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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita fixing wig’s hair strands to her hair. Raman comes and she hides the wig in the drawer. Raman asks her to come and sits doing the hair massage/champi. She says she never leaves anyone if her hair breaks. She tells about the incident when a barber was cutting her hair and made it very short, she got hell angry and scolded him. Raman gets her hair in his hand, as it breaks being stuck in his ring. He gets worried and asks her why does she get angry. She says she will never leave such person. He hides the hair in his pocket. She says she feels light, check it looks less. He says I counted well, its still same., She smiles and says its just you and Amma who can care for my hair. He says I will keep them safe. She fools him, and asks him to sleep. He says I got

so many hair, if she knows she will not leave me, I will hide it, and think tomorrow.

She asks did he not sleep and holds his shirt. He says I m sleeping. He moves her hand off his pocket. She smiles and thinks he will become Joru Ka Ghulam. She laughs. Sujata asks Subbu not to worry, she will get certificate that Laxmi was getting treated for her depression, she knows his treatment is going on, she will meet one of her friend. She says Ishita’s call is coming and ends the call. She takes Ishita’s call. Ishita says mummy ji was inviting her, she could spend time with Simmi. Sujata says I would love to, I have to go court. Ishita says court is closed. Sujata says judge has called me unofficially to discuss a human rights case. Ishita says fine, and ends call. She tells Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi that Sujata is going to help others. Mrs. Bhalla says what about this kheer. Ishita says anyone will eat it, and leaves.

She goes to collect reports and Sujata comes there. Ishita sees her and says what is she doing here, she had meeting with judge. She follows her and sees her going to meet a psychiatrist Dr Aditi. She recalls the doctor’s card and Subbu’s words. She hears them. Sujata says we don’t want anyone to know that Subbu is taking psychiatric treatment. Aditi asks her not to hide it from their family. Sujata says we have some reasons. Ishita says why did Subbu and Sujata hide this big thing from us.

Ishita comes home and sees Simmi and everyone preparing for functions and gifting. She thinks they are doing so much, and Subbu’s past, what will it be. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to meet Sujata and give Simmi’s sample bangles for her. Ishita thinks she can talk to Sujata about Subbu by this excuse. She gets the kheer and Sujata likes it. She lies that she had meeting. Ishita asks why is she lying. Sujata says sorry. Ishita says I have seen you today in psychiatric office, Subbu’s treatment is going on, he told me that it was Laxmi’s treatment, why did they hide it.

Sujata says actually…. Ishita says Subbu told me that Laxmi’s miscarriage, and Vandu’s mum in law told her that Laxmi could not conceive after Karthik, why are they lying, why did she hide it, she will ask Subbu. Sujata stops her and says I wanted to tell you, Subbu is undergoing treatment, I told him to take doctor’s help after Laxmi and Karthik’s help, he did not say this to his mum, she overreacts.

She says Subbu got much help by this treatment, Subbu wants to move on with Simmi. Ishita says she is reacting as they lied to them. Sujata says everyone needs time, I m Laxmi’s mum, I know she had miscarriage, Subbu did not tell this to his mum, you can understand he lied to his mum to protect Laxmi, Subbu trusts you and you are doubting his intention, you know him and me, will I let any woman suffer, will we let Simmi and Ananya get hurt. She cries. Ishita says very sorry, don’t cry. She says so many things happened before, I felt I will be good if I ask, prevention is better than cure, I m really sorry. She asks her to forget it and forgive her. She leaves. Sujata gets relieved that she got saved today, but Ishita and Bhalla family should not doubt till marriage happens.

Ishita asks Ruhi to keep calling her and not be careless, this is her last camp. Ruhi makes her sit and says she has grown up and can take care. Adi says dad is right, she became Dadi Maa. Romi says he will drop Ruhi. Raman asks Ishita where will she go. Ishita says he never takes her side. Romi takes Ruhi before Ishita starts crying. Ishita says she planned superb vacation for Adi. Mihika gets the guitar teacher Manav. Raman asks Adi to come in her room.

Raman talks to Adi. Ishita says Adi loves to play guitar, its cool. She says he will play special song in my birthday. Adi says I want to gift Ishi Maa. Ishita says Papa loves you, he will do what he want, let Papa decide, come.

Ishita gets the hair and cries. Raman asks her to calm down, its not her hair. She says my lovely hair, he is a killer. He says anyone will hear, it will grow.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. during yuvraj n suhani
    moments there is a song na..its
    smthng lyk saaware saaware…does
    anyone knw this song..

    1. its a tune not a song…

  4. aaj kal ishitha bahut sundar lag rahi hai.waise hi woh bahut gorgeous hai lekin aaj uska hairstyle jab raman ceo ka award le raha tha.uss hair style ka yaad dilaya.

  5. subbu ko negative thinking ho rha he///he sud chngd hs mind…writer please bring some chnge in ds serial////…n add some moments of mihika and abhisekh love dose…… will be romantic//…….as like as raman n ishu

  6. hey ramchin tum kaha ho yaar.

  7. i think so toshiji ne kuch nahi kiya hoga ya phir galthi se hui hogi aur unhe realize nahi hua hoga. aur yeh bhi ho saktha hai ki yeh sab subbu ka midunderstanding ho.lekin jab lakshmi ke saath agar kuch hua ho toh subbu ko kaise patha ki woh mrs.bhalla hai aur woh itnaa sure kaise ho saktha hai.

  8. i really even think ki subbu ishitha se pyaar hi nahi kartha tha.warna woh ishitha ko suddenly kaise chod ke jaa saktha hai. aur lakshmi ke saath aisa kya hua tha ki woh subbu agressive ho gaya hai. atleast aurath ki respect toh karna chahiye.usne ishitha ko choda aur uska dil tod diya aur ab simmi ke feelings ka mazak bana raha hai.

  9. lakshmi ke mystry ko jald hi khulna chahiye . lakshmi ko gaye hue kaafi samay ho gaya tha toh subbu ab kyu aaya hai. tab hi aa jatha. aircrash toh bahaana tha lekin lashmi ke saath kuch aur hi hua hai.jaise murder sucide ya kuch aur.

  10. ok guys good night.prayosha mizun priyaroli thachu ramchin angel bhagi and all yhm friends.

  11. Lovely episode.

  12. hi guys.good mrg.have a nice day

  13. rittika mittal

    dint raman feel the pin? idiotic drama. overacting!

  14. Ishita sometimes act stupidly, why she had to ask Sujata so soon about Subbu? If she doubts, she should have cleared it out secretly with a help of another / even with the help of Raman… Raman will believe Ishita if she tells about her ex-BF

  15. Shagun is not leaving…………………….????? What a bad news. She will support Adi to carry on with his girl friend and there by create problems with Ishita…

    This story is full of unbelievable and unacceptable twists…..

    1. Ha but how Adi xcuse shagun. He hates shagun den how he will listen to her

  16. shagun said she still hates ishitha from the bottom of heart…. So she is still in 2 trouble ishita

  17. subbu must be in guilty of some other crime… and it may be the reason for Luxmi’s death

    May be he is in connection with ACP’s sister’s murder…

    Sujata is a shame for NGO people…. Not Sujata, her intension, a revengeful person cannot be a genuine social worker

  18. There will another problem in

    1. Raman ishita life cuz of adi
      He will be liking a girl in his class and will be following her and will go to a party and police will come for raid they will find porn cd in his bag

      1. Yeah v know ??

  19. YHM: Ishita to know Subbu wants to take revenge from SantoshiIshita gets shocked to know Subbu’s hand in Yeh Hai MohabbateinThe upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Ishita doubts on Subbu on recalling he lied to her about Laxmi’s pregnancy complication.Amma gets worried to think that something bad is going to happen.Vishwa gets a call and finds out the taxi which he called met an accident.Amma thanks god for saving Vishwa’s life.Ishita(Divyanka Tripathi) is surprised and ask Amma how she knew that something is going to bad.Amma tells her that if we love and carefor someone then we will get an intuition of what is going to happen.Later On, Ishita also get intuition on Subu’s intension.Ishita feels that something is going to happen bad in Simmi’s life.Subbu blames Mrs Bhalla (Santoshi) for killing LaxmiIshita and Bhalla family get shocked toknow thatSubbu(Amit Tandon) is getting narrowed to Simmi to take revenge from Santoshi.Ishita blames Subbu that he can neverbe a good man as first he betrayed herand now going to do the same with Simmi.Will Santoshi actually responsible of Laxmi’s death?

  20. is it true that yhm is going to get a leap

  21. is it true that yhm is going to get a leap?

  22. No param is responsible for lakshmi’s death

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