna woh baat nahi hoti confession me

  13. Tumhare ishq se bani hoon
    main … pehle zinda thi … ab
    jee rahi hoon main…………
    I am made from your love …
    first I was alive … now I am

    This is for ishra love confess.

  14. Precap achcha hai ab yahan se sirf ishrudi scenes honge. .and IshRa scenes nahin honge. ……12 may ke bad hi hum karan aka raman ko dekh payenge. ..yaar karan jaldi aane we will miss you …..

  15. La Belle Broken N'gel

    I love you
    I love you Ishita
    I love you Ishita Raman Kumar Bhalla.

    So sweet of Ishra.

  16. Yaar Raman bola…..
    I Love You Ishimaa
    I Love You
    I Love You Ishita
    I Love You Ishita Raman Bhalla……..

    Are yaar… jise pyar karya hai…uss JKR & Madrasan ko to I Love You bola hi nahi ………

    Yeh bhi bolna chahiye tha…….

    I Love You Meri Jhansi Ki Rani
    I Love You Meri Madrasan……..

    & condition bahot achchi hai…..aaj maine jo bola hai….wo tujse roj bulwaunga……..

  17. Episode – lovely n amazing moments of ishra…?????…
    For a long ravan kumar confessed his love….
    I love u ishmaa….
    I love u Ishita….
    But Ishita say….
    I love you to kur kur kumar….??

  18. usha

    Oh my god!!!! These many fans w8tng for ishra love confession. Wow that was really fabulous. Raman.ishith best jodi.awesomw yar. Lovely episode. Raman u r rocking mannnn!!

  19. Yaar Mother’s Day aa raha hai…..Next sunday…… tak to Karan waapas aa jana chahiye……… & Wese bhi Jab bhi show me Mother’s Day dikhaye tab Raman hona chahiye……wo bhi to dekhe ke uss ke bachche…Ishimaa ko kya surprise dete hai……& iss bar to celebrarion hona hi chahiye……ab to Ishita ke paas Aadi bhi hai…….& yeh dikhaye ki ussi din se Aadi bhi Ishita ko Ishimaa bulaye……..

  20. wow paryu its a great idea.pichle baar mother day per only ruhi this baar tho ishu ko double treat ki usi ki beti k saath saath usi ka beta bhi ishimaa ko wish karugi by calling her ishimaa.

  21. unique Angel

    Aare kya zaroorat thi subu ko itni raat mai phone karne ki mrs bhallah ko shak horaha hai

  22. #YHM_Spoiler After having sweet love confession of
    Raman to Ishita, the case can get bit
    serious in Ishita’s life in Raman’s
    absence in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. It will currently be seen that Rinky and
    Mihir’s fight continue within which
    Rinky isn’t able to come in Mihir’s
    house. Ishita tells Mihir to stay making an
    attempt till Rinky gets convinced. Adi and Ruhi are happy to understand
    that Raman has same i really like to
    Ishita finally. Ishita decides to stay smile on her face
    for kids however she misses Raman
    badly. Santoshi is upset to check Subbu’s (Amit
    Tandon) interference in Ishita’s life On the opposite hand, Subbu calls to
    Ishita however Santoshi receives his
    phone and informs him that Ishita is
    sleeping. Santoshi gets finite on thinkibg
    regarding why Subbu known as Ishita
    in night. Santoshi starts to feel upset to check
    Subbu and Ishita along. Furthermore, Subbu’s mom feels happy
    to check Subbu and Ishita along and
    arrange to provoke Santoshi against
    Ishita. Let’s see if Santoshi’s doubt spoil Raman
    and Ishita’s life.

  23. good episode.lekin mujhe darr hai ishitha ne confess nahi kiya toh kahi math ki tarah na ho jaaye.aur ishra kabhi alag na ho.subbu ki amma ab patha nahi kya karegi.ab toh karan ko phone conversation pe bhi nahi dikha rahe hai yaar.

  24. rinki kuch zyada hi kar rahi hai aur woh subbu kuch zyada hi interfere kar raha hai pagal kahi ka .no sense at all ki kisi insaan ko der raath nahi phone karna chahiye.

  25. As we have seen,subbu id slowly
    trying to get interfere in Raman and
    ishita’s life.His mom decided to bring
    him and ishita closer for her son’s
    Shagun on her way decided to take adi
    and ruhi away from ishita and raman
    with the help of ashok.But soon ashok
    will become a good man from his bad
    attitude.It will be nice to see how he
    converts into good person.
    Is Raman’s absence is giiving a
    chance for subbu entering ishita’s
    life?A lot of drama is going to be
    shown in the coming episodes which
    will be interesting.

  26. waise raman ko shak nahi aana chahiye ishitha pe aur bharosa hona chahiye lekin mani ke waqt raman insecure tha aur party mein bhi raman ko ishitha subbu ke past ke baare mein sun ke bura laga.aur abhi jo show mein itnaa accha hua hai toh zaroor hum veiwers ke liye ek bahut bura twist hoga kyunki twist ke bina serial nahi hai aur ekta maa ki serials hamesha twists ke liye jaane jaathe hai.roz ek naya twist ya fir kabhi kabhi toh kuch ghanton mein ek twist.

  27. i dont know what toshiji will do to ishitha with her doubt and along with that subbus amma will tell all nonsense in toshijis mind. who knows what happens next.hope mani comes back soon to the show to save ishras marriage once again.

  28. Ishita feels alone in
    Raman’s absence and
    tries to avoid talk to
    Bhalla family gets
    worried to see Ishita’s
    sadness and tries to
    bring smile on her face.
    Subbu feels bad to see
    Ishita and tries to bring
    smile on her face talking
    about their old days.
    Subbu feels happy to
    spend time with Ishita
    and thinks that Ishita can
    fill his empty life.
    Subbu will also start to
    take interest in Ishita’s
    personal life so that he
    can come closer to her

  29. $€£¥

    Yeh kya hai sab teek hota hai n again kharab roller coaster hai ya life????? Ek prob not over n 2 more ready

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  31. Waise thanks for the [email protected]

  32. Video: Newsnation Segment ( 3rd
    May ) *** –> Param is back ( W.U. by: Cloudy24 ) They showed param entry.. wants to
    meet ananya… everybody shooing him
    off… after some arguments with all
    members of family..he n romi has some
    sort of fight..param sits n talks with
    ishu..after their talk param leaves… Subbu enters oblivious of the
    situation.. N he sees ananya crying.. he
    makes her quite . Later simmi takes her back n they show
    subbu n simmi together… everyone is
    angry for param coming back in their
    lives but offscreen everyone is happy
    for anurag coming back. There was an
    byte of anurag..he spoke abt dt’s fracture… he wishes her speedy
    recovery so that she ll stand tall against
    param in show..

  33. Video: SBS Segment ( 3rd May ) *** –> Ishita missing Raman ( W.U. by: Ramona G ) They showed ishita is missing raman n
    passing time doing science projects n
    some scene of subbu separate byte of div n simmi.. dt says that aly
    called her bhabi offscreen too n now he
    says kahin mooh se na nikal jaye in
    front of ankita but dt says now he cant
    call me bhabi offscreen so he has
    become conscious I said onscreen toh mai hu na.. dt says ankita is v sweet n
    rep says set is deserted without kp n a
    scene being shot of ishita missing
    raman n simmi n toshi teasing her..
    simmi says bhabi to dt
    says I never called u bhabi before.. she says here I tease her there I go n see
    another bhabi.. dt says m wondering
    what to give kp as a gift as he has

  34. kiran matlani

    i love yesterday’s episode n gona miss raman soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much plz come back soon raman

  35. oh ho tsa start hua.per i cant watch mera bro is watching ipl.i wish match finish soon and get to c ishra dances.fingers acrossed

  36. Yaar jab karan Ankita k roke se pehle ye award hoa tha. .ab aaj karan ki shaadi hogayi hai toh aaj telecast hoa hai…kya planning hai ekta mam.

  37. Haaye…..Agar Divyanka ko chhot na lagti To humare IshRa bhi IshVeer jaise dance karte…..but Phir bhi dance to IsjRa ka hi best hai…….

  38. Hayyy w♡wwwwwwww♡♡♡♡♡
    IshRa kya mind blowing dance kiya yaar. …….ishVeer ko kya sab ko peeche chod diya. …..aur woh SRK wali lines. ….mast mast. …zabardast. .

  39. Aaye haaye…….kya Starting thi yaar…..ek ladki thi Madrasi…..Dhosa banaya karti thi…..Na jane Punjabiyo se darti thi……yeh puchha karti thi ki yeh pyar kaise hota hai…….

  40. Yaar…….God ko bhk yeh hibawaed mila tha ………Divyanka ko injure karne ke liye…..Hum Raman ke saaath Shagun ko nahi dekh sakte wo bhi Jodi award ke liye……kabhi nahi…..

  41. oh ho itna acha dance tha.kash if i seen tho.oh ho god meri bhai ki vajase i missed it.teek koi baad nayi i will c it youtube.i guess it will again telecast next sunday in mrg.i really wish

  42. ishra ka koi bhi scene aur awards dekha ne mai miss kiya nayi abhi tak.per aaj tsa ishra dance miss hogaye.kya karu.i should again wait to watch.

  43. NB bhi shuru ho gaya……..Kya lag raha hai yar Karan……& Shakti Neha ka harur dekhna….uss me Karan ko uss ki shadi ko lekar kuch tease karenge…….

  44. Congratulations Karan
    Patel & Ankita Bhargava
    on Happy Wedding Pictures Credit – Instagram Television actor Karan Patel,
    known for playing the role of
    Raman Bhalla in hit show ‘Yeh
    Hain Mohabbatein’, finally tied
    the knot with actress Ankita
    Bhargava. Karan even danced on his
    Bhaarat and was seen very
    happy,while Aly Goni was next
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  45. Oh…..Neha Shakti ke baad ka act dikhaya nahi……koi terro card se Karan ki bahot khichane wale hai……..last me aayega shayad……

  46. Yaar raman ne jab bhi I love you bola ishita ka reply hi nahin aaya. Pehle se hi sonch k rakha ki. .karan k aane k baad hi bole ge. …..

  47. Phir cheating……..yaar….yeh last act me to Karan tha naa….jo EK introduce karta hai..& Ekta & Ladies ko welcome karta hai…& sab ladies se puchhta hai…ke aap ke partner me aap ko kya style dikhti hai…….cut kar diya………

  48. Hum apni zindagi se judhe koi bhi
    bade faisle nahi le sakt, woh sab zindagi
    hamare liye le leti hai…!

    We cannot take any big decisions
    connected to our lif, life takes them for
    Good night frds…

  49. This is totaly unfair…………
    Karan ka pura scene Ronit ke saath replace kar diya……….Ekta ne bola tha na ki humari Production ka 1st order Karan ki shaadi ki sherwani & Uski Bride ka lehnga hoga…….wo to dikhaya hi nahi…….

  50. Hey kal nach baliye nach ka panch mein karan bhi hoga…..kal toh dekhna banta hai. dude lagraha hai. …

  51. Yaar….wo Shakti & Neha ka act dikhaya nahi…kya starting me dikhaya tha….maine starting nahi dekhi thi…..uss me Karan ki kya legpulling ki thi sab ne…..SBB me dikhaya tha……

  52. as i said before that since the criteria of the serial is to unite a tamilian and a punjabi …it may be possible that subbu tamilian and simmi a punjabi may stand as a jodi ..the story may be like subbu’s mom would introduce ishita to his mind and he may get attracted towards her ..when param’s entry comes the bhalla family would be shattered especially ishita and simmi..may be subbu cant see ishita’s pain and to solve her problem he would start interfearing in the matter we all know may be simmi would like him and soon love and ishita too misunderstands him and then a new jodi..

  53. ha raman ko hamesha aisa hi hotha hai.big star entertainment aur telly awards mein bhi aur lions gold awards mein bhi nahi disappionting yaar.raman ko milna chahiye award.he deserves it.

  54. Duniya mein kitni hai
    nafratein … phir bhi dilon
    mein hai chahatein … mar bhi
    jayen pyar waale … mit bhi
    jayen yaar waale … zinda
    rehti unki mohabbatein…!
    There is so much hatred in the
    world … but still there is love
    in the hearts … even if the
    people you love die, and
    your friends disappear …
    their love always remains alive…

    Good mrg frds…have a wonderful day!

  55. Param to return to
    create troubles for
    Bhallas in ‘Yeh hai
    Mohabbatein’ As viewers already know
    Raman left to US for
    Project,while all were thinking
    Subbu will turn Villain in Raman
    and Ishita’s life.But One more is
    back to create trouble for Bhalla Family.Param,husband of Simmi
    gives a sudden surprise coming
    to Bhalla house. While Romi stops him but he
    comes inside when Bhalla
    Family warns him to stay
    away,but Param tells he is here
    for his daughter (Param &
    Simmi’s daughter) and that no one can stop him for this.Ishita
    intervens telling Param that She
    will file complaint against
    him.But Param tells Ishita to get
    in fight with him if she can and
    tells not to talk sitting in Wheel Chair. Fuurther Param tells to entire
    family that he will be back and
    leaves when Subbu just comes
    in finding Bhallas in worry and
    tries to console them. Coming to off screen Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein Cast is happy with
    Anurag Sharma’s return on
    sets.While Anurag is well
    known with his character roles
    in other shows too,As currently he is playing Positive Role in
    Sony Tv’s Itna Karo Na Mujhe
    Pyar,along with Zee Tv’s
    Kumkum Bhagya,he was also
    seen in Zee Tv’s Jodha Akbar.In
    One word Anurag is famous with his roles in all Balaji
    Telefilms Shows. Well Where there is Param
    ,Trouble will definitely strike
    Bhallas.But who will help them
    with Raman not being around ?
    Will Subbu turn Saviour for
    Bhalla’s ? Or Will Ishita fight alone ?

  56. are yar muje subbu positive character me ache lagthe hai par vo miku se shaadi karega tho acha lagega…….. any way i will wait for ramans comeback patha nahi ithne din ham kise dhekenge ke show ishra ke bina…………and TSA awards bilkul bakwaas hai vo tsa ke bina colours ya zee tv style awards rakhna chahiye………vo jaan buch kar starplus ko awards nahi balki starplus me most deserving actors then colours nd zee……..

  57. usually i don’t watch serials often. depends on mood. sh, ssel, veera etc. also yhm sometimes.what abt u ?

  58. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is
    gearing up for a lot of interesting
    drama in the coming
    episodes.Well,Karan Patel has
    married Ankita bhargava and he is on
    a leave for ten days.We wish the
    couple a happy married life from
    The writers have already introduces
    some new tracks to entertain the
    audience in the coming
    episodes.Param (Anurag Sharma ) is
    going to make an entry in simmi’s
    In the coming episode’s ,we will see
    raman leaving his family and ishita
    and goes to America.Ruhi and Adi will
    be sleeping in ishita’s room.
    Ishita narrates them thatRaman
    confessed his love.Ruhi and Adi tells
    her that their film is complete now.
    Ruhi asks did she give him kiss.
    Ishita laughs and says no.Mrs. Bhalla
    tells Subbu to call in morning as Ishita
    is sleeping, and says why is he
    calling her at this time in night.
    Ishita will start missing raman and
    she tries to do some work.She starts
    doing ruhi’s science project.Toshiji
    and Simmi will notice this and tease
    On the other hand,Param decides to
    snatch ananya from simmi.He comes
    to bhalla house and shouts for ananya.
    Simmi and Romi try to stop him
    entering the house but he will tell
    them that he is father of ananya and he
    has right to meet his daughter.
    Ishita blocks his way and tells him
    that a rapist cannot meet his daughter
    and warns him to be away from them
    or else she will file a complaint
    against him.
    Somehow he goes from there but
    simmi will be worried and hugs
    ananya and cries vigorously.Ishita
    and bhalla family assure her that no
    one can take the baby from her.
    Will Param come with another plan?
    Will he join hands with shagun?To
    know more keep reading for more

    • gree

      Offoooo ab ek aur kamina aagaya… Hope now Ashok ll turn +ve … I want Ashok nd Mika 2gethr… But dis rinki sooo rude wid Mihir… Rinki beta Mihir je Baath Mano aur vus ke saath jaav… Otherwise u ll lost evryting 👿

  59. From all episodes this is best episode as the fanzzzzzzz are waiting 4 this episode.we are so raman we gonna miss u

  60. gree

    @thansi I got u… Ur 4m kerela… Hi
    @ramya in Telugu 6 seasons der I mean ruthuvulu… My name is one of season summer 😉 so guess dnt type my name ha 😉 I tink u already got my name

  61. gree

    Wow guyzzz u guessed ha brilliant… I gave my 4 letter word u hav add 4 Mr 2 get my name… S thasu u got my name vry genius ha… @thasu uk Telugu 😕

  62. Ishita misses Raman a lot and makes
    herself busy. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi
    laugh seeing Ishita trying to time pass
    in Ruhi’s school project. She gets
    angry on Raman for going so far and
    Simmi teases her. With Raman being
    far, Subbu will be seen around Ishita.
    Mrs. Bhalla gets irked seeing Subbu’s
    efforts to reach Ishita. She tells Ishita
    not to gel with Subbu much, as this
    might go against her and Raman’s

  63. This is not the first time that a
    television popular couple have
    shown a cold shoulder to each
    other off screen. The industry has
    many such examples where the
    popular on screen couple are
    actually not on talking terms off
    One such couple to join the long
    list is Divyanka Tripathi and Karan
    Patel aka Ishita and Raman Bhalla
    from the popular serial Yeh Hai
    It seems that the actress was very
    upset as Karan is always late for
    the shoot, as the misunderstanding
    between them started growing
    more and more the on screen
    couple started drifting apart more.
    However if rumours are to be
    believed Karan and Divyanka have
    patched up with a kiss and
    promised to one another that a
    misunderstanding will never come
    between their friendship.

  64. karan ten days ke liye holiday daal raha hai toh patha nahi kitnee episodes mein nahi dikhega show mein.lekin param aur subbu ka jo twist hai woh kaha tak le jaayega.

  65. hey sbb mein param ka entry hoga .simmi ananya ko lekar bhalla house aathi hai aur normally baath karthi hai .phir peeche se param enter kartha hai aur simmi ko badnaam karne ke liye simmi aur subbu ke beech kuch hai and all botha rehtha hai.ishitha aur mrs.bhalla param se nipat the hai.

    • Gree

      @THASNI 1st create account on dis site.. next check ur mail 2 activate ur gravatar account … finally login 2 gravatar site and upload a pic… i hope u understood… if not ask me again

  66. Gree

    @Thasni chek ur 4.58 pm comment… I rplied how 2 upload a pic… Chek I replied 5.37 pm… 2 ur 4.58 pm comment

  67. Sinsui Awards 2015 *** Yhm got 6 awards in Sinsui awards
    2015 1. Ensemblance – Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2. Jodi – Raman Ishita 3. Best Actor in Negative Role: Sangram
    aka Ashok 4. Best Actress in Negative Role: Anita
    aka Shagun 5. Best Child Actress: Ruhanika Dhawan 6. Best Supportive Actor: Aly Goni aka
    Romi Source: P.S.: No idea when will it telecast on TV
    but they are showing that it will come
    on Sab TV soon.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.