Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok thinking of Ishita’s plan. He wonders how did Ishita know so much about him as if Shagun told her, but Shagun is dead, I should check in hospital. The man shows office space to Bala and gives him loan cheque. He asks him to see how work starts so easily. Bala gets call from that Khosla and says thanks for encouragement. The loan agent informs Suraj that Bala accepted the loan cheque. Suraj says great, make him get in debt by this loan. Khosla also assures Suraj that everything will be done. Suraj says I will see how Bala gets saved from money matters.

Ashok goes to hospital and checks records. He brings the guy and checks files for Shagun’s death certificate. He says there is no DC, it means she did not die, but how, her final rites were done, whose

dead body did they burn. Ishita is playing big game, I have to fail her.

Ashok meets phone service company guy and asks for Ishita’s phone records. He asks his friend and the guy arranges the details. Ashok thanks him and calls on that new number. Shagun picks the call and he gets shocked. He lies that he is from credit card company. She says not interested and ends call. He says it was Shagun’s voice, it means she is alive, my doubt was right, its good I have her number, it will be easy to trace her, I will meet her and ask her how can a dead woman talk on phone. He leaves.

Everyone talk in Bhalla house and is leaving for dinner. Ishita says Raman will come there directly. Vandu asks Ishita to come. They all get ready and are leaving. Ishita gets call and talks to Shagun. She asks why did she come out of home. Shagun is hiding herself by wearing burqa. Shagun says she has seen Ashok in her building, did he get doubt, he is very smart, I took taxi, Prateek and Abhishek are not reachable, I m scared. Ishita says we have to workout anything. She asks her to come to her building, and I will tell Prateek, he will come and take you to his flat, we all are going for dinner, you come here. Shagun says fine.

Ishita turns and sees Sarika behind her. She asks what are you doing here. Sarika says I just came from office, Romi said everyone is going out, Simmi asked me to tell you everyone is ready. Ishita says I have work in clinic, I have to stay back. Mrs. Bhalla asks why. Ishita lies to them. Ishita asks them to go. Shagun asks taxi driver to wait, she will pay extra. He says he can’t wait, and goes. Shagun sees the family in compound. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla argue. Bala says we will leave, Romi has already gone. Ishita waits for Shagun at home and calls her. Shagun says she reached, family did not leave yet. Ishita asks her to come to storeroom. Shagun says I m getting scared, where shall I hide. Ishita says I will come. Mrs. Bhalla looks at Shagun….

She asks Shagun is she finding that Khan saab, power is gong today in our building, so we all are going out. Mr. Bhalla asks Mrs. Bhalla to come. They leave. Ishita meets Shagun in storeroom and asks how did Ashok reach your building, maybe he came to meet someone. Shagun says I felt its risky to be there, so I came, I did not eat anything, I m thirsty. Ishita asks her to sit, and she will arrange some food. She goes.

Raman waits for everyone. He asks about Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says she had work. They all go inside restaurant. Ashok sees Ishita near storeroom.

Raman calls Ishita and asks her to come. She says I m coming, I m ready. He asks her to come soon. Ishita locks the door. Ashok hides and sees her.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Diya

    OK fyn..we all thought is she so mad not to change her phone no. But she did..but y she took phone from one unknown number?? I will tell about the episode later..

  2. Hii friends!!!! Too much dragging track…But how can shagun be so dumb she picks up random call….And culprit is sarika its sure..Btw ishita was looking preety…

  3. rubiya

    So fast updates thnxxxxxx…. y dey r drgning dis so much… i didnt watch epi but read so thougt it was ok ok epi… again thnx for d fast updates…

  4. Why after all the Trouble Isitha & Shagun did such a stupid Mistake…All There efforts are wasted… I don’t want Ashok the Creep to win… he Always one step ahead…they both now set a trap for Ashok before everything comes out… & Bala already in Suraj’s Pocket… Why these Bad People Winning all the time & The good people are suffering…

  5. Misty

    OK episode …don’t know what’s going on and what to say…..??

    Plz stop abusing characters..and actors..!!!!

  6. Jhanvi

    What d hell r they showing ?? Too much dragging..!! No need of this drama.. It seems lyk that Ashok is smater than our so called ACP.. Nd one Ashok is enough for a team ( ishu, Shagun, pratik, Nd Acp )….lol …!!!!!
    Ashok can put mic into purse , he can check hospital records ,he can get phone details, he can get new number of ishu, but our so called acp can’t do anything, he has involved a person into his plan for controlling a spirit, who is actually afraid of spirit.. Lol ..!!!!!

    Ashok can recognize shagun’s voice but Shagun can’t….. She is dead ( for d whole world) Nd she is answering unknown numbers…. Lol..!!!! Ishu called Shagun to her building…!!!!

    Ishu has been doing acting since 2 months but she couldn’t find that person living in her own house ..she can’t find d truth staying in d home with that person but Ashok found that ishu is acting Nd Shagun is alive within 2 days …lol …!!!!!!!

  7. Jhanvi

    Ohhh god I m really missing something very badly but what ????? Ohhh I was missing u guys.. Soryyyy I was busy in my family function so….. I missed u all Nd this page….

    Hi everyone rithu , diya, diya., Darshika, nimrit , sidhhi, misty, sabrin, parul, navya, Natasha, fathi, faya, parvathi, Nd pardon me if I forgot anyone’s name …….so long list but happy for new friends on this page… How r u all ????

    Rithu exams over ??? Gud luck Darshika for ur exams Nd my exams r near …soooo….,

  8. Jhanvi

    Nd yeah I forgot one thing that now sarika is innocent so now mihir us d real culprit… No no hold on …….they will drag this drama for a long while… ( coz of high trp) …

    Now mihir then mihika then romi then bala, vandu Nd after 3 months they will show Adi as a culprit Nd we can’t say,, who knows they can show ananya as a culprit ….( Ekta can do anything for ) ….just keeding guys…ha ha ha…

    Nd Miss……. Can u pls explain us how did u get to know that he is a gay….???? Plsssss explain us ……..ha ha ha…. Really sorry for asking this question….!!!!!!!

  9. Cindy

    Nice episode ?but I think it’s too much dragging I hope this trouble??? ends up soon and the family will return to their calm?? life again ??

  10. Roselyn Dada

    Hi Ishi Pls Stop Insulting A Personality.Pls Pocket Your Hatred For Rahman He Deserves The Award He Remained Our Favourite Actor Loue You Karan Keep It Up SRK Junior From Nigeria

  11. sweety

    Really ? If ashok can track ishitas call history being a non police.. Why acp cant track ashoks call history being a police …?? Useless spirit drama… Real crap!!

  12. Hi I wrote before but stopped after the surrogacy started… Got fed up as I wanted Ishu to have a baby & as she deserves after all the insults she went through… But it did not happen that way & I gave up…You Really Hit it on the Nail Jhanvi , I was about to write the same thing.. what sort of a ACP is this? They have not covered their tracks at all .. They will all get caught red handed…..As u say Ashok is a better detective than this crowd… Now all what Ishitha went through is down the drain… Unless they fool Ashok.. Both Brothers must get together & form a company named ‘ Destroyer ‘… They both are very good at breaking marriages & creating problems in other peoples business.. They can never see Raman & family happy or want to create problems.. Now Suraj is going behind Vanditha… Hope the writers will not allow Ashok to win as All the plans will be in vain… Unless they turned the tables… Sarika is a Loser… Ashok & Suraj should marry & Some one must go & an interfere in their marriages so that they will realize what they did to the Balla family .. Nice reading all ur comments…
    God Bless u all

  13. We should not insult or go snooping about the actors & actresses personal life.. that is their own life what they do is between their lives.. it is no concern for us…After all if they are not there we would not be watching this or any other show at all…they are there to entertain us… so we will discuss about the Yhm show & not insult anyone… so sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings… how if we were in the same boat….we sure will not like it…

  14. what’s being Gay ? & being best actor? both are two different issues.. ohhh looks like someone is very angry with him… with out knowing him personally how can u assume a person is gay ..pls don’t judge k.. thanks

  15. Sunita

    Hi all…how r u all doing?? Too much of dragging seriously….I think that the writers are some kind of psychos…coz everytime gud happens to bad people and inspite of struggling sooooo much always bad happens to gud people…for the sake of trp all these stupid twists n turns in the show…finally one day people will get bored of it…please come out of this dragging track….

  16. Diya

    Hey frnds… How r u all?? Rithu, jhanvi, Diya,siddhi,nimrit, misty, darshika, faya, fathi fathi, parvathy sorry if I missed someone such a long list so happy so many frnds..

    And I agree with u jhanvi I had the same thing to say..that ashok is smarter than that acp?? Ashok with one day found out that this a drama..he can get the mobile details check the DC all that with money acp didn’t think about it?? What a police he is?? He can get all this with his power..

    Ashok can identify shagun’s voice y not shagun??? Is she crazy to take a call from an unknown no.?? After taking so much risk for this great drama?

    For many months this drama is going on she couldn’t find out the person in the house who’s the kabhari…but ashok with 2 days found out shagun is alive…

    I will get mad by the time they say the real culprit… Each each day ishita will doubt on someone and the next day they will prove them innocent.. And then we will get into 1 situation in which we will doubt that Raman itself is the culprit..who’s trying to kill himself.. Lol..

    Dragging a lot.. Pls stop this track soon..

  17. Zara

    The informer is mihir not sarika because remember guys ashok did not suspect ishita only after mihir suspected ishita and told raman after that ashok started to suspect ishita. Mihir has a motive and the motive is shagun mihir thinks because of raman and ishita shagun died and she changed she was only helping raman and ishita and they all insulted her that why she commited suicide thats the reason mihir wants revange now

  18. diya

    episode was okay..hello all ? jhanvi, rithu ,diya, mino , misty , darshika, resh .. u ppl r absolutely right . they r really dragging thiw track much . they r showing as ashoke has much more dimaag dn ishu , acp , shagun. nd prateek he is a puppet to thm .seriously ?? whn will this drama end???? another 2 months ??! plzzz no. i thnk the culprit is a guy . nd i think is romi. maybe this is bcz aly is finding it hard to juggle both the shows. god knows wts hppng ? nd one thng yes .. dnt call raman gay . or i will kill u . cz i love raman more than karan . i love raman bhalla a lot . he is the best hubby.

    nd guys tday is yhm’s 2 nd aniversarry …

    happy birth day yhm. ur my favourite show

  19. Jhanvi

    But actually d drama has started bcoz of that person who joined hand with Ashok, first d person joined hand with Ashok Nd after that Shagun Nd ishu did d drama.. So y did mihir join with Ashok to take revenge of shagun’s death before her death….!!!!! May be mihir is helping Ashok to take revenge from Raman for doubting him for rinki’s death..Nd he was not there in diwali festival ( may be he was in Delhi but he lied to them that he is out of station for business). But how can he give info. To Ashok coz he dsnt stay in bhalla house…..??

    Nd Adi also can’t do this d same reason first d person joined hand with Ashok after that d drama has started Nd Shagun fack death so y did Adi join hand with Ashok before shagun’s death.. Nd if he wanted to take revenge then he shld try to harm ishu y Raman ?? He loves Raman..Nd he can’t throw d grinding stone Na ??? He is a kid…
    But actually Ekta can show anything Nd they r not showing adi since long while so may be he…..???

    But I really don’t want to see Adi as culprit ..pls he is a kid..missing Adi… I think it’s only sarika writers r confusing us Nd dfntly they will drag d show ….pls end this track soon..!!!
    Nd Ekta mam pls take ur medicines property…!!!!

  20. sithu

    Sarika is the real culprit. She hear the conversation between ishitha and shagun and inform ashok that shagun is going to come there…… that’s why ashok is there….. I think sooooooo.

  21. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Happy anniversary yhm…..!!!!!
    Hi all….. New commenters always welcome.
    Missed the epi. But one thing has proved. The most stupid ACP in the world….. ACP abhishek…..!!! How did he become as a ACP…..?
    And sad, I’ll be missed the today epi also. But try to watch online.

    (I have first year final exam)
    From SL

  22. she

    the real culprit must be miir.
    cox rinkiis death case is also gonna raise and ashok suspacted ishu after mihir douted on her.
    and the reason must be that not only rinkiis death case.
    rinki was stubborn and fact mihir loves mihika and mihika got single . so he wil be needing er more and the only way to get her is to kill rinkii. and i guess ashok knows about the secret behind rinkiis death. so now he is blackmailing mihir.

    the story and suspact is also good in this series. its intresting. the only ting is dragging too much

  23. vidhya


    • Diya

      Vidhya I agree with u..we all was doubting sarika..she wants a person to be culprit who we didn’t even think about..1st she finalized sarika and then she proved her innocent to drag..finally culprit will be sarika itself but proving will be in a very complicated way..I think it’s sarika itself bcuz while ishita was speaking with shagun she ear dropped in their conversation… Idk who’s the culprit.. Getting crazy..

  24. Diya

    All the best who has exams….Happy bday yhm..pls stop dragging.. I stopped predicting who’s the culprit.. Ishu will doubt someone next day they will prove them innocent.. Now ashok will blackmail shagun and ishita..god knows who’s the culprit and when this drama will end..hoping best

  25. Dee

    Hi Everyone,
    I haven’t commented in your forum before but have been following your comments.Please bare with me, I’m a NRI viewer and due to the time difference normally only get to see episodes a day after it’s aired in India.

    The track is dragging on but I think it’s due to the leap which is rumored to air in 2016 although no definitive timeline given.I’m guessing that the writers are trying to stretch this story line as close to the new year as they can.
    The culprit is hard to pick but I’m guessing it’s either Sarika or Mihir(although can he really be considered as part of the Bhalla family?). I really hope they unmask this person soon and that there is no need to go through a process of elimination with every individual in or associated with the Bhalla family – that will be painful!!
    I also hope that this 10 year leap does not happen, I know it seems to be the trend in Indian serials at present but YHM in not like other serials!!! Little Ruhanika Dhawan is part of the reason why YHM has done so well & her portrayal of Ruhi has been nothing short of brilliant, her bond with Divyanka is really special.I really can’t imagine a grown up Ruhi taking her place.
    Do you all have any thoughts on this topic?
    I know Aly (Romi) has left YHM – how did they show his exit?

  26. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Ya dee…… I also even can’t imagine about grown up ruhi and I don’t want to see it. And I don’t want to see sooooooo old ishra scenes…… Disgusting.

  27. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Ya dee…… I also even can’t imagine about grown up ruhi and I don’t want to see it. And I don’t want to see sooooooo old age ishra scenes…… Disgusting.

  28. vasantha

    why so much breaking our heads. pl stop seeing YHM. then everything ends. and say Bye to madam EKTA

  29. diya

    no yaar leap isnt happening . dnt worry. nd currently according to the latest news ashok sees ishita nd shagun togethr and they get exposed . now they will further drag the track nd focus on how ashoke gets to the roots of thr plan nd try to destroy nd ishita comes out of ashok’s trap . so forget leap the culprit who is helping ashok is not decided yet i thnk .
    too much dragging!!!!

  30. Prince

    Hlw frndz…I’m a silent reader… Also read urs comments… Due to sufficient time I couldn’t watch every episode of YHM…
    I also think that SARIKA is the real culprit (Bcz she need money 4 ROHITH’s future) :3-) x-) 😡 …
    2 much
    dragging track…
    JHANVI uR tHiNkInG nD oPiNiOn R rIgHt B-) …
    After all nyc comments 😉 …

  31. Aditi

    Hi dee same here I too live in foreign in New Zealand yaa I agree with u on all points.. Thanks
    to amena for such fast updates because there is a lot of difference in time. Rest the episode was good but I don’t Ashok should win he must also change like shagun.

  32. Aditi

    Hi dee same here I too live in foreign in New Zealand yaa I agree with u on all points.. Thanks
    to amena for such fast updates because there is a lot of difference in time. I don’t Ashok should win he must also change like shagun.

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