Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Aaliya gets blackmailed

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neelu saying its a call for you. Aaliya takes the phone. The man asks her to come with the money and keep phone on, else he will have to call on landline. She says this man got after me, I have to talk to Ishita. Raman shouts and tells everyone that no one will talk to neighbors. Ruhi says but Ishita is our investor. Simmi says Raman is company owner, we have to listen to him. Raman says you can leave the house if you have any problem. He asks Simmi about matrimony agent sending someone. Simmi says yes, they may send someone in evening. He says fine, I will be at home. Romi says your cheap plans will never succeed, Ishita will not sign, Raman won’t marry anyone. Mrs. Bhalla says Simmi is right, she is wishing good for Raman, Mihika is a wife girl, she knows what to

do and what not. Simmi says I want Raman’s marriage to happen with peace. Mrs. Bhalla says no one will meet Ishita. Romi says do anything and goes. Aaliya says how shall I go and take Ishita’s help.

Ishita says we have to prove in court that Raman has lost his mental balance and doesn’t remember I m his wife, we have no proof. Bala says Adi, Ruhi and Aaliya are on your side, they maybe finding clue to help you, we can get Raman out of this mess. Ishita goes. Kiran says Mihika and Simmi started seeing alliances. Appa asks Bala to see the mechanic, he has come to check the car. Aaliya says I can’t even talk to Ishita, he has sent me the address, what do I do now.

Aaliya goes to take help from Ruhi. She hears Ruhi consoling Pihu. She says Ishita will find a solution, Raman is angry, he is irritated. Aaliya says Ruhi is explaining Pihu, its not the right time to talk to her, there is no option than to tell Ishita. Ishita says a senior lawyer can give me some solution. A lady asks about Raman’s house. Ishita shows her. She says she must be here to talk about marriage. Simmi welcomes the lady. Aaliya goes out. Ishita asks who’s this girl. Aaliya says don’t know, I need to talk. Ishita looks in and gets angry. Simmi says we have no problem that you are a divorcee, Raman is also divorced. Aaliya says that man is calling me to meet. Ishita asks who. Parmeet comes out and says so you were spying on us, Aaliya you are helping her, you remember Raman’s warning. Aaliya says yes, I m going to meet someone. She signs Ishita and goes.

Parmeet says you know that’s your sautan, just sign on divorce papers. He goes. Mrs. Bhalla likes the lady Sunita. They all talk to Sunita. Raman comes and recalls Ishita. Simmi introduces Raman. She asks them to talk. Raman talks to Sunita. Mihika says she looks good. Mrs.Bhalla says she is from Punjabi family, she is decent. Sunita says I like going on long drive. He says I m doing this marriage so that my daughter gets a mum’s love, what are your expectations. She says I made written it. He reads the list and says you think its some joke, what nonsense. Sunita tells them her demands. Raman asks her to leave and take her demands. Sunita says you are mannerless and rude. She goes. Simmi says sorry I had no idea. Sunita says I got saved, that man is mad. She thanks Bala and says you said true, Raman has anger issues. FB shows Bala asking Sunita if she going to marry Raman, I m Raman’s closest friend, I don’t want to regret later. FB ends. She thanks him for saving her life. He says I will tell you if I know any decent guy. She goes.

Ishita thinks if Raman said yes for the proposal. Adi calls her and asks about Aaliya. She says I don’t know. Mrs. Bhalla comes to him. Ishita says Aaliya was telling me something. She calls Aaliya. Aaliya says thank God you called me, I was trying to tell you. She tells everything. She says I will send address, please come quickly, I m feeling scared. Ishita leaves. Bala sends the mechanic. He sees Ishita and says I should tell her how I flopped Raman’s bride finding. Ishita leaves. Aaliya comes and gives the money. The man misbehaves. She says don’t touch me, else I will shout. He asks her to shout and throws her phone. She slaps him. She beats him. He points a gun at her. Ishita reaches and calls out Aaliya. She says did that man take Aaliya’s phone, address is same. The man asks Aaliya to sign the papers. Aaliya asks what’s this. He says you are naming Adi’s shares to me, you are his wife, you can transfer the shares, sign on it. Aaliya says I m not going to sign, I m not scared of you. She tears papers. They fight. Bullet gets shot. Ishita hears the sound and worries.

Ishita sees the man shot. She finds Aaliya unconscious. Simmi says we will get a good mum for Pihu, she will forget her real mum. Raman asks who is Pihu’s real mum.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mihika looks like a cheap woman which move throw to other man such first BF, Ashok, Romi and now Raman and they have closed connection. Like a h*oker damage the happy family such the dog scavenging the garbage. Lol !

    1. Even Mihir was also there..before Ashok

      1. Shawn Michaels

        these are the official ones. unofficial, we lost count.

  2. Bhagya(ishveer,Ishra)

    Thank God Raman finally you questioned about pihu’s real mom

  3. Yeah Monika looks like a hooker this present actor definitely looks like a hooker.unlike the earlier actress who looks very positive

  4. Ekta change the story please please please Mihika Simmi & Parmeet needs to get caught now. It’s about time you dragging Raman’s issue tooo Long now. How come he knows his family & work thing doesn’t remember his wife. That’s bullshit. Otherwise kill everyone & end the serial. It’s very poor

  5. Shawn Michaels

    At last Ramu kaka has got the sense to ask about who his wife is. What a low life script. mihika will become ramu kakas mistress.

    I gave up on his serial. Any sane person will go mad with grief. Started watching RIVERDALE on Netflix. Fab serial. Even FRIENDS ran for 10 years but each episode was a classic. this is gone down the drain.

    1. OMG!!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL your comment made my day?
      Ramu kaka is the correct name!! Dad of 3 children, and he can’t take care of single one of them and wants to marry again: useless ramu kaka
      Lowlife is the most appropriate name
      The dumb moron finally asked who his wife is.

  6. LOL, Raman questioning who is Pihu’s mom makes not difference because we all know he is not going to get the correct answer. Why give the poor man a line when he is just a puppet in the show

    1. My thoughts exactly. Raman is going to believe whatever rubbish Simmi tells him without even thinking of asking Pihu this question. Lol

  7. Shawn Michaels

    Ramu Kaka ki jai ho.

    Give him credit. he was finally opened his mouth.

  8. Thank God ….. ??? After so many days Raman started asking about pihu’s mother…

  9. Shawn Michaels

    Ekta Bevdi. Serial band kar you moronic buffoon

  10. eta your putting terrible tracks in this show naamkaaran yeh Rishta and kundalini Bhagya

  11. Gave up watching! Good bye to this sick mentality of the script producer! He needs some real help in a good mental hospital. Good luck with that.

  12. These mihika is so shameless , she is plotting to break her sister married life, shame on her, happy that adi, aliya, ruhi, pihu, romi, m.r iyer, mrs. iyer, bala, kiran, and shagun are on ishita,s side.

  13. Plz Ekta ask us n i bet v can gv u intrstng n genuine storyline. Guys i read 5 shows r going OFFAIR frm starplus soon.. Ishqbaaz Namkaran Dil sambhal ja zara Meri durga n Ikyavan… i wish YHM to b added in d offair list.

  14. Omg! How can this happen? Even this telly updates page is promoting dating websites! Did anyone notice that?? It says “Are you ready for talk, 1000s of mature singles await for dating and a relationship!!” How hilarious this is!!

  15. Bullshit serial.this ekta is sick.gave up watching this crap show

  16. Atmost stupidity.poor serial.such a negative show.ekta better to switch into making comedy dramas. Gave up on this crap

  17. How can mihika marry Raman without getting divorce from romi and raman and ishita will have court proceeding for their divorce, I’ll logical show I have ever seen

  18. How can mihika marry Raman without getting divorce from romi and raman and ishita will have court proceeding for their divorce but they r not showing it , stupid show

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