Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Simmi becomes a peace-breaker

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman saying the child is this family’s blood, he will come here. Ishita says fine, we shall meet in court. Mrs. Bhalla says let our heir be here. Ishita apologizes to her. Raman says let her go, the baby will come here. Ishita says we will see how it happens. She leaves with Roshni. They come home. Ishita asks Roshni not to worry about Raman. She says I assure you, you and baby will never be separated. Roshni asks will Raman really go to court. Ishita says don’t know, if he doesn’t understand, I will hire the best lawyer for this case, don’t think about this, just take care of yourself and your baby. She gets Mani’s call.

Mrs. Bhalla cries and asks will everything get fine. He says yes. She says but Ishita will become a lioness again for this child. He

says she has already snatched Adi, I m doing this for baby and Roshni, I m thinking for Roshni, I thought of sending her to Roshni, she will handle business and start life fresh. She can remarry and make a career, we all can love baby, but not Roshni, the baby will become a burden for her, baby will remind her how she failed in her life, I want her future to get better. Ruhi asks him is he doing this because he is really concerned for Roshni, or for the baby. He says I didn’t care for her before, but I have seen her struggle, she really cared for mother, its tough for a single mum to live with child, I want the baby to be with us, I want to send her to London, none will tell Ishita till I talk to Roshni. Simmi looks on and goes.

Parmeet asks really, did Raman plan this. Simmi says we know Ishita, she won’t let Roshni get away from her child, Raman is a big fool, what do we do, shall we go and inform Ishita about it. Ishita meets Mani at a cafe. She says I think Raman is doing this as he is scared for Roshni’s life, he won’t wish to trouble Roshni, I m sure he would not like to do this, I need to talk to him. He says no, look Bhallas are serious about the child, I want to help you, I know the best lawyer, I will pay the fees. She asks why will you do this, you don’t like Roshni. He says I m doing this for Aaliya, she would lose identity if Roshni goes there, you are her Amma and know this. She says thanks, I m not clear about this case, I feel Raman will never want to do this, maybe he is doing this to irritate me in anger, I will do one thing, I will try to sort out everything, I will get in touch with you. Raman thinks of Ishita and drinks.

He gets down the car and hits the bottle on the car. Ishita comes there and sees her bleeding hand. She asks what happened. He asks her to leave him. She removes the glass piece from his hand. She gets the first aid and asks him to give his hand. He looks at her. Raman says you are fighting the case, that’s also my blood, case will not be withdrawn if you have done the bandage. She asks him to go home, change the bandage again. She says I will text the ointment name, get it and apply on wound. She leaves. Ishita comes home and sees the door open. She asks the guard. Guard says your relative has come. She gets shocked seeing Simmi and asks when did you come here, leave from here. She asks guard to get her out. Simmi says I have come to tell something about Roshni’s future. Ishita says I m very sure that you will just upset Roshni. She asks Roshni not to interfere in this matter, just go and take rest. Roshni goes. Simmi says I know you hate me, even I don’t love you, I want to tell something, you will be thankful for this, Raman has made a few plans for Roshni.

Raman comes home and thinks I wish Ishita understood me. Simmi says Raman doesn’t care for Roshni, he just wants the baby, he will meet Roshni and keep this offer, then he won’t need to fight for the baby, whatever you are doing for Adi’s child, I want justice for him, I want baby to be with his mum, not Bhallas, I m a mum and understand the pain of a mum, can I do this bit for the baby, I shall leave now. She goes smiling. Ishita says this woman can’t be trusted, how shall I verify that she is saying the truth. She calls Ruhi and asks does Raman want to send Roshni to London after the baby is born. Ruhi asks who told you. Ishita asks again. Ruhi says actually… Ishita says I got my answer. She calls Mani and says I want to hire that lawyer, can I meet him in the morning. Raman thinks I just hope Ishita understands my point of view, I m thinking for Roshni’s better, I will explain Roshni. She thinks how can you think of separating mum and daughter, I won’t let this happen.

Its morning, Raman asks lawyer are the papers ready. Ishita gets Roshni there. She takes Raman aside and says I just wanted to say, stay away from Roshni. She takes Roshni with her. Mrs. Bhalla says she didn’t agree right. He says we will win this case, don’t worry, I called Simmi here, she is going to help us, she will be testifying against Ishita. Simmi says yes, Parmeet and I are always ready to help you. Raman thanks her. Ruhi looks on.

Simmi says I think Ishita should have accepted London offer. Roshni asks what. She asks Ishita about the offer. She says just let me decide for me and my child, I would have accepted this offer before if I knew about it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ishita taking about motherhood… when she left a prematured baby for 7 years, killed her son, turned her back to the daughter she raised for 7 years, and stopped bothering about her other 2 daughters…what a joke she can’t see mother and children separated when she herself separated from her children and failed to be with them when they need her the most. Raman, ishita, simmi, parmeet are the same piece of work: totally deserves to live with each other. Infact simmi parmeet are better at least they wont hurt their own child or do injustice with her.

    1. Exactly.. She has no right to take a decision for roshni… And she should really stop giving lectures about motherhood… I thought she was Atleast a good mom to alia… But no… And all of a sudden she became roshni’s mom… Now if a new person comes and calls her ishima she will go behind that person… They have been more estranged
      Than together… I pity their children to have born in that home

  2. Raman makes a good point here. But ishu also has point here. Mani point is also right .

    Being a single mum is hard. But being a single mum to a child whose father was already married is very difficult. People will always judge Roshini and people will always tell child as illegitimate. It will be good if Roshini give her child to bhallas, move ahead in her life and remarry.

    But CVS have done really wrong in killing adi. Because of this sooner or later YHM will go off air.

  3. I think even Shagun’s allegation that Ishita snatched RaRu from her seems less delusional in front of Raman & Ishita’s points.

    Raman – ok, we know you want your precious GKC. But stop lying to yourself!!! Your Adi deserved to be shot to death. A guy who ran a business that ruined people’s life, mistreated his wife & forsook his family – he is now an angel & his so called ANSH has to be given priority. And Raman’s care for Roshni is just out of the world. Suddenly he is so worried about Roshni being a single mother. Where was his concern when Adi literally grew up without his support & he manhandled each of his kids in name of his so called sorrow? Now suddenly so much consideration for Roshni that he is ready to set her up too. Just great!!!

    Ishita – another NAMUNA. If she had shown 1/10 of this care & guidance for Adi-Ruhi-Aliya, they would have been on a better path. Her obsession for kids is what encouraged Ruhi to become MitraMaa & now, I don’t think even Adi was this much obsessive over Roshni.

  4. Now here is my take on this whole scenario,now supposedly Raman wins the custody of Roshini’s child and 51% of the company’s share are given to this child and then later on only to find out it’s not Adi’s child and that these selfish Bhallas have been hoodwinked by Roshini? And all their hard earned money has been flushed down the toilet in one go. It will serve them right because I still believe Adi is somewhere out there and Roshini knows about it. The Bhallas are so unpredictable that they can change in an instant once they get hold of that child and Roshini will be kicked out into the curb. Raman has two other kids is he thinking about them nooooo all his attention are only focus on Roshini and her unborn child. Even the great Ishu is not thinking about Pihu future STEW. Let me shut up for now.

  5. Sanumaya1234567

    This serial is going nowhere wasn’t Roshni the one who first said I don’t want Bhallas to snatch my kid and now she’s telling Ishita I would’ve accepted that offer If I knew which means she’s willing to give her baby to Bhallas why was she even saying she’s sacred that the Bhallas will take her baby this serial needs to end or change plot

  6. These simmi is always a trouble maker, she can,t see anyone being happy.

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