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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode stats with Romi telling Raman and Ishita about Sarika’s condition. He says he agrees and he will earn hard for her. They feel proud of him and smile. Its morning, Raman asks Neelu about newspapers. She says Romi took it. Romi tries to get job by seeing classified and talks to someone. Raman hears him and goes back. Raman comes to hall. Mrs. Bhalla asks him which parathas will he eat. He says he is not hungry and goes. Ishita looks at him. Raman gets ready for office. She comes to him and asks is he worried for Romi. Raman says Romi did not earn before, can’t he work in my company. She says no, last time you gave him job, people will say he is brother of the boss.

He asks what to do. She says Romi has to become strong and independent, he has to fulfill responsibilities.

She says we will encourage him. Raman agrees and asks is she fine. She asks why. He says you are talking maturely. She smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein………..plays…………..Romi gets ready to go for interview. Mr. Bhalla asks Romi to take his car. Raman asks him to give his best shot. Simmi tells Raman about Adi taking part in dance competition and shows the form. Adi comes and asks Simmi about the form Vinni gave for him. Raman shows about dance contest. Adi says Vinni dances well and requested me to become her dance partner. Ishita thinks.

Vinni talks to her friends and says Adi and I are partners, we will practice together. They laugh and say Adi does not know dancing, she will lose. Vinni says no. They say we know Adi, he is good in debates, football, but not dance. Romi comes back from interview and says it did not go well, he did not complete MBA, how will get job without any qualifications. Mrs. Bhalla says give some time. Romi says I don’t have time, its just 30 days. Simmi asks him to teach him computers, Raman asked her to join his office, she wants to go prepared, she will give him payment. Romi says he will not take money from her. She asks why, I want professional commitment. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to make a start. Romi says fine. Simmi says done.

Adi talks to Raman about dance. Raman asks him not to worry, any choreographer will teach him. Ishita comes and says they can teach him. Raman says Adi wishes to impress Vinni. She asks him to look after Adi. She knows Adi has no interest in dance, only magician can teach him, he has to work hard. Raman thinks.

Romi teaches computers to Simmi. Simmi says I did not know he is so smart. Mrs. Bhalla says he is very smart. Romi asks her to do good homework. Simmi gives his first fees in advance. Romi asks why so soon. Simmi says she knows if he gets any job, he will not teach her, she will not lose a good tutor. Romi smiles and thanks her. Romi gives donation to the orphanage and asks can I meet my son once. The man says I m sorry, I can’t allow. Romi asks him to give gift to him. The man says he has to buy gifts for all the babies, he can’t gift anyone particular. Romi keeps the gift and leaves. Sarika looks on and cries. She takes the gift and reads, for my son, from Papa’s first earnings. She sees a small rattle and cries.

Abhishek sees Romi leaving and says why did he come here, I will get clue here. Sarika goes to the baby and shows the gift to the baby, saying his Papa has got it. Abhishek comes there and gets a call. He misses to see Sarika. Abhishek asks the man why did Romi come here. The man says he has come to give donation, why are you asking, who are you. Abhishek says I know you.

The man asks does he have any work. Abhishek says he has come to give donation and does some charity. He leaves. Sarika comes and says she will go. The man says someone came asking for Romi, he said he will come again to see kids. She says I don’t trust anyone, don’t tell anyone about me and Rohit. He asks her not to worry. Raman recalls Adi and Ishita’s words. He says if Adi does not win, he will become a joke for his friends. He gets thinking.

Raman meets the principal and asks is he sure his company wants to sponsor the event. He says yes and she thanks him. He comes out and thinks good plan, he will sponsor the event and no one can stop Adi from winning, Adi will impress Vinni. The teacher calls Ishita and says she wants to talk to Raman. The principal tells about Raman sponsoring the show and he has to meet the trustees for approval. Ishita gets stunned. She says Raman is sponsoring Adi’s dance contest.

Ishita tells Raman that Adi is infatuated with Vinni. Raman says my son’s first crush. She says Adi does not know about attraction, friendship, we have to make him aware.

Update Credit to: Amena

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