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The Episode starts with Rama and Ishita seeing each other. Romi says lets go now Bhabhi, Raman is fine. Raman says I m sorry Ishita, you have to see this, but I will tell you everything when time comes. Ishita leaves with Romi. Ashok is angry and Parmeet asks him whats the problem. Ashok says leave me. Parmeet asks what about the dinner with Shagun. Ashok says she is not answering my call. Parmeet says so the date cancelled, maybe she is busy. Ashok says she can message me. Parmeet says cool down, maybe she is in any problem with mobile, I will try calling her. Ashok says when she is with Raman, something happens. Parmeet asks is she with Raman. Ashok says she does not know me, I know how to get respect.

Parmeet thinks Shagun is playing with Ishita and ruining her life here. Ishita cries

on the way as Romi drives her car. She thinks about Raman lying to her and how she spotted him with Shagun. Romi says Bhabhi please don’t cry. They reach home. Romi says we reached. Parmeet calls Shagun and says maybe she is in any problem. We will go home and see, she might be there. Ashok says she calls me if she is in any problem, I went home and Kaka said she went out. Parmeet says went out without telling, then switching off the phone, not right, what do you say.

Ishita goes home and Romi looks at her feeling sad for her. Everyone ask Ishita where is Raman. She cries and Romi says what will she say, after seeing all this. Mr. Bhalla asks where is Raman, is he fine. Ishita goes to her room. Romi says he is fine, Ishita saw Raman and Shagun together. He says I saw them in the hotel room in morning and they were together all day. Everyone is shocked, Adi comes to see Shagun and asks Raman what did he do to her. Raman says she is fine, I took her to doctor, nothing to worry. Shagun says we went for a meeting, the hotel caught fire and he saved me, I m fine, your dad promised that nothing will happen to us.

Raman asks about his first day, Shagun asks Adi to talk to Raman well. Raman gets a call. Shagun asks him to go home and not tell anything at home. Raman says I will manage, Adi call me if you need anything. Adi says why did you go there, if anything happened. Shagun says don’t worry, I m fine and hugs him. Raman leaves from Ashok’s house. Ashok and Parmeet reach home and see Raman leaving. Ashok says what was Raman doing here. Parmeet says maybe he came to meet Shagun, look at his state, wait, go and ask Shagun, where was she and what was happening. He smiles filling Ashok’s ears.

Ashok comes in and calls out Shagun. The servant tells him everything that Raman dropped her and she is sleeping now, Lord saved her. Everyone at Bhalla house think what was Shagun doing with Raman. Raman comes home. Mr. Bhalla asks him what was he doing with Shagun. Ishita comes out and sees him. Raman says I don’t feel its necessary to answer everything and goes to his room. Ishita cries.

Ashok talks to Shagun about Raman. Shagun says Ramna fixed the meeting with the best lawyer. Ashok gets jealous. She says we need his help and he is helping us, he manages well, he left his work and is helping me. She says atleast Raman worries for me and Adi. She says this is your love, this is how you treat me. They argue. She says don’t talk to me like this, we are not married, I m not your wife, I came to you for love leaving Raman, and you treat me like this, Raman cares for me even today and you won’t understand what a woman wants, it should not happen that I Raman……. Ashok says how dare you…….

Raman coughs and Ishita gives him the medicines. He says its not like you are understanding. She says Shagun is your ex wife, you hated her and today you are meeting her hiding, messaging, spending all day at hotel, you explain me. He says what you see is not always true. She says you have a right to lie, as I did not write in the marriage contract that you will always be true to me. He says its justified for you ti be annoyed, but I m helpless, I m not doing this by my heart.

He says yes I lied to you, Shagun and I are solving a problem for Adi. If this does not solve, Adi will be in big problem and I love him a lot. He says this happens with people when they have to hide things from loved ones, but I m 10 times more hurt than you, I m helpless and can’t share, I can’t tell you till I come out of this problem, then I will apologize for lifetime. She says I can see some reason, but when its being hidden, then where is the trust. Aansun ka rishta ankhon se hota hai……………..plays……………. She looks at Raman and cries.

He says you are also a mum, if Ruhi was there at Adi’s place, you would also have done this, I m doing this for Adi. Raman cries. She says I will not stop you from duties of a father, I see you are doing this for Adi, but you can’t win my trust, as it has to be earned, but asked. She leaves. Raman says trust, if I would have got by asking, I would have asked Lord.

Ishita and Amma asks Bala and Vandu why did they call everyone. Bala says I will tell…. Ruhi and Shravan fight. Ishita stops them. Ruhi says Shravan said he won’t let me play with his younger sister. Vandu says you can also play. Shravan says no way. Everyone smiles understanding Vandu’s pregnancy. They smile happily. Amma and Ishita hug her. Raman and everyone congratulate Bala. Ishita makes Vandu have sweet. Ruhi says if Shravan does not let her play with his sister, then she will bring her own sister, right Ishi Maa. Everyone look on.

Amma says this sister will be of both of you, have sweets now. Raman talks to Pathak and says fine I will come.Raman says congrats Bala, I wish I could stay but I have to go. Mihir asks what happened but Rama does not tell him. Ishita looks on.

Shagun uses Adi and says lets see what does Ishita do, when I go on holiday with my children.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tell truth to ishita raman…i m sure she will understand your pain..she is great…

  2. Raman shagun ki help adi k liay kro pr tum bhool gay shaid she is ur ex wife…..usay sar par mat charao…raman kabhi ishita aur kbhi shagun….i cant undrstnd u

  3. East or west
    Ishita is best

  4. sagun runing everyones familys Charcterless sagun.. raman have to tell the truth to isitha..

  5. day by day serial getting boring.. everyone hurting isitha.. dis z not fair..

  6. O god! Hate u raman

  7. Being a fathr,raman is doing this 4 adi. When it was parmeet thought to be the culprit,,mrs.bhalla was also doing the same thing,trying to save simmi’s lyf. At that tym raman was the 1 who clarifies all of them,both amma and face the reality,and seriousnes of the crime. Now wat happnd? Cant he see the reality nw??

    If he is been justified as a fathr for this,then he should tell this case to ishitha too,as she is a mothr,,she can undrstand his situation well,,i think more than him…

    Realy pathetic situation 4 ishitha… This is wrng happning wid ishita

  8. Raman shld think hw shagun left him for ashok yet he helps her? This is injustice with ishita

  9. mmmm ok in every serial chat pat is there no problem:)

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