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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita telling Shagun and Prateek about tanker water having poison. Her mouth bleeds. Shagun holds her as she faints. Prateek calls doctor. Later, Ishita wakes up and says mummy ji, Papa ji and Raman are in jail, let me go. Shagun and Prateek stop her. Raman looks on. Ishita says they are in jail. I have to meet them. She sees Raman there. He asks is she fine. She says you… He says we all came home, everyone is fine, you take rest. She says I have to see them and runs downstairs. She apologizes to them. Mrs. and Mr. Bhalla say we are fine, we got to know everything, see we are fine because of you, what did doctor say. Prateek says doctor flushed out all the poison, she is fine. Mrs. Bhalla blesses her and apologizes.

She says Raman and Ishita’s child would

be coming, we misunderstood Shagun, we want to thank you Shagun and blesses her. Shagun says I will leave, I have to meet Manoj. Prateek says come, I will drop you. He asks Ishita to rest and they leave. Ishita apologizes to Amma for disappointing her. Amma says no, I m sorry, I did mistake to doubt on you. She hugs Ishita and cries. Raman says one work is incomplete, come Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla asks where is he taking Ishita. He asks all of them to come with him. They all go in the compound area.

Raman says you did this to catch that informer, and shows her Sarika. Romi takes care of Rohit. Sarika comes crying. Mrs. Bhalla takes Rohit with love. Sarika stops Romi and he pushes her hand away. Raman says I can’t believe Sarika did this, Ashok is also arrested. Abhishek feels ashamed and says its all because of Ishita that we could arrest Ashok and Sarika. Ishita stops them and says Sarika, I want to know why did you help Ashok and tried to kill everyone, tell me.

Raman says she won’t say and they all ask Abhishek to take away Sarika. Romi says you did this for money, you tried to kill my family, don’t show me your face. Romi fumes. Bala asks Romi to control himself. Abhishek says I did not think I had to arrest my sister, she insulted me, I m ashamed. He apologizes to Bhallas. Raman apologizes to Abhishek for scolding him. Mrs. and Mr. Bhalla say its not Abhishek’s mistake. Sarika cries and is taken away.

Its morning, Ishita wakes up and sees Raman bringing breakfast. He says its what you deserve, you always said, but I did not believe, I realize I do what I want and do not think of others, I m sorry. He gives her a rose. She thanks him. He gives more roses for thanks, then with a promise to control his anger, for a new start and to a never ending life of happiness.
He gives her tea and asks her to say something. She says yes, I want to say, did you add sugar in tea? He says fine, don’t say anything. He romances. Neelu knocks the door and comes, saying Mrs. Bhalla is calling Ishita. Raman says there is no privacy here, we will go for dinner tonight and then I will talk my way.

Dolly tells Mrs. Bhalla about her 25th anniversary on 31st December, but this time they are not celebrating, all good hotels are booked, what will I do. Ishita asks them to do party here, we will add new year’s party in it. The lady asks where will we do it. Ishita says we will do in community hall, decorations will be done tonight. Romi is upset and leaves. Ishita says Raman and Bala will help too, Raman and I will gift clothes. Dolly thanks Ishita and hugs Mrs. Bhalla. Raman asks Ishita why did she spoil their dinner plan. She says sorry, I forgot, but this will be new start, it will be good for Romi too, go and cheer up Romi. They smile.

She says what Sarika did, its not Romi’s mistake, talk to him. she asks why did send Ruhi to London. He says Simmi and Ruhi will come after celebrating New year in London. They talk about Shagun and Manoj gone else they would have come too. She calls Abhishek and invites him in New Year’s party. She tells Raman that Abhishek can’t face everyone because of Sarika, he needs some time, but please Raman, talk to Romi once. He says don’t worry, talk to her.

Romi takes care of Rohit and tells Raman that he is fine. Raman says you think we are men and crying is not allowed for us. Romi says I want to cry on my fate, what did Sarika do, I was wrong before, I rectified my mistake, I loved her and married her, I thought to spend my life with her, but what did she do… she broke my dreams, she tried to kill you all for Ashok…Raman looks at him.

Ishita asks Romi and Adi did they do any mischief. Adi tells her. She says what was the need and smiles….She goes to Raman and asks him to come for a dance.

Update Credit to: Amena

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