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The Episode starts with Romi getting the girl out of cupboard and apologizing to her. She says its fine. He says I saw Mihika from keyhole and gives her money. She says but work did not happen. He says its fine, we will continue the work tomorrow, keep this, and leave from room after 5 mins, we will meet tomorrow. He leaves.

Aaliya asks Mani is he still working. He says yes, I m not getting sleep. She says this work won’t look good after marriage. He says I know, but is anyone waiting for me now, when there is no one in life to share things, you become workaholic, everyone feels to share things. She recalls Mihir’s words. Mani asks what are you thinking. She says I m happy for you, you are marrying Shagun, you won’t be alone now. He asks her to go and sleep.

Aaliya checks

ten side effects of loneliness. She reads on net and worries for Mihir. She calls him and his number is not reachable. She says it will be awkward to go to Mihir’s house now and calls Adi. Adi asks are you fine, what you want to meet Mihir now, why. She asks him not to ask questions and just come. Adi says I m coming. He thinks why does Aaliya want to meet Mihir, does she want to meet me, Mihir said when girl calls you to meet by any reason, it means she is interested, I will get ready and meet Aaliya.

Mihika confronts Romi and asks who was with him in the hotel room. He says no one. She shows earring and asks him. He says I don’t know. She says I got this from that hotel room, I did not wish to create scene infront of Ashok. He asks are you coming in Ashok’s words, and denies everything. He leaves. She cries and says I know Romi is hiding something from me.

Adi and Aaliya go to meet Mihir. Aaliya says he is not opening the door, we have to open door. Adi says he would be sleeping, come. She says I know Mihir better than you, do you have to spend time with Mihir or not. He thinks Aaliya wants to spend time with me. She asks him to find keymaker. He says where will we get keymaker at this time. She says we can try, come.

Adi and Aaliya go to keymaker and she wakes up the man asking him to make key of the door, its emergency. Adi says yes, we will give you 100rs. She asks Adi are you mad, just 100. She says I will give 500rs. He says Ishi Maa says we should not waste time. The man asks why are they bargaining. Aaliya says I will give 1000rs, come. The man makes the key. Adi says be careful, everyone is sleeping. Neighbor asks them what are they doing, don’t disturb our sleep. Adi apologizes. The man makes key. Adi says key is not proper.

The man asks Adi to make key himself. Aaliya says no, you make it, Adi is mad. The man gives the key. Aaliya takes key to open door, and Mihir opens the door. He asks why are they here. Aaliya asks why was he not receiving call. Mihir says I was sleeping, neighbor called on landline. The man calls them mad and asks for payment. She says I forgot my purse, Adi you pay. Adi says I have 300rs, and will card work. The man says they are strange. Mihir pays money. The man asks Mihir to put both of them in mental hospital, and goes.

Aaliya holds Adi’s hand and asks Mihir to scold her, not Adi. She says I was worried. She says Adi, we will leave. They leave. Mihir shuts the door. Aaliya says that was hilarious, I m so happy, thanks Adi. She kisses on his cheek. Adi holds his cheek and smiles. They sit in the car. Adi sees her smiling. She asks him to drive.

Its morning, Pihu gets glad seeing Shagun. Shagun hugs her. Pihu says I had fever and missed you. Shagun says I missed you too. Pihu asks why did you not come to me. Shagun says I was helpless, she did not let me come. Pihu asks who, tell me I can understand. Shagun says I will say, promise you won’t tell anyone. Pihu promises. Shagun says Ishita did not let me meet you.

She thinks wait and watch Ishita, see what I do. Pihu asks why did Ishita stop you, does Ruhi knows that aunty is so bad, we will tell Ruhi, and she will scold aunty. Shagun says no, she is our guest, we should not say bad about anyone, its not good manners. Pihu asks why is she bad. Shagun says some people are like that, leave it. Pihu says I won’t talk to Ishi Maa. Shagun says no, just talk less, maintain some distance. Pihu says I love you and hugs her. Shagun says I love you too.

Romi talks to the girl and says I saved your name as Bunty in my phone. She says fine. He says I want to meet you again, can we meet, I feel comfortable with you. She asks if your wife knows then.. he says she won’t know, I m happy with you, I want to be with you. She says I also want the same. Mihika comes in room. He says fine Bunty, we will meet tonight. He goes. Mihika sees Bunty’s incoming call and answers. The girl says I called to say we will meet at 11.30, I m glad knowing you are glad with me, we have to try that we do all this. She ends call. Mihika fumes and says whats going on.

Ishita talks to Raman on phone and is glad to get good news. She asks when are you coming, I will tell everyone. She tells Mrs. Bhalla and Amma that Raman is coming back. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma talk, about getting makeover for Ishita. They say we all will get makeover and ask Ishita to get makeover. Ishita asks why, I don’t need makeover if Raman is coming, I have to make food for Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says Neelu will make. Ishita goes to give breakfast to Pihu and asks Shagun to give it. Shagun asks Ishita to go and give it, and sends her. Ishita goes.

Mrs. Bhalla says I will ask Simmi to call parlor girl at home. Shagun says Ishita made breakfast with love, she has no idea what will happen now. Pihu says Ishi Maa is bad and mumma is too good, I have to do something that Ishita goes. She gets hindi serial tricks to trouble Ishita and make her leave from home.

Pihu asks Ishita to say story to her and feed food by her hands. Ishita smiles. Shagun thinks what happened to Pihu suddenly.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi jaz VP adithya Sindhu shivani rithu mino Monique n all yhm fans. Hope you all are doing good.

    Boring boring episodes. Nothing appealing. Hope once Raman returns….they spice up the show. Nothing much to say…disappointed.

  2. Oooofffohh… shagun u r so cunning… kithne ache se teri bayho me fassa dhiya tum ishu n pihu ko.. great maanna padenga tume

  3. Hi dear adi, vp, jaz, shivani, rithu, parvathy, monique,supergirl, mino, lekha, sally, susan, sreeranjini,baazigar, sarita, sowmy,preethy, swara, pihu, aditi,bhagya, hp, niveditha, shabana, payal, radhika,simzain, ishitha bhalla, mustafa, vidhi, abhishek, raj, bhaavi,sindhu, aliya, niyathi, kutty, ro, jeni, sara, deepa, disha, awesome, sana, evani, katrina,smithy, aastha, vaishnavi,maahi,ajay,juhii…nd all my yhm frnds sorry if i missed out any names
    Hw ru all doing? I knw evryone will be with yhm as lyk me
    Adu, jaz, shivani, aaliya, vp, saritha
    Hws lyf dear ones?

    Lyknu guys me too against mihir- aalia pairing . Bt cvsnin no mood to listen to us juz going on with wierd pairing
    By the way mihir is gettng handsome day by day
    Romi nd mihika is havng troubles in their relation
    Inhope mihika leave romi nd settle with mihir
    They r juz made for each other.. I really lykd( mihika varma) and mihir(raj) chemistry more. Nw the role of mihika is done by someone else bt she too luks perfect with mihir. Romi dont deserve her. Frm the start of this serial only ishitha nd mihika are suffering.
    Nw pihu will try to get ishu out of house. Herbiwn daughter. Hw ishu will handle such a situation. She will be aghast knowing the truth that her own daughter is against her. Aftr shagun turnin neg its irritatin to see her plottings in episodes. Hope her truth will soon come infrnt of all nd either she will realise her faults md change or wil be thrown out of house.
    Whatevr happens only ishitha will suffer in the end as she might plan somethng lyk taking pihu with her
    I miss that smart jazzoz ishitha before leap person. This one is so dump nd blindly believe evryone. Hipe this tym too raman wil nvr apologise to her as always
    I hope these people sort out these issues with in no time rather than dragging lyk this. Else they will lose trp nd the credibility if the serial

    1. kushi am agree with u aliya and mihir pair not god only aliya nd adi
      mihir nd mihika made for each i don’t like this romi

  4. Aur pihu tum serial dhekhe dhekhe tum kitna stupd hogayii.. ithni chotti ssi bachi ausseaa plan kar rahe hei… jo bhi ho kitna cute thi ruhi bachpan me uthna pihu me kuch dhiktha nahi he.. sabkko yaad hei kya jab ruhi nidhi ko bahar nikalne ko pln kiyadha befr leap kitne smartly act kiya dha.. kithna cute dhi.. totally imprssed on ruhanika.. but pihu banke uski charming nature lost hua…boring ban gayii…meine kisi ka bhi feelngs ko hurt kiya tho sorry drzz…

  5. The show is dragging elsewhere and the chemistry between isra was good before the show was much entertaining and positive and now. this is full of negatives

  6. And now pihu will bite ishitas hand

  7. I agree vth u khushi..may b mihika aur mihir will v togethr agn.. wowooo… tht vll be great… i think cvs should make some twists in mihir nmihika s lyf… saaalon ka inthazaaar… i think if thy vll b together thab poora hoga their sufferings.. bcz they only cmfrtbl vth each other..actually evry fans wants that

  8. Sorry i made a mistake n my laast cmmnt.. i mean thab khadham hoga their sffrngs..

  9. I hope shaguns negativity gets exposed soon…

  10. This shagun…. How can she brainwash a 7yr old pihu? B4 the leap she used adi and after leap, pihu!!! I can’t even imagine that ishus own daughter is against her. And this romi, why is he having an affair? Or is it just a drama made by ashok? Mihika shld have thought thrice b4 marrying romi,else her life would not have been like this. I think mihika will divorce romi and get married to mihir. And aliya will also go back to adi. Episode was not bad.

  11. Where’s Kimberly? Her comments are funny to read omg!!

  12. Well everything was ok but not the cheating parts and shagun using pihu part
    And what is the meaning of the line Aliya said that she knows mihir batter than adi
    Probably adi know mihir for a long time that Aliya right

    Anyway nice epi?

  13. Helloooo everyone. Ohhh this shagun i cnt tolerate this lady. Plssss make adi alia pair. Plssss cvs mihir alia pair is not good. Plsss bring any other grl for mihir. And wainting for ravan kumar.

  14. Hi guys…I am back after many days….the episode was okk…. firstly it was funny to see Aliya adi part…. secondly this shagun is becoming more nd more cunning day by day…old shagun is returning in the show…hope now Raman return nd find the real culprit behind ishita’s kidnapping who is none other than shagun.

  15. Hi all yhm fans.episodes are getting boring .they need to catch shaggy very fast coz it’s really getting boring.

  16. Hi Rithu” Vp, Shivani, mini, Shona, jaz, Az, Aditya,Prisha, Saritha, Raisa, Naaz, Aastha, Monique, Kyushi, Maria and many YHM fans. I came on to say hello to all of you. Khushi I will have to agree with you that Ishita has become so blind now that she believes everyone and anyone. Shagun is so horrible to use Pihu in a negative way. Pihu has gotten more of Shagun’s vamp traits than Raman’ s traits.Romu is really getting bad to worse,
    Mihima should have waited before marrying Romi. Mihir is still a better choice for Mihika. Without Ishra, the show is lagging. A pity. They both make the pillar of the show. Please bring them back soon.

  17. Hi VP, Sindhu, Shivani, Rithu, Arditya, Jaz, Khushi, Bhya & All The Other YHM Family Fans, Hi all hope all are keeping fine. Did not watch the episodes. just read the up dates. this show is a goner. actually at first they made a kid answer the parents & was rude etc. & now making a little girl vicious against her own mum. what sort of vibes are these guys giving to children many children are her commenting too. goodness me this people are so sick in mind. Then a kid getting involved with another adult. who writes these rubbish. if they think this is giving lot of thrill to the viewers they must be joking .. why so much bad things happening in this lovely story. Raman & Ishu Have lost their spark. is it cos they are married now. ? that has nothing to with acting this is their career, they are supposed to entertain . Real & Reel are separate . even they have got sick of the whole thing i presume. as the show is not going anywhere. Now another marriage is going to be doomed. what examples are given. at first part of the story they showed how a step mum can be a real mum now what is this???? everything is hidden all the stories. like Ruhi doesn’t know what really happened to her, then Pihu doesn’t know who her mum is, the kidnapper committed suicide , like Ishu acting dumb when she was a smarty pants. at first at every turn she knew who was up to no good even Shagun. Now what has gone wrong. then the lawyer who was killed. Rinky’s death, Sarika & Suraj gone missing, now they want to bring Param as a nanny how disgusting. they think people like this sort people are more educated & very conservative even in this day & age. looks like they are imitating the western life here. look for example Aliya & Mihir.. why on earth did they show Ardi & Alriya together. What about poor Mani .?? he doesn’t deserve this wicked woman. she is the most cunning shrewd woman. how did the NGO employ a murderer??
    actually u can go on & on But what for just a waste of time. I think the Cv’s have jumped from one to another & they are now stuck even they can’t solve the story. so sad. Sorry guys to write like this . don’t feel like commenting or watching any episodes. i am now skipping like the Ghost & Niddhi track. ha ha Sorry to hurt ur feeling guys. have a good night & have fun in ur life these are reel life not real life. take care of ur health & May God be with u all .. Loads Of LUV to MY Family…

    1. Param ke pass AnanyA hai phir wo q aayga

    2. Mino u raised my own doubts… What sort if examples they r presenting befor society. The writer seemed to be gettng obsessed with western culture settng aside indian culture.
      Actually this show isnt hav anythng promising to offer nw. Juz simply fell out of track lyk what happnd to ither ekta shows.. Will start with a huge buzz nd then fuse on the way
      Seeing this rubbish is lyk tormenting ourselves.
      When will shagun meet with fate of being thrown out of bhalla hse
      This is nw really dragging

  18. I think pihu will tell Ruhi about way Shaun says about Ishita n also find the culprit behind Ishita kidnapping

  19. For the first time I feel that they should not have used Ruhanika for Pihu’s character. I just cannot see that same little girl being so rude to Ishita. It is as if those sweet Ishru moment from before the leap are just being destroyed.

  20. Hi, Guys I am also back yes old shagun is returning and now she is taking revenge from Ishita. but how Raman will find out about Ishita’s kidnapping. Now the serial is okay.

  21. Pls make aadi nd aaliya pair bcoz alia nd mihir pair not good age differnce bahut hai nd all relations rishte sbhi ulat ho jaenge…..nd wese bhi ye to aaj kl trend hai…..khud ki beti hi samdhan bn jati hai apni sagi maa ki like in sathiya …..


    AZ Disha
    Aap Picture Kaise Lagae Apke NAAM SE Pehle
    Kaise Set KARE?


    Hi KUSHI!
    I Agree With You.
    You Are Right. Mihir And Mihika far Better Than
    Mihir And Ahliya
    Romi And Mihika Doesn’t Go Well
    You Said Romi Doesn’t DESERVE Mihika.

    NIDHI AND ASHOK(Nice One Na?)
    For MANI

    Practically The STORY is Over in This SERIAL.
    If You Want NICE SERIAL
    Very Nice SERIAL Dear
    8.30pm MONDAY to FRIDAY
    As blo*dy Dance Plus is Cutting Two Days of This SERIAL.

    Don’t Miss Kushi
    Even if You Want Watch JAANA NA DIL SE DOOR


    6.00PM 7 DAYS

    1. Hi adu,
      U suggested a nice pairing yaar
      Nidhi will ho well with ashok
      As both are cheapos
      I sometyms watch humko tumse
      Wat u said was right as its a onean show
      The girl playng anokhi is doing justicewith her character
      The pblm is with timing. Humko tumse airing tym is my family time
      I usually watches the retelecast
      Thm is gettng boring nw
      Dnt feel lyk watchng it
      This humko tumse hav lil funny element too rather than saas bahu things
      Thank u fit ur suggesions dear adu
      Take care… Well wishes to u nd ur family


    Hi JAZ!
    Where were You Today.
    You Didn’t Post Any COMMENT
    Where are you Monique?

    1. Monique_D

      Hi I havnt been feeling good ….but I’m here reading the updates.I also have to make time for my fan fiction .
      I don’t see the point of watching Ishgun would rather wait until there is proper Ishra scenes.
      Luckily I have ishqbaaz great story and some actors fresh and new concept.
      If anyone is on Twitter there ppl are going mad as they don’t like the storyline .

      Plz follow @davids_moniqueA


    Disha And AZ
    Please SEND The Procedure of Replacing A PIC instead of Logo
    As I Have now
    Green Colour Logo.

  26. Guys I m new here but just wanted to say that i guess the storu will have these twists
    Romi will confess his weird feelings to mihika and that might lead to thier divorce and after a periods of timme mihika will marrry mihir and alia with adi. shagun will be caught…..

  27. The whole family thing is getting boring..I mean whyis it necessary to pair Mani with Shagun…please Ishita stop match making them as Mani is a Gentleman and deserves better and not yoour husband’s ex who also has a bad history.Why now Alia likening Mihir.Young girl with an older man and is Shagun marries Mani..will she not be a step mum to Alia and thus Mihir an uncle??Also Adi who is Shagun’s son not than become a step brother to Alia???? Yes I know Alia is Mani ‘s sisters daughter but she called Mani father and Ishita mother.Too many inter linking and not at all sought through ..making it a boring serial.

  28. Haha? Even in west these types of craps don’t happen . ..story s not a good example specially for children . Ishu being a Dentist she has completely lost her head . A inteligent woman can not be as dum like this .

  29. I just hate this fake drama….Ekta should end this bullshit

  30. Hello sabko, mai akshu. Thankx to updaters and jo spoilers daalte hai.
    Hope Romi phirse aeira na banne. I like old Mihika more. Raman ke aane ka intezar, hope then becomes little interesting.

  31. Totally agree with Khushi and Aastha. kya yaar romi, theri aadath kab badalegi?

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