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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita saying Mrs. Bhalla, Ruhi and her will bring Shagun on line. Mrs. Bhalla agrees and says people have seen saas bahu against each other, but today we will get together and save this house from fire. Ishita says no, you go and do b*t*hing about me to Shagun. She says just show you are very angry with me and don’t want to see me, then she will trust you and she will tell her plans to you. Mrs. Bhalla says great idea and goes. Ishita says Shagun wanted to make me leave this house, see what we saas bahu do now, you are guest here for few days.

Mihir sees some files and sees Mihika and his pic. He says Raman is right, till when will I sit in her memories. He says she is pregnant now, she can’t come back to me, I have to forget her, all memories. He says

I have to restart my life and learn to be happy. He tears her pic and throws it. Shagun reaches the school and tells her Nikita about her race participation for her daughter’s sake. She is shocked seeing Mrs. Bhalla and Ishita there. Shagun says all hardwork wasted. Ishita says lets start. Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla start acting. Mrs. Bhalla scolds her and leaves. Shagun says what happened to them, why are they fighting.

Vandu comes and Ishita goes to her. Mrs. Bhalla asks Shagun is she ready, leave Ishita, she will come. Shagun says if seats are not there for her. Mrs. Bhalla says leave her, she is not Ruhi’s mum, come with me. Shagun thinks Adi’s diary melted her heart, but Ishita won’t fail so easily, I have to keep an eye on her. They go and occupy the seats. Shagun asks Mrs. Bhalla why is she worried. Mrs. Bhalla says explained Ishita not to take part in race, Adi will feel bad, but she does not respect me and argued. Shagun asks did you tell her. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, doctor said we have to act to be one family, we don’t have any animosity, Adi and Ruhi would be happy if you run, but Ishita did not agree, don’t know what her Madrasan mother taught her.

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Shagun says she won’t understand as she is not from our culture, she behaves well with Adi infront of Raman, Adi does not like her. Mrs. Bhalla says step mum is step mum, though she loves Ruhi, not Adi. Shagun thinks she called Ishita step mum and smiles. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to get happy, and later she has to cry. Shagun says I did not argue with you ever. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, forget it. Shagun says I also want to forget it, but Ishita is after me and Adi. Mrs. Bhallla asks what did she do with Adi. Shagun says she makes Ruhi against Adi. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to do something. Shagun says its Ishita’s house, I m guest, what can I do. Mrs. Bhalla says its my house and Adi’s. Shagun says yes, I will take part and win today.

Mrs. Bhalla says you kept Adi from us so many years, I cried for him, I want Adi to be happy. Shagun nods yes and smiles. Vandu asks Ishita what happened to Mrs. Bhalla, can’t you see her. Ishita says leave it, my focus is on race. Simmi comes and gets angry seeing Shagun and Mrs. Bhalla holding hands. She asks her mum whats going on. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to sit quietly and asks about Raman and Romi. She thinks let Romi come, I made good plan for Shagun, she will do itching more than running.

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Romi talks to doctor about his problem not to become father. Romi says this does not have any treatment, don’t give me false hopes. The doctor tells his wife about his patient. The competition starts. Mrs. Bhalla cheers seeing Ruhi. Ishita thinks very good mummy ji, you are going right. The mothers are called for 500m race. Shagun smiles seeing Ishita. She takes Mrs. Bhalla’s blessings. Mrs. Bhalla blesses her and she goes. She then curses her.

Shagun sees Ishita and walks ahead. Ishita laughs and shows thumps up to Mrs. Bhalla. Vandu sees this and says all the best. Ruhi says my Ishi Maa will win. She argues with a friend. Shravan says my mum is not participating, so I will cheer for Ishita. Ishita goes for registration and Shagun gets angry. They both say Ruhi Bhalla’s mother. The lady says you both. The people talk about Rama’s wives and where is Raman. Raman comes with Mr. Bhalla and see Shagun and Ishita. He says why did Ishita came in saree for the race.

Ruhi says I have two chances to win by two mothers. Ishita says we both are Ruhi’s mum, it will be good example, Shagun is divorced but she has love for Ruhi. Ruhi also requests her. The teacher agrees. Ruhi hugs Ishita and runs before Shagun could hug her. Shagun says now I will show you. Raman says its becoming an issue. Mrs. Bhalla says just wait and watch.

Shagun warms up, and Mrs. Bhalla gives her glucose water. Shagun drinks it. Mrs. Bhalla looks for Romi and calls him. She says I told him to out itching powder in her shoes, don’t know where he went. I trust Ishita, but I will try. She acts sweet to Shagun. Shagun says Ishita came in saree, she will fall in it. She asks Mrs. Bhalla to keep camera ready to take pic of her and Ruhi with trophy.

Shagun takes her place on the track and Ishita is called twice. Raman says everyone came, where is Ishita. Ishita comes in sports suit. Raman removes his glasses and sees her bring surprised. He asks how did this happen. The Bhallas smile. Raman says I agreed to you, she looks good, she should run good as well. Shagun looks at Ishita. Ishita asks her what happened, focus will be needed. She smiles.

Ishita runs and everyone cheer for her. Shagun pushes Ishita and she falls. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  12. Super nahi…..supet super super good episode…………
    Toshiji & Ishita rock……

  13. awesome episode.but tomorrows episode will just be superb because tomorrow it will nice to see shaguns face after loosing the race from ishitha after doing so much of kaand also .they so know ki acchayi ki hamesha jeet hothi hai so like that.but in todays episode even though mrs.bhalla rocked i feel ki overacting ho gayi but anyways shagun ko galat phaimi toh huee. yhm rockzzzz……………

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