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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi telling Mrs. Bhalla that she came to pick kids from school. She sees Pihu coming and asks how was the day, why did you wear sweater. Pihu says I feel cold. Ruhi asks where is Ananya. Pihu says she will come. Ruhi says fine, we will talk. She asks did you show the new things to friends. Pihu sits sad. Ruhi asks what happened. Pihu says I got tired, I will rest. Ruhi says fine, remove this sweater. She sees Pihu’s shirt torn and asks what happened. Pihu says I fell down and this got torn. She sleeps.

Neelu tells Ruhi that Pihu did not have anything. Ruhi says its fine, it was school’s first day. Neelu says she never leaves milkshake, is it unwell today. Ruhi says I will see, don’t tell Ishimaa. She thinks to find out the matter, before telling Ishimaa. Ishita

and Aaliya talk about party. Adi gets a dress for Aaliya. They like it. Adi says I got something special for Ishita. Mihika comes with shopping bags. She says he was eager to get Aaliya’s gift first. Ishita likes the saree.

Adi says I got gifts for everyone. Raman comes home and looks on. Adi sees Raman and stops him. He says I got gifts for everyone, how could I forget to get one for you. He gives the gift to Raman. Everyone smile. Adi says I can’t tell you, how imp you are in my life, I love you, you are my mentor, you are my hero. Raman gets emotional. Adi says I m lucky that I m your son, Ishimaa says one we love, we should express love to him, I love you a lot. Raman cries and hugs him.

Raman asks did you get clothes that fits me. Adi says you got biceps, so I thought to get waistcoat. They laugh and hug. Raman says did you hear what Adi said, I m so happy, he said I m his mentor and he loves me, its best feeling. Ishita says he keeps saying that to me, I m glad he said this to you, I did not tell him, he has realized this, we are surrounded by positive people. He says yes, Kiran did not back out from project, thanks you are so perfect, I m lucky that you are my wife. Mihika comes and sees them. She asks did I come on wrong time. Raman asks her to not ruin his romance and leave. Mihika says I will take Akka, I have imp work. Raman asks what work. Mihika says Ishita have to come and help me. Raman says I need romance. They go. He smiles.

Aaliya asks how do I look, your choice is good. Adi says yes, and hugs her. He compliments her. She says I did not know you will get gifts for all. He says I have right to do this, come we will go. She asks what’s this, tell me. He asks her to have patience. Ruhi sits by Pihu’s side and thinks what happened to her. Pihu talks in sleep and says no…. Ruhi sees the bruises on her hand and applies ointment. She says who did all this, why was she hiding this, what happened.

Ishita gets a gift for Kiran and tells Raman. She says you should take Kiran out and party. Raman asks will it work for you. She says you should do this for Mr. Kiran. He says she feels he is a man and laughs. She asks what’s so funny. Raman asks her what should he do to increase friendship. She says I don’t know. He says I m serious. She says spend time with him, show Delhi, he will be glad, invite him in Adi’s launch party. She shows the tie and cufflink she got. Raman says yes, this will suit you, get this packed. She goes. Raman says when she knows Mr. Kiran is Ms. Kiran, it will be fun.

Mani asks Shagun why is her mood off. Shagun says nothing, I m fine. He says you should buy a new saree for yourself, we have to go in Adi’s launch. She says I won’t go, when Ishita and I argue, Aaliya always takes Ishita’s side, I will not bother her, maybe she does not regard me mum and just calls me mum, I will not interfere in her life. Mani gets thinking. Aaliya and Adi come there. Aaliya asks why did we come here, did Appa or mumma say something. Adi says no, I got gifts for them, I know Shagun’s mood was bad.

Adi and Aaliya greet Mani and ask for Shagun. Shagun comes to them. Adi says we got gifts for you, please wear this, we want to thank you, for always supporting us, we love you a lot, its party tomorrow, will you come to give blessings. Mani says we will come. Aaliya says sorry mumma, will you come. Shagun says its my children’s party, I will surely come, love you. They smile.

Its morning, Raman gets ready and asks everyone to get ready fast. Ruhi asks Neelu for her sandals. Mihika asks Neelu for her clutch. Aaliya asks Neelu for her phone. Pihu asks Neelu to help her. Mr. Bhalla asks Neelu for his watch. Raman asks Neelu to go to dad first. Adi comes. Raman smiles seeing him and compliments. Raman says you used to roam in shorts, you grew up and going to launch independent business. Adi says thanks, I m nervous, its my first launch. Raman says hardwork never goes waste and smiles.

Ishita asks for Roshni. Mihika says she is in clinic. Ishita calls Roshni. Roshni sees her call and says I know why she is calling, what shall I tell her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It’s better if Ishta doesn’t call roshini for the event. Who’s ishta to say shagun an outsider? I would have slapped ishta a lot. shagun is aliaa’s mom… In fact roshini is only an outsider and ishta is calling her a family member…was she her relative before? She doesn’t have right to poke her nose in bhalla family matters. Aliaa gave good answer to roshini. shagun’s feeling understandable. I wish adhi and aliaa stay in a new house and they can spend time together alone. They can’t be able to do that coz they are staying with bhallas. ishta is not a devi to say that she is always right and others, especially shagun is wrong. shameless bhalla family! pihu and ruhi scenes are cute.

    1. JennyD

      I agree with you. Now, I don’t like Ishita’s character. The bhallas are aware of Shagun’s nature from the beginning. There was no need to say such things. I guess, this time Ishita is not right. Shagun has already given all her rights of being a mother to the three of her own kids to Ishita. What else does she want? And I don’t understand why they have brought Roshni’s character to the show. The character is just useless.

    2. I like your opinion.said in a right way.

  2. Maan, whts wrong withdese people? Why dey r pointing ishs faults only! Its lyk everyone has forgotten da past! Nw according to these people ishita is da villain! Shagun is da best!!! BLAH!!
    Nw as u people say, always people do wrong to shagun only! Shagun has never commited any mistakes! She is a goddess! Who except all da peoples mistakes! She has done a lot of thngs to her family blah blah blah …..
    Shame on u! I mean if shagun is gd den y dd ruhi choose ishu instead of shagun? If shagun is gd den y adi also choosed ishu as his maa! Y dd adi left shagun n stayed with ishu! Is dt bcz of shagun is a devi?? BAKWAS! DATS IT! COMPLETELY NONSENSE!
    These people cnt remember da past! They keep saying dt of course dey do! Bt, if u really remember da past den u wont justify shagun n blame ishu 4 everything! Dey only thnk abt da thngs dt happens nw! If a person changes, she or he should change! If he or she is honest , den dey should keep their word! I hv changed my behaviour so I wont do bad thngs frm nw on! Of course shagun said those thngs! Bt dd she keep her word? NO!! When she fees lyk she holds no importance in da family she changed! She thought by changing her behaviour n acting as a villain she cn get everything back! Nobody remembers dt once she tried to kill ishita even! If ishu has tried to kill shagun den ull talk abt it n criticize ishu even after endng this serial! Bt this tym shagun is da one who has done those thngs so everything is fine! She dd great! Wow! Brilliant! DISGUSTING!!
    All I hv to say is shagun deserves these insults! She has to repay for her mistakes! Instead of learning frm mistakes shagun becms cheaper n cheaper frm day by day! What is dis! And u people r taking dt witchs side!
    Is dt da justice! Ishu calls her as an outsider bcz she deserves it! Does ur family do such horrid things to u? Say such harsh words to u? No ryt?
    Um sorru if I hv becm too much today bt all I hv to say is again n again DHAGUN DESETVES DIS!!!

    1. I wanted to say dt SHAGUN DESERVES DIS!!! N DATS IT!!

    2. JennyD

      Ravi, first of all, you gotta mind your language. Second, everyone has their own opinion regarding the characters. Sometimes the character of Ishita is right. We support her. When she is not right, she is not right. There in nobody on Shagun’s side. You have to respect other people’s opinion as well. I wish I could report this comment of yours. This is so bad. Next time, refrain yourself from commenting such way. And comment in a language which is good enough! GET THAT STRAIGHT.

      1. WHT wrong dd I do? I ddnt point out anyone! Dd I appoint ur comment while commenting? No! I also have da right to comment! N u hv to respect my comment as well! And of course eveyone has their own opinion! So whtever I hv said was my opinion! If u havent read it properly plz go through it! Cuz I hv apologized already!!

      2. You’re an idiot Jenny D. These are only characters in a show. They say what the writers tell them to say. What language did Ravi use that you were so offended? You need to take a chill pill.

    3. Thank you Ravi. Again in tonights episode poooor Shagun is sitting in her room like a spoilt child. Nobody is talking to me so I am not going to the party. Shame shame shame. She always wants the attention. She was not front page news so she is angry. Always wants to be the centre of attention. Ooo don’t get me started on this woman! Poor Mani. Sonner or later Shagun is going to get bored again and leave him for someone else. Maybe Ashok.

    4. azuka nkwonta

      Ravi, what are you mumbling. You stumble in your talks.

      1. Oh really! Dd u hear me while commenting Ms shaguns assistant???

  3. Hi friends.. nice episode… Many say roshni is an outsider.. but she is first wife of ADI… Even if they are divorced… Previously also Ishita allowed Shagun to stay in Bhalla house… So Ishita always stay same… Even now Shagun is saying my children only ADI and Aliya… Wat about Ruhi?? .. pihu is ishra s daughter… Today ishra scenes were good .. yesterday I thought Kiran only called the investors to back out… But ishu failed her plan… Kiran has come to bankrupt Raman I think… May be for revenge or Ashok may have involved… I feel that she has some connection with Bala… Let’s see if Kiran comes for launch party we may get answers…

    1. azuka nkwonta

      When did ishita allowed shagun to live in bhallas house? Was it when she was living in Australia with Mani because I remember that it was Raman that put her there

  4. I wish Ishita ne shagun Ki shaadi Mani se na karayi hoti toh itna drama na hota

  5. azuka nkwonta

    Roshni is just occupying space in this show, I don’t know what she is there for or what they want to do with her.
    I don’t know how Adi knew that shagun’s mood is down but it’s good that he made her smile. It’s good to see Adi appreciate shagun after so long a time even in years, I did not know he will do this, it’s a good feeling.

  6. azuka nkwonta

    Miss shreya shetty it’s good that you found out about me. Find out more, there is more to know, at least I am not a robot.

    1. Hi shreya! I dnt knw if u keep reading da comments or not! Bt all dt I hv to say is ignore wht ever she says! She wants to irritate u so dt she cn hv a huge fun! Cnt u see dt shes making u comment again n again! So plz u just concentrate in ur studies! Dnt waste ur valuable tym to such people lyk dis! Wish u da best of luck! Thank u!!

  7. Siddharth

    Yes arnilda and jennyD i agree with u both Ishita is giving more importance to outsiders why roshni shud interfere in bhalla’s house matter she shud concentrate on her studies . And aliya is perfect bahu she is doing all her duties well wen adi was angry with ishita bcoz she drunk aaliya scoulded him and took ishita side and she also gave perfect answer to taneja wen he bad mouth abt ishita.
    And shagun has given her 2 children to ishita so ishita shud accept that shagun is aliya’s mom .
    Today’s episode was good and raman and adi scene was nice . Hope atleast few days there wl be happiness in bhalla family .

    1. JennyD

      Siddharth, you are right here. And I loved Adi and Raman getting back together. Lets see what Pihu is going through.
      Rest, Roshni’s role must be ended now. Else there will be major problems in between Aalia-ishita and Aditya.

  8. tum logo ko agar ishu ka chracter itna bura lagta hai toh pls tum chod do ye serial kyunki main lead toh ishita hi rahegi na ki tumari so called shagun ya aloo

  9. Is Ruhi now Pihu’s mother! Pihu is sick but Ruhi not informing Ishita. Everybody going to function. Where is Pihu or did I miss her!

  10. Hi all …. i watched yhm from the day 1 till today without skipping even a single episode . I agree that Roshini is outsider … she should not have talked to Shaghun like that and Ishitha should have told Roshini that her move was wrong .But the thing is that Shaghun only thinks of her comfortability … she has to be in a comfort zone .. I used to think such ladies are there in the real life ? She gave divorce to Raman and every now and then she literally yell at Ishitha for snatching Raman and kids from her . Ots not her love to Raman or kids she agreed to stay with Bhallas during the leap . She thought Ishitha will not come back … She got security … how many men in her life ? Manoj was v sincere . She did not like Ruhis come back being her biological mother . She accused Adi for Alias acid attack to get support from Mani ..Kidnapped Ishitha and wanted to kill her . Anil committed suicide becoz of her ..
    Its true Bhallas family cannot be digested .. so many issues … but inspiring here is Raman and Ishithas love to kids . To what extend they go to secure their children . Shaghun always misguides children . She got Mani now who is very understanding . Her children do not want her … even though they respect her . Ravi be cool my boy … defferent people have defferent opinions .. this is a serial … you are supporting the positive vibes … As Nehal Patel says … producers give the script … actors just do their roles … Every one has their own views …. but bashing at ones comment is not healthy in this site . Ravi has written his views … how can it be stubling in his talks ? And ishitha brought Shaghun to the house and took care of her when shaghun was drunk and thrown out by Ashok . Ishitha only initiated to make them stay in Bhallas after Shaghun is found drunk near Dustbin shoots .. for Adi … Adis sake she forced Bhallas to make Shaghun stay with her . These are all abnormal life style to me but there also shaghun was wicked with her plans .I did not want to support anyone but to the fair to the characters only . But forced to write this much … Care and respect is love . That is Ishitha ! Thats why Divyankas popularity … Its easy to be mean and wicked but to maintain goodness in life id very defficult .

    1. Very true… Well commented vp..

    2. Very well commented VP.

    3. azuka nkwonta

      Listen to shagun’s thought processes whenever she thinks. Shagun knows that she is insecure. She agreed to raise pihu because she thought ishita is dead that is what everybody thinks as well including the iyers. When ruhi came back from Australia after seven years shagun was not sad about ruhi coming back but was worried that ishita has come back to take her place and remember it’s been seven years of separation so legally ishita is no longer Raman’s wife. And listen to shagun’s thought process during that time and I quote “what am I doing after all ruhi is my daughter I have to support Raman and ishita”. She was never upset that ruhi came back. Raman has already made shagun pihu’s mother and pihu wants them to get married. If you listen to shagun’s thought process while in Bangkok she said”at one time I feel in love again with Raman” that was during the period she was raising pihu. Do not think that she left Manoj just like that, it was a sacrifice on her part. She chose to raise pihu because she thinks ishita has made alot of sacrifice for her so the best thing to do is to make sacrifices as well for ishita’s sake. Don’t forget these two women don’t love each other but they always help each other in some times of need. Even till today shagun still want her children back, she does what is good because we don’t sell children they are not fish. Shagun fought so hard to keep pihu with her with anything possible and in anyway possible. She was fighting for her child just like ishita is fighting for her children. Ishita could have done anything to get ruhi back even making herself sick like the judge suggested although that plan did not work because she got kidnapped. While did you not fault ishita’s ways of getting ruhi back but you think shagun’s ways are faulty. Ishita has not been pushed to the wall like shagun has been. When shagun got married to Mani it was not out of love and their marriage is on a shaky ground that means that Mani can reject her anytime because they both don’t love each other, if anything happens she will be on the streets and what will she do so she has to support Mani in other to remain in that marriage. She was not very sure what will happen to her if she opposes Mani, that does not mean that she does not love her son or wants to support him. Don’t forget that shagun is a woman who supports and defends herself, so her actions are understandable, you have to be in her place to understand her. Shagun did not leave Raman for no reason, she has reasons. Although some people thinks that shagun left Raman because he was poor but there are other reasons but that one is also a reason isn’t it. Shagun has a reason for leaving ruhi behind because she said to Raman before leaving” I will leave ruhi behind because you love her so much and can’t live without her but I will take adi with me”. After six years shagun wants to take ruhi back but she lost in that battle because she was not married and did not have bond with ruhi. I will stand with shagun whenever possible because her situation looks like the situations of some women I have known in this world.

      1. I feel very immature if I reply to you !
        Your views if you find positive good for you ..

    4. Thank u vp mam n of course well commented! Um sorry I knw dt I kinda showed too much anger n said too much in anger too! I will apologize thousands of tym to great people lyk u! I hv always respected u n always will! I agree with each n everythng dt u hv commented here! N I lyk da way dt u gave da reply as well! Its da best way to reply such immature people! After all SILENCE IS GOLDEN! N u hv proved dt today!
      I hv already told u dt um feeling really proud to see u in this site! N today also I will repeat dt! Plz dnt mind such peoples harsh comments! Once again thank u!!

    5. I absolutely agree with you……..absolutely

  11. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s spin off expected to replace Dil Bole Oberoi Latest News

    Monday, July 03 2017
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s spin off expected to replace Dil Bole Oberoi

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s new spin off, to replace major Star Plus show Dil Bole Oberoi

    We are back with a latest piece of news for our readers that is the new spin off show.

    Balaji is already coming up with it’s spin of series on Zee TV that is Kundali Bhagya which is spin off of Kumkum Bhagya.

    Kundali Bhagya is the extended story of popular Kumkum Bhagya, while now another new series has been planned.

    Star Plus popular daily soap Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is also coming with a spin off show.

    The current story of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is revolving around new difficulties in Raman, Ishita, Adi and Aliya’s life.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein spin off expected

    Shagun is leaving no opportunity to create more cracks amid relationship, now this spin off is going to come and replace Dil Bole Oberoi.

    Yes as we have informed our readers earlier that Dil Bole Oberoi is going off air that is uniting with Ishqbaaz so Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will take it’s place.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes​ of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Ishqbaaz​.

  13. The upcoming episode of love drama Yeh Hai Mohabbatein on Star Plus will witness a lot of twist and turns.

    Aditya gets ready for his product launch party and he is really very nervous as it is his first product launch party.

    Raman asks him not to get nervous as everything will be fine in his launch party.

    Aditya gets nervous for his first product launch party

    Ishita calls Roshni and forces her to come in the launch party so then Roshni has to come.

    When Aliya sees Roshni in the launch party then she gets irked as she does not wanted her to come in the party.

    Aliya is annoyed from Roshni because she insulted Shagun therefore she does not wanted her to come in the party.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  14. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

  15. azuka nkwonta

    Women who are married always thinks that the world ends where they are.

  16. azuka nkwonta

    Ishita and Raman are not always perfect. After seven years of sacrifice what they did was to get rid of shagun by giving her into marriage with Mani To some people it will look like a good thing to do but don’t forget that Raman and ishita are no longer legally married at that time. How was this action good, ishita should have left after they got ruhi back but she did not go, she wants to stay with Raman, the same thing that shagun also wanted. She also wants to marry Raman because she fell in love with him staying with him these seven years. But they cheated her, gave her away so that they two can live with each other as whatever they like. The big truth is this; if they were so nice people they should have left shagun in that house and get married in her presence but they knew that that will not work because they both have conscience about that. Even ishita was feeling insecure about shagun’s presence so they both planned to get rid of her so that they can live together without any consciences. If it was shagun that did this thing people will say she is bad.

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