Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhishek saying I did not see such bomb before, its very dangerous. Raman asks can’t we remove jacket. Abhishek calls the bomb squad, who are on the way. They talk on speaker and describe the bomb. The man says its very high intensity bomb. He asks them to cut the red wire. Ishita cuts the red wire. Abhishek says the bomb is still ticking. The man asks them to cut the green wire. Ishita cuts the green one. Abhishek says read the manual and tell us what to do fast. The man says blue wire, cut it. Ishita cuts the blue wire. Everyone get tensed. Ruhi says it still did not stop. The man says I don’t know, let me check, bomb should have got diffused according to instructions.

Ruhi cries. Ishita and Ishita hug Ruhi and cry. They three stand together. Everyone look

on. Ishita starts pulling the bomb wires and the beep stops. They all get relieved. Raman removes the bomb jacket from Ruhi, and hugs her. Ishita hugs them. Everyone smile.

Abhishek says Ishita and Raman, you both showed great courage today, but out work did not end till now, Ishita has to come with me for questioning, for Chadda’s murder. Raman asks what did Ishita do. Abhishek says I can’t deny that there is murder, and all proof are pointing to Ishita, I have to do my duty. Ruhi says no, please don’t take my Ishi Maa. Abhishek asks Ishita to come along. Raman says I will get her. He sends Ruhi home with Romi and Mr. Bhalla.

He asks Raman to go. She cries and goes for interrogation. She thinks what to answer, Abhishek said Amar’s body was burnt, but how, don’t know Pallavi knows it or not, that someone burnt the body, who would have burnt the body, what will I tell them, shall I tell them the truth, or do what Pallavi told me, Pallavi said Amar’s family is dangerous, they can do anything with Raman and my children, I don’t know to say truth or not, my family’s safety is important than mine.

Abhishek asks Verma to get straight answers, and not go on her innocence. Verma goes to interrogate Pallavi. Raman waits outside and says maybe its misunderstanding, Ishita can’t do this. Pallavi cries and says why are you taking my fingerprints, I lost my husband, I don’t know anything. Verma says we want to know what happened last night, tell us all details. Abhishek interrogates Ishita and asks why did she go to Chadda’s house, was he there. Ishita says no, I went to meet Pallavi, Amar used to torture Pallavi, I knew this, Amar got to know that Rohit is Pallavi’s son, I felt maybe Amar will beat Pallavi again, so I went to see her.

Pallavi thinks I can’t say Amar used to beat me, I will say Ishita just came to meet me. She says Sir, Ishita just came to meet me, we got friendly. Abhishek says fine, watchman saw you with a huge suitcase, what did it has. Ishita says some clothes, blankets, toys. Pallavi says old files. Abhishek asks suitcase color. Ishita says brown. Pallavi says blue. Abhishek gets a call and says I m coming. He looks at Ishita and leaves. Ishita thinks I m lying, and getting more trapped, what to do, get me out of this please Lord.

Ruhi gets fever. Mrs. Bhalla takes care of her. Amma says Ruhi was so scared. Mrs. Bhalla cries. Bala says she will be fine. Ruhi gets up and shouts Ishi Maa. Adi hugs her and says Ishita is fine, take rest. Mr. Bhalla says why did Sarika tell Ruhi that Ishita is taken to police station. Romi fumes and goes to Sarika. He says I will kick you out. She asks are you mad. He asks why did you send Ruhi intentionally, what are you doing to use a little girl to plan against us, you are such a cheap woman. She says leave my hand, I will get Mahila mandal and get you arrested for domestic violence, what plan you had to plan Rohit and kick me out, I will see how can court allow Ishita to adopt baby, who has criminal charges against her, and you don’t misbehave with me. She goes.

Abhishek checks fingerprint reports and is shocked. He comes back to Ishita. He says I arrest you for Chadda’s murder charges, I m sorry. Ishita cries in shock.

Ishita is handcuffed and brought outside. Raman gets shocked seeing her and asks Abhishek what are you doing. Abhishek says she is arrested for Chadda’s murder. Raman asks are you mad, you have seen her. He says we have seen forensic evidence, someone lost her husband, its serious charge. We got her fingerprints on the petrol can. Ishita says but Pallavi took the petrol to clean marks, did she… Pallavi sees Ishita and thinks they arrested Ishita, if she says the truth… Ishita thinks what did Pallavi tell police.

Raman asks Pallavi to say, Ishita came to meet and help you, she has nothing to do with murder. Abhishek says calm down Raman, I m sure Ishita has reasons for this, but court will decide, let us do our duty. Verma come to my cabin. He goes. Raman asks Pallavi to tell. He promises Ishita that nothing will happen to her till he is alive and goes to talk to Abhishek. Pallavi tells Ishita that I will say truth and support you. Ishita is taken to the lockups and sees the prisoners.

Ishita cries and tells Raman, that I was with Pallavi, she was scared of Chadda’s family, I don’t know how his body got burnt, forgive me. Raman talks to lawyer and is worried for Ishita. Lawyer says we can’t do anything till morning. Raman says I want my wife out here with me tonight.

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  1. Hj

    Episode is horrible. Precap ia also bad. What’s happening. Nonsense. Disgusting pallavi and sarika. Any way waiting for next update.

  2. Resh

    No words to tell……Totally disappointed with the current track…..No logic….Actually there was no need for this human bomb track……Hope this track would end soon……And I don’t want either ishra separation or leap

  3. maya

    shocking episode hope this track end soon and where are post martam reports these reports can only save ishita. pallavi gave poison to chadda only reports can proof it

  4. SIndhu

    These episodes are getting only ridiculous… The first police should do is to diffuse the bomb. The first ones to be there would be the bomb squad experts whenever there is a bomb threat. It is absolutely nonsense to see Ishita diffusing the bomb and then taken straight back for interrogation. What kind of plot is this? Which audience will accept Ishita romancing Abhishek in later episodes? They might as where like someone who said should just let Ishraruhi die in the bomb blast. End of YHM serial. Pallavi happily trapped Ishita and silly ishita still trust Pallavi. I don’t understand this. Now she will not get custody of Rohit. If Ishita has told the truth, at least Abhishek would have tried to dig futher and find out whether pallavi was involved too. Oh how I hate Sarika and Pallavi. I think it is only worth watching for Ruhi’s acting. That little kid is very good in her emotions and delivery of dialogues. So I only now watch for Adi and Ruhi. At least something worth to watch and as well as Romihika.

    • V P

      Sindhu , what I wanted to write you have written …. Very sad and upsetting episode . Why do they want to bring romance between Acp and Ishitha . She is a strong character , her love towards Raman and Ruhi and Adi is so genuinely shown and whatever happened now in the track Raman and Ishitha should not b separated . Ruhi s acting was superb …

  5. Oh god this pallavi is such a ***** how could she do this to ishita who tried to save her from that brutal torture seriously I can’t believe this and tomorrow that niddhi will enter into this case don’t know what will happen further…. 🙁

    • manisha

      Ektha is doing bad.This serial is losing hopes from fans ektha why r u saparating istha and ramman because for money r u saparathing Raman and ishtha.i am telling that you kill Raman and ishitha in the serial because no one is see this worst and meaning less serial

  6. what ekta is doing ekta is a women as a women she shows that all the women are bad and have extra affair with some one except husband first they show shagun as negative ok for one lady bur further they show Rinki,Pallavi Mrs.Tondon and the lawyer lady want marry a 40yrs old Raman as third marriage now ishita is going to romance with acp what a lady ekta this upto as a women she is showing all the women are characterless IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT
    then the story is started for ishitha ruhi bonding and ishra join together for ruhi now they are romancing with someother else what happened to the child situatation now the upcoming baby(ishita’s baby which is in shagun womb) what is the use of the ishra that upcoming baby if ishra is seperated or romancing with some one oh

  7. horrible episode .precap mein bechaara raman .pallavi saali kameeni gandi aurath ishitha ko double cross kar rahi hai aur jhoot bol rahi hogi .pagal aurath khud ko bachaane ke liye ishitha pe ilzaam daal diya .yeh sab ussi ka pre planeed khullam khulla kartooth hai .

  8. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Ishita gets
    arrested in case of
    murdering Mr Amar
    Ishits gets tortured by
    police in jail and they ask
    her to wear prisoner
    cloths leaving her saree.
    They also take her all
    jewelry but Ishita refuses
    to give her mangalsutra.
    Inspector tells Ishita that
    she cannot take any
    metal in jail and
    constable take Ishita’s
    Ishita is heartbroken with
    torture and missing her
    Apart from this, Raman
    comes to meet Ishita in
    jail where they meet only
    through a window.
    Ishita insists Raman to
    bring her out from here.
    Raman uses his all
    efforts to free Ishita from
    Stay tuned from further
    exciting updates.

  9. Laxmi

    Ah next story would be niddhi would ne Chadda s Sis or family person she Wil be strong to get ishitha punished… Rubbish ask to sit at home rather to direct fr stupid tracks from horror crocodile attack nw bomb murder rubbish.. Won’t there would be one probe fr hero heroine.. Always many probes and ishitha Wil act over….

  10. being an entrepreneur ekta ko samaj hogi ki unhe kya karna hai aur kya nahi .meeting the audiences or veiwers choice is what the have to do aur jab sabhi production house jo bhi serial low trp se suffer kar raha hai woh sab end ho rahe hai toh ekta aur makers aur cvs acche se jaanthe honge ki fans aur veiwers ki power kya hai .agar sab ek ke baad ek harr ekta serial ko boycott karenge toh kuch hi mahinoon mein poora ka poora production house hi band ho jaayega . kyunki normally bahuth saare log ekta serials do theen dekhthe hai .agar unhe hamaare tastes aur hum fans ki phikar nahi hai aur yhm ya kisi bhi ekta serial mein aise backwaaz dikhaane ki thaan li hai toh hum bhi serial naa dekhkar low trp laane se pheeche nahi hatenge . hum ek serial ko hit se superhit ya flop se super flop karsakthe hai . so plz makers , ekta aur cvs yhm mein aise backwaaz track plz math laayiye .plzzzzz…..

  11. kajal

    These makers are now just dragging they must end it if they cant handle it in the hiw it was before .
    This ekta na need some brain which she didnt have

  12. Yeh Hai Mohabbtein fans brace
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    Earlier we reported that, Ishita will get
    arrested on the charges of murder.
    Then Raman will approach his
    childhood friend and high-profile
    lawyer Nidhi Chhabra who loves
    power, paisa and fame.
    According to, Nidhi
    will put an indecent proposal in front
    of Raman and ask him to marry her.
    Consequently Raman will accept her
    offer to save his beloved wife.
    Karan also revealed that some of the
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  13. High voltage drama of Mr.
    Chaddha’s murder and Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) being framed in
    it as killer has intensified the
    tension notch in the Star Plus show
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.
    It is seen that Ishita is disturbed
    over having Mr. Chaddha murdered
    and soon enough Ishita gets
    arrested by ACP Abhishek.
    Raman tries to defend Ishita, being
    utterly shocked, but feels helpless.
    In the upcoming episode, however,
    major twist will be revealed.
    ACP Abhishek will interrogate Ishita
    and soon will realize that Ishita is
    After going through Mr.Chaddha’s
    body closely Abhishek will realize
    that Mr. Chaddha was killed by gun
    Before even he got stabbed, Mr.
    Chaddha had been hit by bullet.
    However, ACP Ahishek will face
    hurdles in the case as the proofs
    gathered by him will get destroyed.
    On the other side Ishita will remain
    stubborn on her story to save

    • maya

      ye jo story ap bata rahay ho mujje b aisi lag rahi thi but i was thinking of poison not bullet and i think acp would do his work good for the first time by concentrating on this case i am damn sure that raman and niddhi marriage will stop . may be by abhishek . but the news that ishita will romance acp ,i think he is talking about offscreen or their real life

  14. I hope this murder season does not take 3month to end. Anyway,just like ghost scene ,I stop watching the serial until this murder scene end

  15. shh

    Wat a worst track.. it’s better to stop seeing dis serial.. every time they are testing our patience….

  16. Sabita

    OK from what I read I think Pallavi shot her husband and put the blame on Ishita. What nonsense serial; Ishita will romance her fiancé while Raman accepts a marriage proposal? WOW some of the lead characters will be unmasked what??? I have not watched in a very long time, guess it will be even longer now

  17. Asia

    I don’t understand why pallavi sent ishita back in tht suitcase burning scene…they both were together …wht happened suddenly tht pallavi sent ishita back to home?

  18. sharmi

    Please don’t tell now Pallavi will lie…gee can’t anyone in these shows just be like normal people. No lies that much in real life, at least make some of the soaps a little realistic…

  19. Roselyn Dada

    Just Want To Plead With Ekta Ma Not To Seprate Ishita Rahman And Ruhi The Show Will Be Useless If They Are Seprated Let Acp Romance Mihika Love You Ruhi From Nigeria

  20. Prafulla

    Are yaar ye kya wo raha hai Yhm me, pls Ekta mam Ishita or ACP Abhishek ka romance real life me rehene do, reel life me Ishita ke saath Raman KO hi rehne do warna ye serial koi nahi dekhenga, pls don’t separate them.

  21. saumya

    Lead characters are Raman-Ishi-Ruhi….please do not change the track…let them b together as a hpy fmily where thoda nok jok is ok…par howcome Ekta u separate husbnd-wife widout bein divorce…i ndstand Ishi is gettin married in her real lif wid ACP,but why to show them here as a couple yaar…best jodi is Ishi-Raman…trp unhi logo k best jodi k wajeh se hai…hop u gt dat…jab audiances hi nahi honge dekhne klia toh kya hoga 4-5 serial banane ka,jiska story line hi pura superb gandaaaa bana rai ho….

  22. Siddhi

    I think this is not yhm ekta ne yhm me koi aur hi serial start kar liya hai all nonsence in yesterdays episode when ishita was running towards kaali all terrorists were holding guns but they didn’t shot terrorists r not like these n yesterday their hugging scene they were hugging while shooting but no buttet hit them n today ishita diffuse the bomb was ekta kamal hai yrr pllzz show some reality n now this murder sequence u r showing ishita soo foolish us ko samaj hii nahi a raha Kay WO kamini use bhaca riii hai n pallavi………….. U n ruhi Raman ishu acting was suppeerrbbb

  23. Siddhi

    I think ashoke pallavi n sarika r together n rohit is ashoke n pallavi so . Coz in today’s episode sarika ne kaha me bhi dekhti hn wo aort jis par criminal charge hai us ko coat bacha adopt karnay nii de gi

  24. This story is going from bad to worse. WE were so happy when Shagun and Ishitha began their friendship and the baby etc. Now Ishitha is torn apart apart again from her family and thrown into jail.

    When is this despressing state of mind going to end for this couple. Its about time they get rid of the garbage in their house first (sarika) and get her thrown into jail and they lead a normal happy family life. Time now to have the babies home as well.

    Poor Ishitha is always used as the cat’s paw and the guinea pig here.

  25. pinks....

    The story is really going worser day by day Bomb will b defused by ishita how could this b….and even she is prisoned overall the serial is going in a worse condition

  26. sbb mein dikhaaya ki yhm mein aage ishitha ko ruhi ki yaad aa rahi hai aur bahuth ro rahi hai .woh police constables ko ruhi se baath karne ya milne ki maang kar rahi hai .aur phir ishitha acp se madad maangthi hai . phir acp thaanletha hai ki woh situation par kuch karega aur jaldi se iss problem ka solution nikaalega.

  27. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Ishita is in jail
    and missing her family.
    Raman is trying hard to
    free Ishita from jail.
    Ishita dreams about Ruhi
    calling her because she
    is in danger.
    Ishita gets worried for her
    daughter Ruhi and calls
    Ishita requests warden
    let her talk to Ruhi as she
    needs her but warden
    forbids for it.
    Ishita is broken down for
    not able to meet her
    Will Ishita’s dream come
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  28. sbs mein bhi wahi dikhaaya jo sbb mein dikhaaya lekin abhi yeh jo bhi show mein ho raha hai woh sab bilkul backwaaz hai .sbs mein keh rahe the reel aur real life mein acp aur ishitha saath . ab toh makers ,cvs aur ekta sab poore pagal ho gaye hai .

  29. amaniaA


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